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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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firefight lasting about an hour. two suspects are dead and seven others so far arrested. french prosecutor won't say if the supposed mastermind of the weekend's attacks abaaoud was there and killed. but says he was not among those detained at the scene. it was from the tapped telephone conversation and surveillance they were able to hit the particular safehouse. that is one of 414 raids. we showing you military as well. because they continue to pound sites inside syria using fighter jets. that is thee nights in a row. the french aircraftcarrier here has been dispatched to the region. president hollande saying sayins is a global issue now and calling for more coalition effort in the fight to take it right to them in syria. leon? leon: thank you, scott. nice hustle there. get to breaking news tonight on what has become sign of the times these days. neighborhood in beltsville locked down while prince george's county police bomb
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squad investigate a suspicious package. the robot as you see there going out to examine a bag there near a trash can for 20 minutes. before pulling back. so far police have not said what was inside that bag. maureen: four passengers were removed from a flight to chicago after someone reported they acted suspiciously. the council says the so-called suspicious behavior was a middle eastern man watching a news report on the cell phone. that incident was one of several yesterday that caused flight delays or diversions because of the threat. leon: incidents like that one and fear of a backlash have put many american muslims on edge in the wake of the paris attacks. jeff goldberg is in the satellite center tonight with how muslims in this area are coping with the group. jeff? jeff: muslims across the country it has become a
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familiar pattern going all the way back to 9/11. a terrorist attack occurs somewhere in the world in the name of islam. muslims are left to respond to negative reaction, some violence. once again, muslim leaders in our region are taking a proactive approach. afternoon prayers are a time of peace and quiet. but the attacks on paris generated sadness and anger. >> this is not something we are a part of. not something we stand for. jeff: for the vice principal of the school, after the attack she braced for backlash against islam and was ready to speak out. >> we feel we have to now stand up and say things against isis. or any of the military. >> since paris several anti-muslim incidents happened across the country. in connecticut multiple shots
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fired at a mosque hours after the attack. in orlando, florida, muslim family said gunfire that hit the home was aimed for them. monday morning in austin, texas, members of a mosque rivered to find torn pages from a quran covered in feces at their front door. >> we get concerned about what the potential backlash might be. jeff: the born chairman is thankful no incidents have been reported in this region. he understands pubic misconception. >> he condemned the terrorism. jeff: working to change things. >> we will continue to overcome any o challenges. jeff: he cites the adam center close ties to the local and the federal law enforcement agencies saying that the local muslim community is instrumental in communicating with authorities to prevent terrorism here. live in the satellite center, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jeff. in the aftermath of friday's attacks many of americans are
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talking about whether and how many syrian refugees should be taken in by this country. 30 governors say they don't want them. connecticut's governor accepted a family of refugees after state of indiana turned them away. >> it's the right thing, the humane thing to do. frankly if you believe in god it's the morally correct thing to do. maureen: governor's dan malloy's view mirror that of president hollande. he said france will remain a country of freedom and continue to accept syrian refugees. in tennessee a top republican party official calls for the national guard to round up the refugees already in the state. congress is debating whether to increase scrutiny of refugees. in the past hour, the white house says president obama would veto the legislation. you can count on abc7 to
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continue to follow the events in france. we will bring you any developments as they happen. leon: here comes the rain. big changes are coming with it. chief meteorologist doug hill with a first look tonight. what does it look like tonight? doug: rainy morning and rainy tomorrow and then it gets chillier over the weekend. but at the moment it's pleasant. cloudy and breezy. mid-60's outside the weather center. give you a look at the numbers. still 64. falls church, springfield. pleasant. later tonight, things change and the rain is closer. we will see the rainbefore dawn. maybe isolated shower before then as we see on the doppler radar. clearly the big area of rain to the west. orms to atlanta metro. that is moving in our direction. new areas of rain forms in advance. we have period of rain that are heavy at sunrise and through tomorrow morning rush hour. some of the rain should expect it to make its way east of the by a later in the afternoon. then big changes for clearing skies and bit cooler heading to friday and saturday.
