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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this will be hard. brad: that is a typical comment we are hearing from baltimoreans. even admitted to the judge they know about the freddie gray case, the riots and the curfew. most have likely seen the video of his arrest. many in this city have strong opinions. >> i'm from baltimore city. i see what the police do every day and i feel for the family. >> even though we are a victim and we call the police, they still treat us bad. brad: well, there are approximately 80 potential jurors in the courtroom. each of them is undergoing about a 15-minute interview process. you can see that this is going to take quite a while to get through it. they want to see 12 jurors and probably about six alternates. when we come back at 5:00. you will hear more about this. also from the gray family attorney in his opinion about
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the selection process. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. the man accused of jumping over the white house fence last week made his first appearance in the federal court today. stephen tschida was in theroom when the case was called. what happened today? stephen: well, i can tell you this. five minutes ago 23-year-old joseph walked out of federal court. if you look to the left, you can see on the corner where there is a gaggle of reporters and his attorney. he is the man charged with jumping the fence on thanksgiving. the white house says he was taken into custody shortly thereafter. today in court he pleaded not guilty, the judge released him to his mother in connecticut. as long as he wears a mechanical supervising device and as long as he adheres to a curfew, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., seeks out mental health treatment. he was also ordered not to go near or come near the district
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of columbia. at least until next january when he is slated for his next court appearance. coming up at 5:00, i will tell you what caputo's attorney told us immediately after the hearing. reporting live. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. she says she has been living a car with eight children. a tip to "7 on your side" led us to the local mother who claims nobody will help her because she has too many children. now we are waiting for word whether they will be out on the streets tonight. jennifer donelan is live in northeast with the story you will see only here on 7. jennifer? jennifer: our tipster saw the mother in her car in the shopping center across rhode island avenue. right across from where i am standing. the tipster called "7 on your side" and found the mother as she agreed to share her story with us. maria rivera and her eight children huddled together inside a nissan sedan. they range from 1 years old to
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15 years old. all girls, one little boy. she told us she is a victim of domestic violence and she and her children were kicked out of the apartment by their alleged abuser. since that time she has counted on the kindness of friends who let her and the eight kids stay with them. but since the rental lease limits people who can stay inside the apartment it's not a permanent solution. more frustrating for the mother, she tried to get help from five organizations and agencies in d.c., but she claims that she has been turned away because she has too many children. >> i seen a lot of people that i talk to. they help me two months or three months but they don't want to help me because i have too many kids. jennifer: now, we did put in a call to one of the agencies, an agency that this mother met with this morning. we are hoping to have an update for you from that spokesperson before the end of
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the evening's newscast. we will have an update and you will hear more from the mother coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live, i'm jennifer donelan, back to you. kellye: thank you, jennifer. get used to this gray and dreary look. i may stick around for a while. chief meteorologist doug hill in the storm weather center with a check of the forecast. doug: it's not the most pleasant of weather days around here but the pattern held off until after thanksgiving. cloudy, cold, drizzle outside the belfort furniture weather center. the northern suburbs are not getting it yet. but be patient, it's eheaded your way. the concentrated rain is superintendent of metro washington. heading -- rain is south of metro washington. we have the darker green element to show the heavier rain moving west to east. the trajectory of the rainfall will change in the next few days. this is a warm front to the south. the whole thing will slide our
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way and that will intensify and prolong the rain. at least it's not this. heavy snow over south dakota and oklahoma. we will deal with the rain. chilly. 37 in leesburg. 37 in culpeper and manassas. 35 in hagerstown. 41 in the nation's capitol. the forecast tonight is cloudy and cold, period of rain and steady temperatures 36 to 47 degrees. the planner for tomorrow. rain in the morning, rain at noon, rain in the evening and rain at night. rain, rain, rain. whys expected to be only 53. we will look ahead for the rest of the week and the weekend in a bit. back to you. jonathan: thank you. we have new information in the bus crash that injured dozens of students in virginia. speed was a factor when the charter bus crashed. now his are working with the national transportation safety board in the investigation. about three dozen people were hurt as a result of this. one seriously. at 5:00, hear from the state trooper that responded to the scene. in the last hour we learned a driver of the s.u.v. that collided with the post office
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truck died. that happened this morning on cherry hill road at calverton boulevard in silver spring. that crash took a huge toll on the morning commute. >> this has been a very long morning for the montgomery county first responders and the postal service as they deal with an overnight traffic accident. this happened around 3:00 this morning near cherry hill road and calverton boulevard. a female driver and her male passenger pinned inside the infinity s.u.v. when a u.s. postal service tractor trailer overturned. the truck driver was okay. the two s.u.v. passengers were transported to a local hospital. both with injuries. nearby residents heard the accident and rushed to the scene. >> i got here and we couldn't find the driver. we saw the smoke and the truck. they were yelling "help me, help me, help me."
