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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 8, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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companies to do more to combat the threat from isis. >> reporter: when you meet with executives from social media companies like facebook, twitter, youtube, what are you asking them to do? >> i'm asking them to partner with community leaders in the muslim community to give them a larger platform for their message, to give them a larger platform and a larger microphone for the counter message. >> here's a fascinating statistic. by one count, there are 90,000 pro-isis messages and video posted on social media every single day. >> well, breaking news out of canada. an air france flight from san francisco to paris has made an emergency landing in montreal over an anonymous bomb threat. air france flight 83 carrying 231 passengers and 15 crew members landed safely at montreal's airport. police are inspecting the zwret, a passenger reportedly tweeting on board saying everyone is calm. and outside of san
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francisco, police have confirmed they've made fe arrests over several incidents of lasers pointed at police headquarters. helicopters. the contra costa county sheriff's office says their chopper was struck by a green laser pointer over three separate incidents in the past weeks. suspects five men ranging from ages 19 to 58 could each face up to three years in prison. >> a homeowner in southern ohio is fighting city hall over his so-called nativity scene. jason dixon says his zombie nativity rubs people the wrong way because the baby jesus and everyone else, well, they're zombies. >> it's a little scary here. he claims the whole thing is just an advertisement for a haunted house he runs. he was told to take it down last year because he didn't have a permit. >> this year his permit application was denied because officials say the stable be too tall. dixon is being fined $500 a day every day that the zombie scene
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is still there. >> that baby jesus is a little bit scary. >> it's sort of offensive. just playing. > you think it should be alloweded? >> yeah. >> coming up a brand-new experience for "star wars" fans. away from the movie theater. >> also ahead, he's more than a presidential candidate. he is a hometown hero. we are taking you back to marco rubio's political beginnings. and later ---ing. > the giz wiz cocoming up. amazing stuff. "world news now." bye. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase
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♪ sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel.
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don't even think about it. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. situation in orlando, florida. the white honda that they've been driving went on to a railroad tracks, got stuck with a freight train closing in. the two guys inside stepped away just moments before the train slammed into the car pushing it
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down and off the tracks. those guys, can you believe it, they got into the car and drove away. they took their stuff and left the car there. >> that's amazing conclusion. like you see in a movie apart from the bit where they get back in the battered car and drive it away. also in florida, a warm homecoming for the man some are calling the sunshine state's golden boy. senator marco rubio returned to his roots yesterday where his political career began and one that many hope will launching him into the highest office in the land. abc'siness day la qatar ra has more. >> our senator, our representative. >> reporter: it was the return of the product cal son. >> our next president of the united states marco rubio. >> reporter: an emotional homecoming for rubio as he returned to west miami to meet with some of his oldest supporters. >> it's great to be home. when i mean home, i mean home. >> reporter: it was his first
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public event back in miami since he first announced his run for presidency. >> this is where everything began. >> reporter: a time to reminisce. >> he started talking and all of a sudden, all of us, we went like this. >> reporter: rubio's first elected office was commissioner for the city of miami and many here helped him launch his career over 15 years ago now. here he is being sworn in back in 1998. >> at least 144 people placed in me their trust and their vote and did so out of blind faith. >> reporter: on the trail, some question whether he's too young to be running. >> they came out and said why would you -- it's not your turn. you got to wait in line. there are other people around longer. i didn't know there was a line. >> reporter: but these guys have always had his back. >> that doesn't have the ability and the knowledge that he has and the experience. >> reporter: and rubio did tell his supporters this might be the last they see of him for a
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little while. he'll be campaigning for the next few months but plans to be back in florida in march. >> thank you very much indeed. coming up, a tech lover's gift guide. >> the giz wiz gives kendis gibson a rundown of the hottest gadgets this holiday season next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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so we've been trying to keep it a secret but the holidays are here. it's time to start working through the gift list and for the gadget lover, finding something they don't actually already know something about can be tough. it's why we turn to this man, dick debartolo from gizwiztv. welcome. >> thank you. normally i have a santa hat on. today i have on my power cap. my power cap. >> i can see you now. >> yes. and you look great in the light. >> so there are four leds, two bright ones forward, softer ones down. great for shoveling snow. if your car breaks down, you can repair it. >> that's pretty good. >> two down, comes in six different colors. under $25. >> how warm is that? under 25 bucks. that's a good deal. i can actually jog in this. >> absolutely. i'll give you one and let you jog in one. >> the battery pack is heavy.
