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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 4, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," explosive new details about the san bernardino rampage. >> what investigators discovered in the suspect's home as the heart broken community comes together paying tribute to the 14 people killed. we'll take you live to southern california. surviving the gunshots. the county employee who took a restroom break during the siege. it was break that probably saved his life. his remarkable story and brush with death. political ammunition. the presidential candidates confront terrorism and gun control as they look for votes, the intensifying debate. and military milestone. the decision by the pentagon changing forever the role of women serving in the armed forces. this is friday, december 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". good morning.
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on this friday, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. boy, i found it very hard this morning to read through the stories of the victims. i think it's so hard because you see yourself in a little bit of their stories, the woman who was planning her wedding, the father who was planning a disney world trip. it was heartbreaking to read. >> there are so many stories and so many family members left behind who are absolutely in disbelief this morning. it really was tough and even though we've been through this before, it never gets old. >> no, it doesn't. >> let's start with that overwhelming grief in southern california. that community struggling to come to grips with the senseless loss of so many innocent lives. >> senseless and so true. all 14 people killed now identified. mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. we're learning more about the husband and wife behind the massacre. newly wed who's left behind a new baby. abc's brandi hitt begins coverage live from san bernardino. good morning to you, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, reena. we're learning a lot more about
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the 14 people who were killed here. we know that the oldest victim is 60, the youngest just 26 years old. as you mentioned, many of them were parents of young children. tonight, an overnight, i should say, the community here hundreds gathered to remember them. ♪ heartbreak and airs as this southern california community mourns the death of 14 people. all of their names confirmed by the medical examiner. jennifer tal la sin knows had a last memory of her husband nicolas. >> i actually got an extra hug and a kiss before he left. so i'm just holding on to that. >> we have several down. >> when we entered, there was fresh gun powder and the smell of gun powder in the air. >> reporter: police say the two gunmen syed farook and his wife were heavily armed with guns, explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition when they opened fire wednesday during a county work conference.
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police picked up the trail of the fleeing shooters and set off in hot pursuit. >> the shooting at us from the suv eastbound on richardson. responding units watch your crossfire. >> reporter: the two the slot it out with the police. >> right now we have one down outside the car. one down inside the car. >> reporter: the couple died together in the fierce gun fight. the fbi finding a virtual bomb factory inside their home raising red flags for one neighbor. >> wanted to report it but said she didn't want to profile. >> reporter: now the fbi continues to lead this investigation trying to determine if this was an act of terrorism and if there are any other accomplices who remain at large. overnight, california's governor jerry brown says we should all be on our guard. reena and kendis. >> tense times there in san bernardino. this morning, brandi, what are we learning more about the shooters? know investigators were at their house for a little while. what did they find there?
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>> reporter: an unbelievable amount of explosivives waiting to be used according to authorities. when they went into that home, they were very cautious and said they found 12 pipe bombs not used and enough tools and materials to make even more bombs which suggests to many of them that this could have been so much worse and possibly were they planning other attacks that day or in the near future. that's what's unclear. we also know that syed farook is a u.s. citizen but his wife was here on a visa from pacific. the two had recently traveled to saudi arabia together. the fbi going through that house right now looking for any evidence. also tell abc sources that several hard drives, computers, electronics were purposely destroyed. they're now going through that hoping to find some evidence on those key electronic devices. >> more than 24 hours later, still seem questions.
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brandi hitt live in san bernardino. thank you so much. more now about the deadly rampage and the families that will never be the same again. >> as 21 people recover from their bullet wounds, others are coping with the fact their loved ones would not be coming home. more frau in kayna whitworth. >> reporter: reality sinking in for the families of those killed. >> everybody knew and loved him. >> ryan reyes's partner daniel kaufman was a job trainer at the coffee shop inside the inland regional center. >> the world will suffer from having one less person like him. >> reporter: 42 years old, one of the 14 killed in the shooting. also killed, environmental specialist michael wetzel, a father of six. >> we are very overwhelmed. there are six kids that have lost their father. >> nicolas tal la sin knows, damian meins and ten others their names of released by the san bernardino corner's office. many employees of the county health department attending a banquet when the shooting took
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place. 21 people also injured. kathy's younger sister denise hospitalized with a bullet still lodged in her abdomen. >> in over ever expects for something like that to happen so close to home. >> reporter: denise telling her sister about the horror inside that room. >> the door opens but you don't think anything of it. all of a sudden, gunfire starts. she felt a sting in her lower side of her back and then she knew she was shot. >> reporter: five of the most severely injured patients were transferred here to loma linda hospital where i spoke with their chief of emergency medicine. she told me they're prepared because in her opinion, something like this happening was not a platter of if, it was a matter of when this kayna whitworth, abc news, san bernardino. stay with abc news as more details come in from investigators in california. coming up, we'll hear from a survivor of that rampage whose trip to the restroom saved his life. that's later in this half hour.
