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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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they stopped at the fourth district station where line officers nearly one blocklong stood at attention as his family tearfully embraced police chief tom manger. he spoke to the press, firmly stating that officer leotta died at the hands of a drunk driver. that is luis relusco. they say he is to previous drunk driving arrests and instructor -- they are now reviewing the crash report, witness interviews and his blood draw. charges are likely. itthis young police officer was an example of what every cop should be was killed by a man who decided to smoke some dope, drink for four hours and get behind the wheel of a car. this officer was killed serving the public, trying to prevent the exact crime that killed him.
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that is absolutely the most fiery i've ever seen the chief at a press conference. there is family leaving over my left shoulder. that is his family. they are getting into the vehicles. they are clearly visibly distraught. it was only this morning that they made that decision cc life-support -- cease life-support. the officer had a severe head injury. six days later he made no significant improvement. this is his family right here. all new at 5:00, the stern wards -- words which he had for the senators in annapolis. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: you can see why he was so emotional. return to some breaking news that is happening in southeast washington. the council on american islamic relations headquarters has been evacuated. jonathan: and envelope was found their. it is now being cleaved.
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-- cleared. this was a real scare for people and even quarantined folks. reporter: in the. -- indeed. we have had situations in this city where people have received substances in the mail. -- this isething about a block from the u.s. capitol. a spokesman says around 1:00 this afternoon workers opened and envelope and a white powder substance fell out. police and fire arrived along with federal agents and to stay for the next two hours. three people were quarantined inside the building and the rest of the staff had to evacuate. also in the envelope was with the spokesman called a hate filled letter. finally, uber came to enough -- hooper cancun is what authorities told him. >> there is no hazard. it is now in the hands of the fbi who will do more extensive
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tests on it. hooper says this is not the first time the received hate messages but it's the first and received a letter that require them to evacuate the building. he says there has been an increase in the number of hate letters coming to his organization. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news . alison: things are starting to become a little more clear in san bernardino. we're learning more about the husband and wife. terror suspects some members of congress calling for tougher regulations. the so-called the so used by a suspect to move to the u.s. marcy gonzales explains how they met and how they could of been involved in other plots. reporter: today, urging questions about the suspects who carried out last week's terror attacks in san bernardino. investigators trying to figure out if syed farook and tashfeen
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malik's marriage and on the introduction were orchestrated by terror group with the goal of setting up a sleeper cell in united states. >> if it is a situation where they were recruited to get together, then it is logical there are other people in the u.s. and in other locations for this may have occurred. reporter: the fbi says they chatted online about jihad and k wasrdom well before mali allowed into the u.s. on a fiancee visa. >> she was radicalized a long time ago. if we know that now, why didn't we know it then. when she went through this wonderful that a process -- vetting process. reporter: and there were claims that henrique marquez and far ook planned an attack in 2013.
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he is said to be cooperative with investigators as they look into whether possible targets, questioning why pictures of this high school were on his phone. they are having difficulty because they incurred to the data on the digital devices. -- encrypted the data. >> we can't break it. there is no no decryption -- known decryption. iforter: they are looking they were massive online specifically to start a sleeper cell in the west and whether that could be a new tactic used by terror groups. marcy gonzales, abc news. donald trump continues to widen the gap in gain support among republican voters in the latest poll but there is a catch. a lot of the most recent surveys taken was before his controversial plan to ban muslim some traveling in the united states. the attacks keep coming and his support seemingly grows.
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joining us now scott thuman. patty make sense of this politically speaking? other campaigns will be going down in flames and he continues to gain support. reporter: he has a phenomenon in a lot of ways. he talks about poll numbers so often. the only poll that really matters is the one on election day and there is a lot of truth of that, but we are getting a debt keeping a close eye on his particular numbers because we are seeing this growing momentum in life of not just this most recent controversial comments but others in the past. here are some of the figures in the latest poll. it shows among republican voters he has gone up 13 points in the exact poll since october 15. 35%. there is on the flipside also some growing discontent. 40% of all people surveyed in that same poll said they are scared of what a donald trump presidency may mean.
