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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 24, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," worldwide terror alert. >> the rare warning from the state department to americans everywhere during the busy travel season. fears will terrorism hitting home. >> explosive clues in the paris terror investigation. what police uncover as they search for a fugitive, a manhunt that's paralyzed brussels. >> fighting back. muslim teen arrested after his homemade clock was miss taken for a bomb is suing. the lawsuit seeking millions. >> and later saving not once but twice by using discounted gift cards to buy presents. a sneaky way around the retail system that will gave you money. it's tuesday, november 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." hi, everybody. good morning to you on yet another busy tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson.
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>> i'm reena ninan. we begin there half hour with new developments after a month of terror attack ooze. >> the state department issuing a rare worldwide travel alert warning americans everywhere during a busy ravel season. in paris, a suicide vest was found linked to a suspect in the deadly attacks there. and over in belgium, brussels is on lockdown for yet another day with threats imminent. our coverage starts with cecilia vega. >> reporter: amid that new alert, the state department warning u.s. citizens to possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats. hundreds of officers, their guns drawn, shots fired. a terror attack on a new york subway. this time, it was only a drill. but they are preparing for the worst. >> we are, and we continue to be, and we have been, concerned about copy cat-like attacks. >> reporter: isis promising attacks in this propaganda video, showing images of new york's iconic times square. and the city showing its muscle.
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cameras on every corner, heavily armed police, too. a new counterterrorism unit, 1,000 more officers. >> it could happen here. it could happen anywhere. but here in new york city, the new york city police department is the most well-trained, most qualified department in the country, if not the world. >> reporter: it's not just new york. from drills in los angeles -- >> respond, code three to training exercise. >> reporter: -- to the nfl, increasing security at every stadium around the country. and at the height of holiday travel, from train stations to airports, stepped up police presence. jitters flying high. this southwest airlines flight diverted to kansas city sunday because officials say three passengers didn't follow crew instruction. one of several similar incidents this past week. in each case, the passengers were cleared and put on other flights. and that alert is worldwide but it feels especially high in times square.
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authorities in new york unveiling a new app that allows people to send directly to them from their cell phones photos of suspicious activity. the new mantra, if you see something, send something. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> interesting new app there. as authorities continue the all-out manhunt for the escaped paris attacker, the trench president arrives in washington today. francois hollande is expected to see more coordinated anti-isis operations that would include the u.s. and russia. hollande visits moscow on thursday. in europe, the capital city of brussels remains shutdown after warnings that the terror threat was serious and imminent. that international manhunt for an eighth suspect in the paris attacks has yielded what could be an important new clue. elizabeth hur reports. >> reporter: belgium's capital on lockdown with heavily armed police and soldiers on alert.
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authorities explaining schools and subways will reopen but brussels will remain under the country's highest terror alert till next monday. calling the threat serious and the possible attacks similar to those in paris. the prosecutor adding as part of their on going anti-terror operation a fourth person has now been charged in belgium. this in connection with the paris attacks. abc news also learning the search for eighth suspect is intensifying with investigators believing he is not alone and french officials are now examining an explosive vest dumped in a paris suburb where salah's cell phone signal was last located on the night of the attacks. the french military confirming it has launched its first air strikes against isis outside syria. now bombing isis targets in iraq. this on the same day more victims are laid to rest as british and french leaders paid their respects in paris. vowing to work together to defeat isis.
