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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the list. still many parents want to know how long they knew the dangerous levels of radon was present and opted to do nothing about it. this man requested that timeline last week to which mcps said the data will cost him more than $300 to process. >> they may say they take the issue of radon seriously but it looks like they take it as something to be covered up. >> mcps made a mistake. we didn't react the way the protocols say we should so we're retesting and remediate and move forward. kevin: in addition to the 28 impact buildings including glen allen elementary school, mcps says it will test every other building as well to have a fresh batch of data when it comes to radon. testing could take months to complete. in silver springs, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: breaking news right now out of the district where a person was shot after a carjacking along newcomb
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street near the intersection with fifth street. stephen tschida is live at the police headquarters with more. stephen: investigators are working the case. this is what the scene looked like moments after the carjacking went down. we have video. we can show you on newcomb street southeast. what we confirmed from police ten minutes ago is the individual who was shot was not the person who was carjacked. we spoke with a witness earlier today. this is what he had to say about what went down. we confirmed it with investigators. >> i heard two gunshots. came by after the police and paramedics arrived. he told me a guy was carjacked. his brother was outside talking to the guy. his brother turned to run in the house and the guy shot him.
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stephen: to clarify, he said that the guy who shot him was indeed the carjacker. at this time that individual shot was taken to the hospital with a wound in his thigh. now at this time, the investigators are looking for this 2014 beige toyota 4 runner. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now we turn to new developments in the last hour in the war on terror. the f.b.i. says it believes the two people killed after opening fire inside san bernardino's inland regional center had been radicalized for some time. we have the latest from san bernardino. >> we are strong. we a family. reporter: workers emotional. >> we held each other and we protected each other through this horrific event. reporter: many are trying to resume a normal work day after the unimaginable horror their colleagues suffered. the f.b.i. revealing new
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details today about the shooters. >> both suspects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. reporter: among the survivors the 6-month-old daughter of the shooting suspect of tashfeen malik and syed farook. the sister walking out of court this morning is trying to get custody. >> for the time being i want her to enjoy the innocence and we don't want her to know. reporter: they are trying to track the background and the contacts of the killers. >> i am farook. >> is not available. >> seen here in this photo arriving in the first time in u.s. as a newly married couple in july of 2014. the investigation over the weekend leading to the home of enriquez marquez. >> they were close friends. he was the closest to him. reporter: in 2012, marquez
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bought the high-powered assault rifles that ended up in the hands of the shooters used in the attack. we want to remind you to join us wednesday night. we will have a town hall to exam security versus freedom. the new normal starts at 7:00 on newschannel8 and will stream live on jonathan: well, let's change gears now. beautiful day outside today. the second week of december. we have almost 60 degree temperatures and sunny skies. alison: it's amazing. the average for the day isn't even 60 degrees. so stephen steve rudin is in the weather center. can it last? steve: it will only get better through the upcoming week. wait until you see the seven-day in a bit. take you outside to national harbor. the sun will set in 40 minutes or so. it's 53 degrees with winds on the southeast at 3 miles per hour. looking at the wider view across the metro area.
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the potomac, and aspen hill. 56 in burke. 55 in waldorf. show you the satellite and the radar to the south of us we have a storm. the south of us will remain west of the area. we'll stay dry through the overnight. the downtown d.c. out of the northwest. the highs rebound tomorrow to the middle 50's. the seven-day outlook and doug hill in live and we'll talk to him in a few minutes. alison: now frederick county where a woman is dead and two others are hurt after an a fire in an apartment building in emmitsburg along main
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street there. brianne carter has the latest. brianne: the firefighters clearing the scene in the last 15 minutes. they were shifting through the charred debris and home. after the mid-morning fire that killed one person and seriously injured two others. authorities tell abc7 it was just after 10:00 this morning when thick smoke started pouring from the middle home of the multiunit building. authorities say three people were trapped inside. neighbors tell abc7 a a couple lived at the home where the fire is believed to be started. we talked to a man who lived next door to the home. his wife was home at the time, saw the smoke and saw the neighbor inside yelling for help. >> that is when she was yelling for help. nothing she could do. it was terrible.