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>> the ambulance came over and the lady was completely unconscious. they got the man out, he was kind of there but not really there. the arms like that. he was barry breathing. zeus cherry hill rosed was closed for hours, including the rush hour. in silver spring, maryland, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. kellye: new schedules are in effect on the virginia railway express. the changes include a round-trip train to the fredericksburg line. b.r.e. officials say it gives them an opportunity to revisit the manassas schedule. they want to make the schedule accurate and avoid conflict when the fredericksburg and the manassas line trains meet at alexandria. a traffic alert. tonight, overnight single lane closures will go in effect in the tum and they will close a single southbound right lane and left lane in that tunnel from 9:00 to 9:00 a.m.
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they will last four nights a week monday through thursday. the work will continue until march 2016. jonathan: well, today is the first day on the job for the metro new general manager paul wiedefeld. he will sitting down with abc7 on wednesday. log on to our facebook page and let us know which questions you want answered. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- after the storm. a look at the damage after mother nature left her mark in the midwest. kellye: then the largest group of world laters assembled -- leaders assembled meet in
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jonathan: developing story out of arlington where the department of motor vehicles office is going to close next year. the office on four mile run is the only full-service d.m.v. in the county but the lease is set to entire this spring so they have a new space in falls church. coming up at 6:00, brianne carter takes a look at the options for drivers. kellye: you put your car in a
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lot to run a quick errand. moments later it's gone. today a new law is going to stop the practice known as "predatory towing." as montgomery county reporter kevin lewis found, not everyone likes the new set of rules. kevin: this filing cabinet is stacked with complaints about tow companies operating in montgomery county. >> we are talking about 30,000 trespass tows a year, 5,000 a month. kevin: eric freeman heads the county office of consumer protection and says the more stringent tow law was a necessity. >> we don't want this to be a hunting license for tow truck drivers to get rich. that's not what the intention was and it's migrated into that. kevin: the tow company must attend the credit cards and provide photo of the infaction. the add on is the property owners must give written authorization before any tow takes place. in other words, tow companies can no longer sit in waiting.
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randy carnes manages anchors towing in anchorsburg and takes offense to the term "predatory towing." >> i think predatory is speed cameras or have an officer on the i.c.c. with a radar gun. that is predatory. when will they go after them? reporter: he arguing that most tows are valid, including this camry found illegally parked at an apartment last night. >> a visible tow truck on the lot with a 24 x 30 red and white signs. if you are illiterate, you have an excuse. other than that, you can't miss them. kevin: in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: well, a heads up for the drivers heading to bethesda. tomorrow the crews will start to resurface rockville pike near cedar lane. it comes a month and a half after a water main break made a mess of things. the two right side southbound
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lanes will be closed for the duration of the repairs there. won't be closures on the northbound side. that work will take between five or ten days. time for a check on the commute. we will check in on our traffic watch. >> it's not too bad on the roads. leave early if you can. go to the cameras and you will see it's blocking two lanes to cause a backup for folks as well. right now not much of a delay for folks on eastbound 66. but again the wet pavement will slow you down this afternoon. elsewhere traveling on the 95 southers, dale city. there is an accident. between dale city and the weigh station. looks like we are moving at speed at the weigh station. no major issues traveling southbound and northbound.
