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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 29, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EST

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>> now, abc 7's "washington weekly." among the you are millions safely home after traveling this weekend, you are also among the lucky ones. others are still traveling because of the bad weather. pollser: you look silly snapped in half -- utility poles snapped in half, power lines ripped down, trees cracking under the ice. tens of thousands of people in the central plains without power as a nasty winter storm rolls through. emergency crews working overtime in texas trying to clear roadways as travelers inch home
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after the long holiday weekend. >> it's only getting worse today. reporter: oklahoma took a real beating. three days of rain and cold temperatures added up to an inch of ice. bitt would sleep a little and have a little tree breakage and whatnot, but nothing the substantial. reporter: across the country, rain, snow, and ice will make the drive difficult. >> we have not had to drive in these kind of conditions for a while. reporter: in this video, an accident in the right-hand lane gets worse. a passing driver loses control and skids into the already disabled vehicle. truck careensmi off the road and slams into an outback steakhouse. in other parts of texas, up to eight inches of rain, forcing people to evacuate, including
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her horses. and a white out for so many americans as the next round takes aim. >> i have to go to work tomorrow. ann 7, only eye-opening interview about teen prostitution in the area. jennifer donelan has the story. jennifer: the hunt starts here. >> back page advertises escorts. this ad has been posted since midnight. jennifer: he is setting updates with prostitutes. but he is looking for children. >> she is not taking her own photos. this would be the prime target. the call,he just made so we're about to find out
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whether we are a go. date, the young female whose age is not clear on >> we will round up our crew. jennifer: the maryland state police child recovery unit. inwe are seeing an increase juveniles, unfortunately, in the last couple years. hotel,fer once inside they reveal their true identity and purpose. arreste not there to her, they want to help her get out and turn her life around. she agrees to share her story with us. i know that it's real because i started young. jennifer: she was just 14 when she started prostituting. >> i came from an off-balance family, alcoholism, kicked out a lot. she is 26. she is been selling herself for money for more than a decade.
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>> i have been pistol whipped, my nose broken, held at gunpoint. jennifer: even though she is an adult, the offer to help still stands. they give her a card but nothing more. insidet back on the road another motel room and calls us. she is willing to talk. you are rolling the dice every day. >> yeah. you have beenglad ok so far. she looks under 18, but her drivers license say she is 25 full stop this time there is hope. a they really help you find place to live, give you shelter, and help you find a job. i want to get help. i don't like living in and out of hotels. watching a young woman, bag in hand, walking towards another choice in life. crew.ictory for this
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jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. -- a princeng up george's county man making history. find out why it is all thanks to a paino. -- to a piano. devon: kellye: a prince george's county
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man is making music and history at the same time. jeannette reyes explains. the sound of jazz jam sessions fill this capitol heights home. it is also hard not to notice the grand pno and blazoned with have not probably heard of before. worn chad is quickly making a name for himself -- warren chad is quickly making a name for himself in the industry. >> it's impressive. he is a visionary. ette: he is a former child prodigy drummer who is now in industry. steinway and yamaha have taken notice. whating a musician, i know
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people want to hear. jeanette: this father was one of the top piano technicians in the country. after playing gigs for years, he wanted something more. >> initially the challenge was, how do i do this with zero dollars. jeanette: he took a leap of faith in 2003, taking on big names with hardly any capital. he is not hurting now though. $28es range from $22,000 to 0,000. ianos aroundelling paino the world with no overhead. , twod he has gone global rolls-royce showrooms and now the vatican. yes, even pope francis wants on e. >> to have one in the vatican and be the official piano of the vatican is pretty unbelievable. >> his friends have seen it
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unfold from the beginning. jeanette: what do you think of this? >> what do you mean? he makes a nice cup of coffee. jeanette: from the sounds to the aesthetics, it's hard not to be impressed. >> it is all hydraulics. i don't think steinway or anybody has done that. jeanette: when you have the vatican on your resume, what is next?
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this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with cse for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it.
