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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 3, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now," disbelief, grief and fear after the deadly california shooting rampage, the unforgettable scenes, the human toll. the search for answers and the breaking developments overnight. >> including details just released about the suspects, their take-down and what led to the shootings. we'll take you live to san bernardino. >> and later gun violence as a campaign issue. the presidential hopefuls address the emotional topic as they look for votes. it is thursday, december 3rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. we want to get right to the breaking news in san bernardino, california. the latest mass shooting to rattle the nation. we're talking 14 lives lost in just a matter of minutes.
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>> the male and female suspects killed in the shoot-out with the police have been identified as syed farook and tashfeen malik, a couple in their late 20s, reportedly the parents of a 6-month-old baby. farook was a u.s. citizen and county employee. he allegedly left the training event being held at the social services center, then returned and hoped fire. abc's matt gutman has more on how all of this played out. >> reporter: lines of ambulances rushing to the scene, swat teams wearing body armor approaching the massive complex, a center whose mission is to care for people with developmental disabilities. the scene of a horror. 11:00 a.m., the first reports coming in. >> possible shots that were fired. we're getting a suspect, last seen wearing a black ski mask all black kroeting carrying a shotgun. >> witnesses outside describing a barrage of bullets. >> all of a sudden, boom, it just -- it was like right here. >> boom, boom, boom. >> they said they're on the
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loose. >> i was right behind the building. and i heard all the shots. >> reporter: juan hernandez was staying at a hotel across the street. he came out when he heard the gunfire. >> a bunch of shots. multiple shots. shots going off like crazy, just one right after the other. and as i came out, then we had seen a black suv flying down the street. what i saw it looked like one guy was wearing military fatigue. >> i have a suspect dressed in camo, mask, helmet, kevlar. >> reporter: the law enforcement response massive. >> they're coming over here. >> that's where they're running to. >> reporter: a nurse filming this video from inside the building. people evacuated with their hands in the air. getting patdowns to make sure attackers weren't blending in with the crowd. >> check our bag and ids. >> and then 45 minutes after that first call, this chilling police radio dispatch. >> the suspect possibly all
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three of them fled in a black suv. >> these are people that came prepared that they were dressed and equipped in a way to indicate that they were prepared and they had -- they were armed with long guns. not handguns. >> reporter: families gathering at the scene getting text messages from loved ones. terry pettitte reading this message from his daughter locked in an office. >> shooting at my work. people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> reporter: but she's okay? >> pray for us. >> reporter: frank waiting anxiously for his niece. he tells me they spoke on the phone. >> she said something about three shooters with machine guns. >> reporter: she was outside when it happened on her break you said, and then what happened? >> they hit the floor and they ran inside to their manager's office and barricaded themselves. >> reporter: you seem pretty nervous right now. you're still pretty upset. but she's okay, right? >> she's okay, but i just want to comfort her. >> this man's wife got out safely.
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they locked themself in in her office. they seen bodies on the floor. >> reporter: glenn willwerth heard it all unfold. >> you can hear people yelling and screaming. you can see a lot of people running around. >> reporter: a triage area set up at this intersection. the injured carried away on stretchers. police escorting evacuees to school buses, s.w.a.t. teams spent hours looking for victims and any explosives the attackers might have left behind. the scene still active hours later. authorities moving in to remove a suspicious device. >> one of those devices is believed to potentially be an explosive device. they're taking a very cautious very slow approach to processing that building and rendering that safe. >> reporter: the killers and their motives still a mystery. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is, is this terrorism. i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility.
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>> reporter: and if this wasn't terrorism with a big "t," then certainly this attack caused a tremendous amount of terror and fear in this community and there are still those 14 families waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones identities of those killed have not yet been released. matt gutman, abc news, san bernardino. >> our thanks to matt there. >> so many unanswered questions at this hour. mainly about the suspects and their motives. >> our coverage continues live in san bernardino with abc's brandi hitt. what can you tell us? we know there's a press conference just now. what's the latest from investigators? >> reporter: reena and kendis, police are now identifying the two suspected gunmen who are now dead as 27-year-old tashfeen malik and 28-year-old syed farook. officers say they were a couple, either engaged or married. but that they planned this attack at least that's what it appears. it was coordinated and well planned before they went into the building behind me. you can still see a large police presence here at this hour.
