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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 14, 2015 2:35am-4:01am EST

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jihad. >> also in california, a san jose hospital on alert. officials are tracking down nearly 1,000 patients including 350 newborns 0 who may have been exposed to tb. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: a major medical scare in san jose, california. officials at the santa clara valley medical center are racing to contact more than 1,000 people who may have been exposed tb after a maternity ward nurse tested positive for the deadly disease. the hospital has identified 350 newborns, 368 mothers and 308 workers who may have had contact with the nurse between mid-august to mid-november. the hospital posting this letter to its website, "while the risk of infection is low, the consequences of a tuberculosis infection in infants can be severe." hospital officials recommend that the babies protectively
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take an antibiotic for the next six months to nine months even if they test negative. >> the judgment is, it's safer to treat than not to treat. >> reporter: hospital officials say the nurse's annual t.b. test was negative but she was diagnosed with t.b. in november during treatment for an unrelated illness. since she showed no symptoms, they say the risk of exposure is extremely low. nearly 10,000 people in the u.s. develop tuberculosis every year. here in california, health officials say t.b. rates are twice as high as the nation's average because the state receives so many global travelers. aditi roy, abc news, anaheim, california. thank you so much. also in california, five people have died following a house fire in fresno. neighbors say that they woke up to the sounds of victims screaming. and pounding on the windows trying to get out. the house had been abandoned, boarded up. but authorities say that vague grants still managed to get inside.
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firefighters had to use chain saws to gain access because of the boarded up windows and doors. >> planned parenthood is suing ohio's state attorney general over what it calls a political attempt to ban abortions. a political attempt amid claims that the organization disposes of fetal remains in landfills. planned parenthood calls the allegations false and inflammatory saying their clinics comply with all laws and regulations that require safe and respectful fetal tissue tissue disposal. tomorrow night, the republican presidential candidates face off for the fifth time. donald trump will be at the debate center stage once again, but next to him for the first time, ted cruz, the texas senator surging in iowa. actually leading trump in two recent polls. the hot topics the threat of terrorism as well as who has the right to and judgment to lead. >> i wonder which will get more tweets, the star wars premiere
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or that debate. we'll report that the tomorrow night. a major defeat for the far right wing in france. maureen la pen's collapsed failing to take a single region. but prime minister manuel warned the anti-immigration far right remains a danger despite its you sharpie lek ral defeat and urged the country 0 rally together against extremism. a historic election. this is really interesting. a historic election in saudi arabia this weekend. for the first time ever, women were allowed to vote and even run for office. as the nation held elections for local government positions. 20 women actually winning seats. about 1% of all elected officials. but since women, are you ready for this, since women aren't allowed to drive, many took uber to their polling site to cast those ballots. >> the good news, ladies, google cars will soon be available to
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drive you anywhere. >> then apple cars. >> we've been following instagram, haven't we? >> we have been following. this is an account i set up purely for you, the dear viewers of this show. we have 488 followers right now. >> wow. >> it's richard p. i'm just putting on the behind the scenes photos of the program. my name is richard p bacon on instagram. this one of you and i in what i call civie clothes. see that? >> yes, that's the civie clothes picture. >> as in civilian as in what we don't wear when we're presenting the news. i look at you sitting next to me, i'm like hang on. >> i wear my civie clothes on air. >> i have had the decency to put on a tie. >> i put on a were free dress. >> kept it on. you wore this all day. you're wearing it on the show. >> thank you for outing me.
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>> the picture of you holding coffee from our last show on friday, had 227 likes. that's pretty good. >> yeah. >> i've not yet connected it to my twitter account which has a lot of followers. then i put another -- i put a shot of the cameras. >> yes. >> look, by the way, there's some great comments on there. i didn't realize that that would be so popular. but it's enormous. >> it's always the simple things. >> if you're bored right now in the middle of the night, keep us on but read the comments about reena, hair color and coffee. >> most of us are just beginning to wrap our minds around the idea of driverless cars. but it's possible that they'll be outdated before they hit the road in large numbers. >> because researchers in china have come up with a new twist on the concept of driverless cars. making them mind controlled. no hands, no feet. instead, these cars can go forward or backward on a signal
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from brain waves picked up by an eeg. >> one problem with mind controlling driving is how to keep one's brain clear of distractions which probably means no listening to music, no talking to passengers. hard to follow. >> i mean, what if you're not a rational person? that's a terrible idea. >> yeah, all of. coming up, the winning street broken and tom brady's big night. it is sports with reena. >> can't wait. mrs. ahead, the thieves caught stealing christmas from a paralympic athlete's home. the most valuable item stolen. >> later holiday shipping going into a frenzy right now. the busiest day an the post office is underway. we are there live. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by rid-x septic cleaner. a fabulous garden party for her birthday.