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point whenr original you talk about the fact that these were taken before the comments were made. carolina, whenth they asked people before the comments there was 30% support among republican voters. after the comments, 38%. he got an eight point pop in light of what some people -- bump in light of what some people say he should apologize for. he says he stands by his word and he is seen proof in the numbers that at least, politically, it is working for him right now. jonathan: he always touts himself as politically incorrect. a lot of people, there is a sentiment that they agree with him at home. everything else he has done has been politically far from correct and yet people seem to resonate with that message. reporter: the interesting thing, and we will talk about this at 6:00. we will show with the effect of donald trump rhetoric or his
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plain speak as he likes to call it has on the rest of other elections, other tickets. will it hurt or hinder republicans across the country? we will look into that. jonathan: thanks very much. insists he was not scared during a time magazine photo shoot with a gold eagle earlier this year. time released the behind-the-scenes video of trump and the eagle as a part of his person of the year coverage. the video shows the eagle picking at his hair and trump recoiling. they have big beaks. he lost up to the german chancellor angela merkel. alison: students at the university of virginia reacted to trump's proposed muslim travel ban with hugs. they offer those embraces to counter some people's perception that they are dangerous. fourth-year students health
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organized the event -- helped organize the event. as a refugee from kashmir she knows what real terrorism is. >> to point refugees in say -- it's undermining the authority in place. alison: organizers say while he is getting the most attention, they are more concerned people to be motivated by what he says to act against others. firefighters investigating a deadly fire in anne arundel county. it started early this morning on old camp meade road. one person was killed and another is missing. heavy flames were shooting from that houston firefighters arrived. the home was gutted. firefighters could not go in right away fearing it would collapse. that's why a potential second victim has not been identified yet. jonathan: prince george's county police investigating an overnight crash that killed one person. this was at landover road. police say the driver somehow
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lost control and hit a pole. is in person the flames. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the investigation did close 202 in both directions are several hours. alison: and reviewed search for a girl who has not been seen in almost two years. her disappearance captured national headlines for how the case was handled. and now d.c. police and the fbi might have a new lead. stephen tschida shows as the new search site. what have you got? reporter: this is the search site. this vast area across the road here. this is where we had a number of search parties combing the area. we have video of d.c. police officers, cadets and federal agents, even some special dogs going through the debris. this was slated to be a walmart originally. now a vacant lot.
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she disappeared from a d.c. homeless shelter two years ago. the eight-year-old vanished. there was a massive search of the time and eventually it was determined that a janitor from the homeless shelter had adopted her. tatum isld kaleel believed to have taken the wife of his wife and then committed suicide. chief lanier talked about why this search at this location now. >> we really have done some expensive -- extensive dives into the information we had and some new information that came into different possibilities about the movements of mr. tatum. nothing was found of significance today. that she says there is another location where there will be another search. at this time that location has not been disclosed. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. this story developed
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in march of 2014. police had trouble at first pinning down exactly when rudd disappeared. tatum was found dead a few days later on april 1. he killed his wife and then he took his own life. that brought us to today. the fbi and d.c. police are teaming up to continue the search. to see all of our reporting on her disappearance, you can log in for website, you will find it there. a popular podcast returns. it is big. we will let you know who will be the first subject this time coming up. alison: which are the safest cars on the road? we will have a hint for you. odds are your american brand is not one of them. jonathan: a runaway train in boston. no one was steering this thing
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the passengers were onboard. how did it start moving? we will have that for you coming up. steve: was a mild enough today? mild weather back in the 70 outlook. mild weather back in the 70 outlook.
