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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a lone gunmen hold himself up in a planned parenthood clinic surrendered just before 5:00 local time. >> the officers were able to show to the suspect and make communication with him. and at that point, they were able to get him to surrender.
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reporter: it began with a shots fired call. officers arrived to face a barrage of gunfire. >> that is when a bullet cracked over my head and hit a stop sign. reporter: witnesses say they heard 20 gunshots in five minutes. >> she called me and she told me there was some shooting. reporter: authorities were able to escort everyone out. but when police went in, there was more gunfire and a wounded officer. ago, of about a minute they were exchanging gunfire with him. reporter: for a while, it looks like this would turn into a barricade situation. the gunman, who said he had unnamed items with him, agreed to give himself up. there is no continuing peril to the citizens of colorado springs. but there is a huge crime scene that has to be processed. we have to determine how many victims there are. the police have not
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released the suspect's name. no word on charges yet. authorities are now inspecting items the gunman left outside and others he carried inside in bags. in searching for a motive, detectives are trying to learn the shooter's mental state and if he has any connection to planned parenthood. kellye: we will have constant updates on the situation online throughout the weekend. a memorial service was held in paris today to mourn the 130 lives lost in a terror attack. it was exactly two weeks ago terrorists attacked with bombs and guns attacked sites throughout paris. at the concert hall where more -- where more than 80 people were killed, people left candles and flowers. six people were wounded along savannah street in alabama. arevictim's injuries
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serious. no word on arrests. the man the secret service says jumped the white house fence is now undergoing a psychological evaluation. this after investigators say they found a suicide note in which the suspect quoted the star wars character yoda. court documents say, when joseph caputo juncker the white house fence draped in an american flag, he had a land. the white house fence draped in an american flag, he had a plan. it appears that the 23-year-old connecticut man wanted to die. he left his mother a last will and testament and a suicide note at the home of two friends he had been staying with. outside the white house, security beefed up after this latest jumper. asking how he
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could happen. >> i am surprised anybody could get over the fence still despite all the security. i can't imagine anybody being sane and jumping over the fence. you know there's people watching everywhere. reporter: security doesn't seem to be a deterrent. >> it is hard to say that you can stop someone from doing something they want to do. even if you block office street, you can bet somebody can find a way to do what they want to do. reporter: he will undergo a psychiatric investigation. he is set to be in federal court on monday. as roz mentioned, this summer, the secret service and stalled spikes to the fence to ward off fence jumpers. a neighborhood near capitol hill is on edge after a woman was
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attacked while walking on the sidewalk. 10:30 tuesdayound night. a man grabbed the woman and robbed her. when he tried to sexually assault the woman, she fought him off and ran. it is the third such attack in the general area in the past week. protesters forced the shutdown of chicago's magnificent mile on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. shoppers had trouble getting into stores as hundreds of people took to the streets angry over the police shooting of a black teenager. shot look one mcdonald 16 times last october. >> the police who saw him did not charge him. it. are part of kellye: earlier this week, prosecutors did charge than dyke with first-degree murder.
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the lines are still long, but it is clear that online shopping took a big fight out of a black friday tradition this year. scene where, unlike in some parts of the country, shoppers benefited from nice weather. the national retail federation expects 100 36 million americans to go shopping before monday. and despite the crowd, one had despite theds -- crowd, many people decided to stay home. consumers are expected to spend almost $4.5 billion in online sales by midnight tonight. that is nearly a 20% increase over last year and a new record. mobile devices are expected to account for a third of all online sales. a magnificent view this morning from news chopper 7. a fog that blanketed much of our area right after sunrise. you could not have asked for a prettier late november day. ryan miller is here.