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>> we must do more to tackle the threat of returning foreign fighters. this requires a pan european effort. >> reporter: as for the situation in belgium, officials say they are being vague with details on purpose because the attackers are still out there and the threats are still looming. kendis and reena, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. a u.s. army helicopter has crashed in south korea killing two pilots on board. the aircraft went down while on a routine training mission about 80 miles east of seoul. reports say it may have come into contact with high volt kj power lines or a nearby steel fare because wires were discovered in the wreckage. >> planes hit with the laser pointers near love field on sunday. the laser pointing appeared to come from the same area about four miles north of the airport. and the faa reports that one pilot reported a minor eye injury. the two men charged with the murder of a young pastor's wife in indianapolis are due in court
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this morning. authorities say her kathy was part of a crime spree and the suspect's face many other charges, as well. a third person may have been involved. gio benitez with more. >> reporter: charges filed in the murder of 28-year-old pregnant mother amanda blackburn, the wife of a local indianapolis pastor. >> i moved to south carolina with davey. >> reporter: after a 13-day manhunt, police saying 18-year-old larry taylor and 21-year-old jalen watson broke into the blackburn home, stealing a laptop and debit cards after having committed two other burglaries earlier that morning. >> it started with the initial burglary, and evidence from that burglary led us to the subsequent burglaries and then the homicide. >> reporter: amanda's husband, pastor davey blackburn, had left the house at 6:11 a.m. on november 10th for the gym, leaving the front door unlocked. that's when police say taylor and watson walked in. then watson and another accomplish drove to the atm, to take $400 out of amanda's account. taylor stayed in the home, later telling friends he shot amanda
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when she charged at him, so that he wouldn't be scratched, and that he then shot her in the head. when pastor blackburn went into the house at 8:20 a.m., he found his wife with three gunshot wounds. and now police tell us they have a slew of evidence from all of those burglaries proving they have the right suspect. the third accomplice is still under investigatn. abc news, new york. a man wrongfully imprisoned 16 years for rape should be soon free. a los angeles judge threw out the conviction of luis vargas based on dna evidence. the crimes of which he was accused now attributed to a serial rapist never caught. he remains in prison on minor immigration issues. his attorney expects those to be cleared up soon no a major court ruling in the battle over abortion. a federal appeals court in wisconsin has ruled unconstitutional a law that would have required doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges.
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the judges said the law endangered women's health health. the wisconsin attorney general says he plans an appeal to the u.s. supreme court. the nfl is looking into whether correct procedures were followed when it appears the st. louis rams quarterback may have suffered a concussion. case keenum's head slammed into the ground. he appeared staggered but stayed in the game. two days later he fumbled which led to baltimore's winning field goal. the league is asking why he wasn't removed from the game to undergo required evaluations. it's tough. >> definitely a hard hit there. but since we're talking football and there was a monday night game, it is as good an excuse as any to hear from joe buck's mentor. sports with reena. >> oh. that's an upgrade. thank you. i thank you, kendis. >> deserved. >> it was bill belichick and the undefeated patriots hosting rex ryan and the buffalo bills. the game was tied at three when tom brady found james white for
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a 20-yard touch down. in the third quarter the bills had it tied again at ten when white ran a second touchdown of the night from six yards out. each team tackled on a field goal to end it. do you know what this means snes. >> no, what. >> this means the defending super bowl champion patriots they remain undefeated and undeflated with a 2013 win. >> not bad. of course, we have the other team undefeated so far. crickets. >> north carolina. >> carolina. >> crickets. >> i had to pause for a moment. to see if viewers from home knew that one. >> the panthers, of course, as well. so have you two teams undefeated. >> boy. >> revenge is ugly for tom brady and the patriots. >> yep. nothing undeflated about that one. >> joe buck is learning right now. coming up, "the mix," we're about to show you a $1.5 million dress and you've probably seen
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students at san diego state rallied against islamaphobia after an attack on a muslim student last week. in that attack, police say a young man rinned off a woman's headscarf while pushing her. the assault is now being investigated as a hate crime. >> students at an ohio university also came together after someone painted pro isis graffiti on a campus landmark. the message was pained over with a new message which said god bless america among other frock slogans. the fbi is hoping video will help track down the culprits there. >> anti-muslim tensions that got a student booted out of his high school mou now the subject of a lawsuit. >> the ahmed mohamed brought a homemade clock to school that one teacher thought was a bomb. now he and his family are fighting back. jason wheeler has the story. >> reporter: more than two months after this controversial clock slows up at irving's
