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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 9, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this this morning on "world news now" -- growing uproar over donald trump's plans to ban muss lips. how he's defending his ideas to abc's barbara walters while sending fellow republicans into a political tailspin. federal agents in california want to know if the couple behind the san bernardino attacks had accomplices as another family member is put on the no-fly list. new this half hour. a consumer alert about popular new holiday light displays. >> the store-bought laser set popular this season that could threaten air traffic and flights. the warning from the faa. later in "the skinny" -- the remake of the classic movie "dirty dancing," who's taking the lead roles as this sexy story moves from film to tv.
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it is wednesday, december 9th. ♪ the time of my life >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i've never seen that. >> you've never seen "dirty dancing"? this has to be one of your experiences. >> no, when it's on abc, that's going to be my original "dirty dancing". >> we were supposed to keep it under wraps. that was a tease. >> if you went back to watch it, do you think it would be good or rubbish? >> i think it would be fantastic. >> then i will have to watch it. so, there's new fallout, as you might expect, from donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from coming to the u.s. >> and a new poll out of new hampshire voters shows trump has an 18-point lead over rubio. the poll was actually completed on monday, that was the same day trump unleashed a firestorm with his claim that muslims should be banned from entering the u.s. >> the fact it's conducted on the day, that's what makes it an
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interesting poll, doesn't it? he's taken so much criticism because of the idea that trump is now not ruling out leaving the gop and running as an independent. >> it is your voice, your vote, and abc has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump off the campaign trail tuesday but still the talk of the world. his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. has been met with global condemnation. trump told abc's barbara walters in a one-on-one interview, he's not a bigot. >> i'm not. i'm a person that has common sense. i'm a smart person. >> do you regret your ban on muslims? some people think is un-american. >> not at all. we have to do the right things. >> reporter: asked if his words are putting the u.s. in a greater danger of an isis attack -- >> the worst thing that's ever happened to isis, the people in my party fully understand that. they're running against me. for the most part, they have no poll numbers.
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i'm leading by a lot. they get it. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for, and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan said he would still support whoever becomes the gop nominee, sparking a strong reaction from the white house. >> they should say right now they would not support donald trump for president. what he said is disqualifying. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, gop rivals called trump's controversial comments, divisive, ridiculous. and racist. senator ted cruz says he disagrees with trump's plan but refused to pile on. >> i do not believe the world needs my voice added to that chore ris chorus of critics. >> reporter: hillary clinton weighed in from iowa. >> we have to work with muslims, in our country and around the world. >> reporter: the chairman of the republican national committee disagreed with trump. and said in a statement, quote, we need to aggressively take on radical islamic terrorism. reena and richard?
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>> ken net, thank you very much, indeed. great piece by barbara walters as well. you see, with the gop condemning him, including the speaker of the house, that they should sack him from the party, but the danger for them is that he then goes independent and splits their vote going into the election. yesterday things were electric on my twitter handle. >> a lot of excited people. >> yeah. @richardpbacon. if you're a donald trump supporter, and based on the comments yesterday, many of you are, if he went independent, which he's not ruling out, would you follow him? would you take your vote from the republican party over to him as an independent? let me know @richardpbacon. >> republicans have asked him to pledge not to do, go independent. it will be fascinating if he does. the mayor of philadelphia is among the top elected officials denouncing trump's comments. michael nutter says trump has taken a page from the playbook of hitler. the mayor also announced a full
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investigation after someone threw a pig's head at a mosque in the city. the act caught on surveillance video. it could be prosecuted as a hate crime. despite efforts by governors in texas and indiana, syrian refugee families have settled in both states. a family of six joined relatives near dallas. a syrian couple and their two children arrived in indianapolis. this comes as the texas governor greg abbott and senator ted cruz have announced a bill that would give any state the right to reject refugees for security reasons. >> that's an interesting event. the police officers who responded to the san bernardino shooting have had a chance to tell their stories, describing the scene as overwhelming and surreal, this as investigators look at who may have helped the killer couple carry out that attack one week ago today. seems like so much longer, doesn't it? here is abc's brian ross. >> reporter: as a new photo emerged inside that conference room moments before that attack began, a presentation of the employee of the year award.
