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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 24, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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a man in georgia suffered severe ankle injuries after stealing a coors light truck from a convenience store. while the driver was making a delivery. he fled police in the truck. then without putting the truck in park he jumped out. he tried to run away. the truck ran over his leg. it ran over his leg causing injuries we mentioned. by the way, the guy accused in the heist of the truck, his last name is miller. >> of course. >> first name is not -- last name is not light though the. >> was his first name bud. >> there you go. did you at least get to have a beer. >> doesn't seem like it. >> poor guy. a man in florida was in the spirit for the new "star wars" movie but he used his costume for the wrong reason. there he is dressed as darth vader holding up a convenience store at gunpoint. he demanded money from the clerk who fought him off by hitting him with a jar of ranch dressing. the locals and authorities didn't know the what to make of the whole thing.
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>> people are really paranoid. you know? but i didn't think nothing of it because nothing's ever happened in this area. >> in all of my years of experience, it was something to look at, i'll just say that. >> the guy in the darth vader costume was tracked down and arrested. he's charged with armed robbery and other counts. i guess we can chalk one up for the force. >> oh, boy. >> who needs a lightsaber when you've got ranch dressing. florida. >> i know, my home state. here's something that could spoil your family outing. a shark feeding frenzy just off the beach. the woman who shot the video says her children were scared at first but then enjoyed seeing the sharks outside of an asquariam. >> guess where this was, panama city, florida into good times in florida. >> there were 50 to 60 of them there. the music did sound like this also. no word on what had the sharks so excited. right there, one of them almost
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beached himself. >> see, florida. just buy a ticket, come down. we provide the entertainment. >> and the snacks clearly. >> all right. >> coming up expert money saving advice on staying warm when you turn off the furnace this winter. >> do you really need to get in line now to get the deepest discowens on holiday gifts? >> and later the hottest holiday toys the kids of all ages will want to find under the christmas tree. >> in great falls tonight at 7:00 p.m., rudolph the red-knowsed at the mansfield theater. quoting here, fun for the whole family. >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by febreze. friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use...
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apartment building. he was seen faking a bicycle. police say the thief was hitting the building three times already this month. tenants have been alerted about the thefts. it's that time of year. got to watch out. >> we have black friday a few days away. americans will soon be seeing a sharp uptick in package deliveries. >> with walmart starting its cyber-monday sales a day early the pressure is on for other retailers to roll back the prices. rebecca jarvis tells us about it. >> shoppers already camping out. these in california, hoping to be the first in line for the black friday sales rush. but this year, even less reason to trade in your turkey for a tent. >> a lot of retailers now are matching their in-store deals with online promotions, so, you don't have to worry about going to the store and finding that elusive tv. >> reporter: adobe crunching the numbers on 55 million different products at 4,500 different retailers, finding the best day to shop for jewelry is
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thanksgiving. for clothes, thanksgiving and the days leading up to christmas. for toys, next monday. and on electronics, like tvs, early this week is the best time to find a deal, followed by thanksgiving and black friday. >> if you missed something on black friday, don't worry, there's cyber monday, cyber sunday, there are deals all season. >> reporter: and if you're planning to hit the stores, two apps you want to load up onto your phone. shop savvy and red laser. these will help you comparison shop, so you are guaranteed to get the very best deal. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. got to get my paw patrol play set. going to sign up for number. >> i got to get my cabbage patch. still waiting from the '80s for. so the best day to shop for jewelry thanksgiving. if only tiger woods had followed that on that thanksgiving. >> look at you. >> too soon for that joke? but really. these are all your diamonds.
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reena, reena. >> thank you. >> i am broke. >> i hope you got that paw patrol for me so i don't have to get it myself. >> i got you a lot. >> you know what they also say, you do have to watch out, a good piece of advice, watch out for sometimes stores try to unload their old stock items with sales. watch out. >> i still take the old tvs. >> you don't mind old tvs? that's why your picture quality is never good into coming up, gift ideas for kids. >> we'll check out some of the year's hottest toys from muppet puppets to lightsabers. these are things you haven't heard about i bet. next on "world news now."
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it's that special time of year again when you should be making your list and checking it twice. if you need help with ideas you're in luck. toy insider mom lori schacht with the hottest toys this holiday season. welcome back. >> there are toys this year that fit every budget and for every child.
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we're going to look at really basic toys. there's a lot of great hi-tech stuff. look what we're starting with, you. mets which just became part of the toy hall of fame. look at these beautiful puppets. i'll take miss piggy. these are made by madame alexander. they're great because they encourage imaginative play with the kids. these are beautiful. they're all detailed. and now everyone can bring the muppets home. do you like it. >> hi, kermit. >> i'll take you back. i take you back. >> all right. >> so what's going to happen is everyone is going to fall in love with the new movie "the good dinosaur," would you please pull his arm. >> wow. >> this is our t-rex galloping butch. watch what else he does. he gallops. but notice he gallops because i'm holding him. and, of course, some movie phrases. kids will love this movie. it's going to be a real tear jerker for some parents.
