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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 20, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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watching it the gun went off. >> reporter: it's unclear whether clark was handcuffed during the scuffle. the police union claims he tried taking an officer's weapon. >> at one point he got a hold of an officer's gun belt and gun. >> reporter: both officers involved, mark rigginberg and dustin schwartzy, are now on paid leave while the naacp demands police release any video that may have recorded the shooting. >> we are watching the minneapolis police department. we may be cold but our hearts are burning for justice. >> reporter: protesters claim they'll continue demonstrating until that video is released. the fbi has also launched an investigation. reena and kendis. >> all right, brandi, thank you. the district of columbia has in a very big way righted a wrong it committed against a man nearly 30 years ago. the district has agreed to pay more than $16 million to 64-year-old donald gates, who spent 27 years in prison for a murder and rape that he did not commit. that's about $617,000 for every
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year of incarceration. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life. >> it was a right we had to make right on and we know we had some liability and exposure out there and it's about time we settle. >> gates was exonerated in 2009 after dna evidence cleared him of the 1981 rape and murder of a georgetown university student. he's already received more than a million dollars from the federal government for its role in his conviction. now some extreme weather. a wintry storm just as holiday travel gets under way. it's bringing snow today from the dakotas to the upper midwest. some areas could end up with about ten inches of snow before it's all over. and as acuwaerthd's molly cochran tells us it's only the beginning. good morning, molly. >> good morning, kendis and reena. we continue to watch this area of low pressure, and it's calling for some trouble. as we head into the later half of the week and also the start of the weekend in the way of snow. and this is really the first snowfall for some of the season.
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sioux falls, des moines is the first stop, then into chicago. madison also into green bay in detroit. interstate 75 really could be slow at times due to the accumulating snow. here's a look at our snowfall total map. this is what we're expecting right now. the target zone being six to ten inches of snow. that's outlined in this darker blue shaded area. and for chicago western suburbs could be looking at three to six inches of snow. kendis and reena, back to you. >> all right. thank you, molly. and it is time for that segment that really gives hanna storm inspiration every morning she wakes up. >> what would that be? >> sports with reena. let's get to it. >> all right. >> of course there was nfl action, which is why it brings to us sports with reena. >> it's actually nfl's week 11. barely under way, though. and that brings us to this morning's special edition, sports with reena. it was the second week of the nfl's color rush. the jacksonville jaguars in he
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will mustard gold uniforms. titans in blue. titans quarterback marcus mariota, he ran in a 23-yard touchdown. then in the fourth quarter jacksonville julius thomas caught a short td pass. the jags tackled on a field goal and mercifully the game ended. jacksonville wins it 19-13. >> that was a stunner. >> you think it's mustard. i say gold. >> it's like the dress. it was a blue and black dress. >> no, that's just gold. coming up in the insomniac theater the reviews are in for the new "hunger games" film, and seth rogen's holiday comedy. >> also ahead, talking politics and thanksgiving turkey with donald trump's family members. it's our barbara walters exclusive. but first, martin sheen speaks out about his son charlie after his hiv diagnosis is made public. the emotional comments. it is freezing in great falls. 27 degrees. you know they have the holiday christmas bazaar that's taking place tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
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and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs, including 8 different cold and flu viruses. to help protect... lysol that. well, this is the aftermath of a fiery plane crash just outside of los angeles. a small plane came down just yards away from the runway and skidded into a fence. incredibly, the pilot survived the crash. he was the only person on board. first responders are calling this a miracle that he survives, reportedly hospitalized only for observation. former subway pitch man jared fogle was hoping for leniency at his sentencing, but he was sorely disappointed. instead a federal judge handed down a harsher term than prosecutors were even seeking. 15 years in prison for child pornography and sex crimes with a minor. aa tearful fogle apologized, saying he wants to redeem his life and become a better person. a hollywood celebrity who's again in the spotlight is
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getting some support from another hollywood heave waerkts his father. >> actor martin sheen is speaking out for the first time since his son charlie revealed that he's been diagnosed with hiv. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: martin sheen speaking out after his son charlie revealed his diagnosis. >> i am in fact hiv positive. >> he had been leading up to this sort of story for several months. and we kept encouraging him to do it but he kept backing away and backing away because it was like going to his own execution. >> reporter: the 75-year-old actor, who starred alongside his son in "wall street" -- >> there is no nobility in poverty anymore, dad. >> reporter: defending his son's decision to publicly share his diagnosis. >> it was the most difficult thing he had ever done. as i watched him alone reveal his deepest, darkest secret, i couldn't believe the level of courage that i was witnessing, and that it was my son.
