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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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jonathan: that include smashed up cell phones. >> there is a lot of evidence that doesn't make sense. jonathan: we know while wednesday's attack was underway the 27-year-old female shooter tashfeen malik posted a pledge of allegiance to the isis leader. the statement was made under a different name and the f.b.i. says the attack may have been inspired by isis. >> this is a significant moment unfortunately. isis are going to take ownership of this in big way to inspire other attacks. >> the f.b.i. is advising caution saying it's still early in the investigation. >> we have no information this is part of a larger krupe. jonathan: the and lord allow allowed -- landlord allowed the media in the couple's
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home. the family says they had no idea and farook's sister is not sure she can forgive her brother. >> do you think your brother deserves to be forgiven? >> i don't know if i would forgive him. jonathan: receiving her fiancée's visa, tashfeen malik was put through intense scrutiny that raised no red flags. f.b.i. is saying there is no sign that isis had cup with the -- had contact with the couple, only that the couple admired the terror group. leon: the big shift in the investigation attorneys the woman involved in the massacre. her involvement seems unusual for a number of reasons. joce sterman is explaining that angle. joce: in the same time frame of the shooting she stormed a building pledging allegiance to isis. her role was investigated as a
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major player in support of an investigation many previously thought put women in a backseat role. i may be a sign of the culture that so far we have is only seen pictures of syed farook. his wife considered by many invizm, silent accomplice of the massacre of 1 people. tashfeen malik no longer under the radar. the f.b.i. focusing on her role after discovering a facebook post around the time of the attack. the mother and the wife pledging allegiance to isis on social media. >> women's engagement with isis is underestimated. joce: she noticed the changing role that women are playing. she is researching female jihadist working with the center for cyber and homelandland security. >> terrorist organizations are understanding that women are extremely successful. >> the leaders previously said that women have no place on
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the front line they are taking on active roles. a study of the u.s. legal cases linked to isis 10 of the 71 people involved were women. >> this underlines the security system. >> the san bernardino shooting dismissing the idea that women are not capable of this attack. making many wonder if tashfeen was not only involved but the mastermind. women involved in terrorism are either cast as a victim dragged into the plot or a zealous leader. but the truth is probably in between. the pair involved in california likely created their own echo chamber reinforcing the same beliefs to one another. joce sterman, abc7 news. alison: thank you. police in france and belgium are looking for two new suspects in last month's paris terrorist attack.
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the men used fake names and traveled with one of the attackers two months before the massacre. that attacker is the only known suspect in the paris attack to escape. salah abdeslam is believed to have fled to belgium and disappeared. leon: a sign of the times in the phoned in bomb threat interrupted holiday shopping. they closed the mall for three hours searching for evidence of a bomb. they didn't find anything. the mall reopened at 2:00 this afternoon. alison: switch gears and talk about the weather. ending on a high note in the weather department. leon: perfect. the folks are looking to get outside and help others this weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill at national harbor with how you can do that kind of thing this weekend. doug: yeah, it's spectacular here. if you like frosty weather, you will like the forecast. we're at national harbor
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tomorrow between 11:00 and 3:00. there will be a huge toy drive for toys for to the partnering with our friends at national harbor collecting new unwrapped toys. let's talk about the weather. it's still, the windy min niched. clear and cold overnight. take a look at how the temperatures will go overnight. areas in 30's by the morning. low outside the beltway in upper 20's. good shape with the crystal clear skies. meanwhile through the morning hours tomorrow we will have low 40's in the morning to 50's by the high. the beautiful weather is likely to continue in day on sunday. so f the moment enjoy the tree. tons of people are taking pictures. we encourage them to join us in the drive for toys for tots. that is the latest. leon: you got it. go up the river from where you
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are. frightening moments in the potomac river. a ferry broke loose from the cable. hay had to use both to push the ferry back to shore. alison: a woman is seriously hurt after a morning fire in reston. they are not calling it suspicious but there are bizarre circumstances surrounding it. suitland is live with what she has learned so far. kimberly: investigators are still looking into this and they are not calling it an arson. the neighbors said they thought it was accidental until they found the car that belonged to the woman. the hole in the driver's license's side window does not sit -- driver's side window does not fit well with them.
