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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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seven on your side. >> the clear and comfortable whether this is giving. eileen is here with a look at your holiday forecast. eileen: so grateful for such phenomenal weather. at noon, we are sitting at 56 degrees. you can see the bright blue sky behind me. light winds. it is so pleasant. a little time earlier to enjoy it. and temperatures in the 50's now, but we will continue to climb into the lower 60's by later this afternoon. 56 degrees is where we are now. as we continued for the rest of the afternoon, temperatures will continue to climb. 56 degrees right now. 61 already in manassas and andrews. 58 in fredericksburg. 54 in frederick.
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we will still be on the up and up as far as temperatures go over the next few hours. our high temperature, 62 degrees. there may be a few high clouds. it does not get better than this. you do not have to worry about whether impacting your travel today -- the weather impacting your travel today. warmer tomorrow. 65. i have tracking a few showers that may arrive as early as sunday. i know a lot of people will be traveling back home so they so much more details about that coming up in just a little bit. larry: it does feel great out there. law enforcement remains vigilant today. thanks events around the regarding big crowds including the macy's annual thanksgiving parade with a record be million people lining the streets in new york city. we have more on the stepped up security. >> thanksgiving traditions from
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turkey pardons in d.c. >> it is hard to imagine it is my seventh year pardoning a turkey. time flies even though turkeys don't. >> extra emphasis on security. >> we increased the number of officers. we will have the largest number of officers we ever had for this event.over 2500. >> among the thousands of police patrolling the parade route, 1300 counterterrorism officers. they turned out in droves in new york, not letting the terrorists win. >> the people in the city are voting with their feet. we know that what terrorists try to do is intimidate. the people of new york are not intimidated. >> the president remembered the first thanksgiving with a parallel to refugees today. >> nearly four centuries after the mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims. men and women who want nothing
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more than a chance for a safer and better future for themselves and their families. >> from washington to outer space. >> they are delicious. happy thanksgiving everybody. >> according to the nation's top security officials, there is no specific terrorist anywhere in the united states. that is something to be thankful for this thanksgiving. shopperlready, one starting the holiday season in handcuffs. a woman was arrested trying to cut in line at the best buy in fairfax county. sam sweeney has the video. sam: things much calmer right now. last night, they were needed when this woman was kicked to the back of the line. take a look. it is not a long line. her chair was here. she left and thought she could come back to the front of the line. when she was moved into the end,
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she was not happy. take a look at the video.police trying to get this woman under control . she resists. according to police, she assaulted one of the officers. she was quickly taken into custody. now she is in jail. you can see there is a few cars here. the people who were here overnight, most of them slept in their cars. one of those people right here, stephen from springfield. >> i am here for the toshiba 49 inch tv. it is $150 for the doorbuster. i will be saving $280. sam: some people say it is crazy to spend the night out here 24 hours to get a tv. is a more of an experience? >> the experience is part of it, but saving $280 is awesome. can't go wrong with that all. sam: good luck. we hope you make it until the end of the night. notlines at this by are as long as we have seen in the past. most deals are online. a lot of people just wait it out
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or buy it at home. the store opens here at 5:00 and closes at 1:00 a.m. it reopens at 8:00 tomorrow blac on black friday. larry: in maryland, some brave deal hunters lining up outside the walmart in germantown. johnny gonzales takes a look at what brought them out so early. no parade, docomo, no turkey at the dinner table. germantown, full-size finding their thanksgiving doing this right here, pitching a tent and camping out for black friday sales that start today. take a look at these guys. we started talking to them at 4:00 this morning. they have a tent over here. they are getting warm and catching some well needed z's inside their suv. let's talk to some of these guys at the best buy outside in
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germantown. best buy will not open until 5:00 this evening. some of these folks started giving out before 2:00 this morning. this gentleman adding to the tents here as we get ready for long lines. let's talk to this young man. you got here not long ago. is this the first time you do this? >> i did this a couple years ago. i did this in new jersey. this one a little shorter, but i cannot wait to buy the tv. the online stuff is making the lines shorter each year but here you are. you will spend your thanksgiving in line. worth it? >> totally worth it. some stuff you do get cheaper online, but best buy still makes it worth it to get online to get some of these deals. johnny: what about turkey? no turkey for you today? >> for me, it was fine because i have fixed giving earlier in the week. it worked out my family.
