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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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syndrome -- asbburger syndrome. >> joseph caputo walked out of federal court a free man. he is charged with jumping the white house fence thanksgiving day. he was taken in custody by secret service. >> i don't think he is the poster child. the mode of delivery issued. >> the judge released him to his mother's custody in connecticut. he must wear electronic monitoring device, adhere to curfew and seek mental health evaluation and stay away from the capitol. they said his client expected to be killed in the alleged white house visit.
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>> the secret service won't say if additional safety measures are possible now and they wonder how anyone could get over the fence. >> now we did receive an e-mail that says any further questions about beefing up security should be directed to the park service. caputo has been banned from the city but he will be back in january. maureen: the man accused of killing three people and injuring nine people at planned parenthood clinic in colorado faced a judge today.
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dear is being charged with first degree murder. he surrendered to police friday after a fave-hour standoff. we wanted to find out if the planned parenthood sites in our area are concerned or doing anything to protect the employees or the clients. this is what the planned parenthood ceo had to say. >> one thing that is so important is have a strong working relationship with the law enforcement. it is every day, having a relationship that we are in constant communication. >> there are four full-time planned parenthood sites in the area. gaithersburg, silver spring, suitland and falls church. leon: jury selection got underway in the first officer's trial in the death of freddie gray.
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maryland bureau chief brad bell is joining us live looking at what they are looking into. it's hard to believe that they could find someone that doesn't know about the case. >> a case like this where there is media attention this is a tedious process. the judge brought in 80 potential jurors to start. each is brought back to private room with questioning to find out if it's impartial. the process could take days. >> the challenge before the court is finding among the anonymous people summoned, 12 jurors, plus alternates who can be impar initial a case with which -- impartial in a case which all are familiar. the video of the arrest of freddie gray has been seen and seen again. the riot affected every citizen of baltimore. they are watching as the first of six attorneys is on trial. gray family attorney murphy
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said it must be a fair trial. everybody's interest is about justice. it's not whether they should be convicted. >> 26-year-old former officer william porter is accused of involuntary manslaughter and assault for the role in handling gray after his arrest last spring. this morning protests making enough noise to be heard in the courtroom. >> i hope we have justice. >> all i know is someone is dead and someone did it. >> she says she hopes that they will respect that this system works. the trial is expected to wrap up december 17.
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in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: thank you. maureen: now to a wet and dreary day, monday, too. leon: how about tonight? see what is coming our way this evening. doug hill, what is the word? more rain coming our way. it's 40 in burke. 38 in dale city. 40 in aspen hill. 41 at washington. the temperatures may rise a degree or two in a spot. once the patches of rain end there will be more rain south and west. the day planner will call for rain throughout the day. the temperatures will rise in
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the lower 50's. when will the rain end? what happens after that? we have that in the seven-day outlook in a couple of minutes. maureen: a pasadena mother pleaded guilty to leaving her child on te side of the wrote and admitted to reckless dangerment of the child. she will serve five years of supervisorred probation and receive drug and alcohol treatment. leon: "7 on your side" get action. a d.c. mother and her children will have a warm place to stay. maria herrera said no one would help her because she had too many children but a local resource family has stepped in and found help for the family. kellye: coming up at 6:00, why a high traffic d.m.v. is
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closing and where drivers have to go for the licenses and the registration. leon: what donald trump had to say about meeting with religious leaders in a closed door meeting ahead. >> a call for help to make sure that arlington cemetery has enough for those wh
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leon: turning now to the war on terror and potential leads in the suspect for the paris attacks. french intelligent sources are telling us that salah abdeslam is believed to be in syria. cnn reported that abdeslam bought ten detonators in a firework shop from paris in the days before the attacks three weeks ago. the war on terror is the focus of a round table. we have a report from a senior reporter scott thuman in belgium. watch tomorrow at 7:00 on the sister station newschannel8. alison: new evidence supports turkey's claim that a russian plane shot down in the war space. the russian officials claim
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"was over russia. leon: and donald trump is getting criticism from some in the african-american community. religious leaders attended a meeting to support trump's candidacy. >> the beautiful thing about the meeting they didn't ask anything. they want to see a victory. ultimately it's about we want to win and win together. leon: the trump campaign touted this as an endorsement but back tracked after being criticized. alison: still ahead why the full service arlington d.m.v. is closing and where you will go to wait in line. leon: plus the website that crashed on cyber monday and
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what sparked the online frenzy. maureen: how long will the wet weather stick around? that is next. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. if there is a constant for the redskins, it's the inconsistency. what does jay gruden plan to do to fix it? we hear from the head coach when "
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leon: arlington national cemetery have a big goal. they want to put a reef on every grave marker. 250,000 reef. they were still short 30,000. but they have received funding to cut it in half. maureen: arlington's d.m.v. is going to be moved. leon: the location on four mile run is moved to falls church. does it mean longer lines? brianne carter will find outu. >> the busy d.m.v. off four
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mile run in arlington will close the doors. the lease runs out in the spring. >> it's a nice space but it should have more parking. >> drivers won't be left out in the cold. they are going to move it to the plaza shopping center in churchill downs. it will open to customers before the old one shuts down. it was the only space they found to meet the criteria. it's in an area with a high concentration of the customers. >> this is the same. >> it would make the local people miserable. they will have space for the parking.
