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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 11, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now," terrorists printing phony passports. the new threat to homeland security as the government warns isis fighters with fake documents may have traveled to the u.s. political boost. donald trump's surging popularity. the poll numbers coming in since he called for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> and new this half hour, a consumer alert to airline travelers. >> the new study out this morning about when you should not buy airline tickets. new analysis by industry insiders could save you money right now. >> that's good information. and later in "the skinny," a surprise performance from madonna in paris. it turned out to be a duet with her son and a touching tribute after the terror attacks.
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it is friday, december 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we want to actually start with a scary new weapon apparently being used by isis. it's not a gun and it's not a bomb. >> we're talking about fake passports already being used by the terror group to move people across borders. authorities in the u.s. have been told to watch out as abc's brian ross reports. >> reporter: with the u.s. and other countries on high alert for isis attacks, american authorities are warning the terror group may have infiltrated followers into this country with authentic looking passports it has printed itself, almost impossible to detect. >> if isis has been able to acquire legitimate passports or machines that create legitimate passports, this would represent a major security risk to the united states. >> reporter: authorities say, as
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isis swept through major syrian cities last year, it was able to seize government passport printing machines of a kind used by major governments around the world. a homeland security investigations bulletin sent to law enforcement in the last week and obtained by abc news showed examples of suspect passports and said isis may have boxes full of blank passports. the bulletin warned that "individuals from syria with passports issued in these isis controlled cities or who had passport blanks, may have traveled to the u.s." >> the intelligence community is concerned that they y have the ability -- the capability -- to manufacture fraudulent passports, which is a concern in any setting. >> reporter: several of the fraudulent passports have already been discovered in europe. most notably, in the paris attacks, when authorities said one of the suicide bombers used this forged syrian passport to come to europe as a refugee. anyone traveling to the u.s. on
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a syrian passport would still need to get a u.s. visa. and now u.s. authorities are going back through immigration records to see if anyone did, in fact, use one of those counterfeit passports to come here. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> brian, thank you so much. the world of fake passports, the word comes amid the investigation of last week's california rampage. the la times reporting work done on digital equipment found at the home of syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik shows they were planning an even larger attack on a location with more people. meantime, fbi divers will be back in a small lake near the attack site today, searching for evidence in connection with the attacks. in the meantime, the first of the san bernardino victims has been laid to rest. mourners turned out in covina, california, to remember 27-year-old yvette velasco, who was among the youngest of the 14 people killed in last week's attack. on the day she was gunned down, velasco was set to receive a
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gold badge recognizing her as a san bernardino county health inspector. there's a chilling link between last month's paris attacks and the u.s. a serbian arms factory says one of the guns linked to the islamic extremists was exported to an online dealer in florida. it's not known how the gun made its way back to europe. meanwhile, connecticut is acting on president boll's suggestion on gun control. the governor will block the sale of firearms to anyone on the federal no fly list. the u.s. said it rejected a similar ban last week. connecticut, already has some of the nation's strictest gun control laws after the sandy hook school shootings three years ago. >> so donald trump, he is seeing his support surging again despite the uproar over his plan to close off the u.s. to muslims from overseas, the newest one shows trump up 13 points since october. he's up to 35%. ted cruz is second with 16%, ben carson now third with 13. bush there you can see trailing
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on 3. it is your voice, your vote. abc's kenneth moton has more. >> reporter: donald trump defiant, polarizing, seemingly unstoppable. >> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: since that controversial monday declaration, it has been quite a week for trump. global backlash from his critics but applause from his supporters. a new cbs "new york times" poll taken before and after an trump announced his stance shows the republican climbed 13 points since october to 35%. >> he's not going to be the nominee. i'm pretty confident of that. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports another trump rival ted cruz told donors he has doubts about trump's fitness to be president. >> who is prepared to be a commander in chief? who understands the threats we face? who am i comfortable having their finger on the button? >> reporter: cruz later called the story misleading.