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johnny: hopefully someone will drop off pie. defense has been set up for what will be a busy thanks giving night here at best buy. they are open until 1:00 in the morning. then they will close and reopen black friday at 8:00 and stay open all day, sacrificing some turkey for some good sales. back to you inside. larry: they are giving up for food while others are preparing for a mad -- for holiday deals. some shoppers skipping out overnight. generate typically about $15 billion in sales over the four-day weekend. those sales have been falling over the last two years. walmart stores are open all day today, but the sales do not take off until tonight. that is also when macy's and target open their doors. target and best buy will open at 5:00. for more store hours and were you going the best deals, go to our website
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big backups last night for holiday traffic on 95 south after a bus crash near baltimore. several people were hurt. the bus was heading south on 95 in hartford county north of baltimore. police have not said what exactly caused it to flip. no word on the condition of anyone hurt in that wreck. an update on a deadly shooting in prince george's county. please identify the victim as a 23-year-old of forest field. he was shot just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. detectives do not believe the shooting was random. more demonstrations expected today in chicago as protesters are outraged over the death of a teen shot 16 times by a police officer. scott has the latest. scott: the new images come from the police squad car taken from
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the fatal incident. you can see the 17-year-old crossing of jason van dyke's suv holding what appears to be a knife. the placement gets out of the car and shoots the teenager 16 times in 15 seconds. we will not show you the entire video. we are also learning more about's citizens filed at least 20 complaints against him since he in 2001he forth including racial slurs and allegations of excessive force. so far, he has not been disciplined. 18 complaints have been confirmed. president obama waiting in overnight, posting on facebook was deeply disturbed by the footage and a grateful for the people of my hometown forgiving protest peacefuls -- four keeping protests -- for keeping protests peaceful. ." many are critical of local
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authorities who investigated the case for nearly a year before charging jason van dyke with first-degree murder. instance, particular they should have taken the same evidence you had 13 months ago within two or three weeks, gone before a grand jury, and asked the grand jury whether there was caused to indict. she did not. she has to be accountable. scott: is the argues he fired his because he feared for his life. that --ercome abc news scott goldberg, abc news. arry: this happened after black lives matter rally last night. and ytd said some protesters tried to block the lincoln said somenypd protesters tried to block the lincoln tunnel. frank gifford's family says he suffered from a brain disease linked to global injuries call cte.
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doctors can only diagnose it after death. he died in august of natural causes at the age of 84. this comes as existing nfl concussion protocols come under scrutiny. the nfl says its protection measures failed. up, turkey bandit on camera. that caught on camera -- caught on camera. huge and heartwarming efforts on the way to help those in need this year. still ahead, before you eat, there is apparently a right and wrong way to the real. what you need to know to avoid the post-dinner health issues. you may need the envelope for the holiday beginners through. eileen is back with a full forecast.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. on your side. company iscurity releasing footage of the turkey bandit this holiday season. they walked away with a turkey. a similar turkey that at another check out. that is up tohat -- 5% more likely at self checkout counters. >> if nobody is watching them and they say this is easy, they may try it. and regular basket full of groceries, one item is not rank entire profits of the basket of groceries is gone. losses of $17 billion a
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year, meaning higher prices for consumers. a huge effort is underway to get a massive dinner ready for thousands more who would not have had a warm dinner this thanksgiving. the people keeping this tradition going. before the sun was up this morning, the knights of columbus preparing 1500 meals of turkey and all the trimmings for people in need. a third-generation knight brought his son to carry on this tradition. >> i started this one i was 11 or 12 years old. this morning, he was the first one up this morning. cook the turkey's and bring them here to the knights of columbus. they are cut out and prepared for the meals later today. it is usually about 300 turkeys they have donated. this year, more than 400 were prepared for the meals for this
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thanksgiving. they reach out to other organizations to pass on the generosity. the more than three tons of given to people, served in this afternoon who otherwise might spend this holiday alone. larry: also in arlington, more than 4000 runners began working off that thanksgiving meal even before they ate it. organizers also teamed up with local small businesses, giving runners special black friday and deals. several streets were just opened a little over an hour ago. there.ual 5k
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it is the 14th year for the event. they raised more than $630,000 this year to support the hungry and homeless. beautiful running weather around here. not the case in other parts of the u.s.. rough holiday weather slimming 19 states. in california, strong winds causing problems that if we market. 11 people were injured after a tent was tossed into the air. drivers in blinded utah. are trying to restore power to thousands after down trees and power lines this week. that will to be here. think -- thankful to be here. eileen: i completely agree. i took petey run and stroll long walk on my break -- for an extra long walk on my break.