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she made him come out. he didn't want to come out. his wife. brianne: the couple lived here for decades. others are displaced. the red cross helping familiesment to. coming up tonight at 5:00, how close the fire department is to the home and how long they were on scene putting out the fire. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. developing now. the justice department is launching a pattern and practices investigation in the chicago police department. if release of dash cam video shooting a man 16 times sparks protests and firing of the police superintendent. the investigation will focus on the use of force, disciplinary procedures and similar to one underway in baltimore. >> regardless of the ultimate finding, we will seek to work with the local officials, residents and the law enforcement officers alike to
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ensure that the people of chicago have the world class police department they deserve. jonathan: while charges were filed the death of laquan mcdonald, officers will not be charged in the fatal shooting of another man. the dash cam shows ronald johnson holding a gun as he ran away from officer last year. the supreme court will not hear a challenge to a chicago superb assault weapons ban. this decision effectively uphold a lower court ruling upholding the highland park ban on semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazine. they have repeatedly turn away challenges to the gun law after upholding the right to a handgun in 2008. alison: a mental health expert will evaluate the man accused of killing two college students. jesse matthew jr. will be evaluated before the trial in july for the 2013 murder of hannah graham. he could get the death penalty if convicted.
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he is also charged with first-degree murder in the 2009 of virginia tech student morgan harrington. in baltimore, the medical examiner took the stand in the freddie gray murder trial today. dr. carol allen says she would not have ruled the case as a murder if officers had listened to gray's calls for help and taken him to a hospital. she said porter's failure to strap him in the seat was criminal negligence. porter is the first of six officers to stand trial in the death of gray. jonathan: coming up for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- red alert. what is in the air that is keeping schools closed in one area today? doug: i'm doug hill. we have the weather coming up. >> political correctness and
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jonathan: well, this was the scene in brisbane, australia. he decided to climb a train after a night out with friends.
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he used a crane like a jungle gym. hanging by his arms and legs. do you see there? he eventually came down. when he did, he was arrested. alison: my goodness. wow! maryland man is being held now without bail. accused of setting fire to two of the coworkersment this happened friday night in white marsh. he poured gas on his coworkers and lit them on fire. both men are in critical condition. one has burns to 90% of his body. a witness recorded the incident on his cell phone. >> we do have the video as evidence that we will use to further the investigation. and hopefully assist the prosecution in the case. alison: it was part of an ongoing dispute. friends of the victims are raising money to help with medical cost and rehabilitation. jonathan: horrible. in the next few days, homeland security secretary jeh johnson plans to unveil a terror
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system in the united states. you have heard if you see something suspicious you should say something. where is the line between precaution and profiling? and is the line blurred by the government? chris papst picks up the team coverage from the satellite center with a look at that part of the story. is this political correctness run amok? chris: following the terror attacks, the u.s. government is asking for the public's help to stop a terror attack before it happens. are americans afraid to help for fear of being wrong? >> e wants to be politically correct. a person said we knew what was going on but we don't want to profile. >> it's pretty bad. people are dead. chris: those remarks by donald trump following last week's shooting at san bernardino has many americans asking what they would do if they saw something suspicious. >> i'd be concerned about offending someone or them suing me.
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>> you would record and not think twice? >> absolutely. chris: "see something, say something" has become the slogan. the department of homeland security has it at the top of the website. but at the same time, the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch vowed to prosecute anti-muslim speech. >> mixed message. chris: dakota wood is a fellow for the heritage foundation. >> you think the government is asking the public to do something it's not inclined to do naturally. accuse of racial profiling or police respond. reporter: even cair, the council on american-islamic relations says there is no need to worry about racial profiling and being politically incorrect. if people report for the right reasons. >> as long as you are not basing your reporting on race, religion, eth in additionally as the sole -- eth in additionsy as the sole -- ethnicity as a sole criteria. report if it you see
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suspicious activity. chris: as jonathan mentioned to better inform the public about the terrorist activity, obama administration announced a new terror system. few specifics were provided but this is the third alert system in place since 9/11. chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: today's twitter poll is asking if you think the u.s. is too politically correct when it comes to fight the war on terrorism. we want to know what you think. go to the twitter feed. the hand is abc7 news. get a check of traffic on monday. jamie sullivan has an eye on the roads. how is it moving? jamie: moving but not at a nice pace. we are bumper to bumper on the inner loop of the beltway from $270 to 95 in maryland. take you 40 minutes. continuing to greenbelt we are in teens because of an earlier accident near route 450. the six-mile stretch that you are really seeing heaviest traffic from new hampshire
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again. continuing closer to 450. get ready for the delays. take a look outside. 395 is bumper to bumper. accident just where you see these signs so because of that, we are seeing the volume northbound and out of the city southboundment let's move back to the maps. tonight we have a game at fedex field. we have volume on the beltway. if you travel on metro, an extra hour, it will be open tonight. morgan boulevard and largo town center where you can get on. that is a look at traffic. jonathan: thank you for that. what a great day out. when you have a day like this, you feel like you are stealing something. alison: you do! steve: it will continue. it will only get better moving toward the end of the week. middle 60's. jonathan: outstanding. steve: middle of december. i'll take it.
