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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 1, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," an early winter blast. >> parts of the midwest getting hit with a one-two punch of heavy rains turning to snow and ice, treacherous roadways promising a rough morning commute. up to 10 inches in the forecast. we'll have the latest on the storm as it moves east. more troubles for trump. a meeting with black leaders not exactly going as planned and facing a fight from fellow republican chris christie on trump's claim of 9/11 celebrations. plus, the candidate's cyber-monday discounts from their online stores. a data breach for a popular toymaker. parents and children's personal info stolen from the company's server and the hackers feared to have found pictures of child users. and sleep it off. the wild experiment to see just how important getting those zs can be.
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our brave medical editor got hooked up and stayed awake for 50 hours. he's here with alarming results. it's tuesday, the 1st of december. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm aditi roy in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. great to have you back. we were talking with dan a little bit later on about staying up for 50 hours or as us correspondents would call it, any day that ends with a "y." >> i know exactly. i know. it's rough, right? even today, i feel like we're trying to beat his record. >> that is true. that is one of the tests on these hours that many of you folks know about. one of the true tests rights now going on in the middle of the country. the severe weather which is what we're going to start with. a snowstorm that is coating the upper midwest. snow has been coming down in minneapolis since yesterday afternoon making roads there a mess. >> and that snow is heavy and wet and that's not good for tree
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branchs for power lines. some areas could get up to a foot of snow. rob marciano reports from the minneapolis. >> reporter: a white knuckle ride home in the upper midwest. in minneapolis, cars in ditches and jackknifed tractor trailers. in kansas, tree limbs crashing right through vehicles. this storm coming on the heels of an icy mess that killed at least 14 people. oklahoma's governor declaring a state of emergency in all 77 counties. >> do it again. oh, wow! >> reporter: street lights exploding in el reno. more than 100,000 in the dark at the storm's height. in bethany, an 80-foot pecan tree landed on len capparo's house. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better, because of the weight of the ice as it melts. >> reporter: another danger overhead, ice-coated power lines. >> look how big these pieces of ice are. >> reporter: a 300-foot power line covered in an inch of ice adds more than 750 pounds to those lines. and that leads to this. >> oh, it's coming down!
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hit record! hit record! >> it's recording. >> reporter: further south, what didn't freeze flooded. and a warning about thin ice. a 32-year-old woman in utah also lucky to be alive tonight. she was chasing after one of her dogs when she fell through. >> okay, okay, i got your dog. come on. >> i can't stand. >> here. grab her. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the rescue caught on an officer's body camera. >> good to see they're okay. the ice still thin in many spots in the country, above average temperatures for the month of november. there's the first significant snowstorm for minnesota. potentially the largest snowfall that the twin cities has seen in nearly two years. rob marciano, abc news, minneapolis. >> so we move from that to client change. president obama is wrapping up his trip to paris today after attending the climate summit with 150 other world leaders. the president acknowledged that the u.s. shares the blame for climate change saying we embrace the responsibility to do something about it. he also joined the french
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president for dinner at one of the finest restaurants in all of paris. most nations have pledged to reduce greenhouse gases but the biggest issue is who should bear most of the burden. the president returns to d.c. this evening. republicans have pounced on the president's climate agenda even before an agreement is reached. house majority leader kevin mccarthy says the house will not back the president if he tries to commit taxpayer dollars to support a climate accord. the house is voting this week on several bills aimed at the president's climate policies. the suspect in the planned parenthood clinic shooting made his first appearance before a judge. robert dear appeared from the krooent county jail where he's been held. by his side was the same public defender who represented colorado theater shooter james holmes. dear will likely be charged with three counts of first degree murder. >> the chicago police officer who shot laquan mcdonald 16 times is free this morning on
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bond. jason van dyke has been charged with first degree murder in the death of the 17-year-old. prosecutors wanted him held without bail but van dyke's lawyer argued successfully he is not a flight risk. a judge then released him on $1.5 million bond. van dyke put up 10% of that amount. and federal officials say laquan mcdonald's murder is what motivated 21-year-old jabari dean to make online threats that shut down the university of chicago on monday. dean allegedly wrote that he wanted to kill 16 white students or staff as well as white police officers there. he was arrested monday morning and charged with transmitting a threat in internet -- interstate commerce that carries a maximum sentence of five years. talk about politics now. the race for 2016 and donald trump on the defensive after a meeting with black religious leaders didn't turn out exactly as he had planned and trump is also under renewed attack from one of his rivals. here's abc's lana zak.