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an ohio eighth grader named jacob is using his electronic skills to help a friend in need. his friend ethan suffered a brain injury when he was struck by lightning leaving him paralyzed and unable to talk. jacob came up with a device to help him communicate. it lights up when ethan leans one way or another or wants to answer yes or no. it's remarkable this eighth grader came up with this. >> a high profiled disabled american has been the target of thieves breaking in to her home. >> the thieves were caught on camera rummaging through the home of stephani victor who has taken home quite a few skiing medals for team usa. marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: this is not the only video on ef knee victor's mind. grinch-like thieves caught on cameras breaking into the five-time pair olympic medalist's los angeles home leaving little behind. >> they went into our kitchen. started eating ice cream out of
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the freezer. and then slowly over the course of the evening dismantling tv, computer, christmas gifts. >> reporter: at least eight surveillance cameras in and outside of the home giving police a clear picture of the suspects and the details of their crime. but it's what else was missing from this ransacked mess that haunts victor. videos of her most treasured memories. >> lots of speed across the finish line and stephani victor takes over the lead. >> reporter: including this, the first step she took after losing both legs in an accident in 1995. >> i have been shooting from the moment i woke up in icu three years in the hospital, 14 surgeries. all the doctors telling me you'll never walk again. >> reporter: hard drives holding the raw footage of 20 years of irreplaceable memories all stolen. along with most of her olympic medals and rings. >> and they say medalist.
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that doesn't mean anything to anyone but it means something to me. >> los angeles police so far finding the couple's two missing cars but nothing else. saying they are still searching for these men who in just moments stole what took decades of grueling work to earn. marci gonzales, abc news, new york. what a sad story that is. >> coming up, getting your head in the game. >> johnny manziel trying to absorb the game plan in a new way. sports with reena up next. >> reena.
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♪ last week, sports with reena left me wanting something more. here we go. >> something more like you want more or something like -- >> i want more of reena. >> football american style, of course, because of the patriots and consider tom brady captain america finding his go-to guy. he's back and in the end zone in the first half, taking the lead over the houston texans who could never get rolling. patriots win easily on the road, 27-6. >> smack. >> in case you missed it, the nba's top team suffering its first loss of the season over
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the weekend. the golden state warrior were finally toppled losing to the milwaukee bucks, 95-108. steph curry and the reigning champs brought back down to earth after 24 wins to start the season. it's a new record. they can rest before attempting their next streak taking on the phoenix suns. that's wednesday night. >> smash. >> in case you missed it, the most honored of honored of honors, college football was awarded over the weekend. it's going back to tuscaloosa. do you know tuscaloosa. we're talking about alabama running back derek henry won the heisman. the heisman trophy saturday night here in new york. he was the favorite all along. you can see derek henry in action when bama takes on michigan say the in the cotton bowl on new year's eve. by the way, i should say that fellow heisman winner johnny manziel show us he's not always such a cool cat. taking his frustration out on a
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tablet. don't do that. there's concussion issues. come on. that was his reaction after throwing an interception late in the first half of yesterday's game. the browns still beat the niners 24-10. i do believe he's okay. >> he's okay. what about the tablet? it's like $200 to get those screens replaced. >> i think they'll have to make him pay for that $200 screen. >> that was more. last week when we had sports with reena, i just wanted maureen na. i wanted more you talking about sport. with authority and with passion and with knowledge and that is what we got. >> critique on sports with reena. >> i like it. >> the fellow britt critiquing my nba and american football. >> i'm a spectator and you are on the field and you are performing that sport and right now, you scored a touchdown. a goal. a try, a six. >> what's your favorite sport, by the way. >> probably athletics, athletics. >> athletics are your favorite
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and now try move free night. the first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement. ♪ whoa yes, wait a minute mr. postman, wait, wait mr. postman ♪ >> welcome back. you might not realize it, but right now there are hundreds of millions of ralphers trying to make their way to their respective destinations. we should note however, they are in boxes or envelopes. >> that's right. mail on the move and at the post office on the busiest shipping day of the year is our tina trinh. hey, tina. >> reporter: hey, reena. yeah, that's right. i'm here at the morgan processing and distribution center. one of the largest mail processing centers in the country. and i'm here with jeannie martinez, who is the customer service manager. jeannie, on a typical day, you
2:56 am
guys are already -- tons of mail and packages. what about the official busiest day of the mailing season which is today? is it like a hundred times crazier? >> today is officially the busiest mailing day of the year. we're looking to process about 61 million pieces of mail today. we're prepared for it. i mean -- >> you guys are working around the clock. some of these guys are pulling 16-hour shifts. it's crazy. >> we are ready. no one's more ready for the holidays than the united states postal service. >> talk to me what you're seeing in terms of the volume here. i know a lot of people mailing letters is really a once a year thing i guess for christmas. but you're saying packages are becoming more and more common, right? >> yes, typically now with e-commerce, we're able to process a lot more parcels. we work in conjunction with many other delivery companies.