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officers are still going through the office building. within the last hour, we've heard three explosions. we were told they would be controlled explosions because they were concerned the couple may have left some sort of improvised explosives behind possibly. they've been going through the building and want to make sure it's deemed sasafe as the investigation continues. >> brandi, even at this early hour and several hours after this rampage took place, there are still several scenes right now police are investigating. what are they doing right now? >> reporter: this is one of three major police scenes we are in. obviously, this is where it all started with the shooting spree. when the shoot-out with authorities happened, it was only about two miles from where we are. that's another active scene. you saw that suv just riddled with bullets. officers surrounding it, making sure there weren't any suspects that were still at large. they originally thought there may be three gunmen. now officers confirmed they believe there were only two
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gunmen and both of those gunmen are dead. then there is a third search going on at a home five to six miles from where we are. it's believed that's where farook and malik lived together. authorities said that the home is in the name of farook but they're searching to make sure there may be evidence there that could help them determine a motive. that's obviously the big question. we've learned that syed farook was a county employee. authorities say he was an environmental specialist. he was at this meeting but then left 30 minutes before the shooting spree began. >> abc's brandi hitt live in san bernardino. we can hear the crews right behind her working through the clock. thank you so much. the victims of the rampage were honored last night before professional sports events in southern california. >> please join us as we observe a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. >> that moment of silence held at the staples center in los angeles before the
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los angeles clippers tipped off against indiana. a moment of silence was also held before the anaheim ducks game in southern california, as well. >> do stay with abc news as we cover developments from san bernardino. just ahead, how gun violence has turned into a major campaign issue. >> let's turn our focus to other headlines. happening right now, britain has launched its first air strikes against isis targets in syria. those attacks followed a long emotional debate in the house of commons which led to the air strikes being approved. british prime minister david cameron came out in strong support of the coalition air strikes. >> these terrorists are plotting to kill us and to radicalize our children right now. they attack us because of who we are, not because of what we do. >> cameron was backed by most members of his conservative party. opponents of the air strikes called them a reckless and half baked intervention that will make little practical difference. in baltimore, the trial of a
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police officer accused in the death of freddie gray is under way. defense attorneys for officer william porter are disputing when gray was injured in the back of a police van. they claim officer porter asked gray if he needed medical attention while he was being driven to a police station. earlier prosecutors denied that saying that gray couldn't breathe. a manhunt is under way outside harrisburg, pennsylvania for gunmen considered armed and dangerous. police dashcam video shows 24-year-old trey jackson pulled over for a suspected dui, butting out a gun and firing at officer lynn anderson several times before fleeing. officer anderson was not wounded. a $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to jackson's capture. >> we have an update on that mystery in alaska. the newly elected mayor of juneau found dead in his home, a preliminary autopsy ruled out gunshots, drugs and even suicide.
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finding that mayor greg fisk died of natural causes consistent with injuries from a fall. he was elected to the office in october. coming up, we're returning to our top story. the shooting rampage in southern california with the latest updates from police. >> also ahead, gun violence as a campaign issue. how the leading presidential candidates are speaking out on this difficult topic. and later, what experts on terrorism and violence are saying about the california rampage and the actions of police. >> you're watching "world news now." it seems that every year, we have to watch out for different types of germs. which is why it's important for your wipes to kill a broad spectrum of germs. lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs, including 8 different types of cold and flu viruses. to help protect your family... lysol that.
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updating breaking news right now, police identifying the suspects in that massacre at a conference center in san bernardino, california that left 14 people dead. they are syed farook and tashfeen malik. reportedly the parents of a 6-month-old boy. they were killed in a shoot-out with police hours after the rampage. farook was a county employee as many are identifying who apparently worked with the victims of the shooting. >> witnesses say he left the event early described as angry before he returned with assault rifle semi-automatic handguns, even body armor. pretty remarkable just how well armed he was. the police chief saying there was some level of planning involved. there was no way this happened at the last minute. >> very well planned. awful. the mass shooting in california comes less than a week at the shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. >> hillary clinton was discussing gun control in america even as the scene was
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unfolding in san bernardino. donald trump weighing in, as well. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: as some were shooting and others were dying in san bernardino, california, on the other side of the country th no knowledge yet of the massacre, hillary clinton happened to be talking about gun control. >> 90 americans a day die from gun violence. homicide, suicides, tragic avoidable accidents. 33,000 americans a year die. it is time for us to say, we're going to have comprehensive background checks. we're going to close the gun show loophole. >> once she learned of the shooting, clinton tweeting i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence now. the right to bear arms being pushed to the forefront of the campaign in the wake of the colorado, paris and now san bernardino shootings. on the republican side, front-runner donald trump thinks if more people were armed, there would be fewer fatalities during mass shootings. making his point this way.