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jonathan: the d.c. police department's annual shop with a copy of it happen today. they went shopping. children shopped for a holiday present at a walmart. the event is made possible through $10,000 grant from walmart. it's aimed at fostering strong relationships between police and the community. a lot of fun. alison: army sergeant bowe bergdahl is breaking his silence in the popular podcast "serial." for the first time we will hear his version of how he was held captive by the taliban. he's accused of deserting his post in afghanistan back in 2009. he was freed in 2014 during the controversial prisoner swap. jonathan: this is a bizarre scene taking place in boston
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today. a subway train started rolling. nobody was in there. there were passengers on board. they were not hurt. leaders with the transportation authority leave somebody tampered with a safety device in the cab. it rolled through several stations before authorities were able to cut power to the third rail. leaders called it a highly troubling incident. again, nobody was hurt. alison: the train to nowhere. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. we look at the safest cars on the road. the insurance institute for highway safety says 48 vehicles earned a top safety pick plus rating. toyota,2016 models, honda and subaru had the most top picks. 23 combined. only one american car earned that distinction and that was the chrysler 200. jonathan: let's check with jamie sullivan right now about how traffic is moving. jamie: we will start were
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traffic is moving but it was not earlier. this is in wheaton on randolph road. you can see behind some of the flashing lights. this is the fourth district police station where he had a procession go through earlier. dated block it off -- they did block it off. everything now is open. letter to the map and talk about some issues in d.c. police activity on new jersey avenue between virginia avenue and ivy street southeast. capitol street southeast is the best option. we have an accident on 9th street northeast and maryland avenue. the bigger picture, we are seeing normal congestion on outbound 395. closerget a little towards branch avenue we get better. no big problems to worry about traveling on 66 heading out. we are seeing volume building. heading north from the gw
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parkway in continuing into maryland getting close to the 270. we still have some that volume. no big issues to worry about traveling on the baltimore-washington parkway or 95 if you have to head north from d.c. to baltimore. jonathan: one of those days if you're out stuck in traffic, roll down the windows and enjoy it. doug: it's going to get a whole lot better just in time for the weekend. steve: a little bit of trivia in the next 15 minutes. what was the warmest temperature on record in d.c. in the month of december? 77, 81, 479 in 1998. -- or 79 in 1998? alison: i will google. steve: you can't do that and you can't do that at home. this is gaithersburg. what it looked like a this
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morning was a lot of talk. -- a lot ofo fog. we have a temperature of 58 degrees and the sun will set in less than one half hour. temperatures across the board are hard to believe. we are almost at the middle of december. 61 in leesburg. reagan national at 59. southern maryland coming in at the upper 50's. tonight, ranges from 30 degrees in the urban areas and then come up -- tomorrow morning you might want to leave a little bit of extra time as we see areas of fog. 43 tomorrow morning and 61 by noontime. 4:00, right around 65. i will take you to look at the next seven days. 67 on saturday and the same on sunday. monday talking about a windy day. temperatures in the upper 60's. a cold front will drop to
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mergers back to the upper 50's by tuesday and wednesday. a lot going on during the holiday season. we will head over to the u.s. botanic gardens where doug hill is right now. a lot going on there tonight? doug: tones of activity inside the conservatory and everything made up for the holiday season. they don't like to say "season's greetings" as much as they like "seasons greens." they have a display of the buildings on the mall and behind me is the u.s. capitol. everything is made of plant-based materials. a lot of work and effort went into this. there was a concert here tonight. a band performing at 6:00 every tuesday and thursday through the month. they have a concert series going on. plenty of room filled with all kinds of stuff. we took a tour in right now inside here they have in bloom cocoa trees.
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coffee trees in bloom. all kinds of stuff. we will give you the feel of the holiday season. pretty good crowd for the early dinner hour. there will be music displays and the kids will love the trains they have set up. it's pretty cool. the greatest thing for me is it's always climate controlled 72 degrees inside the conservatory. [laughter] back to you. alison: today would not be too bad to be outside. jonathan: thanks. alison: coming up next on abc 7 news, the golden globe nominations are out. who has the best chances to take him a trophy and who will sit at home watching? the potential winners and the snobs ahead -- snubs i had. jonathan: one major online retailer has a new options allow you to get your package when yo
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jonathan: the golden globe nominations are out. alison: it was taking home hardware this year? short" ind "the big have the best odds. nominationto the announcement for the 73rd annual golden globe awards. reporter: the stars got up early
4:26 pm
to see who received golden globe nominations. "carol" earned five nominations. cate blachett in rooney mara each best -- got best actress nods. . the housing market is rocksolid reporter: "the big short" cashed in. this comedy or musical and screenplay. speaking the best comedy, "the martian" was nominated in that category leaving some scratching their heads. the hit earned a best actor in a comedy not and really scott -- ridley scott earned a best director nomination. denzel washington look at the cecil b demille award for his body of work. what about the snubs?
