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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> we have one down outside the car and went down inside the car. >>.there were 12 pipe bombs in that house >> is fossil -- possible this was terrorist related. >> we are at a time of war. leon: new developments about the horrific shooting at san bernardino. 14 debt in 21 injured. maureen: big questions surround the husband and wife behind it. both were killed in a shootout with police. the questions are was is enacted terrorism, a workplace's fees -- workplace dispute or did have a deeper meaning. reporter: there are a lot of moving parts this investigation right now. the fbi has taken the lead on this. 14 people killed. now it is 21 people injured inside that san bernardino social services building. the shooters killed by police have been identified as a
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husband and wife team, syed farook and tashfeen malik. investigators believe this was planned based on the arsenal of weapons that were involved and recovered. it appears this was a mission. the question is why. he had no criminal record and was a u.s. citizen and work for the county health department. law enforcement officials say he is been in touch with more than one terror suspect on the fbi's radar though he was not considered a high priority. terrorism for all the things involved in this has not been ruled out. >> it is possible that this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it is also possible that this was workplace related. >> you look at the amount of obvious preplanning and armaments he had, the weapons and the ammunition, there was obviously a mission. we know that. we do not know why. jonathan: we are starting to learn the names of the victims. one of them was a father of six.
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another was a physical education teacher who recently played santa for his children. brad garrett, i had a conversation with him this afternoon. he tells me other people are probably involved in a support role in this attack. it may even the work of a terrorist organization. -- it may have been the work of a terrorist organization. >> these are two people that it been trained how to shoot, how to move, how to avoid getting shot potentially. how to transport and perhaps a symbol explosives. there are going to be other people connected to these two you to directly or indirectly they got them ready to do what they did yesterday. jonathan: after the shooting, garrett says the suspect probably went back to the house to rearm for a second attack and perhaps they were there to upload their videotape. they were wearing go pro cameras at the time of the attack.
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some of that can be used as propaganda god knows where. they never got to carry out another attack because police did catch up with them. the shooting to spark an emotional gun-control debate on capitol hill. senator chris murphy tweeted out a sharp response to politicians who oppose gun control. .the offer thoughts and prayers murphy wrote, "your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again." some fired back quickly. others appear to be mobilizing. >> while it is right to respectfully acknowledge the losses, we can no longer remain silent. jonathan: we can tell that the senate is set to vote on to gun-control measures today. while expanded background checks. the other would stop anyone on the fbi's terror watch list and walking into a gun store and buying a gun. we will keep a close eye on these goes for you -- votes for
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you. what is this what happen in your workplace or another crowded public setting? brad bell joins us live in the newsroom with what you should do in the event of an active shooter situation. for many this is hard to even imagine but it clearly is something people need to prepare for. reporter: its a sad commentary on our world that the experts say you have to think about the what if. what if the shooter comes into your workplace? run, hide and fight. the first thing you should do is run and get away. if you can't, hide. get in your office and locked the door. tried to protect yourself. if you do, get ready to fight. for lisa been training to combat active shooter for years. after yet another massacre, you were being urged to prevent -- purveyor -- prepare. >> even when you are running,
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you are still prepared to fight. reporter: sean reeves is fully prepared to take on active shooter but he says it will likely be up to you to survive the initial attack. he says know your environment, be prepared to barricade the door. >> and we have a window. that can be an escape. point i need to realize i can open that window and i have to take everyone out that window. i will attack you with all i have. reporter: is a relatively new police philosophy. choice is a personal that people have to make but it's something people need to happen the back of their mind. reporter: he says you should have a plan of attack. >> anything can be a weapon. this remote in my hand can be a weapon if i hit you in the eyes or attacker face of it. .the stapler a metal object. reporter: he says know how doors open and how you can stand to ambush an attacker. the gun is here. just like that.
