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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 9, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EST

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coming in off the pacific. abc's neal karlinksy has the story. >> reporter: meteorologists are calling it a fire hose coming in off the pacific. >> just feels like it literally came overnight. >> reporter: so much rain that even rainy portland slat shattered its wetty 4 hours, opening up sink holes and flooding homes. two dozen people and even this cat had to be evacuated from portland homes where the water rose faster than anyone was expecting. >> i grabbed my son and whatever he had on and took him to my mom. >> reporter: seattle so hard hit by this so-called pineapple express. a surge of tropical moisture melting mountain snow and bringing rains all at once. mudslides throughout the region halgted train service for a time, blocking some roads and making driving in general slow and miserable. more rain and wind are on the way over the next 24 hours. emergency officials urging
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people to heed signs like this one and not drive over flooded roads. neal karlinksy, abc news, seattle. today's forecast with up to 7 inches of rain with mudslides and floods. surfs up to 30 feet in southern california. also showers in the midwest and spring-like in the east. >> that's a lot of additional rain. 50s in seattle, new york and salt lake city. 70s in los angeles, dallas and miami. the holiday season here in america has a number of modern traditions that now pop up like clock work, including the black friday fist fights, the annual war on christmas and diamonds dropped into salvation army kettles. >> this week already it happened twice. in northern wisconsin, someone dropped in a diamond ring and an appraisal sheet saying it was worth 500 bucks. >> nice. >> people are nice. >> but also in the army kettles, there are viagra pills, gold
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swiss francs and a diamond and emerald necklace worth $1300. what would you do with gold teeth or the viagra pills dropped in? >> i know what i would do with the viagra pills. gold teeth is the hard element of the question. >> oh, boy. coming up -- who has more twitter followers than barbara walters or ringo starr? we'll find out. also the bombshell about the coach actually accused of drinking who was fired from usc. his huge lawsuit against the school. and later -- >> good morning. i'm america's aunt barbara. if you're looking for holiday gift ideas, i've got you covered. i've got some fresh ideas from tupperware for everyone. you're watching "world news now." important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving
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the golden state warriors have won 23 games to start the season without defeat. the defending nba champs beat indianapolis last night, 131-123. going back to last season, golden state has actually won 27 in a row, which ties them for the second longest streak in league history. the next game is in boston friday night. nfl's michael vick is throwing his support behind a proposed pennsylvania law aimed at protecting animals. aimed joined lawmakers that calls first responders from a liability done to vehicles saving animals. the former head coach at university of southern california is fighting back. steve sarkisian's public fight
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was fired after this video went viral. now he's seeking $12 million, saying the school kicked him to the curb when he sought treatment. >> if steve sarkisian can prove that his alcoholism was a serious condition and usc knew about that and failed to accommodate his request for rehabilitation, then he has a good chance of winning this lawsuit. >> the school says sarkisian has mischaracterized the fact. sarkisian says he's now sober and ready to return to coaching. coming up, aunt barbara is back with a tupperware party. snoou. >> she's got the top gifts that work for everyone. that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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if you're stressed out, searching for that perfect gift, don't worry. we have just what you need, practical gifts everyone can use. here to help us out, none other than america's most beloved, most prolific tupperware lady, aunt barbara. >> reena, it's so wonderful to be here, especially with christmas. >> i'm the biggest fan of your tupperware. i use it every day for lunch. >> wonderful. >> aunt barbara, i have to say.
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you are the ultimate tupperware consultant but no one does it like you. so, let's kick it off. >> let's talk about christmas and let's talk about baked goods. now, we have a pie keeper. look how big that is. that's our largest pie keeper. you can put pastries in there. it's really wonderful. >> that's super sized. >> if you're bringing it to someone's house, it's nice to leave that as a gift. here we have our wonderful cake taker. look at that. and it holds up to 18 cupcakes or flip it over and hold 24 on the other side. holds a 9 x 13 sheet cake, muffins, pastries. all wonderful. again, i suggest you bring this to someone's house and you leave it. >> that's nice. what a nice gift. >> and, of course, we have other containers to hold cookies and brown anies and all sorts of wonderful things. you think about the holidays and you think of all those fattening things we'll be eating. here's a classic item from
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tupperware. look at that. the tupperware jello mold. that's been around a long time. it's a wonderful gift. people don't eat enough gelatin. reena, i don't know what's on your christmas list this year, but i have to suggest the tupperware microwave pressure cooker. >> really? >> i'm not kidding you. this actually harnesses the energy of your microwave, pressurizes it. you can make a pot roast in there, 30 minutes. >> have you done it? >> i have. >> chicken, ziti, all sorts of things, stews, 20 to 25 minutes. that's fast. it's really great because i don't know about you, i stand in front of the crockpot and yell, hurry. not anymore. get one of these. they're really great. let's move on to the children. all right, everyone. if you've got little ones at home, boys, girls, we're not here to judge. i can say one thing.