4:27 pm
steven spielberg was left out the best directors list and michael keaton and johnny depp also came up short. you can see who comes out on top sunday, january 10 when ricky surveys posts the golden globe awards. i am jeremy ross reporting -- alison: outsmarting the grinch? had you can ensure holiday deliveries are not taken from your front porch. reporter: in a courtroom here in baltimore the first freddie gray police trial is closer to going to the jury.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. jonathan: william porter back in court facing charges related to freddie gray staff. -- death. alison: brad bell was in the courtroom. how are the officers lawyers building this case now? reporter: they are attacking everything the status put forward. i came out of the courthouse about 15 minutes ago. on the stand was another police officer the day that freddie -- who was there the day freddie gray was arrested. they are saying that officer porter cannot be expected to seatbelt him in a van because nobody did and nobody saw signs of injury. that point was driven home this morning by a neurosurgeon it was
4:31 pm
brought in as an expert witness by the defense team to talk about freddie gray's injuries. he showed some of the cat scans of his injured spine, explaining that the injury was so catastrophic that freddie gray had no chance of surviving and once that injury happened he would've been completely incapacitated and unable to speak to the officer when the officer checked on him. he said there was a conversation. the timing of the injury is important. the jury heard from charlottesville, va police chief timothy longo who freelances as a nice for witness in cases like this. he talked about police behavior, training, and said that officer porter did nothing wrong. the defense in its second day. they will not tell a 70 witnesses they plan to call. there is a sense of the trial is drawing to a conclusion. we are starting to hear more
4:32 pm
police for kong once -- pleas for calm. >> people can do with a one is that -- as long as they don't damage their community. we don't need anything destroyed in the african-american community. nobody should destroy anything but they have the right to protest if that is what they want to do. the president is of the baltimore city chapter of the naacp. season watching much of this trial. when we come back at 5:00 we will have on the testimony in what she and other trial watchers think about exactly how it is going. brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: we want to remind you to stay with abc 7 for live updates on the trial, including officer porter -- when you are away from the tv you get alerts sent to your phone. you can log on to
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way,rry mcauliffe gets his state employees will get a raise next year. 's budget includes money for a 2% raise. that's the first one since 2008. $60plan includes almost million for pay increases. this is contingent on projected revenue through 2018. jonathan: we are back with the weather trivia. we have been going over this and we have our answer. steve: the warmest temperature recorded at reagan national in december? jonathan: i'm going with 79 and she is going with 81. is -- allisonwer is right once again. you must be hearing us talking back there. we don't have anything like this, at least not anytime soon. across the area as a click around here, there we go, looking at six east falls church.
4:34 pm
-- 60 degrees at falls church. the further east to go still in the 50's but temperatures way above average for this time of year. wake up temperatures early tomorrow morning. we will be looking at areas of patchy fog early tomorrow similar to what we had today. i would not be surprised if we had some dense fog advisories posted for parts of the area. 42 the wake of temperature in fairfax. tomorrow's forecast looks fantastic. a daytime high of 65 degrees. a good deal of sunshine with winds out of the southwest at 5-10 miles per hour. alison: thank you very much. we have seen the video before. someone stealing a package delivered to a front step. one major retailer is hoping to ensure the gifts heading your way and up under your tree. jennifer donelan to explain what this is all about. that major retailer is
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connecting with another retailer for its slurve be sent it gulps and big gulps. they are the package these. people ordering more and more online than ever before. they are having them delivered to their homes and people are taking advantage of that by coming onto their porches and stealing those packages. let's come back here with. -- live. this is an answer from these are amazon lockers. you order an item. they will send you a code. magically one of the stores will open and there will be your package. you have pick it up within three business days. we just met a woman from washington d.c. who came to this 7-eleven and picked up her first
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package from a storage locker. i think it is great. it is efficient. it was easy for me to get over here and pick it up even though i live in d.c. and i saved a lot of money. with --: back here live. she saved on shipping because she is a prime number. betting this is the safer option. they are only in northern virginia. if you are in d.c. or maryland, travel. have to back to you. alison: thank you very much. wal-mart is removing the need to get your wallet out at the cash register. the company has a new feature on its mobile app called walmart pay. customers can log into their accounts right on the app.
4:37 pm
they scan the code at the register. todayt pay will roll out in bentonville, arkansas. after the holidays more stores will be equipped to work with this. jonathan: a crime alert involving metro. a gay couple says the transit agency failed to help them than they are attacked by 12 teenagers. the men say the incident happened on a green line train in maryland. one victim says he was kicked and beaten when he tried to help avoid being attacked by the teens. the men say they used the trains red button to report to the driver of the train kept going and they had no medication help was on the way. -- indication help was on the way. >> i felt like they failed this. we were fighting for our own lives. jonathan: they say the men -- teen mocked their sexual orientation.