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cries for help loud enough to wake neighbors across the parking lot. >> "help me" at the top of her lungs. kimberly: david looked out the window and called 911 twice. once because of the screams and the second time because of the sparks inside the backdoor. >> trucks got here. it moved quickly. >> he and other danger assumed that it was accidental until they saw a gaping hole in car window out front. >> a lot of suspicion. fire, okay. but the car tied to it tells me something else is going on. i don't know what it is. i wish i did. kimberly: sounds like she was injured first and then the house caught fire. >> i would haven't a clue.
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it is rather odd. kimberly: strange and sad as they secure the town home. the mother with two children who were not home struggling for her life in a hospital in washington. her friends are setting up a go fund me page to support the two children. reporting live, kimberly suiters, abc7 news. leon: thank you. we have this just coming in the newsroom. the death of a man in a popular alexandria park is ruledded a homicide. it was found in four mile run park. sam sweeney is live with the latest including the victim's
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identity. what is the latest? sam: this man is 22-year-old eduardo almonderez and he was reported missing yesterday by the family and he was last seen in the park. he had been a victim of a crime. they fear that he was in danger. sarah walks her dog every day and she raved about the close knit safe and quiet community. today, something happened she never expected. this is not the norm. everybody knows each other. you see the neighbors in the park. it's scary. >> the search and the rescue teams came to look for the missing 22-year-old alexandria man last seen at the park.
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>> this is a death from trauma on the body. the victim was found in area near a creek bed. that he are trying to figure out how the man died. >> in every neighborhood there is crime. we won't stand for this. the neighborhood will come together. >> we learned this was the 22-year-old man. we edited the piece and found out details before going on the air. reporting live, sam sweeney, abc7 news. alison: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" --
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the latest problem for d.c.'s streetcar. pushing the opening to another year. leon: plus, what could be a factor in the case of the officer accused in gray freddie gray's death. alison: and the chipotle recall expands to our area. what you knead to know. >> tonight a young police officer fighting for his life after being hit on a traffic stop. that is coming u
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alison: montgomery county police officer fighting for life after being hit by a suspected drunk driver in a traffic stop. brad bell? brad: evidence tells what happened. there is white paint up there showing where the call he pulled over had come to a stop. a dotted yellow line. shows the path of the vehicle. we met the officer last year
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helping to rescue injured dog named ruby. >> we rushed her to the cruiser and got her to the hospital. trying to save the lives of motorist in the holiday task force. >> he pulled someone over. at the driver. >> he was taken to a trauma center. he had surgery last night. still there today. >> the driver of the striking vehicle identified as 47-year-old louise rulusco who stopped at the scene and taken to custody.
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>> a sam before of his blood was taken. >> the driver who was taken into custody has not been charged with any crimes. police said the suspicion is he is under the influence of alcohol but it could be a while before they turn it over for the final decision. in rockville. leon: police arrested a man that investigators believe shot an officer in the face. the officer survived. after a manhunt, the suspect tyler testerman was arrested eight hours after the shooting. schools were closed for the day. alison: an e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants
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expanded. it now includes maryland. cdc says 52 cases have been reported. in nine states. 47 patients report eating at chipotle in the week before the illness started. the agency has not determined the ingredient responsible for this. but they are heightening the food safety standard. leon: this is a good day to go to the national harbor. we'll be for the toys for tots toy drive. doug hill beat us to the punch. alison: it's nice and hopefully comfortable and sunny. >> we will have chilly temperatures. off the bat, i'll show you what the forecast is for the national harbor.
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the purpose is the toys for tots toy drive. bring in a new unwrapped toy. you will see the setup. it will be great. at the moment, this is a spectacular setting at the national harbor. the tree is magnificent. first 100 people are going to receive a cool brand new beanny. i tried this. it works well. my friend steve rudin has the rest of the weekend for you. >> a nice weekend ahead. chilly not as cold as yesterday.
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the record for the date is 76 in 1998. the wheel. temperatures are going to fall. the skies will stay clear through the overnight. 50 in cumberland. but the cold spot reporting in at iii. range from the 40's north of us and further 50 in the 50's. no extreme cold out there. not on the way. not anytime soon. tonight is a great game. the championship football game. clear and chilly. winds will be light. but it will be cold out there.
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the next best chance for rain is passing shower on tuesday. the coldest temperatures are upper 20's. downtown d.c. inside the capital beltway to 34 to 38 degrees. the winds are from the northwest at 5 miles per hour. waking up tomorrow, a cold start in upper northwest d.c. 35 degrees. if you head out for coffee or take the dog for a walk, a jacket, twitter. you will need it. the future cast. in the afternoon, abundant sunshine. toys for to thes to make it to the lower to middle 50's.