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extra weight though. >> you christmas is over. you don't take your lights down not with app lights because app lights change colors with the seasons. so this is how you do it. right now they're showing you they're red and green. we're going to dial up to independence day. now this is showing you that they'll be red, white and blue. i like that idea. i hit send. look at them. >> and now. >> just like that, it's a different celebration. >> they're bluetooth enabled christmas lights. >> no one can ever give you a lot of heat for keeping your lights up all year round. >> exactly. saying you never change your lights. and there's also another version that will do a projection against your can, but i'm running the one app so i can't get the other to go on. app lights home depot under $60. this is a great little -- a dancing side stepping selfie
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santa. >> just what you wanted. >> just what you want. >> i'm ready to go. in the christmas show. it's going to be tricky. take a selfie. >> his own little flash. >> seriously? is this what we neededed? >> i think this is great. >> can og. >> kids are going to love this. it takes a selfie. >> it takes a selfie. has a little flash on it. under $20. over the weekend, it was $15 at toys "r" us. side stepping santa. this is great from electrohome. this is a great thing. it's a retro looking a.m./f.m. clock radio. looks like the old bells on old clocks but instead if you want to get a snack, run your hand over it, it lights up, go get your snack, come back to bed. it goes off. when the alarm sounds instead of the lights going on, doing this will set the snooze alarm.
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under $35. >> what's with this slab of cheese here? >> this little guy is super moon in my room. and i'm just going to turn it on for you. what you do is when you go in, it's a nightlight. it has a clock in it. whatever the real moon is doing, this moirs that. >> it knows it. >> because of the clock but if you want to do your own phases of the moon, you can do that. >> what if there's an eclipse? >> it will do that. >> very cool. >> supermoon in my room is under $40. if you don't want the built-in clock, it's only about $20. >> what about your great ideas? who matter what your age? this little guy. >> you hate that. i love this guy. i love it. you say good-bye and i'm going to let santa dance off. >> all right. let's see go. >> can we get closer? thanks, dick. you'll find more details about these products on dick's website. and
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♪ i'm so sick of that same old love ♪ >> i think it's been a great year in music. >> it has, yeah. >> it's gone viral. it's an ear worm a compilation of the 50 biggest songs, all of the 50 biggest tracks. ear worm, have a look. it's sensational. >> we've got the countdown to the new "star wars" film hitting theaters in less than two weeks. this morning something that's sure to have fans feeling the force. >> the brand-new disney world attraction "star wars" launch bay and abc's rob marciano got
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the tough assignment checking it out. >> reporter: in a galaxy far, far away, florida that is, the force wakens. >> we're here at disney's hollywood studios for the premier of "star wars" launch bay. storm troopers. i want to check out the bay. >> that's affirmative. >> come on, guys. we're in. >> the adventure is a must see for all-star wars" fans where you could become a jedi yourself. >> you're stepping into this immersive environment. you're on the bridge of a destroyer or on a hidden rebel base. you interact with the characters like you are in the film. >> reporter: watch out storm troopers here i come. got my jedi robe. it's time to see if we can't find luke. first up, the most menacing of them all. darth vader. >> is it true you have aided in the escape of a fugitive rebel spy into no, i don't know anything about any rebels or
2:57 am
spies. >> with a little more searching, look who i found? it's chewy. can i get a hugging? . oh, so much nicer than darth. can you teach me how to talk chewy? >> no. >> and inside, the latest and greatest "star wars" interactive video games. >> yeah, baby. >> after all that, the galactic goodies. royal bergers, blue milkshakes and character cupcakes. darth vader, take this. rob marciano, abc news, orlando, pl. >> boy, you go, rob. >> the ride looks good. the food looks disgusting. > it looked pretty good to me. here we are, by the way. our own insomniacs. >> i like it. ear worm, look it up, you'll thank me.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's political bombshell. >> the gop front-runner wants to stop muslims from entering the u.s. the firestorm igniting over religion. trump's politics and terrorism. and the reaction coming in overnight. secrets revealed about the san bernardino couple responsible for 14 deaths. new details about their terror connections and what led up to the gunfire. record rainfall. the downpours hitting the pacific northwest again today. the extreme storm system could dump up to a foot of snow. accuweather has it covered. and later, new hints about the highly anticipated new "star wars" movie. the stars reveal what they can about the film as the excitement builds. it is tuesday, december theth.


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