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>> great. >> barbie has been about everything you could imagine. she's also an accomplished equestrian. take a look at this. >> wow. >> off she goes on her horse. >> oh, my gosh. this is like we have the remote control car for boys and now barbie. >> this is our saddle and ride barbie. she's beautiful. we still have the hair play. we have beautiful hair on the horse and, of course, her horse takes her for a ride. >> it's a new generation of bash barbie. >> play sets encourage imagination. they play for hours. there is a new line called flipsies. each set is a two in one. this is clementine's birthday party she's at. she always wanted to be a baker. watch what happens. we start moving things around. we twist. we turn. we turn this. into her bakery and we have clementine right here. there are smart points on this.
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when we put her down, she'll talk to us. >> that is cute. >> it is really cute. >> that's very cute. >> when her friends are with her, they can talk to each other. >> you buy the friends vatly. >> or you can buy a lot of different sets this is one set. there's a whole line of hem. >> this is about $44. >> okay. >> this is the year of "star wars." >> yeah. >> everyone is waiting for "the force awakens" coming out in december. let's start with disney infinity 3.0. all about "star wars." we can still play games with our favorite characters. kids can go into this world and drive authentic star war vehicles. you're going to be able to play with lightsabers. they're going to feel the force. it's awesome. talk about the force. i'm going to come over here. i want to talk to you about these lightsabers. >> all right. >> so every kid loves to -- look at you getting into it. you love it. look at this.
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this is called the blade builders. now not only can you play with lightsabers, you can customize your own. >> where were you halloween, lori? this is fantastic. >> so look what we can do. and kids will have a lot of fun customizing their own. you can get more pieces. you can add to it. and you have now, look at you how powerful you are. you turned it off. turn it back on. >> just that easy. okay. this is fantastic. this would be great on the show when the producers don't listen to what i'm saying. just whip this out from under the desk. i'm so grateful that my son is sleeping right now because this will be the gift that he would want this christmas. >> that's exactly the one he's going to want. >> even though he was darth vader. you have the best ideas. all under $65. >> mom toy insider lori schacht. for more information on these items head to happy holidays. you're watching "world news now." the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours,
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♪ always look at that to see how old i'm getting. i don't know the artist. according to this year's winter forecast in the old farmer's almanac, this winter is expected to be super cold with many areas seeing a slew of snow. >> he thankfully fuel prices are down. there are ways to cut your heating bill even more. here's abc's gio benitez. >> meet the vaughn family of rhode island. parents brian and amanda love their new home but say the frigid new england winters are putting a freeze on their savings. >> the heating last year was
2:56 am
quite a surprise. >> a surprise indeed. their yearly gas and electric bills total ling more than $3700. >> it's a lot of money. >> wow. >> to dial down some of the costs we brought in expert ben bixby. >> are you ready tomoney. >> absolutely. >> first up he says hunt for hidden cracks and holes in your house. that's where 25 to 40% of the average home's warmth leaks outs. >> some leaks are harder to find. others easier to find. ben says pay special attention to the windows in your laundry room where we find a hole. >> every time you turn your dryer on you're creating negative pressure pulling more air into the house into the fix fill it up with foam sealant. don't overlook thin areas you might not be able to see but are still costing you money like behind radiators. using a thermal camera, you can see the dark area where heat is getting out. we install reflective backing to
2:57 am
direct some of the heat back into the room. >> for the whole house, this is going to save you probably $48 each and every year. >> reporter: finally buy a smart thermostat from honeywell or nest. in addition to controlling it with your phone, it monitors your family's heating habits and automatically turns off when not needed. >> just this win the area loan we expect you're going to see over $80 in savings. >> the up front cost of these improvements about 275 bucks. but over five years, ben says the vaughn family could be snuggling up to more than $1400 in savings. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> oh. it is cold. i'm going to get my -- >> the effect is better when there's snow, guys. there we go. thank you. >> wow. that's incredible. >> that is great. i'd much prefer they made it rain than made it snow.
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this morning on "world news now," worldwide terror alert. >> the rare warning from the state department to americans everywhere during the busy travel season. fears will terrorism hitting home. >> explosive clues in the paris terror investigation. what police uncover as they search for a fugitive, a manhunt that's paralyzed brussels. >> fighting back. muslim teen arrested after his homemade clock was miss taken for a bomb is suing. the lawsuit seeking millions. >> and later saving not once but twice by using discounted gift cards to buy presents. a sneaky way around the retail system that will gave you money. it's tuesday, november 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." hi, everybody. good morning to you on yet another busy tuesday morning.


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