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mcarthur high school, legal action on behalf of the 14-year-old who took it to class. his attorney asking irving isd and the city for public apologies and $15 million. >> the numbers are huge and we admit that. but the damages that have been caused to this young man and to his family are effectively incalculatable. >> from his offices attorney kelly hollings worth is representing the family who have since relocated out of the country to qatar. the attorney claims after a teacher became suspicious about the clock, he was subjected to on campus detention and a seven on one interrogation that went on for approximately an hour and 25 minutes. ahmad constantly was pressured to sign a written statement he says admitting that he intended to bring a hoax bomb to school. the attorney claims school officials and police knew what they needed to do to protect ahmad's rights. they just decided not to because of his race, religion and
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ethnicity and that the city and school officials then fanned the flames in a divided community. >> you can find other cases where there's a wrongful arrest or detention. you can find where these types of mistakes are made by school officials. what you can't find is, the second phase of all of this which is when they went out into the media and will an orchestrated campaign against a 14-year-old boy. >> hollingsworth says the family wants to return to texas but didn't feel safe here anymore because of threats. on day one of his public involvement in the case now, he and his law firm are getting a taste of some of that backlash. jason wheeler, channel news. >> it was the qatar foundation for education, science and community development that gave him an invitation to move to qatar. they took it. >> very quick. it was just september and he's already off to qatar. >> all right. hope the best for them. >> coming up in our next half hour, donald trump and 9/11. after insisting he saw thousands
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of people cheering in jersey city as the towers collapsed. this morning what he's now saying about what he saw happening at those towers. >> first getting a jump on your holiday shopping. how playing your cards right can lead to deep discounts on items that almost never go on sale. that's next on "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. today, 1 out of every 4 american kids is hispanic. that means many of the future doctors who will care for us, the engineers
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like costco. they often have the cards on sale with even more offer this had holiday week of shopping. finally one of the best places to buy ebay. hold on. i'm not talking about buying a card from another ebay user. ebay the company else is them directly. see on the top of their homepage? discounted cards vetted and good to go. take all of these tips and here's the big secret. use discounted gift cards to pay for items on sale and then use a percentage off coupon. you will stack up huge discounts as you shop this holiday season. becky worley, abc news, new york. >> a lot of work. >> it's a lot of the math at this hour. we're told that to be cautionary about all of this because a lot of scammers use it as a way to get your money gift card sold off the rack at target and other stores like thatting are the target of scamsters around the corrupt. >> you would never do that hole. >> no. >> but we do get 50% off. >> wow. what's the other 50%. >> what are we giving away?
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we're going to start "the mix" with the end of days. it was seen i australia overnight. >> what. >> yeah. take a look at this. this freaky springtime storm in australia was seen in brisbane yesterday. he posted this was a reminder to never go to brisbane in the spring. >> wow. >> 2,000 lightning strikes recorded in this storm that took place. 6:30 in the evening. last night. >> that is crazy. my hometown tampa, florida, is considered the lightning capital of the world. >> got to be known for something. i guess brisbane is a close second. >> i wonder if it is the battle of the lightning. >> looks pretty nice. >> very impressive. >> nobody was harmed. >> so there was a big rubik's cube competition in maryland.
3:26 am
how long do you think it took the winner to solve an entire rubik's cube into probably like a good four minutes maybe. >> you are right. i want to show you lucas. lucas. there he is. he's 14 years old from lexington, kentucky. he solved it in 4.9 seconds. >> 4.9 seconds. that's where off where i was. >> beating the previous record of 5.25. you said four minutes. >> four minutes. he did it in four seconds. >> 4.9 secs. >> wow, good job. >> the record's apparently evolved over time. in '82 the fastest person who could solve with it was in 22.95 seconds. >> little known fact, justin bieber can do that as well. in less than a minute or so. >> i've seen him do it. >> apparently here's a trick. you want to start first they say and solve the white across. the website recommends you want to create white across on the top face of the cube first making the next phase easier. >> all of that in 4.9 seconds.
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>> yeah. well the whole thing he did in 4.9 seconds. >> we'll see how that works out. you've seen this dress from the wizard of oz that was worn by dorothy by judy garland. it was sold at auction for, get this, $1.56 million. can you believe it? the funny thing about it, there are still some sweat stains. judy garland was pretty but she's just like the rest of us. there are a couple of sweat stains. >> following the yellow brick road isn't easy, kendis. >> the buyer has remained anonymous but clearly he is a friend of dorothy's. >> i could have told him at party city they're not on sale for 20 bucks. >> who knew. >> apparently a british woman, what do you do when you have chickens that pluck their feathers outs? >> we all have that problem. >> you knit nice sweaters for them. a nice lady in cornwall did thes news now."
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