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the national newspaper in the united arab emirates reported the billionaire's name has been removed from developments. his billboard's gone. he canceled a visit to israel to speak with benjamin netanyahu. who spoke out against him. >> trump would only say he called off his trip to the middle east for a lot of different reasons and plans to reschedule with prime minister netanyahu after he becomes president. reena and richard? >> kenneth, thank you so much. you can add hover boards to the list of items now banned from most mobile comoeshl police. delta, united say the popularized motor scooters are not allowed on flights in checked in or carry on luggage. the concern is still the lithium batteries can catch fire. if you haven't already bought your holiday travel plane ticket, do not do it today. the airline industry, analysts of the industry say tickets bought on fridays are generally about 13% higher than those purchased on sundays. they recommend shopping on
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saturdays and suns while tuesdays are the most inexpensive weekday. know what they also say? don't buy your trips too early? for trips from new york to the caribbean, the cheapest trip to buy was 77 days in advance. that's for me very early. >> that must imply that people typically buy their tickets way before that. >> i think most of america are better prepared than we are, richard. >> you know when i buy my tickets? the day before. >> i believe that. >> i'm so disorganized. >> i feel like in the news you never know what you're doing. you could be gone somewhere. >> i'd love to put it down to the news. it's just down to disorganization. >> i was trying to give you a way out. >> i'm bad at making plans. i normally decide two days before i'm going and then i get a ticket. >> if you want to talk about disorganization, these are his scripts over here. >> that also tells you something about the chaos that goes on inside my head. >> let me say this to the dear viewers of "world news now." i've just launched an instagram
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account only for viewers of "world news now." go to twitter account, launched it tonight. the opening pitch of the premier picture is reena in rollers sitting at the desk rehearsing about an hour before the show starts. >> oh, boy. without any makeup. >> it's a good picture. >> it's a little frightening. >> it's only got four likes. is that a lot? >> that's all i got was four likes? >> i guess they prefer me with makeup on. >> but i put it up there, i didn't have any followers. it's for you. and we're going to take you behind the scenes. if you want to post a message on there, it's richard, letter p, richard p bacon, bacon like the meat. that's a p. it doesn't even read on the camera. what would you like to see? what would you like to see from behind the scenes of "world news now"? would you like to meet some of the esteemed team? would you like to meet the gentleman who heckles and makes no sense? would you like to see the picture of the salad that mysteriously turns up at 5:00 in
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the morning? >> i could introduce you to the sweepstakes for the ultimate starbucks. five winners will be chosen in the starbucks for life drawing. they'll be entitled to a free drink and food item every day for 30 years. not quite life. other prizes include starbucks for a year, a month and a week. rewards program members will be entered each time they make a purchase. winners may never sleep again. >> and if you eat starbucks every day, the length of the life might come down a bit. >> coming up in "the skinny," the tv personality showing off her home, featuring a toilet you've just got to see. > also ahead, destroying hundreds of bottles of wine. who ordered it to be dumped out? find out why a bit later. and do you pay attention to expiration dates on food products? the household debate over food safety and we're turning to the experts for the final word right now after our forecast map. nasty day in the west. you're watching "world news now."
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15% cleaning ingredients or 90%. don't pay for water, pay for clean. that's my tide. more than 500 bottles of counterfeit wine were crushed at an austin, texas, recycling center. it was a final chapter of a 2-year-old fraud case involving a man convicted of making cheap wine, then putting expensive labels on the bottles. the glass will be repurposed and the wine will become compost. >> okay. a consumer alert about a major recall of a popular brand of tea. sweet leaf is recalling 1.5 million bottles of tea. fragments of glass could be in those bottles. the recall covers six flavors of
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tea sold in 16-ounce bottles. the tea should be returned to stores for a refund. >> americans toss more than 160 billion dollars worth of food every year, thanks mostly to the expiration dates on those products. >> here's the thing. do those dates accurately measure when the food's gone truly bad? abc's mara schiavocampo explains. it's an argument that goes on in a lot of households in america. >> reporter: see this jug of milk? mika wants to toss it. >> this is three days past. >> reporter: but her boyfriend matt peterson says not so fast. >> no. smells good. >> reporter: so goes a common argument for this couple about food expiration dates. matt often ignores the dates on food relying instead on a sniff test or a taste test. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: but she believes not sticking to the package date could make her sick. >> there's usually a little bit of a debate and i'll be guarding the garbage pail while she tries
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to get past me. >> i'll throw it away when he's not around basically. >> reporter: turns out they're not alone. in one study of attitudes towards expiration dates, 47% of women check the dates compared to just 41% of men. >> generally speaking, women are more cautious when it comes to taking risks with expired food because women are the managers of the family. >> reporter: there are common labels on everything from milk to eggs to canned goods. words like best by, use by, enjoy by and sell by. but what do they actually mean? >> they don't mean anything. >> reporter: that's right. consumer reports dr. michael hansen says these are not expiration dates. >> what most people think it means is that the food is bad after that date. it could be hazardous. >> reporter: thanks in part to this confusion, an estimated $160 billion worth of food goes to waste every year.