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dry for sunday. for the day tomorrow, waking up with the temperatures in the 30's. 4:00 in the afternoon, lower 50's. above average for the time of year. monday and tuesday 52 to4. then later next week we have the temperatures in the upper 50's. speaking of snow. come on out to the national harbor. it's a beauty. alison: it is. nice. leon: give somebody something we hope they won't use. steve: i'd be happy with six inches of snow this year. leon: be specific.
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11:27. alison: moving on to the news. still ahead at 5:00, an act of terrorism is how the f.b.i. is investigating the mass shooting in california. we are live at the scene with reaction ahead. >> the trial for
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alison: crucial evidence come to life in the freddie gray case. leon: the form of a video unveiled in the trial of william porter. >> the crucial piece of evidence that jurors got to see today is the videotape of porter interviewed by interim affairs in april. >> the trial resumed. and the jurors got to see and hear the interview with porter. taped five days after the arrest of freddie gray even before freddie gray's death. in the hour-long taped interview, he states, "i saw freddie gray laying on the wagon floor." i said what's up? he said can you help me up? i helped him up.
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i asked what was wrong and he just said i need a medic. >> they were there to watch the interview. so were the other legal experts. >> you have to go further to take nonresponse as an indication that all is well. >> the tape helps the prosecution case. >> next week, porter is expected to take the witness stand in his own defense. to explain his action. in april. in downtown baltimore. abc7 news. leon: still to come at 5 erz, from notorious drug kingpin to inspiration to hit tv series. now baltimore remembers the
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man known as "little melvin." alison: the latest speed bump for the streetcar. what is pushing the open to another page on the calendar? >> coming up next, reaction from california after one of the shooters in wednesday's attack linked to isis.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side.
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>> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. alison: today, the nation's suspicions appear to be a reality. the f.b.i. says the woman who helped carry out wednesday's attack that left 14 people dead in san bernardino, california, praised isis. just before the attack on facebook. that is the biggest development of an attack that rocked the nation. paul is in san bernardino. what is the f.b.i. saying exactly today that is new?? >> after mincing words they call this terrorism and call it radicalization of the killers to explore whether or not they are inspired to do this by international terrorist organizations. the murderous wife went on social media and posted her allegiance to isis.
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they grabbed things that i think they believe will be useful. alison: a lot of investigating to do here. the spectacle of people inside the apartment was something to see. how are people there reacting to the new developments today? there is a sense-relief. this community is in mourning. they are sitting shoulder to shoulder. an alarming scene to see a
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woman in the shrine of america, candle in hand praying for the victims of the attack. the folks said they had solace being there together. but they are crushed by what happened here. leon: you mentioned the legal specialist. they have never seen anything like this. the land lord let dozens of reporters and photographers inside the home of the san bernardino shooters. going through closets. it was broadcast live. afterwards they asked the land lord if he had permission to let them inside. >> did the police allow it to open it to everybody? >> yes. >> terrific. >> they said the investigation is over.
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the police department told me that. the f.b.i. didn't. >> it's unclear if the land lord had a right to do what he did under the california law. since the residents are dead, access belongs to the estate. one media network msnbc apologized how they handled the investigation. we have continuing coverage of the war on terror and bring you new developments as we learn them. alison: we turn to the other news of the day. funeral for a police officer gunned down at colorado planned parenthood a week ago. garrett swasey was one of three people kill and nine wounded in last friday's shooting. law enforcement from all over colorado attended the service. suspect in the shooting surrendered to police and now faces multiple charges.
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leon: checking other top story a woman suffered early morning injuries in reston. it happened at the st. trianians court. the victim was taken to the washington hospital center. no one else in the home at the time. police say the victim's car had been vandalized before the fire began. >> the alexandria police say a man whose body was found in the four mile run park this morning was homicide victim. identified as the 22-year-old eduardo david chendia. and the body found on the side of a creek bed feet from elementary school. leon: a montgomery county police officer fighting for his life after being hit by a car that happened last night in rockville. the officer was on foot conducting a traffic stop when he was hit. the driver remained on the scene. alison: now to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. if you have had trouble using debit or credit card today you
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are not alone. a glitch impacted customers of banks of wells fargo, pnc, sun trust and chase. they have now resolved the issue but the banks are still working to resolve residual problems. leon: new information on the long-delay d.c. streetcar project. abc7 confirmed comments that the streetcar will not open this year. testing period will open in a few weeks and take at least 21 days. then it's up to the department to sign off on the opening. bowser said the $200 million line would open in northeast d.c. in her first year in office. not going to happen. alison: nope. leon: coming up next at 5:00, a woman behind bars because a car turned her in. bizarre story. the car betraying the owner. >> privacy. dignity.