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>> they plan to open this up in the area this april. >> there is less than six hours left to get online holiday deals. they expect 121 million people to shop online today. many store posted sales on friday instead of today. and so many people went to target this morning that the site crashed. they were offering 15% off all online orders today that sparked online frenzy. to imagine the high number of people shopping the website they set up a queue so only a certain number of people can shop where others have to wait for access to the site.
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sorry. leon: a new selfie going viral. two brothers freed a bald eagle they found. but before they let the bird go, they took a selfie. that is what people do. the bald eagle flew away. he seemed to be unarmed. maureen: hope he got a copy of the shellie. leon: to text each other. maureen: how are you doing? doug: well. maureen: it's cold and dreary today. doug: temperatures today in loudoun county that never got out of the 30's. really cold stuff. mild temperatures coming and more rain to deal with before the sunshine is back. this is from washington. cloud cover and the dreary
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morning. the rain with is us through morning. wednesday morning as well. it's 45 and 39. 52 and 37 the average high and low. 43 in reagan. the wind is shifting east. it will bring up the temperatures. tomorrow the warm front will arrive to get in lower 50's. it's a rainy pattern. but look south. this is a sign that the warmer wind will start to accompany the warm front moving in from the kentucky and the southwestern virginia. that is where the rain is. moisture from the southwest
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here. the moisture screen will head from the southwest. the rain could be moderate or heavy. the rain is widespread. there there is a low process and a break in the day. the rainfall totals 1.5 and two inches by the time it ends wednesday evening. we will be in better shape tomorrow. 59 on wednesday with the rain. clearing and breezy. 52 for the day. then the weekend this looks
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terrific. it's 55 on monday. between 11 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. we are teaming up for our friends at toys for tot. leon: the fans got a big gift yesterday. especially they are going to like the weather for sunday and monday. 55 is not too bad. the wizards preparing for a future hall of fame. but they say so lon
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and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. erin: the redskins are now in first place in the nfc east after beating the new york giants 20-14 on sunday at fedex field. the issue now for washington is consistency. not only have they not been able to win a game on the road this season, but they also haven't been able to string together back-to-back wins. the good news is the next game is at home where they boast 5-1 record. coach gruden: we have to have extreme focus on the next opponent. study the tape. prepare extremely hard. practice well. practice hard.
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practice fast. don't get too excited to read the paper. don't pat yourselves on the bat over a win. don't beat yourself up over a loss. we have to put together back-to-back games together for a while. erin: meantime, adam schefter is reporting that the patriot tight end marcus gronholm will not play this -- gronkowski will not play against the eagles. he suffered a knee injury last night against the broncos and according to reports an m.r.i. showed a bruised right knee but no tears. right now gronk is considered week to week. if you haven't heard, the laker star kobe bryant announced he will retire after this season. the nba star will be in washington wednesday as the lakers take on the wizards at the verizon center. tip-off is at 7:00 and kobe's last game in d.c. speaking of the wizards, they made a roster change today in need of the front court depth.
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washington waived martel webster and signed 7-footer ryan holland to a non-guaranteed minimum contact. the wizard's center was the final cut from the training camp in october but had a strong preseason showing. don't forget to join me and the redskins fullback dorell young for his weekly show in 30 minutes on newschannel8. that should be a fun one on victory monday. easier to talk to d.y. after a win. leon: he will be happy. maureen: a lot of people are happy. not so happy with the weather. doug: a couple more days' rain. rain tonight and tomorrow, tomorrow night, wednesday morning, wednesday evening it comes toan ends. josh knight is in for steve tonight and will have more on the impact of the commute when you see him at 11:00. maureen: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: we will see you here at 11:00. way to go, skins!
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breaking news tonight. a short time ago, the accused killer, hauled before the camera. after the deadly rampage in colorado. wearing a suicide prevention suit, facing charges for murdering three people at planned parenthood. what the judge told him late today. the major storm hitting tonight. dangerous driving. several states, up to a foot of snow, freezing ran, winds, and it's on the move tonight. and the rescue. the woman and her dog. donald trump talking about a reporter, saying he had no idea the reporter has a disability. tonight, trump taking our question. after the terror in paris, president obama and nearly 150 world leaders tonight in that city. they're there on climate change, but how do you keep the city safe? and, cyber monday. our business correspondent and the three eye-opening deals tonight. the apple laptop, $200 off?


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