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the wet pavement, if you are turning on your wipers dome forget the headlights so folks can see you. elsewhere now we will look at the 14th street bridge, 395. seeing volume from the folks trying to make their way back to d.c. no issues for you there if you are trying to get back in the city. back to you. jonathan: thank you. kellye: this is winter preparedness week. the state recommends putting together supplies such as food, batteries, blankets. they are predicting slightly above average temperatures but it doesn't mean we won't get a big snowstorm or two. get ready now. scenes like this were common in kansas, oklahoma, texas over the weekend. thousands of people were left in the dark as the power lines arc due to the ice accumulation. many remain without power.
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the ice started to melt. midwest, heavy snow is falling. part of south dakota could see a foot by the time it starts to snow tomorrow night. in iowa, some received a foot and a half last week. jonathan: watching the patriots-denver game, the snow happening there. i couldn't help but think it's always nice to watch it happening somewhere else. kellye: coming out of boston, how do you feel of the snow? jonathan: we had nine feet in 30 days and snow blower petered out after the third storm. i have seen enough snow for the rest of my life. doug: the trends look like as she points out could be milder for this winter but in this pattern a coastal blizzard is a possibility. there is nothing out there yes but we will keep an eye on things. we saw the ice in the midwest. start with a time lapse. this is a lake in western maryland, in swanton maryland. the ski valley lodge. 32 degrees there.
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watch the trees here on the right-hand side. i'll put it in motion. watch. the sky changes a little bit. watch the trees here for the course of the day. it's 31234 reagan national. 40 in fredericksburg. cold air for this time of the year. average high in the lower 50's. but in the next 24 hours the direction will change. moving east. we will get a fair amount of it. there are areas of rain that will move in the zone and pass through the area tomorrow. by 7:00 wednesday we have
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rain. it could be heavy downpours. more moisture flows up along the cold front we expect the rain to continue through the everything hours. finally ending. if this is right sometime after 6:00 or 7:00. the forecast here. 80% of rain tomorrow and 80% chance of rain wednesday. then it will be cooler. 52 degrees. thursday evening is when it will be the lighting of the national christmas tree on the ellipse. it will be there to cover it live. it will be fun. sunny and clear and chilly. sunny weather heading through the next couple of days. that is the key day we are focusing on. the rest of the weekend is fine. kellye: looks good. thank you. developing story out of colorado where the man accused of killing three people in a shooting at a planned parenthood clinic just appeared in court. brianne carter is in the satellite center with a look at what happened.
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brianne: we have been monitoring this. and we understand robert dear the suspect in the shootings, appeared in court via a video link. in that we saw that he is blinking his eyes a number of times in the video link or looking down or closing his eyes. in the initial court appearance. in the court appearance we understand he is being held on his first degree murder charge. as part of that ordered no bond today in court. he was appointed a court-appointed lawyer there. he was not officially charged. he did not enter a plea in this case as well. dear is 57 accused of killing a police officer and two civilians last week. the rampage touching off hours long standoff and shoot-out that also left others injured. police have not disclosed a motive for the attack. now a number of other things happened in court. the court-appointed lawyer, including him asking one question about the crime scene. take a listen.
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>> i want to ask the court to grant the motion access to preservation of the crime scene. i have not had a chance to discuss with the law enforcement what their intentions are, vis-a vis the crime scene or when they would be done. we want to visit the crime scene and conduct our investigation as soon as possible upon their completion. brianne: now the prosecution is speaking afterwards. this case saying that there is a lot of developments still to come in all of this. now dear during this was advised of his rights. this initial appearance called initialed a vizment of the charge -- advisement of the charges. another court date has been set for a week from wednesday. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. in the war on terror, potential new leads in the search for the last suspect in the paris terror attacks. french intelligent sources tell cnn that salah abdeslam is believed to be in syria.
