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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 24, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> reporter: the government has this is advice. u.s. citizens should exercise vigilance in public places or using transportation. be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowded places and exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events. the new warning comes as sisal is promising more attacks in this propaganda video showing images of new york's times square. lana zak, abc news, washington. several european cities on the highest alert. brussels in its fourth day of lock down because of possible terror threats considered to be serious and imminent. british prime minister david cameron visited paris yesterday, laying flowers outside the concert hall that was attacked. and vowing to i don't know the military fight against isis in syria. >> it's been a busy couple of days for the french president. he will be looking for more coordinated effort against isis when he visits the white house today. francois hollande meets with
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president obama today. >> and i'm kendis gibson. the president of germany it was a fun finale part one for tomorrow as well as russian "dancing with the stars" tonight. president vladimir putin on thursday. the u.s. has remained skeptical of coordinating any anti-terror it sets it up. efforts with the russians. of course, you have nick carter president obama has ordered in it, alek skarlatos and bindi. an investigation into whether intelligence reports were doctored to present a rosier >> they're all really good, i picture of u.s. successes have to say. against isis. abc's jonathan karl has the >> we were watching bindi. she's not -- these aren't details. dancers. that's the whole point of "dancing with the stars" to see how far they've grown. >> reporter: there are concerns >> and a 17-year-old. i think vegas probably has a military intelligence reports line that bindi will win. were doctored to paint an overly optimistic picture of the u.s. we'll delve into that a little bit later. we've got to get straight to the fight against isis. there are now at least three new warnings that are going to travelers this holiday week. investigations into the the government is urging vigilance after a month of allegations and president obama says he's asked the pentagon to terror attacks and new threats. get to the bottom of whether >> the alert coming as millions head to the airports where intelligence on isis has been whitewashed. passengers are already being told to arrive at least two hours before their flights. >> i don't want intelligence shaded by politics. i don't want it shaded by the abc's lana zak on the new desire to tell a feel good vigilance. story. we can't make good policy unless >> reporter: the state department has issued a we've got good accurate hard worldwide travel alert to all americans "due to increased terrorist threats." headed, clear-eyed intelligence. it says current information >> the allegations come from a military intelligence officer
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suggests isil and other terrorist groups continue to and whistleblower at central command which is directing the fight against isis. one example, when isis swept plan terrorist attacks in into iraq last year and took multiple regions. over mosul, its second largest these attacks may employ a variety of tactics including city the iraqi army fled so conventional and nonconventional weapons. quickly they left behind their authorities believe the equipment and even their likelihood of terror attacks uniforms but a draft military will continue as members of isil intelligence report at the time return from syria and iraq. extremists have targeted large sporting events, theaters, open was allegedly edited to say the markets and aviation services. iraqis were simply redeployed to >> respond code three to training exercise. a position outside the city. >> reporter: as security is ramped up nationwide after the centcom's commanding general says he's only asked for accurate intelligence. >> have you ever ordered, massacres in paris and mali and before the thanksgiving holiday. >> we are and continue to be and suggested or hinted to any of the intelligence command that we have been concerned about they should sweeten the copycat-like attacks. intelligence reports in order to portray a more positive view of the success of our efforts in iraq or syria? >> absolutely not, senator king. absolutely not. >> jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. want to get to breaking news right now from one of the army's largest bases in fort hood, texas.
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the army confirms a helicopter went down on the base's range with four soldiers on board. all four we are told were killed. they were on a routine training mission. the army says the cause of the crash is unknown and that it is opening an investigation into this incident. in indiana, two men arrested for the murder of a young pastor's wife two weeks ago. a crime that shocked the country. officials say it was part of a string of burglaries in indianapolis that day. davy blackburn had left the door unlocked when he went to the gym. his wife amanda was 13 weeks pregnant. her 15-month-old son who was in the house was unharmed. davy blackburn will talk about the arrest later today on "good morning america." >> there's also been an arrest for another headline grabbing shooting, this one in new orleans. medical student peter gold was shot when he saw a woman being dragged down the street and he stopped to help. the crimes were caught on surveillance video. gold remains in guarded condition this morning after being shot in the stomach.
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the mayor says gold has a difficult recovery ahead. >> this is a hard story. tragic medical news for one mom and dad in utah. their 8-year-old daughter has breast cancer. the 3rd grader scheduled to have surgery next month. her case closely watched by cancer specialists around the world. >> it is a very rare form of breast cancer, that it's called sec krettory carcinoma and only one in 1 million are diagnosed and she's the youngest that they had run across having this particular type of breast cancer. >> the sad thing about this, it's not the family's first battle with cancer. mom annette is a cervical cancer survivor. dad a desert storm veteran has been diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the medical bills astronomical. friends have set up a go fund me page to help them out. >> women who developed diabetes while they were pregnant can benefit from breastfeeding during subsequent pregnancies.
