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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 13, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EST

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horace: a shift in the polls has put donald trump on the attack. overtookted cruz donald trump in the iowa polls, the gloves came off. reporter: donald trump is taking aim at his new chief rival. >> i would say i have better
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judgment than ted. i don't like he is qualified to be president. you cannot walk into the senate and scream and call people liars and not be able to get along with people. he will never get anything done. that's the problem with ted. reporter: the texas senator is iowa, with ap in 10 point lead in one poll. overnight, "don't trust the des moines register polls, it's biased." >> poll numbers go up and down. doubler: dr. ben carson down on his threat to leave the republican party if they use back room deals. >> if that is the case, i'm out of here. reporter: hillary clinton is
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getting some help from the president. she is probably the most qualified, the most experienced, and she has the right ideas. after tony goldwyn from the hit tv show "scandal" is campaigning for the democratic front runner. bernie sanders made for stops in iowa. critical and campaigning with just several weeks until the next debate. z seems unwilling to criticize donald trump publicly, tweeting earlier this week, "sorry to disappoint, the real donald trump is terrific." that too in changes in the final republican debate this tuesday in las vegas. senior political reporter scott will be reporting live from the strip starting tuesday
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afternoon. military college in south carolina is investigating controversial photos of cadets on social media shilling eight citadel cadets with white pillowcases on their heads. the cadets say they were singing christmas carols as part of a ghost of christmas past skit. the video was seen on snapshot and the screen grabs were posted on facebook. >> even if they were dressed as ghosts, as soon as you realized that is what you look like, they should have changed. joke, but inarly a military school you are held to a higher standard. horace:'s humans are suspended while the school investigates. suspendeddents were while the school investigates. a gay couple says the transit agency metro to not help them after they were attacked on a green line train in maryland. one of them said he was kicked
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and beaten while he tried to help a boy being attacked by teenagers. the men used the train's red button to report to the driver but the train kept making stops and they were not sure whether the police were on the way. >> i just feel that metro failed us. we fought for our own lives. horace: the man said they mocked his disability from a stroke and his sexual orientation. he is still recovering from his injuries. a metro spokesperson said drivers have discretion in these cases and the driver called the police andkept going to a nearby metro station with police. more problems for opm following the hack that impacted millions of federal workers. the new inspector general's report finds that opm probably used taxpayer money to hire affectedrs to protect employees, worth nearly $21 million. lawmakers are trying to oust
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chief administrative officer. the hack was blamed on china. people have decorated a little tree in the middle of a median strip in alexandria. now the tree is gone and neighbors are angry. jeff goldberg doug for answers and who cut the tree down and why. jeff: actions may speak louder than words. >> oh, no, it's gone! >> coal in the stocking, the grinch, tiny heart. a four foote ago, tall tree, nicknamed the charlie brown tree, somehow grew from duke street.on for years, people decorated the for christmas,s, easter, and st. patrick's day. >> it made me happy every time i
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went by. >> people love the tree. was cut downe without warning, leading to some heartfelt condolences. the sad site left some people thinking they should take action. realizing it's not too late for a new tree to take this one's place. >> i was thinking about going by home depot in getting a potted one. jeff: then we got a call back cityalexandria's spokesman, saying they cut the tree because it was leaning into the roadway, creating a safety hazard. >> we encourage holiday celebrations in places that are safe. this was not a safe location for a holiday celebration. it was just aw tree, but it was a source of strength. >> if you can stand all that stuff in life, all the rest of us could. pirit that could
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never be cut down. update coming up -- an on the freddie gray case. the developments expected in court tomorrow. and going the distance, the amazing journey of a virginia man helping children battling cancer. very warm day monday, but then we need to track the rain.
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horace: closing arguments set to get underway in the trial of one of the baltimore city police officers charged in freddie gray's death. gray suffered a critical spinal injury while in custody, sparking riots in baltimore. year, weening last were there when tom mitchell ran a 100-mile race for 100 children with cancer. this fall he took it to an insane level, doubling his efforts. tattoo time,wn as try to finish a 200-mile race for 200 children. jay korff joined him in the mountains of like tahoe. mid-september --
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>> 3, 2, 1, go! jay: several dozen hardy souls started the totahoe 200. tom mitchell came to make a statement. he runs a foundation that tovides non-medical needs families whose children are battling cancer. his daughter died from cancer. it's not cute, smiling bald kids with balloons and disney world getting better. it's kids suffering, and in many cases dying. jay: only 30 miles in, he nearly dropped out from sores n his mouth, dustin's lungs, and painful blisters. it's like fort
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kids with cancer. they just want to play with their friends, they want to have their hair. they don't want to have cancer and not be up to breathe. but they cannot quit, right? mile to adicated each child with cancer and carried their pictures in his pack. , hischael 63 on day two feet needed medical treatment. day three, with his pace slowing, he came dangerously close of being disqualified for missing aid station cut off times. mile 140, he was hallucinating. >> that's a lot of bushes and trees. they all have pictures of kids on them. jay: this remarkable story of sacrifice called endure can be
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seen in its entirety at . you will see just how far one man was willing to go to help children. jay korff, abc 7 news. horace: again, to watch endure, just go to raisedld note this race more than $200,000 for tom mitchell's foundation, money that will help families of children with cancer. coming up, the holidays facing new bams. coming up, the holidays facing new bams.