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get your credit card out and let it go. we've got "frozen." it's here. it's really cute. our little "frozen" lunch set available now. pick that up for the kids. and, of course, a classic tupperware toy, the shape-o toy. >> i didn't know they were tupperware toys. >> this has been around for decades. everyone seems to think it's some other brand. no, this is tupperware. been around for many, many years. this teaches the children color, shape, hand/eye coordination. it's perfect for children 6 months to 6 years or older. i'm not here to judge them. it's a great gift. you can take the shapes, put them all inside, top shelf of the dishwasher. yeah, sanitize. because the kids have always got their hands and mouths on everything. now, here we have -- look at this. our original, the original action hero.
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noah. how wonderful is that? all the animals, they snap together. and it floats, too. >> supposed to be two of each. >> they snap together. you take them apart. >> oh! >> you need two. and they snap together and they go right up there. how cute is that? >> absolutely adorable. these are such great ideas. from grandma to your toddlers. >> grandma to the toddlers, you're absolutely right. tupperware, people don't forget us, we're here. >> you never let us down, aunt barbara. we love you're here. our ultimate. >> i try. >> no one does christmas quite like you. i have to say, you're rocking that cape. >> oh, thank you. isn't that nice? >> capes are back in style. >> you're darn right. i stole that from little red riding hood. >> merry christmas. >> for more information head to you're watching "world news now."
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ ♪ you're corrected ♪ the writing's on the wall >> richard joins us for the next couple of weeks. along with his wit, his charm, his journalistic prowess, he also has a massive audience through social media. 1.5 million twitter followers. quite a reach. we're going to put this into perspective, and embarrass you for a little bit. we're going to put aside hillary clinton and donald trump. richard has more twitter followers than any presidential candidate. >> is that true? >> yes. any presidential candidate except for clinton and trump. and also in the building, you have more twitter followers than everyone in abc besides george stephanopoulos because, you know, george is george. >> yeah, george is george.
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he deserves more. he's got more interesting things to say than me. >> do you know who else you top, richard? >> go on, tell me, the vice president of the united states, joe biden. >> you said this would be embarrassing. this isn't embarrassing. >> more than john kerry, more twitter followers than whoopi goldberg, and monica lewinsky who is a friend of yours. >> she is a friend of mine. >> you have more fwitder followers. >> than more presidential candidates. i need more things. it's time for me to launch a bid for the presidency. even though i can't. i'm british. >> that might be a problem. >> but, you know, i got in quite early with social media. >> is that what happened? >> yeah. i had a radio show and i would use social media to talk to the audience. it made me feel as though i knew the audience. >> you were telling me something fascinating, that actually in england people follow radio more in the morning than television. >> radio is huge. by far the biggest breakfast shows in britain are radio
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rather than television. but when i started on social media i got trolled very badly by this guy. he would threaten me, my wife and my kids. he said he wanted to kill me. rather than be scared by him, i actually started to make a documentary about him. it's called "the anti-social network" and i went after him and trying to track him down. this is me tracking down a different troll. i never met mine in the end but i scared him. this is me -- you know, a proper journalist. >> and this guy trolled you. >> he's a different troll. but i confronted him about the trolling he's done and then he says, i like your radio show. i go, oh, thanks. >> see, you talk it out. stay calm and carry on, right? >> yeah.
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3a this morning on "world news now" -- the growing political backlash facing donald trump. >> his ban on muss lips sets up a firestorm. how he's defending himself as fellow republicans speak out against him. >> we have to be tough, smart and vigilant. >> trump speaking out in his ban on muslims in an abc exclusive interview with barbara walters, who asked trump, are you a bigot? >> should be great. health crisis. a popular fast food chain, the outbreak that made dozens of college students ill. the future of shopping. the new target concept that lets you shop, browse and buy. here's the catch. you can't take your purchases home with


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