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i hope -- we are hoping for a repeat tomorrow. will seehink we sunshine come to an end and mild temperatures tomorrow. in will come in and showers the forecast. so there will not be a repeat in the forecast of the weather we saw today. 70 degrees the high temperature in leesburg. we are cooling into the 50's right now. 54 at andrews. already into the 40's. middle 40's in manassas. forecast looks like this. cooler in the suburbs tomorrow morning. patchy fog will come tomorrow. we will watch a cold front in the rest of the region. we will have details coming up in just a few minutes. say theyirginia police
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have noticed an unusual trend. underwear thefts. in the past year, police have had multiple incidents where people have shoplifted underwear. it is easy to hide in a coat or a bag and can be resold to buy drugs. a documentary on the growing heroin epidemic will mere next week. >> a couple of other roommates found me completely ash gray. kellye: they documentary was but together by the virginia attorney general's office and virginia state university. it focuses not only are maryland, but prescription drug overdoses as well. the film will be screened around virginia and posted on the ag's website. trained in using the heroin overdose treatment saved a man's life this week.
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an investigation into the case is ongoing. next, a dog missing a drainar is found in pipe. how rescuers were able to use duct tape and ingenuity to let him free. -- they company or ginning urging people to pay five dollars for afternoon -- for absolutely nothing. ♪
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(vo) some call it givingack. we call it share the love.
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during our sharere the love eve, get a new subaru, bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. kellye: the holiday season is now in full swing at the national zoo. more than a half-million lights were used to make this festive display. the light to run until the new year from 5:00 to 9:00 nightly. another sign of the season, this from the white house today. michelle obama joined by sunny and bow. welcome -- they welcome to the official white house christmas tree. it will be displayed in the blue room. and a reminder as you put up your decorations. every year, fire departments respond to more than 200 fires
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involving christmas trees. most of them are started by electrical problems. firefighters say that the fires are easy to prevent. tree, make a cut sure you continuously water it. you can see how quickly the smoke alarm has gone off. kellye: experts also recommend picking up dropped needles and avoiding too many christmas lights. a reminder of just how big and small the world is -- off the coast of great britain, sailors found a massive piece of metal with an american flag painted on it. spacex piece of the falcon nine rocket that exploded surely after takeoff from florida in june. the unmanned flight was on a supply mission to the international space station. a remarkable story of survival bethesda.- from that is where firefighters freed a dog trapped in a drainpipe for hours. it turned out that dog had been
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missing for more than a year. ofefighters used a it ingenuity to free the friend pup. pine lane innesome bethesda. you have a drainpipe on the side of the street and on the side. cookie, a dog missing for more than a year, was stuck between the two in a pipe underground and would not come out. >> we suspect the dog may have been reporter: down there for a while. look badcookie didn't but rescuing him was not easy. >> i thought it was a raccoon or something. reporter: nick was walking his relatives' great dane went it pulled him to wear cookie was trapped. >> terrible. >> who long -- windows how long he survived down there. handser: sometimes on her and knees, she spent three hours working with montgomery
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firefighters to get the dog out. they had to cut the metal bars and then attempt to rescue cookie. >> we try to couple methods to get the dog. >> it was so scared. it didn't work. reporter: so they improvise. they duct taped a big ball of towels to the end of a fire hose and then sent it in slowly. on the other side of the street -- came out. animal services had him go into a net to keep him from biting anyone. as neighbors looked on, officers were able to get him into a cage in the van. a happy ending. >> he is scared. but he will be all right. there is an interesting note to this story. a rescue group that same day dog from a meat plant in thailand, they believe this is the same dog that was brought to the u.s. more than a year ago. now they are in contact with the shelter. ryan: they had good weather to
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rest of the doll. 60's, even 70 in a few spots. 20 of sunshine. we will keep the mild weather here tomorrow. we will lose the sunshine. the clouds will be here tomorrow. we will have details. take a look. it is the end of november after all. a nice beautiful time lapse photography in arlington. looking off to the east today began with a little bit of cloud cover and fog. plenty of sunshine. the wind out of the south broader temperatures well into the 60's. we are still comfortable at this hour. harbor, it isal 65 degrees with the wind out of the south southwest at 3 miles per hour. we will see temperatures drop into the 50 slowly this evening. then we will pop into the 40's overnight. we will see temperatures around 48 when you wake up tomorrow morning.