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much colder as we head through sunday and monday. more details about this than a few minutes. maureen: coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". the big roadblock for metro. congestion in the morning and the evening rush hour. leon: a local college is shut down after a student left campus to get a gun. how long the campus will remain closed. maureen: what the d.c. residents say is their biggest concern next on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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leon: scary moments for a woman and her young daughter earlier in week. a group of teens swarmed the s.u.v. smashing the sun room with a rock. the woman hit her horn and caused them back away. the residents say it's common to see teens on wisconsin avenue in the middle of the day. businesses have been complaining about shoplifting and smash and grabs but nothing like this. maureen: attacks like the one in georgetown have made crime a top concern of the d.c. residents according to a "washington post" poll. i found a third of the residents think crime is the city's top problem. with one in four people saying they don't feel safe. mayor muriel bowser says she understands the concern. mayor bowser: we have to stay targeted on our crime fighting tools. maureen: 451% of the rican-american population
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think his need to be tougher ngton college on maryland eastern shore will remain closed through thanksgiving now. the campus closed down on monday. the students were sent home yesterday. police are still looking for 19-year-old student jacob marberger. police say he took a rifle from his parent's home last weekend and just vanished. marberger faces charges in connection with incident in which he showed a gun in a party on campus. he was suspended for that and kicked out of the va fernty and out of the student senate. maureen: a boy is safe at home after two men dropped him off at the school after finding him in the backseat of a car they had stolen. the boy told police thieves asked him what school he went to and took him there. police have not made any arrests. the car was found a few miles from the school. leon: we are covering metro next at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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>> do you every notice this? metro raz a plan to outline the problem and fix it. but why it's not done yet. i'm brianne carter coming up. maureen: the rain is coming to the area. what it means for the morning commute and the weekend. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports the season just started. why are the caps talking playoffs? i'll tell you why. did you see it last night? if you didn't that's oka we'll take you there when "abc7 news at
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maureen: we have breaking news from hyattsville where a pedestrian has been seriously hurt after being hit by a car. this happened on chillum road near the west hyattsville metro station. joce sterman arrived on the scene in mobile track 7. what have you found? joce sterman? joce: this scene is shut down. police turning people around. what we know is this happened after 5:00 this evening.
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the fire department believed they had life threatening injuries. individual was taken from the scene in critical condition to trauma center. the car still on the scene with the road closed down. we'll send it to you. maureen: thank you. the crash is in the same location as one that killed five people two weeks ago. in that accident you mate remember a driver involved in the hit-and-run collided with a church van. he was killed with four other people including unborn child. leon: you could call this case of good news/bad news for the commute. metro is presenting a plan that will ease congestion on the rails but the price tag is not small. how much money are we talking
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about? >> ever feel like walking along in the metro platform trying to get to the train and this happens? you get lost in the crowd. now a new plan to try to fix this. where is the money going to come from? we have seen the images. the platform in rush hour. a problem according to the metro planner continues to get worse. >> what it does to the station is not just make it uncomfortable. but it makes it so we run, we have to take more time to run the service. >> for example in 2010 it took 61 minutes for trains to run the length of the red line. today it takes 67 minutes. they have to wait longer to get them on and off the crowded platform. >> it means running two trains fewer per hour than we'd like to run. that is a 10% reduction of service on the red line.
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metro officials announced way to fix the crowding, longer train, station improvement and more escalators and the stairs at the busy stations. >> we are only running 33% of the train from the peak hour. ifthe train running two additional cars, we can move them 35,000 ople. >> the is no money to do that. >> the more than $6 billion needed has to come from the local jurisdiction. >> ready the take on the metro issue in the elements and provide strategic plan to get us out of what is so well illustrated. >> so mel row officials, what will they do next? >> they will go to the board members and the new general manager to outline more of how they will get the money from the jurisdiction. speaking of the new general manager we expect he will be introduced to the public
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tomorrow. maureen: this weeks marks a milestone for the purple line. yesterday was the deadline to build the line. four companies submitted plans and the winner will be chosen in february. larry hogan put $2 billion price tag on the line to run from new carrollton to bethesda. leon: talk about the rain moving in here now. a lot of it here? >> by the time it ends, up to an anymore the metro area. it is going to cause flooding. that is a concern. live look now. look at the capitol wheel lit up along the potomac river. 62 in hagerstown. 61 in manassas and dale city.