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cnn is reporting that abdeslam bought ten detonators from a fireworks shot near paris in the days prior to the deadly attacks three weeks ago. 130 people killed. another 300 injured in the bombings and the shootings at seven places around paris november 13. the war on terror will be the focus of a round table for us tomorrow night. i will be leading the panel discussion with the senior political reporter scott thuman live from belgium and we will be talking about the current terror world situation. isis and domestic terror. it bow gins tomorrow at 7:00 on the sister station abc7 newschannel8. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- forget black friday and cyber monday. find out what it would truly cost to celebrate 12 days of christmas. kellye: first, taking top honors. how a local program is making moves to help kids outside the
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kellye: in tonight's spotlight on education, a d.c. dance program secured one of the highest honors. city dance dream recently received the arts and humanities program award from first lady michelle obama. a warmup exercise for middle and high school dancers in d.c. this is part of a free after-school program called city dance dreams. >> when i'm dancing i feel
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confident, because outside of dance i feel like i lack confidence. >> begin to dream is a non-profit after-school program that provides dance classes, performance opportunities, mentoring and tutoring to underserved communities throughout d.c. kellye: the goal is to use dance to make students more successful in school and life. >> they will learn the program, communication skills, how to be a leader, how to mentor younger kids, how to talk to older people and younger kids. kellye: skills that come in handy at white house award ceremonies. on behalf of city dance, 18-year-old valerio cruz and dance director kelly quinn recently accepted the arts and humanities youth program award from first lady michelle obama. [applause] >> it was an amazing moment. i can tell you every little moment about it. i can pickture it in my head. kellye: the award is given to organizations that achieve academic achievement in arts
4:26 pm
and humanities. city dreams has been a support system in tough times. and put her closer to her dream. >> an opportunity to keep doing what i want to do and keep pursuing what i always wanted to do. >> pursuing dreams through dance. kellye: this is a great program and this has opened up opportunities for the girls. otherwise they wouldn't having a ses to a free dance program. jonathan: it takes commitment to do that. you have to plug into the other things. kellye: yes. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- getting the latest technology without paying top dollar. we will show you what to do so you don't waste your money.
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jonathan: all right. this won't come as a shop. is shoppers are pulling out their numbers for cyber monday. americans spent close to half a million dollars just today. before the day is over, expect to be the biggest day ever with $3 billion in sales. clearly nobody is working today. they're shopping. online shopping is taking a toll on the shopping in stores because early numbers from the shopper track show the sales falling for this year close to $11.5 billion to $10.5 billion. that is a billion dollars this past weekend missing. joining me is vicky cantrell. i appreciate you taking the time. >> no problem. jonathan: what are we seeing from this? a lot of people when the
4:30 pm
internet came online that this is going to do damage to brick and mortar. this is the first year we are seeing erosion of the brick and mortar shopping experience. >> we don't look at it as an erosion. it's just letting the customer shop wherever and however they want. retailers have been doing a lot of work. upgrading their mobile sites. also making sure that the experience is seamless however they want to show. jonathan: what trends -- you said it's billion dollar for the brick and mortar but the retailers have to be concerned. if they are not in cyber space you encourage them to do that. >> yes. almost everyone is in cyber space. we have every confidence based on the numbers we are seeing and how high the online numbers are going. that we know that they will make that up. we are confident with the projections by the end of the weekend that the totality of the retail is going to be
4:31 pm
strong. retailers are saying that their pract is strong, their online business is strong and they are confident. jonathan: that is fantastic. there have been speed bumps along the way. this is the first time we see open road. are they seeing strong sales numbers? >> absolutely. they have set aside deals to satisfy the cyber monday shopperring because they are shopping at work. jonathan: do you need to dispel or confirm it. when you get closer to christmas time a week out you find deals where it is smoking deals. like the retailers are like we are overstock and too much, getting to christmas. take it. >> i know. >> it's true then! >> the key is the retailer
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knows what they will issue in the season but in the back pocket to react to the business. strong, weak, any type of the product they sell. they have the deals at the ready. at the beginning of the month we hit free shipping threshold. jonathan: thank you very much. watch to make sure you don't lose out on the sizes as well. if you want to plan on shopping today are you going to do that? let us know. we have a poll going on, on the twitter feed. we're looking for the response. kellye: perhaps a smartphone is on your list. if you hate to pay $500, how do you feel about paying $10? john matarese tells us if it's too good to be true. john: are you looking for
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inexperienced gift for a child? check out the offer at the wal-mart stores in the d.c. area. a smart phone for lunch money. no contract required. so we went to wal-mart to find out what is attached. it sounds too good to be true. wal-mart announced they will sell a smartphone for $10 with no contract required. >> that would be amazing. it doesn't happen. they are expensive. >> wal-mart customers we spoke with were suspicious. >> something that cheap if it would be good. or a scam. jong: it's not a scam. you get a phone by the prepaid carrier track phone. it's not an iphone or galaxy but you won't find a smartphone for a deal like this. what is the catch? several.
