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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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mr. trump is wrong. >> the speaker of the house paul ryan felt compelled to distance the party from trump's statements. >> this is not conservatism. what he proposed is not what the party stands for and not what the country stands for. suzanne: coming up at 6:00 we hear from a muslim woman in the nation. she tells us what she thinks of the controversial proposal. live in the newsroom suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: trump's comments are spurring strong emotion in the u.s. and around the world as well. today's twitter poll asks if you think trump has gone too far with the latest comment. cast your vote on the twitter feed and get in there now. trump supporters are dominating the poll. two-third weighing in saying that no trump has not crossed a line here. alison: all right. well celebration before
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tragedy. we have a photo now that shows the holiday celebration underway before 14 people were killed in san bernardino last week. minutes after the photo was taking a radicalized coworker and his wife entered the conference room and began shooting. denise survived the attack thanks to a friend who did not. >> i don't think he realized it at the time. he said "i got you." >> meantime investigators are looking into the locations the killers may have been targeting. that includes the high wise building in downtown los angeles. they are looking into the suspicious activity there in the weeks before the attacks. among the information we learned from the investigators is that the f.b.i. has video of two shooters practicing at a gun range. just days before last week's
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deadly attack. that sparks a discussion over the idea of see something, say something. what behavior at a shooting range should arouse suspicion? we sent our chris papst to investigate. >> you can't tell who comes to the range. >> he presented what appeared to be a salad -- valid i.d. chris: days before the shooting in san bernardino california, suspect syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik spent hours inside the firing range practicing. with pistols and military-style weapons. >> came in and acted the way he normally does or normal people act. >> they were practicing and training and that could happen
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at any range. unless there are obvious red flags. >> every day people come in his range of all backgrounds shooting a.r. style rifles and as long as they are safe following rules he can't and won't report anything. >> my guys listen to what people have to say. chris: why he often denies people access to the range mostly for suspected mental health reasons only one in his 14 years of ownership has he called authorities for someone acting suspicious. but it was not terror-related. he says that person was later monitored by police. >> they would have to come out a number of times. speaking to them listen to what they have to say. things like that. chris: chris papst, abc7 news. leon: in this heightened security climate these days the case of see something, say
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something turned out to be a false alarm in hyattsville. they evacuated a high school after someone noticed a suspicious item outside. the bomb squad arrive and determined the item was discarded steroid owe equipment. classes resume after 20 minutes. alison: things are back to nor mall catholic university now. the campus was placed on lockdown. the students were told to shelter in place. last night a custodian said a man approached him for directions and asked for directions to the administration buildings. they searched the campus and they didn't find anything. no classes today as the students and staff are off for a catholic holiday. the abc7 team is take an up close look that the effect of war on terror is having on the daily lives. watch "the new normal -- security versus freedom." that is tomorrow on our sister station newschannel8 and online leon: these are troubling times for santa claus. he will have to put his sleigh
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up on blocks. couple weeks away. alison: skiers and santa claus in the same boat. doug hill is standing by. doug are you there? doug: i'm here. checking out the very latest of what is happening around the area. you are right, it's comfortable for this time of year. comfortable for this time of the evening. comfortable as we have a warming trend later in the week that will last through the weekend and next week. check out numbers throughout the area. we have partly cloudy skies outside the belfort furniture weather center. it's 55 in annapolis. 50 in woodbridge. temperatures across the country are mild everywhere. the coldest spot in maine, 25. rare day for them. they have been mild as well. america is in an above average pattern. the numbers will climb to the
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50s and then the 60's. we'll have the timing in the seven-day in a minute. the upper mississippi river valley, we have the system making their way from west to east. there will be clouds. can't rule out the fog tonight with the southerly winds. there is no rain expected here. we will watch a little system tomorrow. that is going to give us a chance of the clouds. we will give you short part of it now. warming trend. join you in a little bit. wait until you see the numbers for the weekend. i'll have it in a couple of minutes. leon: okay, doug. see you in a little bit. search spanning northern virginia for a missing 19-year-old girl. katelin akens was supposed to catch a flight at reagan national airport this weekend but no one has seen her since her stepfather says he dropped her off at springfield mall. her luggage was found in a ditch yesterday. stephen tschida is live at the mall where the search has begun. what have you learned? stephen: the investigators from spotsylvania are at the