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>> you attack it. reporter: police say getting to the exits and getting out and away is your first and best option. if you can't, anything you can do can make a difference. brad bell, reporting. jonathan: we want to stress again the first thing you should do is get to the exits and get out of there. but as we said the police are saying it's really incumbent on you to think about what you will do and be prepared to fight. you can save your life and save the lives of others. brad bell, abc 7 news. jonathan: we prepare for fire drills all these years but it's a sad commentary nonetheless. we asked about safety. our twitter poll asks "do you think government can say from act of terrorism?: hundreds voted and the answer is overwhelmingly no.
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85% say no and 15% says yes. stay with abc 7 as we follow the investigation. we will update you on our website at around-the-clock. maureen and leon, let's go back to you. leon: coming up on abc 7 news, allowing women into military, roles. -- combat roles. maureen: the new conviction for oscar pistorius. leon: and the police officer on trial. who was called to the stand today. doug: clear skies outside right now. will the pattern master the weekend? i will have the weather coming
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maureen: a historic announcement today. the military is opening all combat positions to women. be carter says woman will able to fill all jobs currently limited to men. that includes infantry in some special operations units. >> they will be alive to drive tanks, fire mortars, lee infantry cold -- soldiers in the combat. they will service army rangers and green berets, navy seals, marine corps infantry, air force para-jumpers and every thing
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else i was a beastly open only to men -- previously open to men. developing now, a change in the conviction of former olympian oscar pistorius. south africa's supreme court to cleared him guilty of murdering his girlfriend. he was convicted of cold will -- culpable homicide. his prison term has yet to be decided. he is facing 15 years. maureen: testimony continues and trial of a baltimore police officer. william porter is charged in the death of freddie gray. he died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police transport van. today one of his instructors at the police academy was called to testify. also testifying was a captain who worked in the unit average policy for the police department. who writes policy for the
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police department. leon: metro leaders are out with the budget plans and you want to know what it means for your wallet. maureen: nice to see the sun again today but chilly temperatures are sticking around. doug is back with a complete forecast next. robert: the depleted cowboys team on monday but no overlooking. in the college ranks, a new top terp. one-on-one with dj durkin. leon:'tis the season for giving. help make a child's christmas brighter. bring a new unwrapped toy to national harbor from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on saturday. the team will be out there to take donations. they have to be new and unwrapped.
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leon: the effort to transform i-66 could take a big step forward tonight. they will consider a plan and
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are expected about to let the implementation of the transform 66 plan that calls for rush-hour tolls on vehicles with less than three people had support for alternative travel options like buses. we will have the outcome tonight on abc 7 at 11:00. maureen: good news for those of you who ride the rails. no new fare hikes. the new budget includes an airfare increases, no service cuts and no additional money from local jurisdictions. it does show a 5% decline in revenue year to year. metro says that federal funds will make up for that. >> what i'm seeking is a pause. we know where we have been. they have hired me to figure out how to we start to turn this thing around. i need a little bit of time to do that. maureen: today was the beginning of the budget discussions. the board is expected to not vote until april. leon: major says the paper
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tickets are no more. all vending machines of an upgraded to dispense plastic cards and set a paper. that change started in october. metro says that eliminates waste in mechanical problems. maureen: it's time for the national christmas tree lighting at the white house. the annual holiday festivities and concert just wrapped up. let's take a look at the celebration. 1.5, 4, 3, 2, [cheers] >> merry christmas! maureen: that was the official lighting of the national christmas tree. very pretty. and reese witherspoon was the host. the other guy was the cohost. [laughter] familiar.vaguely -- leon: that was doug hill. doug: about 12-15 years ago it
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was. it was the thrill of a lifetime. the day i was sent the for the christmas program it was 74 degrees. it was awful but i had a great time. you could use that suits tonight. ♪ [joy to the world] maureen: santa can saying. doug: what a dramatic difference weather-wise today over yesterday. we had the rain and the fog. it seemingly would never end but it did. high temperature officially at reagan national airport this afternoon a 53. the morning lows 42. not far from average. we had a record high of 71 in 2012.