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let's get you to the numbers right now because we are in the 50's. 56 at reagan national. 59 in gaithersburg and ashburn. hagerstown checking in at 54. dale city, 60 degrees. we are already about our average high at this noon hour. nice and dry with a few high clouds on our satellite and radar mainly northwest of town. looking outside, bright blue skies. we were talking about that strong system in the west. it has been progressing eastward. not a pretty face giving in the central u.s.. snow stretching to upper parts of wisconsin and minnesota all the way back down through iowa, nebraska. rain extending through texas. we will be watching this wet weather inching eased by the weekend -- east by the weekend. as we go through the rest of the
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afternoon, definitely dry. sunset at 4:48 p.m. tonight. we will stay in the lower 60's until 3:00, and temperatures will drop by 9:00 to 52. not call for a lot you doing that black friday shopping. overnight, not terribly cold. 43 to 49. watch out for a little bit of patchy fog to develop. for black friday, even warmer than today if you can believe it. 6:00 temperature of 47. 61 by tomorrow at noon. 64 is where we will top out at 3:00. if you want an update on where you can get some of the best deals, go to our website we have all of that in store for you. here is a look at our weekend outlook. it will be a little cooler. by saturday, 59. there may be a sprinkle that will start over us and then dissipate. i was thinking earlier that they would be some showers on sunday. cooler for sure. 52. i am not thinking there will be a lot of rain. we will keep an eye on it. here is your travel weather for
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sunday. that front stalled across us, expectedwet weather through the southeast especially in texas and arkansas. as we continue on for the next seven days, a slight chance for showers on sunday. maybe into monday. even looking now, maybe tuesday will not be quite as wet. temperatures will not be quite as warm. for more on the forecast, brian will be here at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 with the latest. larry: temperatures in the 60's this time of year? eileen: it is unbelievable. so grateful for this weather. larry: absolutely. thanks. coming up, a health alert to tell you about. the three things you should know before you chow down on your thanksgiving meal.
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larry: health matters now. if you are like most americans, you cannot wait to sit down and enjoy thanksgiving dinner. here are some tips to avoid heartburn. first, do not overeat. eating too much pushes stomach acid into your esophagus and can cause a great deal of discomfort. choose the right foods. some are known to trigger acid reflux such as greasy foods and chocolate. after you eat, make sure you digest the right way. it might be tempting, but do not lay down. that can trigger heartburn and can cause stomach acid to rise. go for a short walk or stand up for a bit. hopefully this will help you out. after dinner, if you're not into
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black friday shopping, you might want to check out a holiday movie. sylvester stallone is back in the box office with the seven rocky reboot call "creed." if you want a family movie, the animated film "good dinosaur" might be your best bet. a new twist on a legendary horror tale of frankenstein. it is told from the perspective of the eager assistant played by daniel ratcliff.
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larry: star wars fans getting there roller on -- roar on. they sound pretty good. thousands got together to do their best chewy noise. dallas happens to be the home of the actor who plays chewbacca. eileen: come on, larry. larry: no way. i cannot do that. eileen: unbelievable. 62 degrees this afternoon. nice and drive for you black friday shoppers. our afternoon high 62. larry:
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>> forget the sat. in the next half hour, you'll watch people try to answer the 14 most critical questions of their lives. join us for "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for a great day of "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] that's good, because our returning contestant is a very recent bachelor who is only 4 questions away from the $1 million, soso he may not be single for long, ladies. from hell's kitchen, new york, please welcome brennan mulligan. [cheers and applause] brennan, welcome back. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> you too. [dramatic music] ♪ >> that's right, 4uestions away from the $1 million. i love srt


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