4:38 pm
a spokesperson says drivers have discretion in those types of situations. this driver called police he kept going to the metro station where police were nearby. that station was three or four stops down the line. the latest from chicago. rahm emanuel facing a potential recall. a state lawmaker introduced a bill to develop a recall and special election process. yesterday this was the scene. protesters converging on the loop, going right up to his offices and demanding he resign. he has been criticized for his slow action following police involved shootings. a young man was shot 16 times fight officer now charged with murder. the videotape took a full year to be released. alison: now to some incredible video from birmingham. this is on i-20 where a tanker burst into flames. to nearby difference for evacuated late last night. police say two trucks crashed. one spilled chemicals and that
4:39 pm
is when the truck burst and the the fireball. it took all mighty clean up the mess. residents were allowed to go back home this morning. when you abc 7 news, see the flashing lights behind you you know you are in trouble. we will show you how one man was able to get out of a ticket. jonathan: members of the military grilled on the hill yesterday. some questions about tracking santa. a top air force general bruce senators.
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alison: people try all sorts of things to get out of a traffic ticket. a man uses voice and he recorded a performance on his l phone. -- cell phone. beautiful ♪ so alison: he sounds good. he is a gospel singer and it works. his name is tj bristol and he was let-up is just a warning for not wearing his seatbelt. jonathan: he had a selfie stick. therey made my day out
4:43 pm
and i'm sure through that beautiful song it made their day. it worked out really well. alison: he says everyone should buckle up but he added maybe it's a good idea to have a tuning ready to go just in case -- tune ready to go. terriblehen he sounded -- what if he sounded terrible? jonathan: we are two weeks away from christmas and a official eyesnor read -- norad has on santa. a got contentious. >> can you assure the boys and girls of this country that the air force is fully prepared to track santa once again? >> i don't have a complete intelligence report but i understand the reindeer have been fed their quantity of votes of are prepared for delivery gifts to all those that are the nice and not not eat. ty.naugh
4:44 pm
jonathan: it is serious business. norad does track santa. alison: decorations. everybody has them around town. kayla send us a picture of her family's christmas tree. jonathan: that is great. we would to see more of your scenes of the season. you can send us your holiday decoration pics. send it to and watch abc 7 to see if we put it on air. alison: time is running out to buy low if you're looking for a new home. is not the actual price going up. we will explain why locking in now maybe one of them waiting for the new year. jonathan: check this thing out. you will not get to fly in at anytime soon. we will let you know which best-selling line discover the world
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for three straight weeks it has fallen until now. banks are getting ready for the federal reserve to raise the lending rate and those costs will be passed on to you. we will find out if the fed will raise rates next week. it would be the first in almost a decade. upathan: boeing is rolling the next generation of the 747. it is the max. it is 40% quieter and uses less fuel than his predecessors. test flights of the new airplane began in 2016 with a planned debut in 2017. boeing has already started to fill orders for southwest, united and american airlines. assembling is underway outside of seattle. last night we hosted a townhall. your voice, your future. security versus freedom. talking about terrorism. we posted a question for you to weigh in on. should the state of california
4:49 pm
there any blame for the tragedy because of its current gun laws? we were talking about the concealed carry permits which they just do not issue. a closed this afternoon. this is compiled from 30 sister stations. almost 70% said no. the discussion does continue. you can weigh in with your comments at abc news. alison: let's go to an issue with the weather. you need snow to ski and we have no snow yet. but they have snow at the snowshoe resort in west virginia. it opens tomorrow. joining us the a skype from the mountain is shawn castle. how are you? what are the conditions? it's really warm here. hawn: it's been a little milder than we are used to. we still have snow.
