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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 3, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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frightened people huddled inside. marcos aguilar found out his wife was one of them through a text. >> she said she was inside. that there was a shooting outside shooting. she's locked in in her office. she said i love you and i came over here. >> reporter: she made it out of the building along with others. oo evacuated, guyed by armed police officers on to buss to take them to safety. the latest here from loma linda hospital is they received five adult patients two now listed in critical but stable condition. two listed in fair and one at this point is still being assessed. also, we're told that they received a bomb threat early in the afternoon that was cleared about an hour later. but still, this hospital is operating on a heightened sense of alert and they have several police officers that will be here throughout the night. kayna whitworth, abc news, san bernardino. >> tense times in southern california. house speaker paul ryan is among those reacting to the massacre
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in california. >> at his first capital christmas tree lighting, the wisconsin republican called pore a moment of silence for the victims. just a day earlier at a planned parenthood clinic, ryan urged con griz to prioritize mental health reform. >> among the many presidential candidates expressing think for the victims was donald trump. he began his rally last night with a moment of silence. he also thanked law enforcement for their efforts saying they don't get enough credit for their work. he added it's a job most people including him don't want to do. >> the victims of the rampage were honored last night before professional sports nents southern california. >> would you please join us as we on a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. >> the scene at the staples center, some 60 miles to the east of where the rampage took place before the l.a. clippers tipped off against indiana. a moment of silence was also
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held before the anaheim ducks game. >> and i want to remind you to stay with abc news as we cover all the developments from san bernardino later this half hour. how gun violence is taking its toll more than ever across the country. we have another breaking story at this hour, concerning the secret service. a congressional investigation out this morning revealed several previously unknown security breaches including one at the white house. it says two people managed to breach the perimeter of the white house complex back in february of this year simply by walking in unnoticed. the report details an unauthorized person approaching president obama at a dinner event and investigators say security at vice president joe biden's home in delaware was breached when four people on a fishing trip were able to walk into his backyard noticed when neighbors called the secret service. investigators call the secret service "an agency in crisis" and the panel recommends their
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responsibilities to be scaled back to concentrate on protection. two u.s. army pilots have been killed in a helicopter crash in rural tennessee. authorities say the two pilots from the 101st airborne division were flying a two-seat apache helicopter when the chopper went down 12 miles south of fort campbell. the cause is under investigation. overseas, britain launched its first air strikes against isis targets in syria. the attacks followed an emotional debate in the british parliament which led to the air strikes being approved. the german parliament also expected to approve a military commitment against isis including 100 troops in a support role. a ruling is expected from a top appeals court in south african about oscar pistorius. the question, the court is deciding is whether the manslaughter verdict against him should be overturned. he was found guilty in the death of his girlfriendny 2013. if his conviction is changed to
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murder, he potentially faces a 15-year prison sentence. >> very busy morning here all around. coming up, more coverage of our top story. the california shooting rampage as we stay on top of all the developments. >> including what happened and when inside that office in san bernardino. the moment by moment dramatic and unforgettable fear. >> and the grim reality about mass shootings inning this country. and the demands for safety from gun violence. you're watching "world news now." ♪
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age agnostic. olay is a purveyor of ageless. only the best 1% of ingredients make it into our products. for transformed skin without expensive brands or procedures. it's the ultimate beauty victory. nobody has any idea how old you are. with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless. olay. ageless. recapping breaking news, the suspects in that deadly california rampage have been identified this morning. police say 2-year-old syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire at the center killing 14 people. the couple was later killed in a shoot-out with police. farook was a county employee and traveled recently to saudi
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arabia this year and returned with a wife. they reportedly have a 6-month-old baby. >> we're getting a new report right now from the scene of that shoot-out where the two suspects were killed. >> kabc's leeann souter is at the scene. >> reporter: authorities say up to 21 officers were involved in that shoot-out as well as those two suspects as you can see live behind me here, this neighborhood remains shutdown as the investigation continues into the night. >> [ expletive ] gunshots. >> yeah. >> those are gunshots! >> oh, yeah. >> those are gunshots [ expletive ]. >> oh [ expletive ]. >> reporter: a terrifying scene captured on camera, drivers caught in the crossfire of a rolling gun battle as police opened fire on suspected killers. >> multiple gunshots going back and forth. next thing you know, i seen army officers, fbi agents everything is coming down the street. and i wasn't even scared because one of the officers is came past and told us run inside the
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house. there's an active shooter. the first thing i did was ran to safety. the shooting kept on going for about 45 seconds to a minute. it was a constant shoot-out. >> reporter: the suspect's suv riddled with bullet holes. two dead. 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik. the chase was on. witnesses say the suspects exchanged gunfire with police before crashing. the neighborhood erupting in a barrage of bullets. >> oh, my gosh. >> dozens of police cars and all these men with guns were running behind me with guns drawn. i'm in the middle of it. and then more shots start fire. so big thunder. this time i'm really close. >> we were watching tv and hear gun fires left and right. and we -- my grandmother says go hide in the bathtub. go hide. i finally get into the bathtub.
