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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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jummy: the suspected mastermind of the paris terror attack is dead. french investigators confirm abdelhamid abaaoud was killed yesterday. marci gonzalez is in paris with the latest on the war on terror. his body so riddled with all its and travel investigators could only identify him by his fingerprints. the so-called mastermind of the
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attack that killed 129 people, a delta meet a boot killed -- abdelhamid abaaoud killed yesterday. say wascriminal police also behind other isis plots including the attempted attack on a paris bound train early this year. authorities thought the 27-year-old was in syria and are looking into how he was able to sneak across borders and to france to lead the terror cell investigators say is planning another attack. translator: it is urgent for europe that europe comes together and organizes to defend itself. reporter: police searching for suspects including saleh on the abdeslam. you see diners ducking for cover , the killer shooting his ak-47 from the hip taking aim at one woman when his assault rival jams.
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everybody in the cafe surviving as the killer runs out. ongoing with the least nine people detained this morning in belgium. home newly here at released video by isis that shows images of time square and threatens a bombing there. mayor bill de blasio says his city's standing strong against isis and will not be intimidated. the video shows shots of times where along with someone putting what looks to be an explosive inside a jacket. the nypd says they have seen the video and that it has recently been recut as a propaganda effort. meanwhile, he or he debate over refugee restrictions in the u.s. under way right now. the house is debating a bill that would make it illegal for anybody that would require syrian and iraqi refugees to go through additional checks before coming to the u.s.
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a bill president obama has billed to bash has about to veto -- a bill president obama has about to veto. reporter: members of the house of representatives are discussing the bill but for the last several hours house members have grilled a panel of experts on the process for allowing syrian refugees into the united states. experts say it would be impossible for the current system to be perfect but argue it is rigorous and would be very difficult for a terrorist to come to the u.s. under the cover of a refugee status. republican backers say the president's plan to allow 10,000 syrian refugees poses a threat to our homeland. one south carolina republican said the potential consequences of getting it wrong could be cataclysmic. the white house argues the process is more than sufficient, contains screening steps and takes between 18 and 24 months. they say if this bill passes it
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would be a waste of government resources and not add any additional security. it is expected that the house will pass the bill but the senate democrats could block the bill on that side. president obama has also vowed to veto it. moments away from the smoke taking place and soon as we have the results will bring them to you live -- from this vote taking place and as soon as we have the result will bring them to you live. jummy: the paris attacks have pushed -- senator cano virginia said congress sat on the sideline. >> especially 16 months and when this started it was iraq in syria now isis is present in afghanistan, lebanon, dahlia. -- somalia. the bombing of the airliner and the bombings in beirut. despite some battlefield successes it is spreading and
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mutating. time for congress to get off the sidelines. jummy: senator kaine says there is a fear of being held politically accountable for authorizing military action. we will follow the debate over refugees. we will bring you major developments as they happen on abc seven and news channel 8. you will want to keep that umbrella handy today. the rain threat will remain in the region through the evening commute. let's head over to doug hill for a look at the forecast. doug: we have rain outside the weather center now. gusty wind blowing drizzle and rain around. we will get some clearing later today. doppler radar, not only areas of steady rain but if you look to the bottom of your screen you see areas of yellow that indicate the areas of more moderate rain falling. those areas are pushing to the northeast toward the metro area
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so we are not finished with the rain quite yet. clearing is developing to the west. you can see the back edge of the system. we do not get the heavy thunderstorm system. that is moving across eastern north carolina. by the rush-hour most of the rain will be out of here and clearing skies will follow. as far as how much rain, in washington in virginia, over image of rain. three quarters of an inch and culpeper. -- in the 60's they will stay today. cooler air will come in tonight and the big push of cooler air arrives for the weekend. highs today around 66 degrees. .e are not there yet more on the rain and more about the weekend and give you a look ahead to some of the travel weather conditions as we get ready for the big thanksgiving holiday. jummy: now we want to cover
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metro after a monthlong search the tragic -- the transit agency has appointed a new general manager. it was just a few weeks ago it appeared that metro had their guy, and aviation expert. experty have another and it appears this 15 month process is finally over. it was here this morning at metro headquarters where transit agency officials formally introduced the new general manager. taking over at a time when trust and confidence for the transit agency is perhaps the lowest it has ever been because of deadly about 10 months ago. we remember a smoke field -- smoke-filled tunnel that left many passengers stranded and one woman ended up dying. the ntsb has a long list of recommendations. a fix list for this new gm.