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to 20 we were close degrees above average. some say they wanted to feel like the holidays. 71, tied a record that stood for 126 years. it still standing. -- it is still standing. five miles into the air, a thicker air of high-altitude clouds holding temperatures up. still right around 60, low 60's. we will hold steady and not drop too far. we have the south wind that will
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pick up just a little bit overnight, becoming breezy tomorrow. some indications and could be quite breezy. it is been a very warm weather pattern with this ridge of high pressure all the way up in the air. also have a front pass and a northwest breeze gusting a bit tuesday. in the cooler air starts. not that cold yet, but still above average. zoom in closer and reset the forecast overnight. the average, above high temperatures, well above the average high this time of year. jackett very mild, light may be all that you need. rain in the afternoon, most likely by the evening. for clock showing showers possible. the high temperature tops out around 70. is when the showers
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start becoming possible. 5:00 until 8 p.m. is the likely is round of shower activity, scattered showers up until about 10:00 possible. tuesday, sunshine, northwest , breezy, and it will feel cooler. skycast, a lot more cloud cover through the day, dry in the morning rush. travel should be a ok, very mild. light jacket is all that you need. could have some fog, cloud cover for sure, the sprinkle start late afternoon. still well above average, with the next likeliest rain day thursday. the colder air sets in for the weekend, could be upper 30's as
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the highs, which is much more like the winter season. 53 tomorrow at noon, could have , 60 at high noon. the evening rush is the one that all be wet, so give yourself few extra minutes and plan ahead. about: a consumer alert one of the hottest gifts this season. american, united, jetblue, and delta airlines are all banning passengers from bringing hoverboards onto airplanes following growing concerns about the rides catching fire. they are powered by lithium batteries that have concerned airlines for years. firefighters in montgomery county say a hover board was responsible for a house fire in gaithersburg in november. it caught fire while charging, then rolled to the bed, which ignited. neficials say to only buy o
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with the hover board logo on it, which has been certified by the underwriters laboratory. and if you have one, make sure that you are present the entire time it is charging. coming up, a new effort to get kids moving. horace: physical fitness keeps
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children healthy and also improves concentration in the
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classroom. kellye lynn takes us to a school in silver spring honored for promoting activity. kellye: at westover elementary school in silver spring, the jumping, throwing, and running is paying off. >> i did basketball and i do ballet. exercise,es when you you kind of get bored. anlye: the school received award for promoting physical activity among students, faculty, and staff. >> we are the third smallest school in the system, so we do not think we had a chance. top prizeey won the in maryland, $2000 from kaiser permanente. >> it's about getting kids, students, teachers, and staff to be active during the school day. kellye: the cdc reports more than one third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese and believe that schools
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play an important role in improving that. of the families had to participate. they tracked their activities. every time they walked or exercised, sports activities, they were logging it. month, everyne physical activity county, including the halloween parade and full moon dance. they will use part of the prize money to expand activities for students, a way to fire up their feet for years to come. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow intnternet makes it ha. that's why it's time to get fios.
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drop to your from a major scientific breakthrough. these are the first puppies born .ia in vitro fertilization they were produced at cornell university. a complex genome system, making it difficult for canines. use ivf in devon: i would not have thought that at all. we would not have thought 71 december 13 either. rain will be likely in the evening tomorrow. horace: thank you for joining us.
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♪ now on a special ♪ now, on a special edition of extra, we're making the jp into hyperspace with all the stars of "the force awakens". >> how does it feel to be the droid that steals the scene. >> we're home. >> did he really try to kill off han solo? >> it seemed like a good idea at the time. >> years after carrie fisher became a teenage dream, she opens up about being princess again. >> i've been princess leia all along. i donon't know if you've notice. >> then the young stars of "the force awakens." >> hello, i'm john bo


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