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something to call your own. alison: in tonight's working woman the inspire rationm story of a -- inspirational story about a lady that helped the homeless for 25 years. leon: coming up tonight at 6:00, the d.c. residents left frightened and frustrated after a series of break-in at the home. see how some are fighting back to help the police nab the thief.
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doug: doug hill back live with the weekend weather outlook. the forecast tomorrow is spectacular. same on sunday. the next seven days no changes in the forecast. more sunshine through the weekend and several days.
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no big variation. 30's for monday and tuesday. warming trend with the lows in the lower 40's. next friday we will be in the upper 50's. that could continue. stay with us. more news and weather ah
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alison: in the holiday season many people take time to give to those less fortunate. tonight's working woman has been helping the homeless population for 25 years. she has big plans to make the lives better for years to come. alison: for the last 25 years, panel dedicated her life to make other people's lives better. as the executive director, she has helped hundreds of people get off the street in a place on her home. >> in 1985, my family went to africa. you saw amazing joy and hope. i thought it was total despair. what is wrong with my perspective on life and what
5:41 pm
i'm doing with my life. there were three shelters with 80 beds. now 350 beds. they serve 1600 homeless people every year. leon: this is a chronic building for the homeless where they have a lease and pay 30% of the salary in rent. >> so are you still seeing? >> she loves to visit the residents to let them know she is rooting for them.
5:42 pm
and will fight for their future. >> they are not scary. they have dreams and aspiration and can change. >> so under her direction they launched a new program to help the homeless veterans in the area as well. they are collecting donations and food. leon: they are making a real difference. alison: no question. leon: betrayed by your own car.
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leon: it may seem unusual for those who didn't no him but the community is mourning the loss of a one-time drug kingpin. but he is far from normal as we look that he inspired a hit and changed the pop culture itself. >> he died yesterday as the drug kingpin. >> a legend. >> the neighborhood legend. >> drug dealers are bad but not all. >> he used no drugs or
5:46 pm
alcohol, admitted he caused mayhem, addiction on the streets but sometimes gave to the poor. the "baltimore sun" quoted federal authorities saying in his day little melvin saw as much as $1 million as drugs a day. on pennsylvania avenue. he went to prison and came back a different man. he joined the church and he worked with young people. he was consultant and deacon in "the wire" he told the interviewer was tame. in reality a grieving parent wanting to know who killed her son might get a visit. >> because the guy that is responsible for your son's death said for he to tell you he will come back tonight at 9:00 if you want to see him. >> melvin was educated strictly in the streets. he has common sense. he could handle any intellectual. you know what i mean?
5:47 pm
>> he was known by baltimore power brokers. used in the 1960's to stop the riots. >> he said stop the riot. everybody listened to him. >> unique to the city. in baltimore, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: a hit-and-run driver facing charges after the car called 911. >> the car called in saying you had been involved an accident. are you sure everything is okay? alison: well, the woman denied being in an accident but the car told a different story. there is a safety feature in the ford focus that not only called 911 but gave police her exact g.p.s. locations. she was involved in two hit-and-run crashes and she drove away from the first scene.