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,aul wiedefeld's claim to fame he was the chief executive for many years but he was fired this past summer by governor larry hogan. >> i want to ensure everyone understands my priorities for the agency. that will be to first and foremost safety and security. reporter: we are seeing wiedefeld for the first time inside a board meeting but days ago he did meet with local officials and they all agreed that he does have the ,redentials, the experience when talking about safety, security and fiscal responsibility. the baltimore native says he is humbled and excited to take over. jamie sullivan joins us now with a check of the roadways. how is the rain affecting everything? jamie: going to be a wet one. a few crashes. starting off in virginia heading south on 95, slowing from
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triangle continuing closer toward quantico because of a crash. two lanes are blocked so the backup, we are at about six miles per hour. we pull out a little more. not bad at all as you work your way through dale city and woodbridge continuing south. just from triangle continuing closer to quantico. let's take a live look outside. pretty heavy near new hampshire avenue and the reason for it is because the crash at colesville road. the accident does have a lane blocked, has you down to about 13 miles per hour. in d.c., no accidents report. they are doing some boat tactic training exercises that just started between arlington memorial bridge and the 14th street bridge. you may see some of that activity until 2:30 this afternoon. jummy: thank you. developing in the last hour we have learned new details about in thenight shooting
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alexandria section of fairfax county. police say they were called to an apartment on the 7900 block of audubon avenue last night. officers found two men ages 22 and 27 suffering gunshot wounds. the 22-year-old died at the hospital. police say a third person also reported to the hospital with a gunshot injury. police believe the shooting stemmed from an argument in an apartment and that there is no further threat to that community. the shooting is still under investigation. police are now trying to piece together how an suv and atv collided overnight leaving two people dead. it happened on race track and old chapel road before midnight. the suv caught fire but the driver was able to get out. a preliminary investigation shows the two people who died were on the atv. around the nation, former subway spokesperson jared fogle is set to be sentenced today. fogle did not say anything as he walked past reporters on his way
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to the courtroom in indianapolis . he pleaded guilty to child crimeraphy and sex charges. he faces between five and 50 years behind bars. asearch happening now after california police officer was shot to death while sitting in his car in the precinct parking lot. investigators say officer galvez was sitting in his car when two men opened fire. the officer died in his car. investigators believe it was not random and the officer was targeted. coming up -- >> that was when everyone started running for their lives. jummy: one of the survivors of the paris attacks returns home to the u.s. why he wanted to stay in the country after the attacks. airport disruptions. why thousands of employees are not showing up for work.
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the candidates that will be stumping in our area today. get ready for a cooldown. doug will be back with a look at the weekend forecast.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon. jummy: a man at the site of one of the harris terror attacks last week is back home in los angeles california. bruno was greeted at the airport by family and friends. he was at the soccer match when the attacks began with three
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suicide bombers outside the stadium. he wanted to stay and support his friends in paris but his family convinced them to come home. big -- we something did not know something big was occurring until the third explosion ended up coming off. that was when everyone started lives. for their jummy: he was in paris as an exchange student. he vowed to return to paris to finish that foreign exchange program. another bomb threat, this time a passenger plane from poland to egypt. an emergency landing in bulgaria this morning after a man shouted that he had a bomb on board. all 161 tourists onboard were evacuated. officials say the passenger who made the threat admitted to drinking alcohol and will face charges. no explosives were found. airports around the world are dealing with a different
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disruption today. strike's at seven major airports days before that big thanks giving rush. 2000 plane cleaners and other employees are walking off the job over wages. it's not happening at any major d.c. airports but that includes large hubs like jfk, laguardia, chicago possible hair and boston post logan airport. most airlines have backup plans to avoid disruptions. we turn to vote 2016. two candidates making for traffic mess in georgetown. the rallies are an hour apart starting at 1:00. rand paul will talk to supporters at george washington university and at 2:00 bernie sanders is set to speak at georgetown. traveling through that area, expect heavier than usual traffic insecurity in that area. -- and security in that area. lubell ice cream is taking a key
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step after a deadly listeria outbreak was linked to its products. the company recalled its entire product line in april after three people died. this week it reopened its plant in texas which was closed for months for cleaning. that is good news for employees, 70 of whom are back to work after a long for low. -- a long for low. washington state's governor declaring a state of emergency after some severe flooding. it comes in the wake of tuesday's storm which killed three people. neighbors are helping each other salvage what they can and tens of thousands of people are still in the dark. power crews from across that state racing to restore power but some people we hear may be in the dark for days. doug: could be potentially tough west coast winter storms off the pacific ocean. our winter, we will see.