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>> the beautiful thing about the meeting is they really didn't ask me to change the tune. i think they want to see victory. ultimately it is about we want to win and win together. >> a wonderful time in the meeting. we made a lot of progress. not the last one. >> reporter: the event heralded as a major endorsement originally scaled back after several controversial comments and tweet biz trump including one where he retweeted black stikz about black on white crime and after suggesting a black protesters deserved to be roughed up by trump supporters. these pastors coming to his defense. >> he's probably the least racist person there is. >> reporter: in new hampshire, new jersey governor chris christie taking on trump for maintaining that american muslims rejoiced by the thousands in new jersey during 9/11. something he says is untrue. >> it didn't happen. and the fact is that people can say anything but the facts are the facts and that did not happen in new jersey that day
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and hasn't happened since. >> reporter: other candidates are staying out of the fray, focusing instead on cyber-monday shoppers. mark koeg rubio's campaign offering a flash sale on then tee and ted cruz supporters offering a limited edition sweater. democrats also tried to get in on some of the cyber-monday dollars by offering a special discount to liberals in their online store. aditi, kendis. >> thanks to lana there. we're exactly two months away from the iowa caucus. another big data breach to tell you as the holiday shopping seen heats up, v-tech announces hackers have stolen the personal information of 5 million customers and their children. the hong kong-based company says credit cards and social security numbers have not been compromised but the breach includes addresses, names, gender, and birth dates of child users. i guess this might qualify as perhaps the cutest picture to
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emerge from the holayay season so far. it happened at a mall in indiana. >> let's an look at there little guy right there. he fell asleep waiting for his turn to have a picture taken with santa. so santa made the best of it and acted like he was taking a nap, too. he probably could have used the rest. >> the little guy's name is zeke. his dad was taking the pictures. since he posted them online, they've gotten nearly half a million likes. it's very, very cute. picture was taken at a mall in evansville, indiana. and so. >> making a nice comfortable cushion for him. >> exactly. who knew that santa's belly made a nice pillow. it does. an dad can't believe how adorable our son's pictures santa came out. >> it's the most unique picture rather than him sitting on the lap. >> have you done that with your daughters yet? >> we're kind of not excited about the lines and everything, but we're going to having to
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brave the lines and do it. >> cool. >> we'll have her fall asleep. coming up, a historic in the halls of the united states congress. >> it may be tuesday but many of those cyber-monday deals are still out there. why retailers are keepinging up their end of the bargains and which purchases offer the best value. >> the man who decided to stay up more than two days straight for you insomniacs take note. our medical editor dan child's is taking one for the team to see the true effects of sleeplessness. he's with us in the studio. check out our behind the scenes pick on instagram. you're watching abc "world news now."
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check out this bizarre accident in china. watch as those two vans suddenly rise off the ground before one flips. the video left people guessing what happened. turns out, a street sweeper had pulled a cable up off the road which acted as a trip wire. fortunately, no one was injured. >> yeah, you can see the sweeper over there on the right i guess. kind of cool. and trippy. >> here at home in the meantime, a major trip wire was apparently pulled online at both target and paypal. >> so many cyber-monday shoppers caused slowdowns and interruptions or both sites. but still shoppers barely missed a beat. here's abc's rebecca jarvis.
