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tv   ABC7 News 11PM  ABC  November 28, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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year's a little bit of a surprise for them to get to ten wins, but he's done a really good job ofmaintaining consi consistency at this school, what he's been able to achieve. >> chris: walsh has a man. hangs it up. and washington couldn't collect it. that ball hung up a little bit too long. >> kirk: washington's come back and made a lot of catches against sanchez. this time, he goes by him a little double move. boy, zack sanchez, he's not going to like the film when he pulls this one out. he's lucky, because the ball hung up in the air and it allowed the safety parker to come over and help out, but if walsh threw this ball on time and didn't put so much air under it, that little double move there by james washington, left 15 once again standing there, lost in coverage. he's had a rough night tonight.
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>> chris: walsh needs ten. pump fakes and now fires and it's broken up. again, closing with steven parker that time. that's a good series for the safety and it's fourth down. >> kirk: i think parker has the skill set of a corner, but he plays safety. he's 6'1", 200 pounds, out of tulsa. and i think his emergence this year, along with will johnson, these are the guys that, when you get against these big 12 offenses, you know about the corners in thomas and sanchez, but in the inside, when you have steven parker that can make plays and has ball skills, it's a real asset to this defense. >> chris: way too busy tonight, the punter, for the cowboys, hopes to win this game. shepard back pedals at the 36. 8:26 to go for the sooners. to the little ones that mean everything.
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>> chris: cheque out the lg v-10 moments. last night, that sloppy game in ft. worth. tcu outlasting baylor in overtime. clemson got pas south carolina. not quite as close as the five-point margin. the next stop in charlotte with unc. and what a game this was. >> kirk: probably the game of the day. stanford and notre dame. back and forth, back and forth and number 6 and number 7 go down with baylor and notre dame losing. >> chris: buckeyes big win over michigan not included there, but it could be a really important day for ohio state, coming off the home loss to michigan state. as mixon cuts it back, because with notre dame dropping out, ohio state lurking around. they were eight, so, really just need another upset or two to put
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themselves back, perhaps into contention. >> kirk: it puts them and st stanfo stanford, you would think, waiting to see if there will be an upset in that final weekend, if it's north carolina and clemson or it's alabama and florida, which doesn't seem very likely. >> chris: you don't see one of the big ten teams, whether it's iowa or michigan state, the winner -- you think they have a slot. >> kirk: oklahoma secured their spot tonight. i think you have the winner of the big ten championship game and, of course, clemson and alabama, if they win their championship games. the thing is, if you have somebody stumble, if one of those -- well, oklahoma's done, one of the others were to stumble, it -- the two teams just based on all these losses that are piling up in the top ten, the two teams that are going to be in the discussion will end up being ohio state and stanford. remember, stanford still has to play usc in the pac-12 championship game. and if they -- if they were to lose that, i think the only team
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left might be old urban meyer and ohio state hanging out. >> chris: free play. cowboys jumped offsides and westbrook just over his fingertips. mayfield knew he had a shot down field. the penalty is going to be against the cowboys and should give oklahoma a first down here. baker was disappointed. he wanted that deep shot. >> referee: offside. defense, number 94. five-yard penalty. results in a first down. >> chris: jordan brailford jumped off. this was the de facto conference championship in the big 12. >> kirk: you and i will be in charlotte for clemson and north carolina. >> chris: can't wait for that. going to be a sellout. tar heels say they are completely overlooked and they feel disrespected, but the early loss to south carolina, the other two soft nonconference games.
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eroding some of their redabilitredabilit credibili credibility. mixon makes a cut, shakes free and buzz dozes down to the 41. clemson's been number one in all four editions and -- you would figure to stay there, you think they'll be number one? >> kirk: i do. clemson, alabama, oklahoma and iowa. i think it's goingo hold serve here going into that final weekend. michigan state sitting right there at five. chance to play number four. winner of that game, you would think, would be right where they want to be in the top four. >> chris: this is mixon again. knocked down at the 35.
