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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the warning you need to see. >> we begin with some breaking news this evening. into the abc 7 news room. two people from montgomery county killed in a small plane crash in rural pennsylvania. sources tell them that one of the doors malfunctioned, came off and hit the wing. the plane crashed into the trees and caught fire. terry carlson and jason williams
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of silver spring were killed. a third survived and was flown to the hospital with severe barnes. the f.a.a. is investigating. tonight parents on alert after a man exposes himself to children. a neighbor says this is not the first time this has happened. jon ritchie joining ilt with more -- richard with more. >> investigation happened at this very same street corner two. young people were walking home from school. they heard a noise, looked over, and they saw a man exposing him sex. this is not the first time it has happened in this area. >> in the usually quiet broad branch neighborhood, a bizarre pair of crimes. >> other people have had an encounter nearby where somebody had sexeesed them through window. >> these police reports document two separate incidents of men exposing themselves to students walking home from school. >> that is crazy. i can't believe someone would decide to do that around here. >> the most recent incident just
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two days ago here. the youngsters heard a noise and saw a man showing his private parts. >> if it happens, we report it, take care of it and move on. >> in a previous case on november 23, two youngsters were walking home in the 5100 block of nebraska afternoon. they heard a knock from a window and saw a man doing the same thing. i don't have kids, but i wouldn't want some dude like that. >> neighbors say it has happened before in the last year or so, and parents are trying to keep their kids aware. >> they know not to speak to strangers, and if they go out, it is weather a friend. >> for patients and youngsters, it is a cautionary tale. >> you don't want to frighten them to the point where they don't want to go out, but they have to be aware that they have to be safe. >> now we did door knock at one of the addresses listed by police, but no one was there.
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in these reports, there is no specific information about a conclusion here. we don't believe anyone has been arrested, but we do believe, and police are telling us now that this investigation is continuing. in northwest washington, abc 7 news. >> a strong new crusade to get drunk drivers off our roads. tonight, police patrols are emotional. yesterday a montgomery couk -- cow police officer died after being hit by a suspect drunk driver. roz is joining us live with the efforts on this one. >> this is a memorial to that fallen officer, who was also apartment of that d.u.i. holiday task force. tonight his fellow officers are patroling the road looking for drunk divers, but they are doing so with heavy hearts >> around the area, police are stepping up their enforcement
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looking for those who drink and drive. >> they are working the d.u.i. holiday task force. >> it is a huge problem and not just in montgomery county, but across the united states. the trends we are seeing is that people are drinking more and more, that they are not getting sober rides, that they are thinking that they are ok to drive home. >> the work of that task force takes on special significance. they just lost one of their own. 24-year-old officer noah lehotta was struck and died a week later. >> we think about what he with his life. >> one reason drivers risk drinking and getting behind the wheel is they don't have a way to get their car home. now there is an app for that. for a fee you can get a professional to drive you home in your own car. police say even if you get a ride, if you have had way too much to drink, you still may not be in the clear. >> the one issue we are seeing
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is the next day when they wake up, they are going to work and it is just a few hours later. the only thing that gets rid of alcohol is time. >> montgomery county liquor stores have a $20 coupon you can use wi the app. service for impaired drivers kicks off tonight. >> while we are talking about it, new developments about an underaged drinking party that ended in a deadly car crash. the adult who allowed the party was sentenced. he was fined $5,000. $2,500 for each of the two teens who died in that crash. that is the maximum penalty by law. let's check the forecast. it is december, but this is not december weather. hard to believe. we are scombecked to get near the 70's before all is said and done.
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steve is keeping an eye. this has to be a record. >> we are going to get really close if not tie or break a couple of records sunday and monday. a lot of it depends on how much sunshine we see. look at these temperatures. upper 40's. temperatures right now past 11:00. these are our average daytime highs for this time of year. partly cloudy skies. we will see patchy fog later tonight and early tomorrow morning. it should be gone by 8:00 or 9:00. temperatures in the lower 40's to -- in the upper 40's to lower 50's. the forecast of a cold front that will bring an end to warmer temperatures. >> thanks. people say a fire that killed two people is suspicious. this is a fire that broke out early yesterday morning in the 1200 block of old camp immediate road. investigators are trying to figure out what caused it. the names of those killed have not yet witness released.
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developing now, one step close tore a verdict in baltimore. officer william porter on trial in connection with the death of freddy gray. today was closing arguments and the jury sent home. tensions do remain high with police on alert for protests. stay with abc 7 for continue -- for continuing coverage of the trial and the verdict. the university of maryland's stadium has a new name. they voted to change it from byrd to maryland stadium. it is because byrd was considered a racist and segregationist. the current president suggested the change after receiving input from staff members and students. the board put a five-year moratorium on naming buildings after people. >> seven is on your side with a consumer alerpt. these are all the rage, a hover board. it ignited a fire.