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authorities say sayed farook and tashfeen malik may have had help. authorities said they may bring criminal gun charges, at the least, against 24-year-old enrique marquez, a punk rock fan, convert to islam and a close friend of sayed farook. it was marquez who authorities say provided the two assault rifles used in the attack and now officials believe farook asked marquez to buy them so his name would not be on file in connection with the high-powered weapons. that was almost four years ago. >> that tells me he was thinking of doing something bad up to four years ago. >> mrs. marquez, are you going to see him now? >> reporter: marquez's mother would not talk about an investigation, but on the facebook post on the night of the attack, marquez wrote, i'm very sorry, guys. it was a pleasure. the next day he checked himself into a mental facility. friends say he may have known something about the plot in advance. >> he said something along the
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lines of there's a lot of muslims in our own backyard, ready to go haywire and attack. we didn't think nothing of it. >> reporter: authorities reveal the terror couple may have had access to a second car, a black lelexus, registered to farook's mother. fbi agents found shooting range targets and empty gopro camera boxes inside. authorities say farook's mother has been added to a u.s. terror watch list. his father was put on the list in both cases as az precaution to make sure they don't leave the country. officials have also discovered a deposit of some $28,500 into farook's bank account in the weeks before the attack. the money apparently from an online loan he took out. officials say the money was likely to be used to take care of the baby daughter the couple was leaving behind. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> that story moving over time. thank you, brian. last month's terror attacks in paris are costing the travel industry. air france says it lost $54 million in november from cancellations, bomb threat
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hoaxes and other disruptions. the financial losses are continuing this month. most of the impact was on flights to and from paris. ticket sales are a little off but the airline expects them to recover. the shortage of air traffic controllers in the u.s. demands urgent attention. that's a warning from a transportation department official to congress. he says 13 of the nation's busiest airports are below minimum staffing requirements. that includes new york, dallas, denver and chicago. a union official warns one-third of current air traffic controllers are actually eligible to retire. >> that is quite unsettling. as the nation's safety rating system for new cars and trucks is getting a major upgrade. starting in 2019, in order to earn five stars, vehicles will be required to have new safety technology including rear visibility cameras, blind spot detection and collision avoidance systems. also new crash tests simulating
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cars colliding at an angle with more anatomically correct crash-test dummies. in louisiana one guy isn't lucky to go fast enough to be a crash-test dummy. >> surprisingly hard to say. his name is mark gallagher, aka, santa claus, and he's spreading high gear, cheer in his golf cart. he started with a few christmas lights but now it's completely tricked out with snoopy, a snowman and even rudolph with a blinking red nose. >> gallagher flies his magic sleigh through his neighborhood every evening, starting on thanksgiving right until christmas day. we have to hop on that sleigh, richard. it's really -- it looks like a golf cart with a bunch of christmas lights. >> yeah. i'm not getting on it. coming up -- >> it's all yours. >> it's all mine. i'd go for the ride. coming up in "the skinny" -- the highest paid musician of the year. is your favorite artist topping the list? also ahead, the challenging
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welcome back. welcome back to "world news now." we're just ordering food into the studio. it's an important moment. >> you didn't know about this. >> it's new to me. the shift is brand new to me. >> you're kind of upside down. >> yeah. i've been here for three hours. i'm awake, so therefore, i need more food. i'm ordering. >> what's a pizza burger? >> it's a hamburger and then they put tomato sauce and mozzarella and pepperoni on top. >> it sounds disgusting. it's either/or. a pizza or a burger. >> what about economicen and waffles? >> it's too much for this time of night. it's nice to let the audience into our real lives. >> the real life of richard p. bacon. >> if you want to comment on anything you hear about us talk about tonight, any of the
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subjects, any news stories tonight, my twitter address is @richardpbacon. we'll be returning to the subjects of donald trump a little later. the question i was asking you, if he were to go independent, which he's not ruling out, would you if you were a supporter of his, and certainly quite a lot of you that watch this show are, based on yesterday's social media, if he left the gop, would you follow him? that would split the vote for the election. a lot of people would think it would hand the white house to hillary clinton. would you follow him? @richardpbacon. >> you know, richard, he apparently signed a pledge back in september saying he would not run as an independent >> which he had to do, in order to qualify for the primary in two states. he actually had to, didn't he? >> it will be interesting if he does this to go back on his word. >> the whole story is gripping, isn't it? turning now to holiday decorating and a popular new way to deck the halls without all of the effort. >> more and more lasers are used
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in lieu of traditional strands of christmas lights. but there is a potential downside. jason whitley from our dallas station has the story. >> reporter: the newest christmas lights are lasers. red, green and blue lasers projected onto homes are a cheaper way to decorate this year. but they're also a problem for pilots of passing planes, that's according to the faa. >> i don't think anybody who buys one of these little devices is putting it up with even the first thought that it might have enough power to hit an aircraft in the sky. >> reporter: you can buy these laser lights at walgreens, at target and other department stores. they'll cost about 40 bucks or so. an american airlines pilot reported to the faa he was flying into dfw thursday night and saw lights from these lasers at 15,000 feet up. >> if the box is aimed a little high, some of the -- some of the laser light will not hit the roof of the house, for example. it will just keep going off into space.