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>> and when you look though at what took place in paris and they said move over, boom, move over, boom, nobody, nobody could protect themselves. and so we have to really cherish and protect our second amendment. and i will be the best at it, believe me. >> reporter: the republican front-runner tweeting, california shooting looks very bad. good luck to law enforcement. and god bless. this is when our police are so appreciated. another top republican presidential candidate weighing in, dr. ben carson calling this a hate crime. when asked why he would classify it as a late crime with so little known about the shooting, it appears he was talking on a symbolic level saying you don't do that to people you love. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> more coverage from southern california in a moment. more coverage from southern california in a moment. >> announcer: "world news now" continues aft
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we're back with the latest from the mass shooting in san bernardino. at least 14 dead. the suspects now identified. >> as the authorities track them down, their chase ending in a standoff. abc's byron pitts has more. >> reporter: around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, a massive manhunt for up to three armed
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gunmen, california came to a head. >> we are in pursuit of the suspect vehicle. we've got shots fired out the back window. >> our affiliate kabc on the scene hovering above this black suv that the authorities had been searching for for three hours. >> we've got multiple shots that were fired. >> reporter: windows blown out. the front door ajar and police crouching at a safe distance away. but this was the shoot-out our cameras missed that this neighbor captured on his phone. [ gunshots ] >> what sounds like fireworks is a fire fight. a body lying in the street feet away, that black suv riddled with bullets. one suspect still inside. as police run into position, single file up across the lawn. five minutes later, two armored vehicles approach the suv from both sides. >> you basically box a person in. so with the car in the front, a car in the back and many times one on the side, there's no place for the car to go.
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>> reporter: followed by a vehicle called a tack cat, armed with a ballistic shield. >> the whole point of armored vehicles in a law enforcement setting is exactly how they use this particular event where you take the vehicles and you use them as cover to protect you from obviously other firearms or potentially other explosives. >> reporter: officers cautiously approaching but it appears the suspect inside is already dead. two suspects dead at the scene. one male, one female, both armed with assault rifles and handguns and dressed in what police described as dark tactical gear. >> they were dressed in kind of assault style clothing. i think is probably the best way to term it. >> reporter: but all afternoon, authorities have been looking for up to three suspects. one person of interest was seen fleeing the scene. >> i don't have any information on who that person is yet, and
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we do not know if they were involved. it's possible they were not. >> reporter: police detained a third suspect after receiving reports of someone jumping a fence. the fbi raiding this home in that redlands neighborhood using a robot to sweep the apt. apartment. >> there's been discussions all day about potential explosives. even the police chief mentioned there might be a pipe bomb at the initial crime scene. keeping that in mind, you want to make sure you're not walking into a booby-trap. if you send a robot in, if it triggers something, then so be it. no one else is harmed. it gives you the opportunity to send it in and then it can be your eyes and ears inside the house. and once you feel like that it's sufficiently cleared at least maybe the first floor of that residence, then you make a tactical entry. >> reporter: byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> what a day in america. a lot of those events playing out on live television yesterday. >> absolutely. we are going to be back with a lot more coverage.
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and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ we're back now with more on the deadly shooting at an office building in san bernardino, california. the man and the woman who were accused of the shooting rampage that left 14 people dead have been identified this morning as syed farook and tashfeen malik killed in a shoot-out with police hours after the rampage. >> farook was a county employee who apparently worked with the victims of the shooting and late last night, his brother-in-law spoke on behalf of the extended family. >> i just cannot express how sad
3:56 am
i am for what happened today. i mean, condolences to the people who lost their life. i'm very sad that people lost their life and there's victims out there. i wish speedy recovery to them and again, i am in shock that something like this could happen. that's all i have. i hope everybody understands and everybody get recover much faster whatever victims are there. i spoke to about a week ago with him. i have no idea why would he do that. why would he do something like this. i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> and even some of his co-workers apparently shocked, as well. one saying that this was a guy who was living "the american dream," even describing him as a quiet person in the office. >> we often hear that after these incidents. so many people reacting
3:57 am
to this over the last few hours, including the sandy hook promise. of course, it's been about three years since that massacre in sandy hook. they released a statement saying the time to act is now. shootings at this frequency are not normal. >> and amy schumer saying this is absolutely heartbreaking. all my love to everyone in san bernardino, especially the first responders. those shootings must stop. >> aprilmy's reaction is of note because you'll raw one of the mass shootings took place during the screening for her movie "trainwreck" in june in lafayette, louisiana, three killed there. >> a lot of people wonder, we saw one of the victims -- one of the accused who was shot today was a woman and believe it or not, the fbi says from 2000 to 2013, there were 160 active shooters, six of them were women. >> what's troubling is these terms active shooter and shelter in place, now part of everyday language. >> new normal that nobody wants it sort of feels like. >> we'll be right back.
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making news in america this morning, another mass shooting. chaos, anguish and anger. >> she just said she was in her room. she locked herself up. there were shooters. >> a man and a woman dressed for battle terrorizing a california city. they hit the floor and ran inside to their manager's office. >> opening fire at an office holiday banquet. >> all of a sudden, boom, it just -- like right here. >> boom, boom, boom. >> the well-planned attack ending in a gunfight with police. >> oh, my gosh. >> new details about the suspects just released. >> reaction from the president and what we know about the victims. live team coverage.


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