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belle haven country club. golf course looks nice. the temperatures are cool right now. you can get plenty of golf in. the sun will set in another half hour. the temperatures across the board, 54 at winchester. 57 in fredericksburg. head to southern maryland looking at 49 degrees. the coolest of the air still well north and west of us. no time to arrive here. we have a big football game. a lot of you will take advantage of the nice weather. hope the skins win. 53 by the start of the game. by the time it ends in the lower 40's. partly cloudy skies. but they will begin to clear out at midnight. that is when the temperatures will fall with the light wind. here is what is going on outside. in this area is going to drift south and the high pressure
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will build back in. sunshine for the day tomorrow. the forecast low for tonight is 34 degrees. look at this for the upcoming weekend. friday is 61 degree's. the clods will increase. chance of showers for monday. doug hill is live in shirlington where they are going to light the tree and a lot of fun going on out there. doug: they are going to light up the village in shirlington tonight. at 6:00.
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a musical concert and then the big guy in a red suit will be here. rides for kids. we're at campbell avenue in front of the shirlington library. they'll have sound checks and get people ready. later tonight is rides for kids here. this is a great family vent. you have plenty of time to get here if you live in the northern virginia area. there are plenty of places to park. get in the holiday spirit. they are going to light up the streets and the tree and later from now they will light the second light of the minora as will so this is part of the excitement around the local area. we put out the idea to go to the holiday events and we didn't realize how many communities had the events. so far the weather has been perfect. steve will be back with more weather coming our way. in the meantime, we are catching a lucky break from old man winter here. the winds are calm. temperatures 50 in shirlington. comfortable night with clear
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skies. that is it. we will back to give you updates and get the holiday music for you as well from the village in shirlington. back to you. alison: it sounds great. metro theater is fun. jonathan: what is great when you think about it there are folks in minnesota and dakotas are shoveling and have been for weeks. not for us. steve: they can keep it. jonathan: right. there you go. alison: see you seen. jonathan: thanks. alison: still to come here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- forget lake effect snow. watch as fog takes over the windy city. we promise what you are seeing here is just the beginning. jonathan: very cool. >> it only took 30 seconds for the unwatered tree to go from holiday decoration to potential deadly hazard. i'm joce sterman. the stunning number of times it h
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alison: so a big thanks to everybody who came out to national harbor on saturday to help us out. we collected toys for tots. driver ended with big numbers. we are proud of this. 637 toys. $790 in cash. on top of that we got $1,000 denation from the folks at national harbor. you still have time if you weren't able to stop by this weekend and you can donate a toy by going to take part in the online drive. jonathan: you know the toys for the to thes program going
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on since 1948. just in the area here. they held upwards of of 30,000 kids that would otherwise go without a toy on the holiday season. they do so much here. alison: a great organization. so reliable. jonathan: fun to be out there. alison: we had a great time. we know this is a festive season. always plenty of nights and candles decking the halls. jonathan: true. but each year thousands of people are injured when the decorations start fires. "7 on your side" joce sterman shows us how the consumer product safety commission wants to help you stay safe when it comes to the signature holiday decoration. your tree. joce: we set a timer for 30 seconds. this is what you get when you water your tree. over here is what happens when you don't. we you know the difference could be life and death. just one simple step. failing to water the tree could cause a fire that happens in an indoesn't. as we discovered today thanks to a consumer product safety commission demonstration highlighting holiday danger. the agency showed how quickly