4:34 pm
it has a four-inch screen which looks tiny these days. no front camera for taking selfies. uses older android system and you have to use it on track phone network for a year. but "fortune" magazine says all things considered you can give it for a great value. after seeing the details, ricky is interested. >> i might look into it. john: wall marlet says they are selling fast. no surprise. it is the case. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. jonathan: so what if you really wanted to go by the letter of the holiday and buy the items in the song "the 12 days of christmas"? remember that song? it would cost 3% more than this time last year. i'm not kidding. they did the math. according to the wealth management christmas price
4:35 pm
index you are paying $25 more for the partridge and $190 for the pear tree. turtle doves $290. three french hens $182. really? they used canaries for four calling birds. $600. five gold rings would set you back $750. six geese laying eggs, $360. the big one. seven swans a swimming are $13,800. eight maids a milking are $58. cheap. then nine ladies dancing and ten lords leaping and 12 pipers piping and drummers are paid for performance toth up to $7,553, $5,000, $22,000, $2,055 respectively. someone did the math. how do you find lords leaping these days? kellye: why are the swans so pricy? jonathan: they are good that way. swim. lay eggs. geese ray laying, how do you find that? kellye: abc7 proud to
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sponsoring toys for tots. we will hold a toy drive at the national harbor. you will be there when? >> 12:00 to 1:00. kellye: i'm there 1:00 to 3:00. jonathan: help out. unwrap the toys. come say hi. jonathan: this is a great day to stay inside and shop. this is a day people have trouble getting out of bed. doug: we are fortunate the pattern waited until after thanksgiving. let's get started. so far since rain started yesterday, a half inch of rain in germantown. 40 degrees. laurel at 40. rain totals piling up. when it ends, one to two inches will be likely around
4:37 pm
the area. the numbers tonight 36 to 47. the northeasterly wind will become easterly. radar shows it moving west to east. this is part of the pattern. there is much more to come our way. as far as the rainfall totals the numbers in purple. over one inch to two inches. lighter amount of cold rain. whether he see a little rise in temperature. the warm front is moving in our direction. 53 tomorrow. 80% chance of rain. 80% on wednesday. breezy and cool thursday. friday is great. saturday looks great for toys for tots. clear skies, and 52. the same on sunday. back to the mid-50's monday. that is the latest. more shortly. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- let's make a deal. a look at the efforts by the largest group of leaders ever
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assembled to try to curb climate change. kellye: but first -- [piano playing] 50 years of the charlie brown tree. a look behind the scenes tree. a look behind the scenes before tonight's big broadcast
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kellye:ment to abc is hosting the 50th anniversary special the first time charlie brown christmas aired on tv. they spoke to the son of the creator charles schultz about what made the cartoon a big success. good grief, it has been 50 years. the loveable characters were brought to light on television in "charlie brown christmas" for the first time in 1955. the story of a troubled boy, dog snoopy and his friends coming to the rescue. >> listen to all of you. you have to take direction. kellye: 50 years later the
4:42 pm
emotion still rings true. listen to the voices. >> i always end up playing the shepherd. >> these aren't professional actors who auditioned for the roles. these are the neighborhood kids pulled from classrooms. kellye: snoopy is excited. ready to accelerate monday's golden anniversary with an hour long special on abc leading up to what has become a holiday classic. >> merry christmas, charlie brown! kellye: you can see the special at 8:00. a charlie brown christmas at 9:00 on abc. at 10:00, stay tuned for the great holiday baking show followed by abc7 news. jonathan: how do you not love charlie brown? kellye: i haven't met anyone who didn't like charlie brown.