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remember, the dates are often set by the manufacturer to indicate when food is at its best. defining when it's really good, not when it's gone bad. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. good stuff. thank you so much. i'm adding another photo to the brand-new instagram account just for "world news now" viewers. we take you behind the scenes. i'm new to instagram. what do i do? >> go to library. >> that's a good photo. >> this is called the man who heckles in the background. >> hit the next button. coming up, rapping with the first lady and this guy back here. >> and, yeah, nancy grace's magnificent toilet. all of that in "the skinny." >> now you have to write a little message on here to post little message on here to post to you
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> welcome back. time now to kick off "the skinny." i love madonna and when she does surprises. she had a concert over in paris and then she surprised her fans by doing an impromptu concert at the plas de republic. that's her son also joining in on the concert. it was a sold out concert initially at the french capital. it was the rebel heart tour. and then she tweeted out she's going to have an after show
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performance. she did this, it's a rendition of "imagine" by john lennon with guitarist monty pitman and she also sang "ghost fwoun" and "like a prayer." >> this has become an anthem after the attacks. a reminder how beautiful that song is. ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ >> madonna in paris. >> and her son david by her side. >> here's another video that we've been looking at today. this is michelle obama, and this is a rap she's put together with one of the cast members from "snl." it's to encourage people to go to college. so she raps in this at the white house. this won't move you as much as the last video. have a quick listen. >> make it tomorrow and everyone can really make their dream true, hey kid, listen in in michigan, that could be you. >> so yesterday, we saw michele dancing to "uptown funk." and it was sensationally good. i'm not sure this is quite the
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same standard. but the irony being this is to get people to go to college. it looks a bit like a school project. >> kudos to michelle obama because she's got kids in high school. i hope i'm as cool as her when i have kids in high school. she really makes an effort to reach out to younger folks. she's not afraid to like, you know, put her dignity on the line or like make fun of herself. i think that's awesome. >> after the way she danced in that video yesterday, if you missed yesterday, you can look at it on youtube. she dances, it was sensationally good. >> she's got a career after the white house. >> i think you're right. >> nancy grace, you know nancy grace? she's well-known as a big legal expert. we sometimes hear from her on gma. they built a new house in georgia. we're going to give you a sneak peek. it's a rustic dream home in georgia. look at this. chock full of a lot of different things. this is one of the rooms. i like that little curved window. she's got twins. 8-year-old twins lucy and john. and oh, look at this bathroom. how swanky. this is where you escape to get away from it all.
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but they've got -- look at, this is the kitchen area. >> that's impressive. hang on. >> and then. >> that's good. >> is that awesome? it's a slide that takes you down to the basement. i have to get one of these. this is like every child's dream. i wonder how much that costs. look at the toilet. that is the world's coolest toilet. is it not? >> so beautiful. >> we've got to thank the daily mail for these incredible images. i want that toilet in my home. >> shia labeouf, the actor, is taking part in an art project in liverpool in the north of england. this is where he set up a call center and you can phone him and talk to him. a call center in an art gallery. he sits there. i think a few days. he sits there for eight hours with two other people. one person said they've been inundated with calls. one person on twitter got through. as he got through, they answered the phone, they lost the signal. >> he had this big thing of
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showing all his movies at a theater in new york. >> he must have skipped indiana jones. >> coming up, "friday rewind." stick around. we'll be back.
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to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. richard, what a week it has been for you to join us. >> it really has been an astonishing week in news. growing fears of terrorism, donald trump's proposed ban on muslims. they're just a couple of headlines. i love reviews of the week. it's almost about making things that just happened feel like history. it's a great thing. so it's been a remarkable week and here is a look back at it in our "friday rewind." >> i know that after so much war, many americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure. well, here's what i want you to know.
3:56 am
the threat from terrorism is real. but we will overcome it. >> our investigation to date indicates that they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims. our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad. they have no respect for human life. >> this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more muslims just ban a whole religion goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. >> it's my understanding that they have banned 84 pictures from entering the uk. will the government lead by example in considering making mr. donald trump number 85? >> first this board should move tonight to fire the killer of ra
3:57 am
kia boyd. and this board should move to fire every officer associated with the murder of laquan mcdonald. >> i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch. and i'm sorry. >> they didn't find any cancer at all so i have good news. so a lot of people prayed for me, and i appreciate that. >> these are our brothers, our fellow troubadours, they were robbed of their stage three weeks ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight. >> i cannot hear you. is everybody here having a good time? >> what a week. lots of things percolating over there. >> truly remarkable week. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> coming up, more news from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, shooting investigation. the fbi now focusing on a murky lake looking for evidence in the san bernardino terror attack. the connection to the shooters plus survivors returning to the scene for the very first time since the rampage. the new threat to homeland security. isis made and authentic looking with boxes of blank passports andable to print phony ones. caught on camera. a man on a bike ignoring a crossing gate and heading right toward a speeding train. and sky high. a stunt a daredevil flipping, spinning and hopping on rooftops.


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