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that sparks can spread and devastate with the deadly consequences. sparked by the holiday lights killed ten people last year. that is why officials are trying to get the message out the holiday accidents with fire and other hazards need to be taken seriously. >> those of us who love comedies like "christmas vacation" that trigger laughs we know these are movies and they don't correspond to reality. holiday accidents can turn delightful celebrations into horrific nightmares. joce: it's not just watering the tree you have to worry about. coming up at 5:00 we will tell you about the other hazards to keep in mind and make sure your family is safe. in rockville, joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: well, unique minora in downtown tucson. made out of legos. the jewish outrage group
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unveiled it as hanukkah celebration. creative. alison: i bet it took a long time to make. still ahead at 4:00 -- erin: live at fedex field where the redskins will host the cowboys. there is a lot at stake. we'll discuss next. >> new information in the terror attacks attacks in calif. the president addressed the nation. there is real tough talk on capitol hill tonight. we'll have it for you
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jonathan: breaking news in the investigation in the mass shooting in san bernardino. in the last ten minutes we learned that the county health employees had an active shooter training last year in the exact same room. where the shootk took place. it's not clear if syed farook took part in the training. he was a restaurant inspector in beverageperson county. he and -- in san bernardino county. he and his wife killed 14 people in that room last wednesday. president obama took the rare stage of a primetime address from the oval office sunday night to address the u.s. strategy in the war on terror. it's what he didn't say that is getting attention today. senior political reporter with the latest on this. interesting thing that people pull away from the speech and what they can't hear. >> you are right.
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a lot of people were anxious to hear what he had to say. >> the threat is real. we will overcome it. >> critics and those that are worried about the future attacks argue it's what he didn't say that is noteworthy. >> there is nothing new here. >> justin johnson said it may have worked after terrorist but in light of what happened in san bernardino people need something more. >> something we all imagine being in the situation. it's not clear that the president has any plan for dealing with the threat. scott: 60% disapprove.
4:32 pm
rand paul told us the president lacked urgency in words and need. >> he needs to admit this is radical islam attack us and that part of the problem is who he let in the country. >> regardless of the concerns over the visa waivers or accepting refugees, senior member of the foreign relations committee says the president knows what to do and so does the average person. >> since 9/11, americans understand you have to be attentive to the surroundings and a higher alert. we are not closing down the society. we'll maintain the freedoms. scott: the poll was taken after paris but before the attack in california. for the first time more than half of those survey say they support sending ground troops to syria or iraq. live on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. congress has until midnight on saturday to pass $1.1 trillion
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spending bill. talks slowed somewhat. negotiators say while most of the issues are settled the smaller items are the sticking points. >> schools are close -- alison: schools are closed after beijing issued a red alert for smog. those who venture outside are wearing surgical masks. they expect it to last for several days. they shut down factories and halved the number of cars on the road. the level will guarantee the area vuller inable if to ski
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area. >> check out tv. the time lapse video to show fog blanketing chicago. visibility prop's to a quarter mile or less. it creating icy conditions on the roadways, overpass, sidewalks and pavement. now you see it now you don't. alison: amazing. jonathan: that does not look real. jonathan: blue skies. alison: really nice. steve rudin in the weather center with a they can of the forecast. we want to keep it going. this is from army navy and how the clouds fizzled out and reappear in the afternoon hours. not going to amount to a lot.