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town center. they worked with the security and they pored over the surveillance video to determine if katelin akens encountered anyone here who may have contributed to her disappearance. 19-year-old eager to get to school in arizona. the stepfather maintains she drove katelin akens from spotsylvania to springfield mall. he told the investigators akens decided to go shopping and to take metro to the reagan national airport to catch her plane. she never made it. >> we want her back. stephen: monday a crew on a rural road outside fredericksburg found akens' luggage. it contained her wallet credit card and plane ticket. >> it's suspicious. i mean i'm going to tell you. it's a suspicious thing. stephen: questions while her luggage would show up miles from springfield mall raises a number of questions. >> it's a long drawn out process. it is. reporter: we spoke with akens' family outside the sheriff. she is hoping for help finding
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the daughter described as a typical teenager. >> she can be loud. she can be quiet. we just want her back. stephen: investigators are talking to family friends and her stepfather. at this point they don't have a suspect because they don't know where akens is or what happened to her. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a civil lawsuit meanwhile is taking aim at a crew club in montgomery county after a part-time coach allegedly had a sexual relationship with a teenage athlete. but the coach was never charged. it's all because of a loophole in maryland law. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live at a story that you will see only on seven. tell us about it. kevin: this boils down to a tiny technicality. in this case a 30-year-old man is avoiding jail time
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despite allegation he slept with a student athlete half his age. norm schneider is suing the batter johnson high school crew cleb for negligence. he says the boating club hired a convicted felon who went on to sexual assault a 16-year-old female athlete. according to the lawsuit that man a part-time coach exchanged more than 3000 text messages with the girl and ultimately had sex with her on the grounds of the woodmont country club in rockville. two days later the girl attempted suicide. >> he had a very sketchy record. he had felonies. he was convicted of felonies. he's not allowed to vote. kevin: police can't press charges. why? in maryland it's illegal for full-time coach to have sex with underage athlete the law does not cover part-time coaches involved with students 16 and older. >> it's a loophole. if he were an employee of montgomery county public or private school he would be
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liable for sexual assault. kevin: in 2014 there was an attempt to fix the law but never changed. >> she will take a long time to recover. kevin: for now his teenage county is at a men the health center. >> she was -- at a mental health center. >> she is devastated that the guy didn't care about her and it wasn't a relationship. just a you noter relationship by him to have sex with her. kevin: the crew club told me they have parted ways with the coach and it operates independent of the montgomery county public schools. the lawsuit claims $5 million in damages. live outside the circuit court in rockville, i'm kevin lewis abc7 news. alison: thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the prosecution rests. the final piece of evidence
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against officer accused in the death of freddie gray. leon: a mother went from sharing a car with eight children gets a house they can call home. alison: plus "7 on your side" gets to work after learning 100 women have to share one bathroom at a local shelter. how that problem got resolved. leon: a "7 on your side" help center is open. you can ask the veterinarian about any concerns you have about your pet. call 703-236-9220. we'll take calls until 6:30 tonight.
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alison: and now a "7 on your side" exclusive. "7 on your side" get action after a viewer tipped us off about a problem at one of district's largest shelters. we found out there was only one funking -- functioning toilet, this is for approximately 100 women to share. the women were going to the bathroom outside or in the shower stalls because the toilets were not working. >> you can't get in the bathroom we to go outside and use the bathroom. that's not right. alison: after we called, we are happy to report that three of the toilets are now working
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thanks to sam ford's hard reporting there. leon: we are getting action elsewhere in the area as well tonight. a very special ending to a story we told you about first on monday. a tip center led "7 on your side" -- a tipster led "7 on your side" to a mother and eight children living outs of her car. alison: multiple agencies told her she could not help because she had too many children. tonight the kids will sleep in their own bed in a house. and fighting back reporter jennifer donelan has a new beginning. reporter: heartwarming smile in a home with eight children. there are the 1-year-old twins, a 6-year-old boy -- >> brand new. >> i see that. the rest of the girls. >> kids are happy. i'm happy. >> and one received mother. >> they told me i could stay here for a while. a bona fide place of their own with bedrooms, bathrooms and a full kitchen. >> it's nice. i can cook. i could bake. >> got food? >> yes. i do.