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>> kirk: bob stoops still electing to keep his starters in. again, not -- one graphic we didn't have, one part of the graphic we didn't have, you talked about, no longer having the big 12 championship game, so, there's nothing to worry about. they're playing for the big 12 championship right now. and these players don't want to come out of the lineup. they want to keep playing. >> chris: bob's got his assignment, he and mike gundy and their staffs, of course, will head out and begin recruiting tomorrow. it about a nine-day recruiting period that you get the benefit of using if you don't play on the final weekend and they will hit the trail hard looking for the next crop of prospects. this is mixon. bulldozing straight ahead. pacific life game summary. looking at what was the decisive quarter in this game, the 30-point quarter for the sooners, which included the pick six from jordan thomas and some fireworks from the running game, perine and mixon with long
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touchdown runs in the first half. stoops and kirk ference, interestingly, of iowa, each in their 17th year and with frank beamer retiring after this season, his hokies did win at virginia to secure a bowl bid, a terrific moment, as beamer, he did dabbed a little bit. went in the locker room -- >> kirk: i saw it. >> chris: carried off the field. his 29th year. when he does retire, ference and stoops are next, tenure at one school with 17 years. and perhaps both headed for the playoff, if iowa can knock off the spartans next week. >> kirk: i wondered about that, with frank beamer stepping down. it's amazing, bob stoops, 17? 17 years. >> chris: 178 and closing in on 179 at oklahoma. for baker mayfield, he's a finalist for the davey o'brien award, which will be awarded at
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the award show in atlanta this year for the first time, as mixon bounces it. gets a first down, driven out inside the 15. well, tuesday night over on espn, a college hoops doubleheader. annual big ten/acc challenge, presented by the united states marine corps. 7:30 eastern, cavaliers and the buckeyes. and then at 9:30, maryland plays north carolina. used to be acc rivals, now part of the big ten/acc challenge. also streaming live on the watch espn app. >> kirk: the boys across the way still beating on the wall down there with the paddles. they are still working. >> chris: if you are one of the paddle people there, i think you are required to stay. >> kirk: still banging away down there. >> chris: i don't think the sooners are phased. mixon. breaking free. sometimes that noise, which is loud down there when they get going, perhaps not as peppy as they have been at times in the
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past. >> kirk: when you are up 28 with under four minutes to go, it is kind of -- well, we got a job to do here. we're going to keep banging on this wall here. >> chris: it feels like more chore than anything else. >> kirk: that middle -- >> chris: they are still here. give them a break, kirk herbstreit! >> kirk: i appreciate it. we need the cannon guy here. combine this group with the cannon guys. oh, he broke it. dude on the right broke his paddle. >> chris: out here with no shirt, banging on the wall in a 28-point game. and you criticize them. >> kirk: no, i love them. i applaud it. it's incredible. >> chris: it is incredible. that's a good word for it. >> kirk: is that an assignment or they do that on their own. >> chris: it's part of the club. there's a president of the club. it began in the '90s. a fraternity member that did that. i don't know about the -- >> kirk: but none of them have left.
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>> chris: what is that, a reindeer? what's going on there? i don't know. third and a yard. they milk the play clock again. and it's mixon. bouncing it, flag is down, he's knocked out. they rule it a touchdown. check the marker. >> kirk: i think it's offsides by oklahoma state. >> chris: right in front of the oklahoma band. >> kirk: perine gets so much attention that joe mixon, a lot of times, gets forgotten. >> referee: offsides, defense, number 20. that penalty is declined. the result of the play is a touchdown. >> kirk: in the last six, seven weeks since the texas loss, you
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watch mixon along with perine in the backfield together -- just make sure he -- did the ball get into the end zone. looks like it did from that angle. >> chris: how about the night of these two guys? mixon with 136 and two. perine 131 and two. >> kirk: he is just a really nice compliment and what they've done with their scheme and how they attack now, they kind of mirror each other in the backfield. you really can't get any kind of hint at all what might be coming next.
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it's the shortcut to priceless. >> chris: cassidy along with the ford wrapup show after the game. you see really satisfied hugs from lincoln riley. he's the new component to this oklahoma team, the play caller who came over from east carolina. just 32 years old. the sooners -- this is a sweet celebration. they're regular season is done. they feel they're headed for the bracket, kirk. and it's a team that had to
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climb out of a hole at tennessee. striker's got a trooper's lid. >> kirk: lincoln riley is hugging the offensive and the defensive guys. this is a very hungry football team. there's offense hugging defense there with striker and mayfield. it might seem like something, of course, they're hugging each other. you don't always see that. a lot of times the offense on one end of the field, the defense on the other. this is a real team. and i think the 8-5 year a year ago really made them appreciate winning that much more. >> chris: carr is knocked down. it's a great that was splintered. they came apart in that five-loss season, but they came together after the embarrassment in the bowl that you talked about earlier. galvanized in the spring. and then, after the loss at texas, which was mysterious. they just were -- >> kirk: they learned something. >> chris: a flat performance. but look at the scores. look at the huge production offensively, since that one loss and they paid back the cowboys
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for an upset loss in norman last year in a big way and they are continuing to enjoy it, dancing around on that sideline. >> kirk: they are going crazy over there right now. >> chris: trying to get them back. >> kirk: the loss at texas caught them about appreciating playing with an edge. playing with a focus that they didn't have that day. they have not looked back since that game, either. >> chris: they're going to go now to 13-1 in these bedlam games when it's a top 25 match-up. they've been knocked off and surprised over the years, but when both teams have showed up with some hype, it's been the sooners who have dominated the cowboys down through the decades. >> kirk: we got some organization going on right now with the gatorade. >> chris: 1:36 to go. i don't know if it's time for that yet. >> kirk: i don't know about that.