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this says cool and comfortable outside. southern maryland looking at 49 degrees from the cooler breeze off the water. the wake-up forecast. early tomorrow morning. as you head to the metro stop. the school bus and grabbing a cup of coffee or taking your dog out for a walk. freezing in fairfax. aspen hill with wake-up of 31. temperatures rebound nicely. in the next three days. middle 50's for wednesday. upper 50's thursday. the seven-day outlook has the temperatures for lower 60's friday. the night time lows in the
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40's. the belfort furniture. keep the nice weather going for now. alison: glad about that. thank you. it looks like the relationship between the nationals and the closer is becoming more distant. jonathan papelbon filed a grievance against the team for not by aing him in the team sanction four-game suspension last season. that happened after he choked bryce harper. you remember that. papelbon argued there is no precedent for loss of pay for a team sanctioned suspension. we'll see what happens. right now, it's football season. tonight is as good as it gets if you are a skins fan. jonathan: burgundy and gold welcoming the cowboys with a chance to take over first place in n.f.c. east. erika is live at fedex field where the parking lot opened. are there tailgating parties
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going on? erin: there should be. if they lose there would be a three-way tie. for past few weeks the redskins players said some of the suspect has to do with the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. they ate them at halftime. i went to see what they were talking about. what can you tell me about the sandwichs? >> they're stale. >> some days the bread is too hard, some days too soft. most guys are hungry at halftime. >> it's hard. i'm a rice crispy treat myself in halftime. >> that is not my thing. erin: you do it on the road too? >> yeah. yeah. on the road, at home or practice. there are pbj's to be found.
4:38 pm
>> smooth is cool. >> i'm sure redskins fans hope they are fresh tonight. nobody wants a stale sandwich. they are 5-1 at home but yet to win back-to-back games. that is on the line. jonathan: who is quarterbacking for dallas? erin: cassell. jonathan: oh, good. then we'll win. coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> one of the biggest findings in the identification of the underwater heritage in the history of humanity. >> a battle is brewing after 300-year-old mystery is solved. >> i'm kellye lynn at one of
4:39 pm
two high schools in prince george's county. i will tell you how they are meeting the needs
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jonathan: there is a push to
4:42 pm
give other students a glance other countries to give them a spot to achieve success. alison: kellye lynn takes us to one of the two international high schools in the county. >> successful. kellye: asian and spanish are not the only language you will hear spoken in the ninth grade english arts class. students that attend the school come from countries around the world. >> we have 19 countries and 13 different languages. kellye: the international high school at langely park is one of two new high schools in prince george's county aimed to improve the education of the immigrant students. >> it helps the students who just came to the country. they came and they didn't have this school. >> at the international school many of the students say they feel more comfortable and supported since all students are second language learners. the motive of instruction is competency learning to develop
4:43 pm
the critical thinking skills. >> they taught in english but they use the native language to support the learning. so you could have a leader who speaks english and spanish well. kellye: the goal is improve graduation rate for the learners who are less likely finish high school. >> i want to go to art school when i'm older. kellye: kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- remember world ii vets on world harbor day. >> i'm sam ford. that's next on abc7 news. doug: i'm doug hill live in shirlington. they are getting ready to light up the village.
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a big holiday celebration. details
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jonathan: back with a look at the wreath laying ceremony on pearl harbor. bombers attacked the base and killed 2,500 people and pulling the u.s. into world war ii. 74 years after the attack, commemorations held all over the country today. in d.c. that included an honor flight bringing the oldest living world war ii veteran to the memorial on the national mall. sam ford was there for the event. sam: came from many places to observe this. december 7, 1941 japan attacked world harbor and brought the united states in world war ii. the honorees included a group from texas on honor flight to observe the occasion. many of the honor flights brought men and women to serve to the nation's capital so others can pay homage. including a moment of silence at 11:53 p.m. washington time when the attack began in hawaii. one man in his 90's witnessed the attack.
4:48 pm
>> japanese dropped the bombs. that is where we lost so many men. there was blood all over the place. >> how old are you, sir? >> 94. sam: the group from texas is being honored at halftime at the cowboys-redskins football game. reporting from the national mall, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: 94 years old and recollection. everybody from that time with clear recollection. there are so few of them left now. alison: what a gather today. jonathan: no question. alison: president franklin d. roosevelt called this a day to live in infamy, the day after the attack. >> people of the united states have already said their opinions and will understand the implications for the life and safety of our nation. alison: today the roosevelt presidential library announced
4:49 pm
that that speech is just one of thousands now making its way online. the master speech file includes more than 46,000 pages of drafts, reading copies and transcripts as well as audio recordings. we are fighting another war. jonathan: the war of terror. and donald trump called for complete and total ban on muslims entering the united states. alison: we have the understand official results of the twitter poll. you can capture those and leave your comments on the twitter feed. check it out there. jonathan: this week we are holding a town hall to examine the security versus freedom. join me for a round table discussion on the new normal. that is wednesday night, 7:00 on the sister station at abc7 news. join us then.