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busted big time. good technology. jamie: we are starting out with problem spot. in d.c. a crash on the freeway. heading westbound. trying to get to d.c. working your way. you will see that ctivity. in the 20's approaching eastern avenue to continue to the d.c.-maryland line. the bigger picture for prince george's county, red spots on the inner loop through greenbelt. it will be heavier as we continue south. on the top side of the beltway, getting to tysons closer to montgomery county. slow go. that is in both directions. but typical. look at 66. closer to centreville you can see the headlights. you loosen up with manassas and allegany but the issue
5:49 pm
is -- manassas and gainesville. you have a congestion. that is a look at your traffic. back to you. leon: thank you. the new "star wars" film opens two weeks from today. alison: not even the stars can contain the enthusiasm. >> the last time they saw me in storm suit we rescued the princess. alison: there you go. that is luke himself, luke hamil dressing up to ming with fans. he encouraging people to donate to charities force for change. the four-minute video received a million views on the "star wars youtube page. leon: do they know it's him? alison: i doubt it. >> it could be anybody saying
5:50 pm
that. leon: speaking of space. nasa hopes to have a refly mission. it contains a cargo ship. inside the supplies for astronauts on board the i.s.s. we will keep an eye this and let you know when it launches. alison: hopefully soon. alison: here it's seasonal and mild. steve: we have a cold overnight but tomorrow we will warm back up. outside a temperature at 49 at
5:51 pm
reagan. the 40's now. the exception is 30's. in terms of the satellite and radar, there is not a lot. the temperatures are falling from the upper 20's to the north and the western superbs. we will see 35 to 38 in the district. with the winds easing out of the northwest around 5 miles per hour. look at the bright sunshine to enjoy. if you're the first 100 to join us you will get a snow stick 7. cool stuff! the day planner shows a high in lower 50's. 54 on monday and 52 on tuesday. up 50's for thursday and friday next week. back to you. leon: we have to get him to
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say "snow stick 7" three times forecast. alison: dangerous. leon: saying erin hawksworth. alison: she is live in leesburg with the big game. hey, erin. erin: that is right. but first we have college football news to get to. u.v.a. announced the new head coach today. bronco mendenhall. he comes from b.y.u. where he was the coach for 11 years and led them to six bowl victories. for this game here, stonebridge has been a top team for quite some time. whoever wins the game tonight will go to state. [applause] >> it's crazy. everyone is buzzing at the school. erin: they are eager to get to the virginia state championship to finish what they started last year where they fell short in the state final. >> it was so emotional.
5:53 pm
i was hard. we know the boys put in so much work. they really wanted it. >> they said we will have a down year. the kids said no, we're not! they put themselves to work. a testament to their commitment. e -- erin: even though they beat stone bridge once this season, this game is different. >> the quarterback wasn't playing and it is a different game. we have to play well. >> they are a good football team. close game. erin: huskies have even more motivation. they are winning for the late assistant coach fortune who died in 2014. the field is dedicated to him. >> for coach, crazy. everybody loved him. great guy. erin: discipline, passion, commitment. three words the husky team hopes will carry them to the first state title. >> this group shows that anything is possible. not this year.
5:54 pm
if you commit to it and work hard this is what can happen. >> this game starts at 7:00 and the cheerleaders are ready to go. back to you. leon: you got it. thank you, erin. see you in a
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maureen: government waste, fraud and abuse has grown by the billions despite hand wringing to rein in federal spending. waste soared by 18% in a single year. reporter: for taxpayers, federal agencies wasted $124 billion in 2014. up by $19 billion from the previous year. according to the government accountability office report.
5:58 pm
reporter: the taxpayers are not getting the full picture. >> this is frustrating for the taxpayers. >> they looked at 22 agencies out of 140 agencies. >> the government is too big to effectively oversee properly. >> congress passed laws in 2003, 2010 and 2012. compelling agencies with the biggest budget to report improper payment and at least ten have failed to comply with the law in the past year. here is the comptroller general testifying earlier on capitol hill. >> there needs to be a better effort to focus on the root causes of the problems. >> reporter: by washington standard this is not a mere
5:59 pm
token of waste. from 2003 to 2014 the g.a.o. estimates nearly $1 trillion was lost to waste fraud or abuse. that is a small snapshot of what the g.a.o. uncovered. maureen: -- allison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but tonight at 6:00 -- >> we are now investigating horrific acts as an act of terrorism. alison: the f.b.i. investigating the mass shooting as an act of terrorism. the evidence that led to that announcement. plus the debate over gun control dominating the campaign trail. where the candidates side on the issue. local homeowners targeted by grinches this holiday season and how "7 on your side" is fighting back. the news at 6:00 starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: the question has been raised for several days.
6:00 pm
this afternoon the f.b.i. has confirmed that it is investigating the san bernardino mass shooting as act on terrorism. maureen: the shooters made extensive plan for the attack. jonathan elias at the terrorism alert desk following the new developments. jonathan: there have been more than a few. a lot of information coming out. the f.b.i. this afternoon giving it to us. we learn that the investigators found two broken cell phones believed to show that the shooters syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik were trying to destroy the phone to cover the tracks but for the first time we get a first look at his wife here. it was posted moments ago by abc news. f.b.i. is hoping to pull information from the cell phone they took out of the trash that has been stomped on to get a clearer picture of what was planned, who they were communicating with and what might be next. law enforcement sources tell abc news as the shooting was taking place, as it was going on,


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