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seven on your side has been warning about the popular toy. that gaithersburg family is now speaking about their or deal. tom tasselmyer is here with more. >> they are they were lucky they were home and nobody was close by. this family tells me they bought a hover board a few months ago similar to this. they paid $318 on ebay. it seemed like a great purchase until three nights ago. >> it was plugged in right here. >> ryan received a hover board as an 11th birthday present in october. he had been having a lot of fun with it like these kids, until tuesday night. >> we just heard like a really big bang, and then i got really scared. >> brian and his mom ran upstairs to his room. i just saw like a whole bunch of fire, and i just like wept back downstairs and called 9-1-1. >> this is what his hover board looked like after montgomery
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county firefighters arrived. the flames had leapt from the hover board and destroyed the bed several feet away. there was plenty of damage to the floor as well. what is more scary is ryan is far from alone. >> the lover board exploded. >> this one caught fire at a washington state mall the same night ryan's did. and there have been a number of other incidents too. ryan says his had been charge fog about an hour when it exploded. >> would you want another one? >> no. >> he says after he told his class mates what happened, they now feel the same way. >> they wanted it for their birthday or christmas. i said i don't recommend buying it. >> freaked out by this information. montgomery fire has some advice about the hover boards. they say only charge one if you are at home at the time, and obviously that was a good thing for the family as they were home. and they say only buy one if it
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is certified by a recognized testing lab, and they say only buy it if the logo is imprinted on it. there are some knock offs with no logo. that one says swagway, and that one is more legit than some of the knock offs. reporting live in studio. back to you. >> yesterday, delta, united and american airlines banned hover boards from their luggage list. >> right now a hand full of fans, and die-hard fans, they are camping out awaiting the arrival of the next "star wars" movie. a few people have staked out their spots just outside the theater. that is where "star wars: the force awakens" opens next thursday. >> this theater was one of the few that played the original in 1977. a lot of those are gun now. this theater has a history
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behind it. it is a nice screen to see the movie at. >> thank goodness the temperatures are ok. "star wars: the force awakens" debuts at the up town one day before it opens nationwide. for those fans champing out, that will mean one less day of missing work and everything else that goes on in life when you are wait negligence line. next week on good morning wash, it is "star wars" week. you can tune in for your chance to win prize packs and tickets to the movie. good morning washington stashts at 4:24 every day. coming up next on news at 11:00, delivery drama. it is a race to get the holiday package to you on time. which carrier says it is running behind schedule. and competing with uber. a major automaker is exploring the idea. who is looking into the ride
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>> boy it is a scramble to get oliday deliveries on time. u.p.s. is struggling. on time deliver rills fell 6% last week. u.p.s., fedex and the u.s. postal service are expected to ship 1.5 billion packages this
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holiday season, which is an increase over 10% from last year. ford motor company may one day compete with uber. the automaker is signaling it may want to start a ride hailing service. ford announced it is launching a service for all workers. it will gauge success and look to stands. they are looking to expand its vision beyond just making cars and trucks. with hours to spare, congress averted a government shut-down today. the president signed the plan, but it is not a final solution. it keeps things aflute until a new deadline next wednesday. lawmakers are still trying to iron out a final plan. it is taking a long time. good news for federal workers. an executive order about christmas. president obama orlandoed a half day for federal workers on christmas eve. all branches of the federal government will close early next thursday. enjoy that. >> it really is the end of an era in arlington.
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that is captain robert patterson. he is retiring from the fimpte and he is the senior man with 35 years on the job. for him, this one is personal. he serves just blocks are from where he grew up. he remembers firefighters watching over his family after his father passed awhat in the early 70's. >> i wanted to do what the arlington firefighters did for my family. >> did you do it? >> yeah. >> patterson says he will miss the camaraderie of his workers, friends and brothers. but he can go always go back and visit. enjoy retirement. you deserve it. thanks for the service. new at 11:00, christmas comes early for some kidse in southeast d.c., marines handing out bicycles to 250 children this evening through the toys for tots program. some of the kids don't know how to ride the bikes yet, but they will learn.