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alison: this is reminder of the downfall of the civiliation. the top three tweets came from boy band one direction. jonathan: no. alison: the group and the members account for five of the top ten of the year. president obama had the number four spot legalizing same-sex marriage. the others were from king solomon after being crowned and kanwe west. and caitlyn jenner introducing herself after transitioning. jonathan: a battle brewing what to do with the shipwreck off columbia. they are foughting what is believed to be the san jose. a ship sank 3,000 years ago with $7 million of gems on
4:51 pm
board. spain is considering making a claim. it's amazing with what much money involved and how many people are laying claim. the question becomes this if they were so interested why didn't they go after it? finder's keepers, loser sweepiers. -- weepers. alison: let's check in with doug hill. shirlington. so many fun things to do there. you know what he is doing. jonathan: again, lighting a tree. hey, doug. doug: i'm going for a guinness book of record by the time christmas is here. let's talk about weather tonight. north of town something is happening at 8:30. redskins and the cowboys in town. look at the forecast.
4:52 pm
start in lower 50's and drop to the 40's later in the game. with the talk and the weather talk about the weekend outlook now. 63 and 64 on saturday and sunday. ramp up our outlook. few clouds but no rain in the forecast. nothing but partly cloudy skies and a warming trend. there is not a lot of action. they are officially calling this shirley lights up the village. you have time to get here. in front of the signature theater and the library. we will check back with more updates as they are going to
4:53 pm
throw the switch to get you in the holiday spirit. jamie with traffic. no traffic here. i can tell you that. jamie: this is great. we have traffic on the interstate. that is where we will begin. switching gears, moving to maryland. top of the beltway, through silver springs as you continue to new hampshire avenue. this will take you under 40 minutes. starting out near the 270 spur. we had an earlier crash near 450. that is now gone. 13 miles per hour. if you are heading to fedex field the volume will build in. a live look outside 395 bumper to bumper traffic.
4:54 pm
an earlier crash to this. jonathan: thank you, jamie. coming up for us at 4:00. sometimes a gift card feels like a better than anything else gift. find out how to choose the right one so you don't waste your money. alison: tune in to "good morning washington" for a chance to win tickets a it the verizon center. start watching and find out verizon center. start watching and find out it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium vie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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john: gift cards used to be the most popular gift in the d.c. area with a billion dollars worth nationwide. but many were worthless because they will never be used. thesist gift is walk in a supermarket and grab a gift card and send it with love. new report says that may be the last the gift card has seen. they can downsize to a store that the recipient rarely
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shops at or too far. inactive fees at the card value. the recipient loses the card or forget they have the card. from the doesn't that stink file, the biggest gift card downsize, the store or restaurant goes out of business before the recipient uses card. doesn't that stink? a closed business is a worthless gift card. beware of gift cards that are new or are not popular. the card may last longer than the business does. watch for expiration dates and make sure they can use it so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. leon: with that, more questions about why the bernanke terrorists
4:59 pm
radicalized and why they chose the target they did? that is the main focus of the f.b.i. investigation. we learned that the san bernardino shooters practice the rampage ahead of time. the f.b.i. says syed farook and tashfeen malik visited shooting ranges around southern california. what is still unclear is if one of them radicalized the other. >> we do not see so far outside the continental u.s. we may find it some day and we may not. we are building it out from there. >> the justice department has a spike in the abbott muslim rhetoric since the shooting. in the last 30 minutes, donald trump called for a complete and total shutdown muslims entering the u.s. in the oval office address last night president obama said that americans should not give in fear and should work with the muslim community to root out edges dream schism.
5:00 pm
-- root out extreme extremism. brad bell has a look at who investigates the tips of see something say something when they come in. brad: the head of the f.b.i. are telling us they are not aware of any imminent threat in the area but the news from california raises concerns. so as many people have seen the message boards have gone up. if you see something, say something, call that number. the authorities say they mean it. in the aftermath of the attack neighbors admitted they saw things about the shooters that raised suspicion but said nothing. a missed opportunity that makes maryland state police superintendent cringe. >> that is exactly what we don't want to hear.


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