4:43 pm
jonathan: that would be bad. kellye: un-american. jonathan: coming up for out at 4:00 -- >> this le go is for ages six to 12. i got lost in instructions. jonathan: taking a closer look at what happens when you don't get enough sleep. kellye: you can talk about that. but first, local couple turns to "7 on your side" after feeling they were being discriminated again
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jonathan: there was a costly ordeal. the problem arose for stephen debranch. he tells "7 on your side" when he tried to sit on the assigned seat on the plane, it went wrong. he says he was humiliate and allegation of weight discrimination leveled against him. horace holmes tells us a story of a couple who thought it planned for a smooth flight only to be tossed off before take-off. horace: after two decades of marriage they planned a dream get-away to celebrate the 20th anniversary.
4:47 pm
>> we looked forward to the trip so much. horace: they planned it for a year to fly out of bwi airlines in on spirit to las vegas. they made special accommodations for the flight. steve is a big man. >> i weigh 400 pounds. 6'1". he even lost more than 100 pounds in preparation. they booked three seats. one for tammy and two for steve. >> a, b, c. horace: july 18 they boarded the plane and took seats next to the emergency exit doors. no problem. steve asked for the extended lap belt. got it. buckled up. off they flew. five great days in las vegas and it was time to fly back home. >> that is when the nightmare began. >> when they got on the plane and he went to sit in the seat -- >> they just said don't get comfortable. because you can't sit there. >> they proceed, she tells us it's an f.a.a. regulation. horace: but the actual f.a.a. regulation says it is up to
4:48 pm
airline employee to determine who may be assigned to an exit seat. aim or size alone should not be a disqualifying factor. tammy said she planned this carefully, the flight back to b.w.i. was on similar if not the same plane they went over on and they were booked in the same three seats next to the emergency exit. and they made it clear they say that steve needed extra room and a lap belt extender for the two seats when they made the reservations with spirit. >> they said this is the seat you need to sit in because it offers more leg room. they charged us $100 more for the seat. >> the las vegas flight attendant escorted them to seats in the rear of the plane. >> i squished in the backseat and i look in the stewardess and said i obviously can't sit in the seat. what do i do now? >> other passengers were angry because of the delay, now humiliated they left the plane and the next day flew back on another airline. >> there was discrimination. i figured that if you at least
4:49 pm
paid the additional, you had to pay, that you could fly without embarrassment and have a comfortable flight. obviously some airlines that is not the case. horace: they say spirit airlines did refund them and offered to put them up in a hotel for the night but couldn't assure them they could get on a flight back home for at least 24 hours. the couple says it cost them an additional $400 to fly on their new airline back home. we contacted spirit airlines and the airline told us this was a safety related issue. unfortunately the seat he chose on the particular aircraft had inflatable restraints where the distance is greater between seats. the inflatable seat belt cannot use extender because it makes the seat inoperable. the couple says the airline recommended the seat to them and they were able to fly in that seat on the way to las vegas. i'm horace holmes, abc7 news. kellye: up to 70 million americans are not getting
4:50 pm
enough sleep. "good morning america" tested how it affects the mind and the body under the supervision of doctors at mount sinai. he stayed away for 50 hours straight without caffeine. >> it's quite likely i was starting to lose it a little bit. >> sleep deprived humans eat more. kellye: they sure do. after being awake for 50 hours dan was disoriented but he had firsthand knowledge that sleep deprivation affects concentration, coordination and the ability to complete basic tasks. jonathan: don't need to do it for 50 hours to pull that off. after 16 you go into that realm. kellye: i won't be trying that. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- cyber monday is in full force with billions of dollars of merchandise sold online. ahead at 5:00, how to protect your identity and make sure that the package arrives on time and safely. kellye: which chefs will have restaurants at the m.g.m.