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and i said that if i had that much courage i would change the world. >> reporter: even choking up while speaking at a financial leadership gala in florida. >> i can't speak for him of course. but -- sorry. i just want to encourage all of you that have children, spouses, aunts, uncles, clients that are involved in any form of addiction to realize that it's a disease. >> reporter: while he didn't discuss his son's drinking or drug use directly, the "west wing" star, who's been sober for more than two decades, drawing from his own history with addiction. >> i hope that this day is the first day in the rest of charlie's life as a free man. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and of course the saga is not over. there are several women, tmz reporting at least six of sheen's love interests are lawyering up. one of them already has gloria allred. this is not the end of this story. well, coming up, taking on
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the trumps. >> barbara walters sits down with donald trump's children to find out what their father's really like when the cameras stop rolling. that's next on "world news now."
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okay. you saw the promo there. as donald trump continues to make headlines every day it's easy to forget that the outspoken republican presidential candidate is a family man. >> and in an exclusive interview with barbara walters trump's four adult children open up about their larger than life father. >> meet the trump children. i sat down with the four eldest. don jr., ivanka, eric, and tiffany. >> i need a quick show of hands. which one of you is most like
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your father? >> in fairness, i think they're all like him in very different ways. >> it's actually very scary. we can all go to thanksgiving and we can all answerhe same question using the exact same words and same sequence. >> trumpisms. >> i relish those holiday meals. wk really sort of let loose. it is a show in and of itself. it's funny and we have a good time making fun of each other and just having a blast. >> do any of you make fun of your father's hair? >> i like not to because you never know what happens genetically. you know what i'm saying? doing okay right now. but wait a couple years. >> it's the only hair we've ever known. but people seem fascinated. so to us it's the norm. >> my dad always says i'm really happy you got your mom's hair, not my hair. >> his humor's really one of the best qualities. people don't see that. it doesn't come across on the news when he's talking about serious issues. but he is an incredibly funny, incredibly practical person.
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>> how was it decided you would be the fun to introduce your father as a presidential candidate? >> today i have the honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction. >> that's an excellent question. and i don't know actually how it was decided. but i was honored to do it. and i feel like i was standing there sort of representing our family. >> she did an amazing job, by the way. >> she's a great pejer. she has such great poise. i think the way ivanka delivered the message was perfect. >> very cool. you can see barbara walters' entire interview with donald trump and his family on a special edition of "20/20" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. >> what an incredible side of donald trump. say what you want, whatever your opinion of donald trump may be, but he seems to have raised four pretty cool kids. >> yes. and the thing is also, all of his kids appear to get along. even though they're from different mothers. the three oldest are from ivana. and then the youngest daughter, that one there, is from marla maples. and then of course the young
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let's end this. ♪ okay. it's movie time. this week we see the return of some old friends. >> okay. yes. our first film is "the night before christmas," comedy starring anthony mackey, joseph gordon leavitt as well as seth rogen. the trio play lifelong friends who have met up every christmas eve for a night of debauchery. but with the boys having grown up now, they decide this year will mark the end of their tradition. and to make sure their last hurrah is memorable they set out to find the holy grail of christmas parties, but they have some trouble getting there. >> you guys know this can't possibly work. >> of course it will work. let's get that grinch.
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>> ah! my hands are stuck. >> oh, the suspense. and while the meter on rotten tomatoes might read fresh, the reviews themselves are a little ambivalent. with brian ornduff of saying it isn't quite the guns blazing comedy it could have been but there are more hits than misses. and john locanthi of the world famous willamette week says it's "essentially a hokey christmas movie masquerading as a dude-bro comedy." >> dude-bro comedy. >> had me there. >> next it's jennifer lawrence's last turn as cat nis ever dion in "the hunger games." katniss confronting the tyrannical president snow. and it wouldn't be the hunger games without a deadly series of
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traps. >> a database that contains a detailed map of the capital and a list of every known pod. these pods can trigger anything from bombs to traps to mutts. whatever they contain, they are meant to kill you. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th hunger games. >> ah, and it looks like the series is ending on a high note with bill of the arizona republic saying "as it turns out they saved the best for last." and matt of total film says "jennifer lawrence shines once again in a fitting send-off." >> ooh. >> may the be ever in your favor. >> can we get some food already? it's been lots of movies. >> it's almost over. >> get them leek a burger.
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this morning on "world news now" -- homeland terror alert. the latest isis threat. >> first it was new york's times square. now isis threatening to take aim at another new york landmark. and even the white house. the fbi's message to america and the terrorists. female bomber. disturbing new details about the woman in france surrounded by police who blew herself up. what she said moments before her death. security alert. warnings to airline passengers as the thanksgiving travel season starts today. the longer lines and important advice before you take a trip. and later, the sound of 1965. ♪ from the beatles to the rolling stones to bob dylan. how rockers 50 years ago gave america a brand new beat that is still making an impact today. it's a "world news now" special report on this friday


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