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researchers say that moms who breast fed for two months had a 50% lower chance of developing gestational diabetes. they also found that the longer a mom breastfeeds, the lower the risk of diabetes. another reason to breastfeed. >> yeah. >> i agree. >> makes you uncomfortable, doesn't it? turning to the weather on this very busy travel week, watch out in the west. >> yeah, it's been so chilly in the east, cold enough for this pennsylvania ski resort to make some snow and now the east is getting a meltdown. and the west is in for another winter storm. molly cochran is at accuweather. good morning. >> good morning kendis and reena. we are anticipating heavier amounts of snow across the higher elevations of the pack northwest. sierra nevadas looking at 6 to 12 inches of snow, not necessarily a bad thing for drought stricken california, but could spell trouble for the middle half of the week. the system going to be taking a dip to the south bringing in poor travel conditions for wednesday.
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a lot of folks traveling before the thanksgiving holiday. las vegas, denver could be impacted. but the shades of green indicating some good conditions. new york city, philadelphia, warming up, giving those heavy coats a good old break and expecting some sunshine. now, the system kicks into the country's midsection for thanksgiving day bringing in some soaking rain from des moines to dallas. kendis and reena, back to you. >> molly, thank you so much. there's plenty of talk these days about turkey and stuffing. why don't we talk about pizza. >> yes. >> dominos is making it easier to order pizza. with the help of a one-click button. customers get a small button device and program it with their preferred pizza. when it's time to order, hit the button and the pizza shows up at your door. >> before you get too excited, the new option we should say is debuting in britain. no word on whether the button will be coming to the u.s. but if you tweet them or bombard them with e-mails maybe they'll
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bring it here. >> that's a buzz kill. little known fact, the night before thanksgiving is the busiest night for pizza delivery outside of the super bowl? >> you know, i would believe that. mama doesn't want to cook. she's got the turkey to worry about. >> neither does daddy. yeah, makes a lot of sense, doesn't did. >> how about we order? when is the most ordered pizzas in the newsroom. >> yes, scott. >> it's tonight. >> why don't you -- >> work on that. >> why don't you work on that. >> coming up in "the skinny" can could it be the president of the united states singing on a coldplay album? >> also ahead, sylvester stallone's co-star in the movie "creed," michael b. jordan's fighting for a breakout movie role. >> seriously, did we have to show all those abs after the pizza? >> first, new developments from the presidential race and new controversial comments from donald trump after a look at our forecast map. it is the 70s in reena's home state of florida. orlando. wftv. >> "world news now" weather,
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let's end this. the governor of indiana is facing a federal lawsuit over his attempts to block syrian refugees from settling in that state. republican mike pence suspended the resettlement of syrians following the paris terror attack. the lawsuit says that violates the equal protection clause of the constitution because indiana accepts refugees from other countries. another outspoken critic of the syrian refugees is coming under more scrutiny this morning. >> we're talking about donald trump, already under fire over his comments about what he
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claims to have witnessed during the 9/11 attacks. he's now making yet another claim. it's your voice, your vote at abc's chuck sivertsen is covering the republicans. >> donald trump could be digging himself deeper an into a 9/11 controversy. first he insisted he saw post 9/11 celebrations in jersey city, new jersey. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. >> reporter: just last night he told a crowd in columbus, ohio, he saw people jump from the twin towers on 9/11. >> that was a horrible death. i watched people jumping off the building. how would you like to be 102 stories up and your choice is burn or jump? and many people jumped. and i witnessed it. i watched that. >> reporter: trump continues to talk about 9/11 and celebrations he insists he saw in jersey city, new jersey, after the attacks despite criticism. he tweeted a "washington post"
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story from days after 9/11 which reported law enforcement questioning a number of people allegedly seen celebrating the attacks. >> the reporters are calling all day, all night. they want to find out, did trump make a mistake. so i have some good people. and they checked and they checked. and believe me, it's being cleared off plenty of stuff. they don't like that. because that's not good for the liberal cause. >> republican rival ben carson said he saw those celebrations too. >> reporter: did you see that happening on 9/11? >> i saw the film of it, yes. >> in new jersey? >> yes. >> reporter: but later he apologized for that comment saying he saw video of post 9/11 rallies from the mideast, not new jersey. as for some trump supporters in ohio, they say candidates make mistakes and trump is only human. abc news, new york. >> 68 days before the iowa caucuses. i think things will get a lot more interesting. >> uh-huh. when we come back, tonight is the grand finale of "dancing with the stars."