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oh. there's his brother ron. ronnie made it in. out of youngstown. >> chris: he works for bo pelini at youngstown state. taylor breaks free. and fights hard out near midfield. >> kirk: and bob took the headphones out. ue-oh. sterling shepard there. zack sanchez. dominique alexander. look out. head on the swivel! hey! they got him. only 25 degrees out. >> chris: that's got to be a great feeling for bob stoops who -- you know, 17 years is a long time at one school in the modern climate of this sport. already had a championship, lost another championship game to urban meyer and the gators.
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came back and got reenergized. feels better physically than he did a year ago. tell coach -- driley, did he allude this? the quarterbacks couldn't get their oc. >> kirk: incompletion. lincoln riley's got to play along here. >> chris: cowboy down on the field. mike stoops has come down out of the press box with the carry-on luggage slung over the shoulder. getting set for the charter home. all smiles for oklahoma. 25-point victory over their rivals from stillwater. and 11-1 season, feeling very, very good as they hit the recruiting trail tomorrow about their playoff chances coming in at number three, even before
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this high quality road win. a t&t strong performance, lookig at the backfield of oklahoma tonight. >> kirk: pretty good evening for perine, had the big run that really got him going. averaging eight yards a carry. joe mixon with perine having an angle injury got more and more of an opportunity in the second half. almost ten yards a carry. and a couple touchdowns himself and a big, solid night again for baker mayfield. >> chris: chris carson, junior running back for oklahoma state is the player who is being helped off to the sidelines. oklahoma state, you look at the stats, kirk, 450 yards. they weren't terribly outgained. six yards a play here and j.w. walsh on senior night with rudolph unable to contribute much. his stats will look real good, but it was oklahoma putting this thing away in the second quarter, really. >> kirk: yes.
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>> chris: childs cuts it back. and the sooners, first contender for this playoff to have their business concluded. make this a bedlam beatdown. to claim the big 12 championship, their first since 2012. 5-0 this year against teams ranked in the a.p. top 25. a sweet one for all the veterans and the veteran coach. shepard, a back flip to punctuate a night that included ten receptions. be careful! let's go to tom rinaldi with a satisfied coach stoops. >> tom: chris, thank you very much. absolute lly thorough victory i every phase of the game. what message do you think this sends to the commit tee? >> well, hopefully we were already in a positive position, in the top three and we can only
11:52 pm
move up, i would guess. and really proud of our players and assistant coaches really begin a great job. >> tom: 8-5 a season ago to where you are right now, bob, what was the key to this team coming together the way it has? >> they've worked really hard. we pushed ourselves in practice. it's been a fun group. they have a great personality to them. a great willingness to listen. it's been a fun group to coach. >> tom: baker mayfield, a great performance. what pleased you the most, the block he threw or everything else he did? >> he's special. he does so many -- he's so entertaining to watch. and there's no holding him back, you know, so -- he had another incredible night out here. >> tom: enjoy this one, tom. let's go to heather with baker. >> heather: tom, thank you so much. baker, congratulations. big 12 champions for the first time since 2012. your coach has talked all season about the singular focus -- how did you guys keep that focus and keep your mind on the task at hand tonight? >> it's been tough.
11:53 pm
but it's been a week to week thing and our seniors and our captains have done a great job keeping everyone know us canned. we accomplished that right there. >> heather: you have been on quite a journey. what makes this team, this run, everything that you've done this season, just so special? >> we're really close. a lot of people don't know that, but we're a really close team and you don't see that a lot because it's a college program and people come from every background. we're really close and it's fun when it's special like that. >> heather: and it seems like everything is falling into place. you check off another goal tonight. your season is finished for now. you have one more week to wait and watch the other teams make a statement. what is your state to the commit teal for that december 6th ranking? >> we already had a nice little ranking in the playoff spot, but i think we just made a statement. i don't see how they can leave us out. >> heather: and you always talk about being so team oriented, how important this team and the chemistry is. but there is a certain individual award that is floating out there, it's called the heisman. you talked about how special it would be to get to go to new york. what would that mean to you?