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>> perfect. >> not taken for granted by the family. eight days ago this is where "7 on your side" met maria herrera, huddled together in the nissan sedan with the kids rotating between nights in the car or friend's apartments for three weeks. >> the people you were going to see and they kept saying no? >> because i had more than five kids. i won't forget that. >> she said she was the victim of to domestic abuse and her boyfriend kicked them all out. >> they saw the house they were jumping and screaming. >> d.c. department of human services stepped up and placed the family in a hotel. two days ago she got the call. permanent placement of their own. >> i am really thankful. thank god for it. >> maria herring ra is not a -- maria herrera is not alone at all. this is the resource center. there are folks helping her out. the city is urging any family
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that is in need of emergency shelter to come here. we will have all the information on how to contact them on the website i'm jennifer donelan, abc7 news. leon: love that. the favorite story of the week. alison: we also like the weather. doug: it's good. 50's in the area. it's above average. it will continue. we will show you how warm it gets this weekend. enough chill to get you in the holiday spirit. steve rudin is at pentagon row at the third night of hanukkah coming up. hanukkah on ice. is that the title tonight? steve: yeah, that is the title tonight. starts at 6:00 until 8:30. open skating here on the ice rink. at pentagon row. not only can you skate you can enjoy hanukkah music traditional and new.
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they are expecting 200 folks here. a good event for the family. bring them down. a loll to enjoy. all the lights are lit. it's quiet now but the temperatures are perfect for the ice skating tonight. doug hill has the big, big changes on the way later this week. in the upcoming weekend. doug: the numbers will go to above average to way above average friday and the weekend. start with a time lapse. southeastern fre maryland. oakdale high school. a few high clouds. temperatures in the mid-50's as well. we have a few clouds. i don't see any rain in that area. there is a light chance later tomorrow night south and east of the metro area for sprinkle s. fair weather will continue. 51 at reagan national.
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46 at baltimore. 45 in manassas. across most of the eastern part of the country, the temperatures are above what they are on average for december. 58 at charlotte. 52 in raleigh, richmond. 55 in roanoke. colder at north state college at 35 degrees now. the temperatures in new york at laguardia at 45. a good deal weather wise. temperatures. the cloud cover we have a little bit from time to time but the key to the warming trend is a big area of high pressure that kept us dry that will settle south. that will push in southerly and a southwesterly wind flow heading through friday saturday, sunday. even in the month of december you get long southwesterly wind you will warm up again here. not talking 70's or 80's but the mid-to-the upper 60's by the time the weekend rolls along. clear skies and high clouds
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tonight. tomorrow the story is partly sunny skies. a disturbance over the coast. we had one over the weekend that left us alone. by later it's possible. 53 at noon. if average high is 49. seven degrees above average. it will continue to climb. by thursday we will be at 60 degrees. 62 on friday. 65 on saturday. a shower pass on sunday. mild in the low 60's. a bit cooler but not colder through the day on tuesday. the weather is for fine for everybody putting the holiday wreaths at arlington cemetery
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on the headstones there. sunday morning the 5k and the 10k in leesburg, good weather for it. leon: all right. coming up a big factor in deciding which car you buy for your family. alison: but the crash test ratings are getting a big change. we will explain what car shoppers need to know. >> we are here in the abc7 help center taking your calls live on the air. if you have questions for the veterinarians, the calls are coming in. 703-236-9220. alison: but first here is what is coming up tonight in prime time on abc --
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alison: "7 on your side" is helping you help your pets. leon: we opened up the phones to ask the veterinarian. >> hey, guys. alison: good to see you. >> what calls are you getting so far? >> we have had good ones interesting ones as well.
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the calls are literally pouring in. the lines are super busy. alison: you talk earlier about the hazards around the home in the holidays. you know, i heard about poinsettias. are they dangerous to pets? is there truth to it? >> there is but it's not dangerous as they have been purported to be. there are more dangerous things we face in the holidays. the number one call in the poison control center are human medications. think about the guests coming in your home. human meds are dangerous to the pets. the other thing are food. we have so much different food and the chocolates and the cookies and all of these things we bring in the home this time of year. the pets have a 100000 time better sense of smell than we do. so we look at it and smell a chocolate chip cookie. they smell everything that goes into it. that is a big danger.