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45 at annapolis and 42 degrees in hagerstown. 43 degrees in manassas. 45 of the nation's capital. the winds have a gusty all day but they are starting to diminish. 12 miles per hour at reagan national. that one speed still enough to knock the wind chills down a few degrees. . it feels like 39 in washington 35 in winchester and 36 degrees in baltimore. no major storminess talk about. the only precipitation is a little lake effect across lake erie in lake ontario. we are seen clearing skies. the cold air coming in on the north and west sides of the appalachians. that is why we are clear and they are not given him time everybody will clear out under the influence of high pressure from the west. it will keep us mostly sunny through tomorrow with a chilly start in the low 30's. climbing to the low 50's in the afternoon.
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friday night will be clear and chilly again. saturday another beautiful day with sunshine. probably 5455 on saturday. saturday.5 on tomorrow mostly sunny with 52. saturday, 53 degrees. early saturday morning if you will be near national harbor, stop by. it is toys for tots. drop in unopened randy toy between 11:00 and 3:00. we are cosponsoring with national harbor. the weather will be fine. temperatures in the 40's. then we get into sunday in warm up a bit more. on monday we are at 55 and monday evening we will keep our eye on the weather because for the redskins at 8:30 against the cowboys. temperatures will drop to the 40's during the game. we think it will be fairly light winds. just of a chance of a shower or two by thursday.
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back to you. maryland taking a play out of the redskins book. as a head has no gigs coach but the guys he has worked with might be the game changer. we will go one-on-one with maryland new -- maryland's new football coach. know tony romo on monday but the redskins are preparing as if h
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>> and now the toyota sports desk bought to you by your local toyota dealers. the new turks head coach has plenty of extremes as an apprentice finale is an opportunity to run his own ship. he comes the maryland for michigan for he was jim harbaugh's offensive coordinator -- defensive corner. erin: one of you been able to learn from jim and those guys about recruiting that you can bring here? >> the relentless in what you do. there was no substitute for hard work and no substitute for being the guy they keeps going at it. part of recruiting, your heart gets broken at times. but you pick it back up and keep going at it. we will hire a staff that has that same in tally. we've got to keep going. doug:
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robert: you look at the redskins season so far. they do not have a winning record but somehow they are in first place. i know another winnable game. a depleted cowboys team. no tony romo. but the word "overlook" is almost like profanity in the locker room. now that is our mindset. taking it one week at a time and getting better each week even though we are in the position we hope to be in. robert: what a night last night? kobe left us wanting more after last night's dominating performance. he put up 31 as the lakers defeated the wizards in will be the last time he laces up his sneakers in washington d.c. as an nba player. after the game a standing ovations. sad to see him go. tonight. on the road
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and again, kobe bryant with a fun night in washington. leon: the fans are showing so much love for a guy who comes here in case their butt. maureen: turn the other cheek. what is the latest? doug: it will be beautiful for the next seven days. 50 civil weekend. monday the next chance of rain. it looks like just a chance of scattered showers and more pleasant early december weather will follow that. steve is coming back from the white house at 11:00 and talk about the next days ahead and updated weekend forecast for you. maureen: and "world news tonight" is coming up live from san bernardino, california.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" on the scene here in california. the deadly shooting rampage. authorities on the young couple's mission to kill. the discovery inside their home. a dozen explosive devices. and what they found inside that suv. they were wearing tactical gear, opening fire during a holiday work event. 14 dead. did they have help? was it a terror attack? also, from inside the rampage, the harrowing stories now emerging tonight. my interview with farook's coworker, who shared a cubicle with him, sitting at the table with him before the horror unfolded. and, surviving a shooting. so many across this country imagining what they would do if a gunman walked in. elizabeth vargas tonight on what authorities say you should do to survive.


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