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because there's marble walls so she said it will keep me safe. and we did that and after that, after a few minutes when the gunfire started to slow down, an fer came and said to get out of our house. there's a bomb in the front of our house. >> reporter: authorities feared the suspects threw potential explosives from the vehicle. as the bomb squad inspected the potential bombs, other officers on the hunt for a potential third suspect who may have fled the scene. residents helping to spot a suspicious man taken in for questioning. >> him showing up a couple times, concentrating on going down this alley. another person coming down the alley with something strapped to him. they didn't get a good look what he had, but it's -- it is a bit innerving. >> reporter: as the investigation continues into the night, residents are counting their blessing.
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witnesses say there were bullet holes in their homes but no one was injured. >> i was a little bit scared because i left my kids here thinking they would be safe because i was hoping they would have fled from the area and not come back. apparently they stayed in the area in the vicinity. so it was scary. >> reporter: one officer was hurt in the shoot-out. we are told his injury is not life-threatening. officials say that this neighborhood will be -- will remain shutdown well into tomorrow for a very lengthy investigation. life in san bernardino, lee and souter, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> initially they thought there were three suspects on the run and whittled it down to two. but that third suspect they said they did apprehend someone but don't know if that person is tied to these attacks. >> they do believe that will person was not a shooter. coming up, the trend of tragedy. >> the shooting just the latest in a sick and sad routine. stay with us. we'll have much more in just a moment. "world news now"
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there's still no word on motive for the rampage until san bernardino. >> federal agents say this latest shooting is part of an alarming trend. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: it's been happening with frightening regularity. the second mass shooting in less
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than a week. three were killed at a planned parenthood clinic last saturday, ten killed in october at an oregon college, nine massacred in a church in june. five pooh gunned down in chattanooga in july. the potential motives ranged from racism to politics to terrorism. cases in small and large cities, urban and rural areas. there have been at least 56 mass shootings so far in 2015 where at least three people have died, an average of more than one a week. the trend alarming. federal agents say the number of active shooter incidents have more than doubled in recent years. across this country, police officials are worried that this is the new normal. a deadly new normal. pierre thomas, abc news, new york. people wonder does having stronger gun laws headache a difference? it was the law center to prevent gun violence trying to fight to get more legislation on gun control found the state of california was one of the highest scorers when came to
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good gun laws. they got an i minus. >> jerry brown very vocal about that. the governor there.
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♪ we're back now with more on the reactions from the nation following the horrific mass shooting in san bernardino, california. >> we know at least 14 people were dead, even more injured. the investigation on going. but as we learn more about the suspects and their motive, we're still asking the larger question why. >> yeah, and we're not getting any answers to that. a press conference was held a few hours ago with officials out there and they say they still don't know why. >> we're looking at some of the morning papers. the daily news, the cover here saying god won't fix this. thoughts and prayers. it's been tweeted out by lots of the political candidates, ted
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cruz, rand paul, paul ryan, the headline here says the latest batch of innocent americans are left lying in pools of blood. cowards continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes. >> that has been one of their issues that the new york daily news has taken up. this is the cover of the "l.a. times," rampage kills 14. this incident taking place about 60 miles to the east of los angeles. >> and gabby giffords tweeting out america is an extraordinary place but these shootings make us stand out in the worst of ways lsht san bernardino. >> she's been vocal about this every one of these incidents when they've taken place. and dianne feinstein, the senator from california, of course, saying each time i see news of another mass shooting i feel it in the pit of my stomach. high my heart is with san bernardino. >> the "washington post" has been keeping tabs on shootings this year. they say there have been more shootings in america than days
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of the year. 352 by their count. >> it's really a frightening frightening number. this one, there have been 44 mass shootings in the month of june alone when you think about that. more than 351 as you mentioned overall this year alone. it does become a daily occurrence it seems here in this country. as i mentioned those words like shelter in place and active shooter, they're young kids that know what ha means. >> uh-huh. also the fact a lot of questions being asked why america, why the president of the united states saying in an interview yesterday that a lot of people are questioning why it happens to this country and not other countries. there are many more gun homicides here than in other advanced countries. that's become a focus, as well. >> coming back to a point you made, california has strict gun laws yet this took place in california. is that really the key? >> a lot of people asking, politicians on capitol hill to take some action because this is becoming all too normal. >> that's the news for this half
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this morning on "world news now," developments unfolding quickly for the southern california shooting rampage. >> the details coming in from the scene from investigators and what we're learning overnight about the witnesses, live extended coverage ahead. including the suspects, their identities and the search for a motive. the latest from police trying to piece together what happened in their intense investigation. >> and later inside the minds of suspect who's carry out deadly gun violence and the warning signs about deadly terrorist acts here in the homeland. it is thursday, december 3rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this busy thursday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. it is a busy thursday morning late night news conferences or early morning news conferences were held out in san bernardino as we mentioned.


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