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>> reporter: a glimpse >> reporter: tonight, a glimpse of the not too distant future. 30-minute delivery by drone, brought to you by amazon. >> lowers itself slowly to the ground, drops off the package and flies straight back up to altitude. >> reporter: the retail giant hoping today's sales will top last year's record. 500 items sold every second. retailers fighting for your attention. >> cyber monday is arriving at >> reporter: target offering 15% off everything on its website. leading to that temporary crash. best buy offering a rare discount on some apple products, like $200 off this macbook air. plus, according to the number crunchers, now is one of the best times of the year to book that family vacation. up to 65% off hotels at liberty travel. and big discounts on cruises. like this one to the bahamas. five nights for as low as $309. 70% off on if you can afford to wait, try leaving that shopping cart for a while. a number of retailers will
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e-mail you coupons for an additional savings just to close the deal. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> and it does appear like cyber-monday is starting to take over. sales were once again down on black friday for the big box stores. >> yeah. >> are you all set? >> not even like 1%. i'm one of those people who shows up at the store december 24 at 5:00 p.m. and does all my shopping. >> your poor hubby. >> i did do some shopping for the most important person in my life. >> you? >> myself. >> got to take care of number one first. >> i love you immediately knew that. but i was amazed how quickly i got to my apartment last night. >> you were saying a matter of hours. >> afternoon, boom, i was there. coming up in our next half hour, where your tax dollars are being spent. the stung new report that has taxpayers seeing red. millions of dollars spent on
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everything from weight loss plans for truck drivers to studying the dating habits of senior citizens. >> but first, it's something about which we all know all too well. the science behind what really happens to our bodies when we don't get enough sleep. that's coming up next on "world news now."
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♪ throw back to our head banger days. >> i can't imagine that you had any. >> well, it is a subject that's near and dear to our hearts here at "world news now." sleep deprivation. if you're watching us right now, you're probably in the same boat. >> you may recall during gma's epic live stream event two weeks ago, the managing editor of our
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medical stayed up for 50 straight hours to see what what would happen to his body and mind. boy, did he ever. >> reporter: we're a nation running on empty. up to 70 million americans are not getting enough sleep. one night of bad sleep can lead to problems concentrating and accidents like car crashes. so we wanted to put the human body to an extreme sleep test to find out how it would react. >> it's quite likely i'll start to lose it a little bit. >> reporter: under the supervision of doctors at mount sinai center for sleep medicine, dan childs stayed awake for 50 hours to find out the effect of sleep deprivation on concentration, coordination and the ability to complete tasks. dan was not allowed a wink of sleep or a sip of caffeine. >> when you're sleep deprived, humans eat more. >> he craved carbs like cereal and pie and forced himself to be active to stay awake. >> this lego is is apparently
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for ages 6 to 12 into he even worked out and found his body was much more awake after exercising. but his low points came in the morning hours. >> i'm doing i can to stay awake. >> reporter: after being awaking for 50 hours, dan was disoriented and unable to complete simple tasks not to mention utterly exhausted. >> probably have a couple of hours left in me and then we'll see happens. >> dan childs joins us now live. what did happen after the experiment? >> well, the experiment after the 50 hours, we went back to the hospital room where i had been staying for 40 hours. i was completely disoriented as if someone picked up the room and turned it 90 dgds. i couldn't find my way around or my way out. i went directly home. i slept for about ten hours. woke up. ate like half a chicken, fell back asleep for ten more hours. in the first 24 hours after the experiment, i was asleep for 20 of them it took a lot of