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many of us are thinking of snow. how will this winter be? doug hill has his highly anticipated winter outlook. two winters had above snowfall and above-average temperatures. it is not occurred since 1986- 1987. february was the coldest month in 20 years and had the coldest night since 1996. will this winter be a three peat of the snow and cold, or will old man winter give us a break? one factor that will determine the weather is extremely strong el niño. while this shifts weather patterns for parts of the
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states, it does not make the forecast easier. of the six winters that have been similar, a very strong el niño pattern, three have featured will above-average snowfall while three were well below average. of those winters we received under a half inch of snow. the historical record is not much help with forecasters either, so we rely on other variables. bottom line, the main atmospheric steering patterns control the colder air locked up in northern karen at a -- northern canada showed no immediate signs of shifting. there is a low confidence forecast for the winter, but snow lovers could still be in luck. el niño winters often have ace wrong subtropical jet which if it develops and directs with the polar jet could still result in an east coast snowstorm. the winter forecast is in agreement with the rest of the team,atch 7 weather
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calling for below-average snowfall and slightly above average temperatures. the potential for a major coastal winter storm cannot be ruled out, but we believe it will be lighter than last winter and the winter before and below the long-term averages. think of the metro area, 8 to 12 inches, lesser to the south. i would not count on too many or work from school this winter. i'm chief meteorologist doug hill. kellye: i'm just fine with less snow. devon: i'm ok with that. that means less shoveling, less attentional to lose power and all the other headaches. but i do like a nice no, especially for the -- i do like a nice snow, especially for the holidays. we have a low confidence factor, because of the low data set. the el niño and the other variables. anything can go anywhere. it's a lot of fun, though.
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looking at the snapshot, it is cold already tonight, 36 frederick, falling into the 30's to the north. should not be any precipitation in that direction. 40's elsewhere. a little drizzle activity showing mainly south west of town, in the commonwealth. , butle reported in luray should not go far north and should not interact with the potentially freezing conditions in hagerstown in frederick. icingis a chance some could set up freezing drizzle, but minimal chance. the rain shielding us to the south and west. tomorrow afternoon into the evening time frame, we are in this northeast wind scenario, the coldest pattern we get into. chilly conditions after the warm weather of thanksgiving, friday and saturday before the cloud cover rolled in. the next likeliest round of rain
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is tomorrow afternoon and evening, then tuesday evening and day. a coastal system wednesday, and that is the likeliest rain day. the next two days, going in tight, resetting the forecast overnight, rain remaining to the south and west. mid to upper 30's in the suburbs, 40 downtown. bundle up from the cold getting back to work and school, hats and gloves, but have the rain gear. the rain will overtake the region as we going to the afternoon and evening rush hour. in theh temperatures 40's, so keep warm. we get a little break in the action tuesday morning with drizzle activity sticking around. through wave comes tuesday midday. a little break, then another round tuesday night into wednesday. temperatures try to rise, but will have a tough time pushing out the cold. afternoon, evening rain
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tomorrow, midday tuesday and into the evening tuesday and wednesday. a typical cool day for this time of year come into the 50's on wednesday. the sunshine sticks around for a while after the cloudy days. all the way through next weekend, the sun is around with typically cool weather for december. the big monday night football game, dallas and the redskins, looking nice that they as well. , senatorust ahead barbara mikulski has made history. ♪
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mikulski is about to begin her final year in office, doing it with an award few americans have received. her political resume can now include recipient of the presidential medal of freedom. senator barbara mikulski joint 16 other celebrities, sports figures, and activists for the nation's highest civilian honor. whoident obama: a mom offered grocery store credit to still workers on strike, we are all happy that barbara has been asking and answering those questions longer than any other female lawmaker in our country. mikulski started on the
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baltimore city council, then was elected to the house of representatives were she served for a decade. she is now the longest serving woman in the u.s. senate, where she has represented maryland residents since 1986. mrs. mikulski: i have done the best i could to fight for them and represent them. this really does not belong to me. it belongs to the people of maryland. suzanne: she is known for championing issues like equal pay for women and veterans rights. >> she has been a driving force behind politics in maryland and enact ticket for the working class -- and an advocate for the working class. suzanne: this tops off her career that started off with social work and making history. president obama has called senator mikulski in institution in the u.s.
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another d.c. police officer becoming a dancing children, dancing with at a community event in the district. dancingcer say that helps police offices relate more to young people. >> some have forgotten we are still human. i think it's able to give the community that human aspect and
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we can still get down a little bit. kellye: she definitely can. she is a d.c. native who has been with the police department for six years. she really has some moves. devon: if i ever made one of those videos, it would because the dance was so bad. that will never happen. the afternoonng, and evening is when the rain is more likely. noon until five will be the main rain event. keep warm and make sure that you have the umbrella. more rain tuesday and wednesday, finally breaking out sunshine thursday. the guys are making us look good tonight. kellye: we want to mention one of our studio techs, brendan bell got a sports ankle
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♪ extra extra. this weekend on extra, hollywood's biggest stars before they were stars. did you ever think in first ade that you would have gone this far? john hamm's big date. and his brushsh with porn. >> that was one in a series of jobs i've had to make money when i was not working as an actor. >> sofia vergara's commercial success. how she was discovered while just chilling in a bikini. andd her surprising dream job. and starr search saying bye


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