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63 at andrews air force base. temperatures on the almanac page is mild. high of 65. above the average of 67. the morning low is 46. we will start to turn cooler and colder. so a few showers of drizzle. the temperatures are still comfortable. light rain around thea. ck it up on radar. e main event is off to the west. in the mix there is a bit of thunderstorm activity. the rainy area will come our way tomorrow through the
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midday. the steady rain should end by noon. this is based on the computer models. 7:00 tomorrow indication is steady heavy rain in the area. we get through the afternoon and the evening most of it should push east. 7:30 tomorrow night the heavy rain should be east of the area. then we will clear out and start a process of it getting cooler. tomorrow rain, in the midday. isolated thunderstorms and downpour. up to an anymore the metro area. 55, sunny and breezy on friday. saturday is the same. cold front friday night. that will bring chillier air on sunday and monday. looking for highs of 47 with the gusty winds of sunday. 47 on monday. we look to tuesday and wednesday. we will see a warmup. maureen: thank you, doug.
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leon: college basketball after what we w yesterday. amazing stuff! >> if you didn't have espn2, you were done for it. out of luck. missed out. last night was one for the ages. we'll revisit the showdown. why are the cats thinking of the playoffs already? that's next in sports.
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robert: we start with hockey. caps on the road in detroit. they have to focus with something else in the back of their mind. another team in metro division. rangers. last ten games they have gone 9-0-1. for the caps, never too early to start thinking of the playoffs. >> can't help but notice they are getting away from the pack. we want to be in a good season to make a run. we'll let it handle itself but we want to be up at the top to play the best hockey. we have to do that. robert: college oops, an historic night in college park last night. it was announced that maryland would host georgetown a few months ago. everyone knew it would be a great game. but it was that and then some and then more. people tell me you couldn't hear the announcers in the building. some say it was better than maryland-duke. that rivalry.
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any way you want to put it, it was nuts. >> a great game. that is why it's called a rivalry game. tremendous. georgetown was great. we were lucky to win. we'll take it. >> i don't think the group is feeling confident in each other. we have to get better. >> when people say cam-cam, people are talking about cameron newton. he does the whip, the nene. you have no clue what the dances are. cam says it takes it to his happy place whatever it may be. redskins hope to keep his dance move to a minimum on sunday when they face undefeated panthers in charlotte. the nene. maureen: quite the variety. leon: you'll have to show us
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later after we get off the air. maureen: could be on "dancing with the stars." what is going on? >> waiting for the rain. it's cloudy. it won't be chilly today. rain on the way developing in front of a cold front. the rain will move in after midnight and with us through the rush hour. i could be heavy and rumble of thunder. what else? sn? nah. not going to happen. rainy day tomorrow. breezy and mild. clearing skies turning cooler on saturday. colder sunday and monday as a strong cold front moves through the area. steve rudin is tracking that. the rain tonight. update the weekend outlook. you will have that in the forecast tonight at 11:00. if the rain happened throughout the day, one thing but in the rush, take extra time maureen: "world news tonight" tonight with david muir is coming up next. >> we'll see you here at 11:00. he's dancing
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tonight, breaking news from paris. s.w.a.t. teams barrelling into a building here, the raid, the gun fire, the explosions. the seven-hour standoff. a woman setting off her suicide vest. and the mystery tonight about a second person who was killed. was it the mastermind? also developing tonight, isis now claiming it was their bomb in a simple soda can that brought down that russian passenger plane. the jet breaking apart in midair. brian ross is standing but tonight. the concern back home in america. two flights over the u.s. making emergency landings. tonight, we've learned why they acted so quickly. and after praising the attacks here in paris, isis saying an american city is next. so, this evening, how difficult is it to track isis sympathizers at home? the 900 terror investigations in all 50 states.


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