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jummy: i would be fine if it was mild. doug: we will talk about that in detail next week. as far as what is happening around the area, it is fine. 60's and it in the is looking like most of the rain should be out of here by the rush-hour this afternoon. can't guarantee all of it will but the heavy stuff should be out of the region. 62 in reagan national. 64 in manassas. during the afternoon especially west of the metro area the sun will break through mid-to-late afternoon. in the weather center watching but we do know that if it does not happen then it will happen early this evening because of cold front is coming through the area. much drier air. the clearing skies as close as winchester a little sunshine getting through. the rain continues to push up ahead of this front and there are areas indicated in yellow moving through fredericksburg that has heavy downpours.
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we stuck to deal with especially in our southern and eastern suburbs. we will be good to go. clearing skies already to the west of the metro area. high pressure is building in. the whole front will get pushed out. at least we did not get the lines in clusters of heavy thunderstorms along the outer banks. all of this will pass as the front moves through. this is one computer model version and if you keep some elements of steady rain, 3:00, 5:00, could this commute model -- good this computer model be right? that is a possibility. i think the clearing will be rapid this evening. might want to plan to give yourself extra time in the, coue model -- good this computer model be right? 5:00 hour in case there are lingering showers. chance of deal, 100% more rain today. cooler air comes in tonight.
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55 tomorrow. about the same saturday but stronger cold front will come through saturday night. air temperatures on sunday and monday only in the mid 40's for highs. andly nighttime lows beautiful fall weather will continue tuesday and wednesday. wednesday reported to be the busiest travel day of the year. we should be sunny and dry with temperatures in the 50's. jummy: all those planes will get up off the ground. alert up, a consumer about one of the hottest holiday gifts. how a school bus ended up through a store in pennsylvania. the criminal investigation still ahead.
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jummy: cleanup is underway in pennsylvania after a stolen school bus crashes into a business. it happened early this morning at a business on william penn highway in monroeville. the driver ran off after the bus crashed into the vitamin shoppe. police are investigating what led to this accident. 7 is on your side with an alert about those hoverboards, the self balancing skateboards may become the hottest holiday gift of the year. how say friday? new york state is that how safe are they? new york state is banning hoverboards. 7 on your side go shopping undercover to find out what you are and are not told when you buy one. kimberly suter is digging deeper into these hoverboards hazards tonight. her special report at 11:00. the salmon you eat could be
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genetically modified. the fda announced today that it approved the altered fish. foods are usedmo in animal feed or as ingredients in packaged food, not consumed directly by people. the salmon is expected to hit the market in the next two years. a pretty rainy and dreary thursday a out there. doug will be back wi
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jummy: we are back with some breaking news. the 14th street bridge is closed and broke directions -- in both directions due to a suspicious package. we will have more on this. doug: the rain is not helping any matters. it still falling around the metro area. clearing skies are not that far to the west and over the next several hours as we zoom into doppler radar, rain continues to move to the northeast. heavy elements could pass through the next couple of hours but generally clearing skies later in the day. clearing skies throughout the area tonight. and 55., sunshine a second quote from comes through saturday night. sunday morning will be chilly. we will take it. jummy: more on the breakin
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