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and lest we forget, there was another mass shooting a week ago, colorado springs. today is morning a victim of that armed attack. university police officer garrett swasey and two others were killed in the shooting at the planned parenthood clinic one week ago. the governor, mayor and other pishls will attend his funeral which follows a procession through the city. swasey responded to the emergency call at the clinic. this despite the fact it was not in his jurisdiction. chicago mayor rahm emanuel now welcomes a justice department probe of his police department. earlier this week, had he called the civil rights investigation "misguided," but hillary clinton and the illinois governor expressed support for it. manual emmanuel dropped opposition to a new dashcam video that allegedly shows another police shooting of a black teen. it will be made public next week. lawyers wretching seven women suing bill cosby for defamation plan to depose his wife next month. the legal team is objecting
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saying she is not accused of defamation and the request the amounts to harassment. the seven women say cosby's representatives denamed them after they went public. >> overseas the family of oscar pistorius says it is are considering legal options now that he has been convicted of murdering his girlfriend. an appeals court yesterday changed his manslaughter conviction to murder after finding the judge in his original trial wrongly applied a legal principle. the ruling from that appeals court also called pistorious' testimony untruthful. >> this case involves a human tragedy of shakespearean proportions. the accused conviction and sentence on count one are set aside and replaced with the following -- guilty of murder. >> pistorious remains under house arrest and will be resentenced on the murder conviction next year. the minimum sentence for murder in south africa is 15 years. this is a big development. the u.s. marines now looking for
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good, a few good women and so are the army, navy and air force. ash carter ordering services to open all military jobs to women including combat roles. right now about 10% of u.s. military jobs remain closed to women but carter says the military can no longer afford to disqualify half the u.s. population. >> they'll be allowed to drive thanks, fire mortars and lead soldiers into combat. they'll be able to be as army rangers and green berets, navy seals, marine corps infantry -- air force paratroopers and everything else previously open only to men. >> this is such a big deal. incredible. the corps has asked for partial exemption. carter said not going to happen. we're going to allow the women in. the policy begins next month. full implementation set for april. boy, we've seen these women go through -- it's rigorous. they've got to keep up with what the men are doing. why are you asking me if i'm
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going to sign up? you're the gym buff around here. you're the gym buff. >> now that you're allowed to. >> we can put lipstick on you and send you out there. >> lipstick on a pig. >> that's not where i was going. the last time we saw president obama in a traditional holiday role he was pardoning turkeys. the day before thanksgiving, he was in a holiday spirit last night, as well. >> the president and first family are lighting christmas tree. it was the 93rd annual lighting of the national tree. >> mr. obama took a moment during his comments to recognize the victims of the san bernardino massacre. he said their loss is everyone's loss because we're all one american family. >> that is true. it is really everyone's loss. >> beautiful picture there. coming up "in the mix" important advice for parents of newborns especially at this hour. how to calm down a cranky baby. >> i look forward to you presenting that to us. returning to our top story and the political ammunition for
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scenes from a disaster there. and we learn more from about the couple behind the wednesday's massacre in san bernardino. we're also hearing the harrowing stories of some of the survivors. >> one of them syed farook's cubicle mate was in the restroom when bullets came bursting through the paper towel dispenser. david muir has his story. >> during the break, i excused myself and got to the restroom. and when i finished up in the restroom, i'm ready to leave and there's like a bomb went off. and i turned back and look at the mirror. i can see that i'm bloody here, here and here. and i don't know what it is. >> you were at the paper towel dispenser? >> i was in the restroom. i just pulled the paper towels. it sounds like an explosion went off. >> comes right through the paper towel dispenser? >> i get hit with a blast. i don't know what it is.