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d they are getting the helmets. abc 7 is proud to partner with the marines this year for the toys for tots. we have made it so easy. you can donate online through 11/toys web you will have your choice of a ot of toibs. we get them to kids in need. i got on there tonight and did a little shopping. >> very cool. the kids that got the bikes tonight, they are going to ride them august weekend long. >> all winner. >> it is going to be beautiful out there. will we tie some records or break some records? i think we are going to come close, especially sunday and monday. 66 degrees. we were close today. the record is 68 back in 1979. so far this month, every single day since the first of the month has been above average in terms of temperatures, and we are
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going to keep that going threes for the weekends. the record tomorrow stands at 71 as ragan national, 71 on sunday, 70 on monday. we are going to come close to the records. the more sun, the more likelihood of reaching the records. clouds will mean temperatures of around 65 to 68 degrees. it is still mild for this time of year this time of day. 48 degrees at ragan national and andrews. 59 in man nascar, 50 in haggarstown, 41 in frederick. we show you the wider view. you can see where the foldest air is iloka. . the milder temperatures now to the south and west of us. this heads toward us through the daytime hours tomorrow. high pressure to the south of us. that is what is giving us partly cloudy skies. woe may see patchy fog early tomorrow morning similar to what we have seen the past couple of days. it should be gone by 8:00 or
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9:00. temperatures will fall from 44 to 52 degrees. wake up tomorrow morning, middle 40's in fairfax, germantown and gaithersburg in the middle 40's. a rapid warm up into the early afternoon. winds will be out of the south. a few clouds and temperatures well into the 60's if not close to 70. warmer weather expected for the day on sunday. then a cold front arrives on monday late day. ahead of that front we are likely to see temperaturing bump up again and then cool behind it. woe start you off in mork. upper 50's. look at the quick rebound. in a matter of five hours, we will gain about 20 degrees, quickly warming up into the afternoon to the upper 60's to around 70. here are the showers that move in late day on monday. 67, that is part of the cold
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front. then we will cool things down, but not a big one on tuesday. 3. it is going to be windy, so it is going to feel colder. then the cooler air where we should be for this time of year, we will be enjoying that a week from today. we will see a high temp just about 47 to 48 degrees. >> this is the weekend you have to get outside. >> take advantage of it. too bad we don't have a home game. >> you want to talk wizards or warriors? >> let's go with wizards. >> we are talking about both. it is just all hoops. that is a good thing. the wizards look to respond to another calling out by randy wittman. elsewhere in the nba, it is
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. >> after the loss to houston, randy wittman called his wizards team soft. you call any athlete or team
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soft, that hurts to the core. did the pain translate into a win over the pelicans? speaking of pain, bradley beal out with a leg injury. we pick it up in the fourth. anthony davis from downtown, ties the game at 103-103 with a little over two minutes left. gets the friendly bounce. a good finish here. four seconds left, wiz down two. wall to neil. can he win it or tie it up? no. wiz lose this one 107-10 a. the wizards are now 9-12 on the season. did the warriors stay perfect tonight on the road against the celtics? pick it up with a minute left in regulation. warriors trail by one, but it is steph curry with the shot, knocks down the three. we see this all the time. this one goes to double overtime. the former michigan state spartan, draymond green, and-one. warriors stay perfect, 24-0 on the season. >> you are not surprised. >> they both boston 124-119.
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another swing and a miss for the nats on the free agent market. this time it was outfielder gordon hayward. he has reportedly agreed to an eight year, $184 million deal with the cubs. jason hayward. even though the nats reportedly offered him $200 million. hope you are ready for it. one of the biggest rivalries in ncaa history, the army-navy game. they say you can throw records out, but i don't think you can do that. navy has won the last 13 matchups. keenan reynolds can become the first quarterback to be had-0 in series history. >> we know they are like us. they are tough as nails well coached, and they are going to come and fight. they are not going to lay down. >> we can't have a let-down or come out and expect them to ole over. it is going to be a hard fought game. we are going to have to battle
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for every inch and yard we get. >> who knew, baltimore's all-pro kicker justin tucker had piles. if you are confused when i say this, take a listen. ♪ >> isn't that just special? >> he is amazing. > he is not lip sinking. this took place at a charity event, swapping the uniform for a tuxedo. he started singing opera in college. i can tell because he sounds great. remember to get your sports fix, high school sports fix that is after this. switch over to high school sports final after the highlights on our sister station, news channel 78. >> who are you playing, army or navy? >> justin tucker. navy. >> navy is stacked. >> coming up for us, it looks slightly awkward for a christmas card.
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here is the kicker. hese people don't even knowt
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>> i can appreciate this kind of humor. it is like april fools but on christmas. a lot of us use holiday cards to update our relatives on what we are doing. this guy thinks what a joke. the 25-year-old college student hired a fake family, including a wife and two sons, posed with
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him on an elaborate holiday card to confuse distant relatives. they got this card and were like what? hristmas fools.
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>> this may be the last weekend to get outside in shor leaves and enjoy it. >> it is going to be nice out there, probably the nice we have seen in december in a long time. if we hit at least 68 degrees the next three days, haven't done that since 1874. that is when we started keeping records. it will be 67 or 68 or sunday, maybe near 7 0. a cold front on monday will bring showers. cooler hand the front on tuesday, but the cooler air around friday, 47 for the high. >> good chance of the redskins beating the bears? >> i do. >> they are on the road. they haven't won
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - the cast of "the ridiculous 6"-- with adam sandler-- terry crews -- jorge garcia-- taylor lautner-- rob schneider-- and luke wilson-- plus it's mash-up monday with music from fall out boyz ii men with cleto and the cletones. and now, as scheduled, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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