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there are plants. lilies to kitties are dangerous. if there is anything that people have a question about the aspca poison control website has amazing list of the food and plants that are toxic a great place to check out. leon: i was just going to ask. we found out last week about artificial sweeteners in chewing gun and dietary foods. around the house that pets have easy access to. you have a place to go to find out something. >> the poison control is phenomenal. it's a great resource to have. you can put it on the refrigerator by the human poison control number. leon: who is the four-legged friend with you? you never travel alone. >> i have all sort of friends here. they are taking your call. give us a call with your
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question. >> a beautiful dog with you, too. >> the lab andered past our office. -- wandered past our office. >> i travel with a beautiful blonde. alison: dr. katie thank you. good to see you. moving to other news. once convicted for dog fighting, pittsburgh steelers quarterback michael vick now an an advocate for animal rights. he wants a bill to allow the first responders to break in cars to rescue pets in distress without a fear of liability. he returned to the nfl after serving 19 months in federal prison. leon: all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- big change coming to the crash test rating. what makes a car worth getting five stars? alison: the final evidence presented before the
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prosecution rested in the freddie gray case in baltimore. leon: plus bernie sanders toured freddie gray's neighborhood. his message on the violence involving police when "abc7 news at 5:00"
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: the prosecution rested in the trial of the first of six officers on trial for the death of gray freddie gray.
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we look at the final piece of evidence before the defense makes its case. >> they rested the case against william porter after an hour of testimony from the criminal justice professor who told jurors porter had a "shared responsibility" to buckle gray in the police transport van. >> who did connect officer porter's shared responsibility. >> those words will be used in the prosecution. >> the defense team chose not to cross examine him but painted him as an academic with no ties to the baltimore city police procedures. >> were you surprised that the defense team didn't cross examine the doctor? >> yes. surprise and a stunning development. >> law professor says we will likely hear why in the closing arguments. >> it will be interesting to see what the defense decides to do tonight. but at this point i don't
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think that they reached a verdict in the case. >> the defense team move to acquit porter on all charges re nothing more than another reasonable officer would do. the prosecutor said that porter showed, "callous indifference for life" not buckling gray in. >> it is understandable. >> he as explaining to do. >> he doesn't have to but if he takes the stand i think it makes a difference. >> the judge denied the request for dismissal. alison: today, bernie sanders toured the neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested and the epicenter of the riots in april. sanders called the level of the poverty
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housing reminiscent of a third world country. he said combating baltimore with the surging murder rate must be national priority. he said police officers that break the law need to be held accountable. >> if they break the law they should be held accountable. we need to make the police departments look like the community they serve. we get to get the best and the brightest young people involved in law enforcement. >> sanders reached out to the black community leaders since july when the black live matter members interrupted his speech in phoenix. leon: to chicago now. more controversy there as the police release 3-year-old security video of the officers using a stunned gun on a jailed suspect. phillip coleman was taken to the hospital where he later died from allergic reaction to the sedative. his family said he suffered from mental illness and he did not deserve the fate. >> not a gang ba or thug.
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you can't use the regular chicago police scenario for this. >> police admit they should have handled it differently. they have released the video to increase transparency. this comes a day after they launched a bat earn around practice investigation in the department. there is widespread condemnation from donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from the united states. the white house press secretary said trump's comments disqualify him from the presidency. leon: there is a search underway for a missing teenager. 19-year-old katelin akens was supposed to catch a flight at the airport but nobody has seen her since the stepfather dropped her off at the springfield mall. the luggage found in a ditch
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yesterday. alison: and a part-time coach facing lawsuit after allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old. the teenager named the walter johnson high school crew club in the suit. the lawyer says that the club hired a convicted felon. but police cannot file charges because under full-time law only full-time coaches are prohibited from having sex with the teenage athletes under their supervision. leon: a second victim died from injuries sustained in a fire. 43-year-old lynn meyer and 74-year-old geraldines jones both died in a house fire that happened yesterday morning. four others were displaced but not hurt. another victim is in critical condition at the hospital. and the fire is under investigation. just ahead at 5:00 -- a new report finds children are staying still too much. the new program that the school is using to change that. alison: plus the changes are coming to crash test ratings. what you need to watch out for when you go car shopping.