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springfield, virginia, good evening. we have some high school football games wrapping up this evening. tomorrow, we will have high school football playoffs and virginia. so we will watch for some decent weather. you can see that showing up with these temperatures. we have milder with the wind out of the south. , northweste boundary of the boundary. cold air. the colder air will march eastward here through the next 24 hours. it will bring rainfall to our area. we can see on the satellite and radar combined plenty of rain. oklahoma city getting hammered with a frozen precipitation. lots of freezing rain. that will couple kate travel for oklahoma and texas over the next one for hours. the cold front will come through. tomorrow afternoon, clouds will thicken. right around dinnertime is when we will see the rain in the northern suburbs. then rain showers will become more numerous tomorrow.
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widespread tomorrow night and sunday morning. if you're heading to the redskins game, you will want the rain poncho and rain gear and dress in layers because temperatures will be noticeably cooler. tomorrow, 64 to 66 degrees for an afternoon high temperature. watch out for a little bit of fog more morning. we have that area of low pressure. if you're going to be traveling on sunday away from grandma's house and back home, you will want to call ahead if you are traveling through texas. inual deals with some snow parts of colorado and rockies. here is the next seven days wrapping up november. a pretty chilly day on monday and december 1, can you believe it, coming in with rain and 56 degrees. staying in the 50's with some drier air. all in all, not too bad for the of coming weekend. kellye: rain is not what the redskins need tomorrow. lou: they need points.
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yesterday was all about the pro football. the next couple of days, it is all college football. and theege football midshipmen with a great season so far and it chance for a shot at the conference title game against houston. and speaking of wonderful and great seasons, putting together a before one. another goal wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer.
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lou: four games and five nights, the ads and flows of a long decimal season. you really don't want to dwell on the pacers and the bobcat losses, but they were not isolated itches but the beginning of an annoying rash with no calamine lotion to help fix the problem. visiting the celtics, turner comes up with the steel.
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a quick pass ahead to avery bradley. he 7-10 leadt when in the first and crews from there. -- 111-78 is the final. they come home to host toronto tomorrow. cap's hosting the lightning. cap's on the power play. 12th of the season. 13 a way from 500. cap skin on the board early and go on to win 4-2. they will face the maple leafs tomorrow. -- maple leaves tomorrow. the navy football team, a wonderful football season in the american athletic conference. trophyhould be heisman candidate on their roster. let's pick things up in the second.
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navy trailing 14-7. keenan robinson's -- keenan robinson them a who should be up for the heist man, a 26-yard td. but all kinds of problems with demarcus. check out the one-handed grab over the middle. he is off to the races. 62 yards. that put houston up 38-17. navy loses 52-31. deke up -- area is geeked up. the colonials almost laid a 15-point lead slip away against tennessee. just over two minutes to go. know -- g w goes on to win 73-70.
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the maryland women and south dakota state, the paradise jam in the virgin islands. this one goes down to though wire. jones scores the number six terps survived a scare 62-55. don't forget sports final coming up on news channel 8 at 11:30. so football, football, football all over the place. and, yes, the washington redskins need a huge win on sunday. kellye: coming up next, paying something for nothing?
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kellye: they makers of a popular irreverent card game are at itkellye: again. friday, cars against humanity are selling nothing for five dollars. in its description of the product, the maker say they are the only company offering the experience of by nothing. there sale went viral. the company donated the $180,000 it made last year to a hunger charity. this year, a counter on the
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website says they have earned more than $70,000 but they have not yet said how they will spend that. we will have a final look at the
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kellye: so more warm weather tomorrow but also more clouds. ryan: the warmth continues but we will see some rain coming here. the rain will be with us on and oftentimes on sunday. 50's sunday and 40 degrees monday ended the another good chance of rain on wednesday. kellye: think it's a much for joining us tonight. coming up next, jimmy kimmel live. have a great night. ♪
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, liam hemsworth. from "black-ish," tracee ellis ross. and james bond. and it's mashup monday with music from jewel and the gang. with with cleto and the cletones. now in person, here's jimmy kimmel!


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