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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a metro train. leon: two people stabbed at a gas station in aspen hill. right now, a manhunt is underway for up to four people involved. richard reeve is on the scene. detectives and police officers right now are preparing their notes, trying to
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get information together. shortly before 9:00 they got an assault call. here, next tock the gas station, there is clothing and some boots, some wrapping. this washatever occurred. camerashot, there is a taking high-speed photographs of the scene. we also sold detectives going inside this sunoco station, apparently trying to see if they could find surveillance camera video. hard to see exactly what happened here, but at this point we understand one of the victims has life-threatening injuries, the other non-life-threatening injuries as the detectives continue to investigate this apparent double stabbing. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: thank you.
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now, beaten and robbed on a metro train, a gay couple says they were involved in an attack by 12 teenagers and they say that metro's system failed to help them when they needed the most. tom roussey has their story on how metro is responding. tom? alison, "the washington blade" first reported the story and it's getting attention. the couple got on the green line and west hyattsville, were attacked, and then feared for their lives as the train driver kept making stops. metro has put out this picture of a female suspect. they are hunting for her tonight, but also numerous other suspects as well. >> went to a thing's giving party with my boyfriend. tom: this man says it had been a great night until on the green line in maryland he saw a teenaged boy being robbed and
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attacked. >> we just wanted the boy to be safe, that's all. >> by the time i got to joey, there was 12 teenagers out of nowhere that were jumping on him, kicking him in the head. his partner was able to get joey to another train, away from the teenagers. red's then the train driver kept making stops and did not tell them if the police were on the way. >> i feel that metro failed us. we fought for our own lives. a spokesperson said that drivers have discretion in such situations, and the driver called the police and kept going to the shell station where the police were nearby. teenagersthat the mocked his disability from a stroke and his sexual orientation. >> i felt like that person
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and thatto the house was the scariest thing i have ever dealt with. few weekshappened a ago, and joey says he is still recovering from his injuries. metro says they are going through security camera video to identify all suspects involved. they have identified a picture of one of them tonight. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> turn yourself in. avoid all the nonsense, avoid all the pressure. it will come out. we will find you. leon: a young woman found dead in a car in spotsylvania county. now the police are trying to figure out who killed heather ciccone. alison: the police are asking for information about this car and the spray-painted message. leon: roz plater has the investigation happening now. what's the latest? there is a team
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of detectives working the case since sunday night around the clock. tonight they are asking for the public's help. family members, friends, and strangers are determined to find justice for heather ciccone, who was found shot to death in her car sunday night in spotsylvania. >> page of a very important person from our lives. it's so sad it had to end this way. roz: investigators want to know when and where you may have seen her car sunday night, especially between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. the silver kia had this lettering on the rear window. and in emotional gathering, members of this small, tightknit community grieved. >> she was well loved and well known. things like this typically do not happen here.
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among the mourners, her longtime basketball coach. >> i feel like we lost our own kid. roz: her family wants to find out who killed her and why. >> turn yourself in. avoid all the nonsense, avoid all the pressure. it will come out. we will find you. and we will get you. investigators say the timeline is critical. if they can pinpoint where she was during that one hour window, they could perhaps find witnesses and possibly surveillance video. roz plater, abc 7 news. generaltro's new manager facing questions about safety tonight. i stayed where it, smoke station tunnel, leaving one woman dead and others injured. the passenger was trapped in a smoke-filled railcar. she says that she hopes that the
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new general manager will enforce higher standards of safety. >> it was terrifying. that was the only time in my life i had been aware i could die. myself.le to save i even tried to dial 911, but i cannot get a signal in the tunnel. >> right now, i think our credibility is low with the customers. if you cannot perform, all this other stuff is complicated, but that's my job. leon: the woman said she was trapped inside of the smoke-filled tunnel for 45 minutes. besides safety and financial issues, one of the biggest jobs and concerns is to regain riders trust. warmer temperatures are set to reach us tomorrow, and it's almost believe december outside. steve rudin has a look at the temperatures. steve: a lot brighter tomorrow.
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overnight, showers mainly north and west of the district. ,inchester, north and west towards hagerstown, that is with the showers are right now. not amounting to a whole lot. all these move off to the east. now beginning to overspread frederick and eventually into montgomery county. the forecast overnight, scattered showers end, patchy fog early in the morning. nighttime lows, upper 30's, lower 40's. the next seven days, and if you don't like temperatures in the 60's, you will not like what i have to say in a few minutes. more on that coming up. i think most people will be happy. leon? leon: the situation not one of happiness, a city in turmoil. protesters flooding the streets of chicago, demanding mayor rahm emanuel stepped down from office, all of this after videos of police tactics were released.
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what officer was charged with murder after shooting an unarmed teenager 17 times. -- one officer was charged with murder. today, the mayor apologized, that was not enough for the protesters. >> i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch. and i'm sorry. when did you don't come how much did you know, those are questions. leon: there were clashes between protesters and the police but no word of arrests or injuries. the justice department is investigating the chicago police department. new developments on the san bernardino couple involved in the mass shooting. one of the topics in a town hall is what we can do to prevent another mass shooting. jonathan has more. jonathan: the latest inflation about syed farouk anti-fema late says they had been radicalized
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for a long time. they werey as 2013 talking about she hot and martyrdom before they became engaged and married and live together in the u.s. intense investigation into the electronics the couple tried to destroy. mother is now on the terror watch list, and possible gun charges against his former neighbor. investigators say that he bought uk nearlys for faro two years ago. gun control was one of the many topics discussed during a town hall meeting. is even with case restrictive gun laws in california were france, criminal still do what criminals do, colluding getting guns and kill people. jonathan: part of the investigation was following the money. deposited into syed
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farouk's account months before the attacks. leon: coming up -- four-legged first responders. the training happening. alison: plus, a consumer alert, new video of a popular hover board catching fire.