4:51 pm
casino in national harbor still ahead. jonathan: now turn to the weather. if you got outside today you better have umbrella and jacket on. doug: good call there. it is nasty with the rain and the cold. the rain will continue. we want to give you a sneak peek of the weekend. nicer weather for sure. saturday and sunday this is what it looks like around the area. above average temperatures sunday. we team up with the folks for toys for tots. sunshine and chilly. sunday morning, a single all the way 5k. the temperatures are cool but not cold.
4:52 pm
rain tomorrow. we heighted the weekend. the temperatures will continue to monday. find out how the monday rush is going. traffic with trenice by shop. >> it is a rush this afternoon. folks making their way out of the city. it's sluggish from 695 to the merge for 50 with the b.w. parkway. folks are slow on the southwest freeway. if you travel there, you will make your way to 395. brake lights making their way to virginia. we are jammed up from virginia 110 to duke street. heavy volume and a lot of headlights north of etsall. don't forget headlights if you are losing your wipers. it heavy delays for 495.
4:53 pm
kellye: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- tackling climate change. jonathan: new video shows the impact in the arctic and at the north pole. find out what could trump the the north pole. find out what could trump the entire conversation in
4:54 pm
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jonathan: anytime you can see the air, that is a problem. in beijing the government issuing a rare orange alert. smog blanketed the city. schools were forced to suspend activities. the timing couldn't be worse because the smog came as the world leaders are gathering in paris. a new poll by abc news and wombs finds nearly two-third of the americans think climate change is a serious problem facing the united states.
4:57 pm
47% think the government should do more about it. terrorism is a top talking point. reporter: over 150 world leaders gathered in paris to discuss an issue that impacts everyone. global climate change. the party for top 21 is a forum to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. in a speech, the u.s. said they are prepared to act but stressed it must be a global effort. >> the united states of america recognizes our role to create the problem we embrace the responsibility to do something about it. they say reducing carbon
4:58 pm
emission will lead to stronger economy. >> we have proved that a safer environment no longer has to conflict with one another. they can work in concert with one another. >> the paris summit comes 17 days after a major isis terrorist attack thatting too the lives of 130 people. it began with a moment of silence to honor the victims. later, president obama and vladimir putin met to discuss the situation in syria and the stratify for dealing with isis. >> we salute the people of paris to insist this goes on. >> tonight, they are at the freddie gray trial and protesters were heard in theroom.
4:59 pm
a tip leads to a woman living fear in her car with eight children. where will she sleep tonight? "7 on your side" on cyber monday. after saving big, you can lose big, too. now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: first tonight at 5:00, "7 on your side" getting results for mother of eight who is caught in a catch 22. at 4:00, we told you about a mother who is living in a car with her children. eight of them. after she says they had to flee an abuseive relationship. >> jennifer donelan is helping the mother fight back. a big update since 4:00? jennifer: a tipster called "7 on your side" and told us that they saw the mother with the eight children in a car in the parking lot of this shopping center on rhode island avenue in northeast.
5:00 pm
we found her. here is her story in her own words. >> it's really hard. i have been through a lot. >> we found maria herrera huddled together with the eight children ranging in ages from 1 to 15. this is where she says they spent night last night. one of several in recent weeks. >> it is hard. i have babies that need attention. i have a disability baby that needs help to be in a safe and a clean place. jennifer: she says she is the recent victim of domestic violence and a few weeks ago her alleged abuser killed her and the children out of the d.c. apartment. >> i was trying to get help. every time i hear the news and everywhere, they help the people with domestic violence. it hasn't helped me. jennifer: she has counted on the niceness of friends but the apartments have occupancy rules, which so far they


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