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leon: new fines in the district and why it might allow bike riders
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alison: so crash tests like these can play a big role in your desix-making about buying a car. it can be as much of a factor as choosing the color or if it has a third row seat or sunroof. but big changes are coming to
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the safety ratings and it's making it tougher to hit the top score. joce sterman is here to explain. joce: for car-makers hitting the five-star rating on tests like that is like getting straight a's on the report card. they know it helps sell cars but to hit the perfect five the cars have to pass tougher tests. they are interesting to watch. we have captivated by them. you want to know how cars you are considering perform on the tests. that is why they are done. the national traffic highway safety administration is proposing new ratings from the test. they will raise the bar on safety taking a look at how you are protecting in the car in a crash and what technology exists in the car to avoid it. >> by making it tougher we are creating a marketplace to find way in the vehicle.
5:41 pm
whether they are mandated mandated in the future or not it's market-changing stuff to impact safety to the good. >> they look at how you would do in a wreck and anybody you might hit, pedestrians or people on bikes. the agency will take public comment on the proposal. they have new ratings established by the end of next year. although you won't see them when it comes to car buying until the 2019 models come out. joce sterman, abc7 news. leon: thanks. speaking of car crashes, check this out. no one was hurt when a train slammed in a car in florida. all the heart-stopping crash action caught on camera. check this out. they steppedded away seconds before the train hit the car.
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he told the operator he didn't have enough time to stop. alison: terrifying. leon: they are okay. boy! alison: thank goodness. coming up at 5:00, a heart-breaker to say the least. leon: broke a lot of things. alison: i know. redskins. they are looking to bounce back after the last-second loss to the hated cowboys. leon: of all teams. coming up next the new effort to get kids moving as the new report shows how many kids are not getting enough exercise these days. alison: the "7 on your side" help center is open right now. you can ask the veterinarian about any concerns about your pet. 703-236-9220. this is until 6:30. there is our special correspondent. do you have anything to add? leon: uh-oh!
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parents help their children discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow foodod for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids disver the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tidede
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alison: "7 on your side" with health matters now. a new study finds american teens are among the least physically active in the world. fewer than one in 12 adolescents meet current exercise guidelines. researchers say a major reason lack of physical activity at
5:46 pm
school. the world health organization recommend children and teens get at least an hour of moderate to vigorous activity every day. leon: they have the best thumbs in the world. alison: texting. leon: physical fitness does more than keep you healthy it is associated with the improved concentration in the classroom. in tonight's spotlight on education kellye lynn takes us to a school in silver spring honored for promoting physical activity. kellye: at the elementary school in silver spring the jumping, throwing and. >> you can get rewards. kellye: the school recently received the fire up your feet award for promoting physical activity amongst students families and staff. >> oh, my gosh. quite a surprise. the third smallest school in the school system so we didn't think we had a chance. >> westover won the top prize
5:47 pm
in maryland. $2,000 in from kaiser permanente. >> a program to get kids active. it's not just kids. to get the teachers and the staff as well to get active today. >> the centers for disease control reports more than a third of the children and ad less sants are overweight or --ed adolescents are overweight or obese and believe schools have a part to improve that. >> they track the activities. every time they went for a walk or anytime they perform any exercise. participate in the sport they logged it. kellye: for one month every physical activity counted. they plan to use part of the prize money to expand physical fitness for students to fire up the feet for years to come. in silver spring kellye lynn, abc7 news. leon: all right. check on travel on tuesday evil. jamie sullivan watching the
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road. how does it look? jamie: still crashes out there. begin in maryland. 95 northbound had an issue from before 4:00. the backup for you beginning near the capital beltway. you are on the brakes in the stretch for seven miles only averaging 14 miles per hour. if you want to use the baltimore parkway not the best idea. you can see the solid red line here. there is quite a big delay. this is near river road. quite a bit of slowing. flashing lights here. everything aside. they may look for a disabled vehicle.
5:49 pm
395 leaving the city to the pentagon passing closer to the springfield interchange. that's a look at traffic. still a few issues so be careful. leon: thank you. see how much longer the weather will roll on. alison: we are enjoying this doug. doug: yeah. a while longer. we will see the temperatures four or five, six degrees above average. ten degrees above average. the general trend of warmer than average temperatures that will likely continue. maybe all the way through christmas. the numbers right now are 47 degrees. that is the temperature in falls church. 47 in herndon. comfortable early evening temperatures for each day of december. 49 at college park. 48 and 50 in dale city. the overnight hours we have a few high clouds. temperatures in the mid-30 to 40 by morning. those are very comfortable numbers here. look at canada and alaska. look how much above average these temperatures are. saskatoon, well above average.