11:54 pm
>> that's like a dream come true. that's something you see that awards show every year and you watch that, but i mean, i'm only going as far as the team goes. hats off to the team for winning. >> heather: congratulations. speaking of the team, tom rinaldi is over there with mr. shepard. >> tom: heather, thank you. sterling, how special is this? >> so special. i was telling the guys before the game, i came in as a freshman, i won one, haven't had the feeling since, i would love to have it again. >> tom: your dad played here, won a national championship. how special is this moment given your family's legacy and part of the sooner family? >> yeah, throughout my whole career, all i try to do is keep the legacy going and i think i done a pretty good job of it so far. >> tom: what lies ahead now? >> hey, we have to get prepared. we have tough teams and we have to finish this thing out strong. >> tom: quickly, i saw you fly down the field after your quarterback threw that block in
11:55 pm
the first half. what pleased you about that play? what can you say about him as a leader? >> man, my boycompetitor. he's not scared of anything. i know you heard him say that before. he will go throw blocks, run people over, doesn't matter. he's ruthless.l done, sterling. >> thank you. >> tom: back to you, chris. >> chris: bailey, happy for her guy, but not happy for walsh and the cowboys who came up well short. emmanuel ogbah, the junior, kissing good-bye, almost certainly his last game h here he hds off to the nfl. perine who got a scare with that ankle injury, but came back to finish the game, as well as mixon. and listen. there's no shortage of high quality talent on oklahoma's team, but mayfield and shepard reiterated what we heard from all of these leaders, you can
11:56 pm
include eric striker in that. yeah, there's talent, but you need more. and this team has that something more, that togetherness, that chemistry that -- the championship teams search for and don't always find. >> kirk: they're hungry, after everything they've been through. there are people that have mocked bob stoops in the last few years. they mocked these players. they talked about oklahoma as kind of a program of the past. they felt that. there are a lot of guys that are seniors on this team that i think drive the bus. i just -- i don't know if i've seen another team in the country that has the love for one another the way this oklahoma team does. it's one thing to look at the stats and be impressed with the quarterbacks and the running backs and the receivers and the defense. but i love to watch this team care and cheer for each other. ohio state made a heck of a run, they didn't care about who was getting the attention. they cheered for one another and genuinely loved one another. this oklahoma team, championship teams have that kind of feel, that's what i sense with this sooners team. >> chris: the committee had
11:57 pm
oklahoma state at 11. oklahoma wins by 25 points. bob stoops didn't campaign at the end. didn't felt like he needed to. oklahoma makes their statement and has their regular season complete. so, they'll be able to sit back and watch clemson, alabama and that big ten championship game which figures to feed in one of the teams into the four-team bracket, knowing they have a place. and if they don't move up to number one, two and three will collide in one semifinal and unless alabama stumbles or clemson stumbles and moves down, potentially an oklahoma/alabama semifinal, rematch of that sugar bowl when the sooners got the tide and there was complains that alabama wasn't trying that hard, didn't mean a lot to them. add spice. >> kirk: they would be fired up. let's make it clear. oklahoma will advance. they're going to be in the four. if they're going to be two or three or one, whatever they're going to be, you just know as a sooners fan tonight that you're going to be in the postseason in the top four. so much for that myth last year
11:58 pm
about the big 12 needs a conference championship game to be able to advance into the top four. this year, we see oklahoma without a championship game being able to be crowned the champion of the big 12. they will be in the top four and we'll find out. as you said, what clemson does, what alabama does, and what happens in indianapolis next week between iowa and michigan state. >> chris: so, the sooners come up the road to stillwater and make a strong, closing statement to an 11-1 big 12 championship season. we're off to the acc championship game next saturday night. see if clemson can do their part against north carolina. the tar heels also having a great year. a big salute to our crew, which once again here in stillwater battled some tough weather conditions, the road warriors we have, we appreciate what they do. >> kirk: all year long, you have meant so much to us, on air, so, thank you very much for all your hard work. >> chris: of course, the talented crew in the truck, bill bonnell, derek mobley, our director and everybody that's
11:59 pm
helped us on saturday night football. for kirk, heather and tom, chris fowler saying so long from stillwater. the ford wrapup show coming up right know with cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. oklahoma making a huge statement to the playoff committee. another team without a championship game, needing to make a convincing statement in their final game of the regular season, notre dame. and they were taking on stanford. what a finish this was. 35 seconds left in the game. notre dame, ball at the 2 yard line. kizer rolling left and gets in. irish leading by one with 30 seconds to go. stanford driving. kevin hogan over the middle. 26 yards and into field goal range. they would run one more play, setting up this. from 35 yards out, it's good. stanford wins, gets their fourth ten-win season in five years around david shaw. les miles ahead reports his job is in jeopardy at lsu, taking on texas a&m. nifty moves for the 50-yard
12:00 am
touchdown run. but he wasn't the only one with a big rushing day. how about leonard fournette? he had 159 yards and a set had school record for most rushing yards in a single season. lsu wins it. les miles carried off the field, and he will remain head coach at l suh. alabama and auburn. jake coker finds about darius stewart in the end zone. alabama wins. derrick henry, 271 yards and a td, as well. and speaking of florida, they were taking on florida state. fourth and goal. sean maguire fakes to dal vvin cook and throws across his body here for the touchdown. florida state up 10-0. fourth quarter. dalvin cook. 183 rushing yards and two tds, as florida state wins easily, 27-2. number one clemson taking on south carolina.


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