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i thought the paper towel dispenser was booby-trapped. i announced to the other people in the restroom we're under attack. so the one that was beside me, i told him to get down on the floor and we put our feet against the door to inhibit anybody from entering the restroom. so we're hearing all these gunfire take place. we're not feeling anything. i'm trying to contact my wife and tell her i love her and that i'm okay. but we're under attack. and so the gentleman beside me, i asked him to call the police. and he did and he got through to them and he told them we were in the restroom and there was three of us. within minutes of us being there i guess it was four or five minutes, they came and they attempted to open the restroom door but they couldn't move the door because we had it braced closed. >> with your feet. >> yeah. >> you were frozen? >> one of my co-workers was
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outside that restroom within from her to myself and she took two or three rounds. and so we could see the injuries on her. i could feel my little bit of bleeding. some pepper marks all over my body. and oh we said, you know, we've got to get her to an ambulance. she's ambulatory so we sent her on her way. >> patrick helped many workers wounded. he saw a woman who was shot who he helped survive. >> did she thank you? >> yes. >> she said this is the man that rendered me aid and that made me feel good. >> in the moment you saw him, you got to the hospital. >> got to the hospital. i was very thankful. i didn't know if he was shot. i didn't know what was going on. >> she didn't want to believe me when i told her it was just -- >> i just kept thinking my husband going into that bathroom saved his life. >> that couple telling me they're grateful for the
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outpouring of support here in this community. patrick telling me he lost 14 of his friends, 14 victims here. david muir, abc news, san bernardino, california. and he also added to david's remark that he said i assume say yed was also one of my friends, the shooter. >> so tough. he survived. he's a survivor. he's lucky but he'll be living with that memory for a long time. >> absolutely. coming up in our next half hour, the new breed of terror that's chilling america's workplaces. it's only human for all of us to think what would we do if someone attacked our workplace. but what can save you? believe it or not, doesn't come as naturally as you might think. >> first the impact the massacre is having on the race for the white house. the candidates are weighing in. you're watching "world news now."
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this morning, authorities
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haven't yet ruled out terrorism in wednesday's massacre? san bernardino, but some presidential candidates are already convinced it is. >> with candidates on both sides weighing in, republican ted cruz was the first to call it radical islamic terrorism. now he's not alone. abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: two of the leading republican candidates say when they look at the san bernardino shooting rampage, they see one thing. terrorism. >> we've got a lot of bad things going on. radical islamic terrorism. take a look. i mean, you look at the names, you look at what's happened. you tell me. >> reporter: do you think this was terrorism in california? >> i think it was terrorism, yeah. i think it was terrorism. >> reporter: senator ted cruz saying it's further proof we're a nation at war. >> and all of us are deeply concerned that this is yet another manifestation of terrorism, radical islamic terrorism here at home. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, this tragedy underscores the problem of gun violence. tweeting "i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun
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violence now." but in new hampshire tonight, she believes this is terror, too. >> it's becoming clearer that we are dealing with an act of terrorism. something that included bombs, luckily one that didn't go off, but pipe bombs that were found through a search of their home. lots of weapons. and just a deliberate, hateful murder of all those innocent people. >> reporter: some republicans are reserving judgment on a motive. both senator rubio and jeb bush waiting on more information. tom llamas, abc news, washington. a lot of people are already -- even a few hours, the shots had not even stopped flying and a lot of people were putting their opinions out about it. we should point out donald trump backed an assault weapons ban waiting period back in 2000. sounding different now. >> it's hard when it's such a sensitive issue not to be accused of politicizing this
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to go the distance with you. go long. of time now for "the mix." maybe it's taking a pediatrician who has 30 years of experience from california to tell you how to you calm down a crying baby. want you to meet robert hamilton from santa monica, california. and here's his take on how to do thi this. >> so i was looking at it a little bit earlier. and it was interesting. he says you fold the baby's arms up front and then you just kind of pat their butt a little. >> it's all about the booty. >> he's able to do it within 30 seconds. quiet. >> but see, i don't understand this. i have put my children over my shoulder and patted their butt and it never works. >> it doesn't work? >> i'm kind of confused about this one. >> he's had 30 years of experience.
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you haven't had 30 years of experience yet. i'm sure by the time they're 30, you'll be able to quiet them. >> okay. >> okay, it worked. >> oh, boy. >> so talk about decking the hauls. take a look at this display from this woman in south wales in the uk. 2500 ormts this year. about 700 more than the last time. she begins decorating her ceiling in september. all of them mean something special. >> okay. >> okay. ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," developments overnight from san bernardino as investigators uncover explosive new details after the office complex rampage. we're live in southern california. >> surviving the worst. the office mate of the gunman taking a restroom break as the shoots were fired, a move that would save his life. his unforgettable ordeal. >> new this half hour, returning to washington, george w. bush and his right-hand man. >> what brought dick cheney and a whole lot of memories back to our nation's capital. it was history in the making. >> and later in "the skinny," the rock stars from coldplay get set for the gig of their lives. they're ready to perform for an audience of millions. it's friday, december 4th. >> announcer: from abc news,


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