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>> reporter: the faa says other pilots have reported them as well. that american jet was over garland at the time. it's a new fad, festive on the ground, but creating concern in the sky. >> jason whitley reporting, thank you so much. the classic '80s film getting the live tv musical treatment. and who gets what? the latest high-profile hollywood divorce? "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ welcome back. it's time for "the skinny." what have we got? >> "dirty dancing". >> yeah. it's being made for television. it's not live but it is, i guess, inspired by -- it was "the sound of music" that nbc did. >> they did "the sound of music" and "peter pan," too. >> it's a film i've never seen. >> that's jennifer gray, who played baby. you never put baby in the corner, richard. she's a good dancer. that's patrick swayze who teaches her how to dance. >> you know, there comes a point where these truly iconic films -- and i know people like it, it looks good in these clips that they're watching --
3:49 am
>> this was a fantastic moment. >> what's happening? talk me through it. >> this was a moment we should try to recreate on our news desk. boom! there we go. i thought we should try to do that today. >> you've got the easier role there. >> oh! >> you see why he fanciys that. >> oh, boy. >> i need more than three hours' sleep, i tell you that. i would be delighted to lift you into the air, reena. >> we give you a pass on that. >> my point is, these truly iconic films, if you go long enough without watching them, it becomes a point of pride, even if you've never seen it. >> really? >> there's a point to say you're disappointed -- >> this is an american history moment, pop culture moment. you must see it. it's not good that you haven't seen that. >> that will be on abc, on this channel, when that eventually comes out. what else have you got? >> the "forbes" highest paid musician list. we'll start with number five. can you guess? can you guess? we've got the eagles.
3:50 am
eagles, taylor swift, garth brooks and one direction. do you know who sings this song -- ♪ i've got friends in low places ♪ ♪ where the whisky drowns >> no. but i bet they sing it better than you. >> i think they do. that was actually garth brooks, who was -- he's number three. and the number one person? who do you think it is? >> it's katy perry, isn't it? >> katy perry. >> i did know that. it's sort of remarkable she earns more than one direction. >> $135 million. she's now the industry's main money-maker. she is the highest paid musician in the world. >> and she earned significantly more than taylor swift. swift with $80 million and katy perry with $135 million. >> yeah, yeah. >> this is taylor, right? yes. >> yes, this is definitely taylor. sorry, i was just enjoying listening to it. that thing i mentioned yesterday, it's called ear worm. ear worm. it's a mashup of all 50 of the most popular songs from this
3:51 am
year. >> it's good. >> it makes you nostalgic for the year before it ends. ear worm. you'll thank me. >> you're obsessed with ear worm, aren't you? >> i don't like talking about hollywood divorces but antonio banderas and melanie griffith divorcing. guess how much he has to fork over to her? >> i don't know. tell me. >> $6 5,000 a month spousal support. but apparently it's civil. the couple agreed mutually. she's going to get the home in colorado. he's going to keep the condo in new york city. so, it's good to see they worked things out. >> and they get -- my favorite detail, other than i just like the detail, they get -- and this makes them look like aliens compared to the rest of us. they get a picasso and a porsche each. >> each, yes. >> it's an even number. they had two of each. they made have made it a lot simpler, a picasso and porsche. >> almost 20 years of marriage. coming up, the sexiest man alive turns to skin and bones.
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and why chris hemsworth will never do it again. you're watching "world news now." bones. and why chris hemsworth will never do it again.
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not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this ♪ somewhere the beyond ♪ somewhere beyond the sea ♪ she's there watch willing for me ♪ >> a little sea sick. >> it's great. on three hours' sleep, i can't even pretend to be sea sick. >> we're talking -- doing this because chris hemsworth is on top of the world, happy family man and officially the sexiest man alive. >> does look good. >> it does. >> does work. i like it a lot. you can bump into me any time. i like it. but when you hear what he had to go through for his latest role, you might feel bad for the guy. abc's excellent dan harris has more. >> reporter: you know him as the
3:56 am
brawny super hero thor but in his latest film directed by ron howard and called "in the heart of the sea," chris hemsworth undergoes a body transformation, dropping an estimated 30 pounds to portray a starving and ship wrecked sailor. how did you do that? >> i just didn't eat a whole lot. each week or two we would reduce the calories down, down, down until we were at about 500 to 600 calories a day. i can't i wouldn't do it again. i read things now, it mentions anything about being skinny, i go, that's a pass. >> reporter: hemsworth plays the first mate on a sailing ship attacked by the vengeful white whale on the story that inspired "moby dick." to make it authentic, hemsworth learned how to run a ship. >> he's mine. >> reporter: as i understand it, you spent time training in sailing and harpooning? >> yeah. i was learning how to navigate your way around the ship and tie
3:57 am
knots and climb the mast. >> reporter: "people" magazine former's sexiest man alive gave up living in hollywood for a more private existence in his homeland of australia with his wife and their three young children. you said the first sign of being a good father is worrying if you're being a good father? >> yes. i think if your intentional goal is to be a good father and you have a fear of not being that, that's in the right direction. you're constantly questioning what you're doing and you've never been handed such a responsibility before and said, well, here's a loss. so, it makes you feel alive. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> i like dan. >> yeah. and chris. >> yeah. cover of "vanity fair." listen, don't miss our updates, facebook, >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, investigators in paris naming the third bataclan attacker. the details just in. firing back, the controversial plan to ban muslims. donald trump responding to critics in an exclusive interview with barbara walters. >> we have a president that doesn't have a clue. we don't know what's happening. >> the backlash growing from his own party and the white house as his lead widens in the newest poll. we are live in washington. caught on camera. one of the hottest toys for the holidays bursting into flames again. this time inside a mall. and art lovers taking an even closer look at the mona lisa. the secret possibly discovered


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