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recovery. >> what surprised you most about the whole thing? >> there were a number of things. number one, i think that it was even possible that i could get through this 50 hours but the other thing, and this is really interesting was that i felt as if even during the end of the experiment, as if i was capable of doing certain things. but then when we did like the sobriety test, the cogmytive test, it was very clear that i wasn't actually doing these things very well at all. i think that reflects one of the problems with acute sleep deprivation. people get behind the wheel or do something else and they run a risk of hurting themselves. >> they feel as if they're quite fine. sleep is a major issue for many viewers. what sort of advice after coming out of all there do you have for people who have to keep odd hours perhaps because of work? >> most experts say the trick is to keep a schedule, no matter what your shift happens to be, make sure you have a regular sort of schedule that allows
3:21 am
enough sleep and stay discipl e disciplined to that. as long as you get hours you need, you're probably going to be okay. once you start cutting into that or making it irregular, that's where you run into problems. >> many of us have been in be that situation of tossing, tun turning, not being able to go to sleep. what's your advice for that snug. >> there are a couple things people can do. one of the things is practicing what's called good sleep hygiene. kind of a funny sounding term. what it means is making sure that the place in which you're sleeping it dark enough and cool enough to let you sleep through the night to, make sure to minimize distractions. if you're really running into problems, if you find that you have trouble falling asleep every single night, that's really the time where you need to seek out your doctor's opinion. you need to see a sleep expert and see what can be done to improve thingsing and see if there's a larger underlying problem that's keeping you awake. >> okay. dan childs, appreciate it. >> thank you. and stay with us. we'll be right back.
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okay. time now for "the mix." we're going to start off with something that is seems to be growing in washington. take a look at this. so we've all seen the new speaker paul ryan looking very young in his early 40s. well, yesterday on his instagram and twitter feed, he posted a new look. do you see that? >> that's not a beard. it's scruff. >> well. that probably took all of november for him to. >> completely emasculating him. >> he put it out to the world and to the u.s. capitol historian asking, you know, he's waiting on confirmation from the house historian, but an apparently he thinks he's the first speaker to sport a beard in about 100 years. the historian said yeah, you know what the last speaker to do it was well-known frederick huntington who was a speaker
3:26 am
from 1919 to 1925 who sported a beard. >> interesting. >> we'll see if he'll have it for the state of the union the 12th of january. we've been talking about christmas gifts. we have one coming out today which a lot of people might be excited about. a remote control oscar mayer wienermobile. like a miniature wienermobile. it's remote controlled. it's coming out today. this is the best part i thought. it's large enough to deliver two hot dogs. a special compartment inside. i love loft hot dogs. available for purchase for $25 through the oscar mayer website but only in limited numbers. >> if it can bring you a beer, as well, i would relish the thought of it. this is really cool if you're a traveler. this coup ol norwegian couple from the very start of their journey through southeast asia from the couch, they captured all of it on video.
3:27 am
they traveled to thailand, lay owes, vietnam, cambodia, malaysia and australia. you saw them kayaking, partying, surfing, swimming. you saw them doing it all. finally they made it back home after this much three-month journey. they made it back home and they were just absolutely. >> look at all the mail. >> tired. the mail piled up in that time. >> you no he that feeling when you come back home? you just want to be on your couch and veg out. >> absolutely. >> that's cool. by the way, after all those miles, they're still flying coach. >> yeah, and they're still together. >> yes, well that's probably the biggest victory there of all. >> cool video in as you trail that we should get to. take a look at this. >> a competition. >> a music competition i guess in australia near melbourne. this sand tornado just popped out of nowhere. these guys said why not. we're going to keep the party going. >> and followed that tornado. >> not wise i would think.
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this morning on "world news now," an urgent challenge. the world's leaders coming together to combat climate change. president obama's promise to the world as the fight against terrorism also very much in the picture in paris. breaking news. police in atlanta involved in a fatal shooting near a downtown hotel. one person killed in a s.w.a.t. team operation. the latest details just coming in. >> new this half hour. wasteful government spending. >> the latest report on how taxpayer dollars are being spent. the embarrassing programs being fueled by your money and how some lawmakers are aiming to get the pork pulled. >> just when you thought this guy was gone, he's back. psy, the man responsible for gangnam style and all after its terrible wedding dance


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