4:50 pm
we're in good shape. classic el niño. it starts warm and then hopefully we are counted from late december to march. alison: what has this warm weather been doing? his thing going on for a little while. what is it doing to your business? shawn: we had to push thanksgiving. we were open for thanksgiving for the last three years. that was unfortunate. it's really a bonus. we are a little behind schedule but all we need is one good cold spell. we are not panicking. alison: we hope that happens for you. thank you for talking to us and enjoy the weekend. jonathan: can't wait to get out there start snow skiing. looking forward to the weekend. it may be short and teacher time. alison: that is hard to believe. doug hill is standing by at the
4:51 pm
u.s. botanical garden on the mall. we love that area and you have been bundled up lately but not today. doug: you can send me out on this assignment every night. it is warm and beautiful and we are standing inside 23-year-old douglas for from -- fur from western maryland. a great launching point into our weekend forecast. the weather conditions this weekend are sunshine and upper 60's. andweather on saturday sunday, the average temperatures are the same as the average temperatures this time of year in jacksonville, florida. looking beyond and two saturday morning, arlington national cemetery. anderatures in the 50's climbing into the lower 60's by midday. saturday night in annapolis is the christmas parade. a lot of the boats dressed up for the holiday season. next week or was he temperatures
4:52 pm
in the upper 60's on monday but a cold front will swing through with gusty winds and a chance of showers. temperatures will be in the upper 60's. tuesday and wednesday we turn cooler but still unseasonably warm. partly sunny skies with highs in the upper 50's. steeply back with more details in the short term and a bit. knows get an update on traffic. jamie: we are going to start it with a few different problems. we begin with a water main break in alexandria. eisenhower avenue westbound blocks. this is just north of the beltway. two traffic using this eastbound lanes. police are saying they expect this to be in place until tomorrow morning. duke street is an option. it runs parallel to eisenhower avenue. we are really not seeing any big delays on the capital beltway. but outbound 66 we are seeing an accident just past the capital
4:53 pm
beltway. you do drop down to about 19 miles per hour through fairfax. you were still on the brakes getting your centreville. a live look to give you an idea of some of that bumper to bumper traffic we see approaching this area. this is near route 50. we do have all been in a few crashes, minor accidents. for the water main break could cause issues. back to you. we are proud partners with united states marine corps in toys for tots. we are collecting donations for children. we are making it so much easier than ever to donate. we have set up this wish list. all you do is pick which toy you want to buy and then ship it to the abc 7 toys for tots registry address. and then we will deliver the toys for tots in time for the holidays. you can donate right now. head over to the program helps over 30,000
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kids in our area who would otherwise go without. alison: still ahead on abc 7 news, boosting vocabulary in young students. how the smithsoni i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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alison: young learners in northeast. more time at the smithsonian museum. kellye lynn shows us why. reporter: did you see this one? what is that? what mighty beer -- my cup year to be simple interaction between adults and children is something more. >> it's a partnership between the smithsonian -- >> we are trying to build a strong foundation where they have the vocabulary but they also understand the concepts underpinning the vocabulary. reporter: the foundation is donated $1 million to the initiative.
4:58 pm
preschoolers and their families will attend monthly vocabulary building workshops at the smithsonian museum. >> we have to start very early teaching the vocabulary. and teaching in the meanings of used to it andre reading becomes more practical for them. young vocabulary that people have is a quick metric of how successful they are going to be in on the school -- in elementary school. reporter: she realizes she plays an important role. we come home and we read for 30 minutes every day. reporter: at the smithsonian, kellye lynn, abc 7 news. >> the residents of the county lost a great cop. the kind of police officer you want patrolling your streets. leon: words of praise in a show of honor for an officer struck
4:59 pm
your new traffic stop. >> you have to consider it. leon: nearly two years after a girl went missing, the search intensifies. a neighborhood loses a beloved symbol of the holiday season. >> they should not taken it down without telling people. leon: why people say they got scrooge'd by the city. an outpouring of support after the montgomery county police suspected drunk driver last week passed away. he died this morning. a procession passed by the station in wheaton before bringing him to the medical examiner's office in baltimore. kevin lewis was there as his colleagues saluted the fallen officer. officers whoy truly see it all could not help but cry today. it was a really somber moment in front of the station.
5:00 pm
i will step out see you can see the flash at half staff. there was the month, squad car parked in front with black bunting on the passenger side. we have -- >> we have lost a great police officer. reporter: officers lined a city block at attention as the escort us are the remains of fallen officer noah leotta. his family seen here to really embracing the police chief outside the district station where the 24-year-old was assigned. >> this is a preventable, unnecessary loss. reporter: he was hit by a 47 euro man that allegedly decided to drive after a night of partying. >> this officer was killed serving the public, trying to prevent the exact crime that killed him. >> officer down. reporter: officers are reviewing the crash report, witness interviews and the


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