5:50 pm
fairfaxs is ten below zero. that is on par. but across canada it's well above where it should be. montreal at 36. the trend is huge across north america. there is western california part of the inner mountain west with the lower temperatures but everybody else is warmer than average for sure. 56 tomorrow. 60 on thursday. we get through the next seven days the local trend will continue longer up to 60 on thursday. 62 on friday. 65 on saturday. check out sunday at 66. cold front will come through in the morning hours of monday. maybe a few showers. it will still be 63. get through tuesday and next week and get cooler. but there are no signs that it will get colder. if you like what we have hang in there. if you are looking for snow maybe the donner pass in california could be a good spot for you. back to you. alison: all right. thank you very much. erin: i'm sure not many people
5:51 pm
complain about it. leon: at least we have something to be back about this. you can't be happy about the football we saw last night. we do it every time. erin: it's so depressing. i can't believe it. the redskins fans were not happy at all with desean jackson after the fumbled punt return in the loss to the cowboys. he only returned two punts in two years with the redskins. but last night the coaches decided to use him late in the fourth. trying to make something out of nothing. first he ran backwards and he fumbled that led to the cowboys go-ahead touchdown. jackson made up for it with the touchdown reception later he still took responsibility for the big mistake after the game. >> it's frustrating. >> he did what he was supposed
5:52 pm
to. any player cannot tell me you wouldn't have did the same thing. you get up field. >> i don't know. i love him but i'm not sure he regrets saying that. kirk cousins may want to think about being motivational speaker because he is the perfect example of a positive mental attitude. we could all use more positivity in our lives. it doesn't hurt after the last night roller coaster defeat to the cowboys, he commended a reporter for the optimistic questions. take a listen. >> is that something positive to take from a job you won't give up? >> i love that question. you are thinking positive. that's the way we need to think from here. there is something positive to take from it. results based business. we did some good things. we can create something more to be special if we continue
5:53 pm
to find ways to keep playing and give great effort. appreciate the question. thank you for staying positive. leon: a career as a politician waiting for him. leon: motivational speaker. or hypnotist. erin: he is right. i have never seen him get down. one time. alison: yeah. leon: we didn't like that. thank you. erin: sounds good. alison: thank you. all right. coming up next at 5:00 -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen in northwest. we have a sneak peek at the stunt center at udc. coming up what the students
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alison: you can get answers apt your pets. our veterinarians are standing by.
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just call 703-236-9220. we will be there taking calls until 6:30. after millions of dollars, years of delay and a lot of anticipation, the university of the district of columbia will open the new student center next month. as mike carter-conneen reports, it's the first nay juror construction on the campus since the early 1970's. mike: the student center designed by an alum has the concrete building with a more modern design. a couple years ago they cup several programs from the operating budget but the new president says the $63 million project uses capital funds from the d.c. government. it will feature government
5:58 pm
office, ballroom and a fitness center. >> it will bring in a community feeling to draw more people to come in. >> i hope it's what we have expected. they have been working on it for a while. >> they say construction was delayed because of a nearby metro station and the different design elements like adding the ecofriendly features. >> we will use 30% less energy in the building than we would have had we not gone after this certification. mike: they recommended the student center be named after the late marion barry but the ubc are seeking private dollars for naming rights. >> our hope is any name attached to the facility will have funding attached to the name. >> construction is still underway but the university will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening january 20. reporting in northwest, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news.
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allison: thank you. that is it for the news at 5:00 but here is what is ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00". how donald trump is being blasted from both sides after his comments to ban all muslims entering the united states. have you seen her? police and her parents hope you have. the search for a missing teen. >> i am so tired of the gunshots around here. alison: the community on edge. the growing problem in a neighborhood of gun violence and who d.c. police say is to blame. the news at 6:00 starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: tonight, g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump is on the defensive after his comments calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. leon: democratic and republicans both criticizing the candidate. the white house saying that
6:00 pm
the trump comments disqualify him from being president. the republican speaker of the house also taking aim at the comments. >> normally, i the not comment on what is going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what the party stands for and more importantly it's not what the country stands for. >> the campaign for months now has had a vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies and the fake hair. the whole carnival barker routine that we have seen for some time now. >> the question now is about the rest of the republican party and whether or not they will be dragging the dust bin history with them.


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