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so who got booted off the dance floor last night? >> how one faithful hgtv viewer saved a show's host's life. "the skinny" up next. >> "world news now" continues af
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♪ skinny, so skinny
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time now for "the skinny" and topping our headlines this morning, the leaderboard just got a little lighter. >> on the first night of the finale of "dancing with the stars" the final four performing two separate dances. including the all-important freestyle before the final elimination. >> carlos and whitney. ♪ >> because it has been life-changing. my marriage is so much stronger. i've made some amazing friends. most importantly like i've learned so much about myself. >> carlos penavega earned perfect scores after three rounds in last week's show. that leaves bindi irwin, nick carter, alek skarlatos to dance for the mirror ball trophy tonight. >> it was amazing last night. there were some great performances. it was so much fun to watch. >> and there were so many tens being doled out by the judges. they really all did step up their game.
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>> this was one of my favorites. this was really good. >> beautiful. >> next, saved by a fan. hgtv's tarek el moussa who hosts "flip or flop" with his wife christina is crediting an eagle eyed viewer from dallas with saving his life. she wrote into the show urging him to get a lump on his neck checked by a doctor. that lump turned out to be thyroid cancer. >> the nurse's name is ryan read. we are so thankful for her. >> so glad you made it. >> you look good. >> yeah, not too bad. look, it's healing. > looks really good. >> thanks to ryan, we caught the cancer before it spread. they removed my thyroid and i'm cancer free. i'm officially a survivor. >> thank you so much for sending that e-mail. without you, we probably would have never known. >> that gut feeling. > honestly, you saved his life truly. >> thank you. >> how incredible. the diagnosis was actually two years ago. tarek is only sharing his story now. his cancer now in remission. viewers, we always pay attention to what you have to say.
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>> mostly the good stuff. next an amazing story about president obama. >> it was this past summer when mr. obama stunned the world during his eulogy for a pastor killed with eight others in an allegedly racially motivated church shooting in charleston, south carolina. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> incredible. i thought he did well. >> he sounded great. he's sang before. he's done some al green and such. president obama's heartfelt words will now be the centerpiece of coldplay's new album "a head full of dreams," along with beyonce, noel gallagher. >> the album set for release on december 4th. finally the amazing graves christie brinkley. she doesn't have a new album or new show. >> but she has this.
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3:53 am
onto the motion picture scene, there's a new boxer on the block. adonis creed, son of apollo creed, the heavyweight champ who was a rival turned friend of rocky's in four of his films. >> put it right on his chin. >> reporter: and playing the title role in the new movie, michael b. jordan. so michael, you are playing the role of creed. of course, apollo creed's son. stuff of movie legend. what did you do to prepare? did you feel the pressure? >> a little bit. not so much because i had sylvester stallone in my corner and literally took the pressure off of me to not compete and compare with anything that he did 40 years ago but have your own legacy and kind of do your own thing. physically, i felt the pressure. they did such a great job back with carl weathers and sly. they were cut to a t. me and my trainer wanted to set the bar pretty high. >> helping jordan transform into the role of creed, rocky balboa himself, sylvester stallone.
3:54 am
>> he knows movie boxing better than everybody else. if you have to telegraph this and that. he really connected the dots between real boxing and on screen boxing. >> reporter: all of the boxing resulted in a sculpted physique that scored him a cover shoot for men's fitness. there's a reason why you're on the cover of "men's fitness." >> i am on the cover. did you see that? >> i did see that. a lot of people have seen that. >> i'm super proud of that. >> what did it take to get to that point? >> extreme diet change. i stripped down my diet completely. grilled chicken, brown rice. broccoli and a lot of water. i worked out two or three times a day, six days a week. if you do that consistently for about ten months, your body will change. >> we'll look just like you? >> thing like me i think just a little bit. >> thank you. amy robach, abc news, new york. grilled chicken and broccoli. >> how about a nice cheese steak? you're supposed to be from philadelphia. >> cheese steak. >> cheese steak. those abs looked good, didn't they? >> very impressive. a little known fact about rocky, do you know it was shot
3:55 am
in 28 days? that robe he wears it was a mistake by the wardrobe department. he freestyled that line the baggy robe. >> just accidentally. >> yes. >> well, good. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, terror concerns at home and abroad overnight. a bulletin from the fbi and homeland security warning about the most likely threat to the homeland. plus, the worldwide travel alert from the state department. breaking overnight, a protest turning violent. people shot near a demonstration being held for the shooting of a black man by a police officer. new details coming in. caught on camera, a man dressed as darth vader robbing a tore and getting more than he
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bargained for. season finale on "dancing with the stars," who was sent home setting the stage for tonight's big show and the moment that moved the judges to tears.
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