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leon: breaking news, two people stabbed at a convenience store. richard reeve is on the scene for us. we just got word one of the victims who was injured was pronounced dead at the hospital. initially, the call came in, two people stabbed. one victim died.
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another victim has non-life-threatening injuries. not much more information from the police, but they are looking through surveillance video, trying to figure out what happened. live from aspen hill, richard reeve, abc 7 news. are firstey responders to threats, sometimes before humans. and their0 canines handlers are getting the training they need to sniff out bombs, part of the national voter recognition testing. handlers say a big part of it is teamwork and keeping the dogs happy while they do their important work. we have a consumer alert, one of the hot toys of the season is overheating, literally. i-team was first to report safety concerns about ove hover board toys.
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fire hazards are added to the list. in of them caught fire washington state. officials believe the battery overheated. the consumer product safety commission is investigating similar incidents. they recommend only buying scooters that are labeled with the testing stamp of firms such as underwriters laboratory. obama and thet first lady hosted the honda can celebration tonight. people to, they asked send in their menorah ideas. that lamp was made in jerusalem in the 1920's. alison: very interesting. steve: i hear ahead they have great food. leon: are you angling for an invitation? steve: sort of a crummy day today with the clouds, dreary,
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but the temperatures where they should be this time of year. we turn warmer, and by saturday and sunday, folks will say, enough is enough. i wanted to feel cooler, we are in the holiday season. i will take a poll. the high today, 39 the morning low. the average morning low is 34, so we are still above average at reagan national. now, showersght off to the west. the cloud still remain, a little patchy fog beginning to develop. frederick, 40 bwi marshall, 30's manassas and culpeper. luray at 50 degrees. there is not a tremendous amount of super cold air. milder temperatures suppress the south. at 67, virginia beach at 57. these are 11:00 temperatures, very mild air heading our way.
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the weak frontal system moves across the area overnight, not amounting to a lot. west of theorth and immediate d.c. metro area, hagerstown, winchester, that is where you are looking at heavier showers. all of this moves towards the east, a little closer, northern montgomery county, gaithersburg, germantown, rockville. hour, 90n the next minutes. not expecting anything heavy. tomorrow morning, all of this will be out of here. nighttime lows of the upper 30's, middle 40's. warmer temperatures closer to the beltway and the district. scattered showers end and patchy fog may develop, but i don't think we will see anything that will bring fog advisories early tomorrow morning. waking up, 41 fairfax, 45 petworth, lower 40's waldorf and la plata. grab the sunglasses, you will need them part of the day tomorrow. futurecast, waking
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up tomorrow morning and through the rush-hour commute, partly cloudy skies, clouds through the midday. by friday, the wind returns out of the south and southwest and temperatures really start to rise. daytime highs well into the 60's. we will keep that going for the weekend. tomorrow morning, lower 40's, middle 50's by lunchtime, 60 degrees by 4:00. sunset at 4:45. the next seven days, i promised milder air, 64 friday, 66 saturday, i would not be surprised sunday and monday if t at least 70 degrees. a cold front moves through monday with showers. degrees,op about 10 upper 50's, which is still 10 degrees above average this time of year. leon: it will feel cold when it
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happens. steve: those of you dreaming of a white christmas, i think our chances right now are practically zip. alison: go to alaska. steve: it is cold in alaska, 17 below. leon: that's crazy. they can keep that. robert: discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids disver the world with their mouths
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detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide
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desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers. the wizards hosting the rockets, and they don't themselves into a hole. third quarter, the was is on the break. bradley beal to john wall, the noble smash. miss, the wizards off the again on the break. wall two sessions, the bucket.
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the wizards with the lead. james harden, too much. he had 42. another loss for the wiz, 109- 103. at home, for whatever reason, we come out and play too cool, too soft. it happens almost every home game. that is where the game is lost. robert: the redskins probably ate that they have not won road game this season. against the bears this sunday, is this make or break? coach gruden: i will not be that drastic, but obviously all these games are important. we are 5-7, the giants are 5-7,
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the eagles are 5-7, so this is big. we understand our struggles on the road. we have to address them. robert: whoever said hugs are free was wrong. fornio brown has been fined his touchdown celebration sunday night after he returned a punt, giving the goal post a big hug. $11,765.ined leon: which he gave to his urologist. alison: all the men are cringing. robert: the orioles have reportedly offered a deal. davis leads the majors in home runs this season and has 159 over the past four seasons, more
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than in other player on the free-agent market. movese nats still making in free agency, adding more help to the bullpen, and the nats are still working on other deals. i would like to see the nats look for some hitting. not exactly needing help in the bullpen, but i'm just the sports anchor. sayin'.st sweet potato pie is back.
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alison: a way to give back this season at a toys for tots drive at union station. there is still a chance to stop by tomorrow. the "good morning washington" team will be there taking donations. 8 areand news channel proud partners with toys for tots. leon: good news for fans of the patty labelle sweet potato pie. tonight, walmart says they are restocking the pies and washington, d.c.
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the craze was fueled by this guy. yeah, that video. that video went viral. walmart says the weekend after the video was posted, the store sold one pipe per second for 72 straight hours. alison: i hope he gets a cut of that, because it's all because of him. pie.t: he just wants
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alison: warm weather continues? steve: it will be beautiful the next several days. i cannot remember the last time in the month of december we had five consecutive days this warm. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a good night.
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- wanda sykes. formula one champion lewis hamilton. and music from band of merrymakers. with cleto and the cletones. and now, be warned, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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