2:57 am
we do the last mile delivery. we get to those customers' homes where people can't. >> so ultimately, it boils down to guys on the ground, right? they're the ones sending out the -- getting the packages and the letters in your mailbox, right? what does that mean for their shifts now? are they working even more days? >> well, typically, december 14th is the busiest mailing day of the year. but the busiest delivery day of the year is next monday, the 21st. that's when all our carriers will be very busy with all the mail they're going to try to get to everyone's home in time for christmas. >> you heard it here first. it's definitely busy. it's only going to get busier. everybody, get your packages. get your letters out right now as soon as you can. get to the post office or go online even and get those packages ent. >> she's filming that herself. >> he's pretty remarkable. stick with us. more news coming up. this is pretty fascinating.
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> like a
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this morning on "world news now," the stage is set for tomorrow night's republican debate. >> as the latest polls show a big setback for donald trump and a major political boost for ted cruz. how trump and his challengers are reacting. security questions. how did the woman accused in the deadly terror shootings in san bernardino get into the country after posting threatening messages on social media? the latest demands for better homeland security. >> consumer alert. they look like real online retailers offering deep discounts but they're not. the warning to shoppers looking for deals. and snooze and lose. the alarming medical study about getting too much sleep and what it really means. you will want to stay awake for this on monday, december the
3:01 am
14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." no. >> good morning, everyone. look who returned. >> hi. i didn't get sacked over the weekend. no one predicted this outcome. the polls did not lean in this direction. >> but returning? >> i'm back. i'm here. not having too much sleep, having had too little. that's what happens when you're british and get to new york and you're overexcited. you don't really go to bed. >> you were talking about the poll numbers for one of your favorite people of all times. >> yeah. nate silver of the website 538. he famously calls the outcome of elections correctly. i made a documentary with him last year about the uk election in which he didn't predict the outcome of the election. got it wrong. i went to his flat on saturday night. i'm still learning. i went to his" apartment on saturday night and we talked about trump and cruz and specifically trump's chances of winning the nomination for the
3:02 am
republicans. what he said is interesting. admittedly i was a bit drunk but i'm going to indiscreetly relay to you the private conversation later. >> that's a tease. >> a good one. >> we call it a tease. we're going to talk about the race for the white house and particularly donald trump's numbers. everything he said, he's oo tried to justify so far by pointing to his great poll numbers. >> this morning not so much. the des moines register bloomberg poll of iowa vote ares showing ted cruz is surging ahead. now up 10 points. it's your voice, your vote. abc's mary bruce is covering the campaign. >> reporter: senator ted cruz is cruising, passing donald trump in iowa. it's a meteoric rise for the texas senator, a 21-point gain since october in one poll. so far cruz and trump have been friendly rivals, but trump is now taking aim. >> when you look at the way he's dealt with the senate, where he goes in there like a -- you know, frankly, like a little bit of a maniac. he'll never get anything done.
3:03 am
that's the problem with ted. >> reporter: cruz responding, tweeting this clip from the movie "flashdance." and saying in honor of my friend donald trump and good-hearted maniacs everywhere. this after cruz questioned trump's ability to be commander-in-chief. >> it's a question of judgment. >> i would say i have far better judgment than ted, and i think i have a really great temperament. >> reporter: and trump has a new message for any gop party leader conspiring against him. >> i'm sorry i did this to you, but you've got to get used to it. it's one of those little problems in life. >> reporter: trump maintains strong support in iowa even as he denounces the polling. >> the "des moines register" is the worst. [ cheering ] they are the worst. >> reporter: but as cruz rises, ben carson is falling. >> poll numbers go up and down. i wasn't -- i wasn't excited when they were up. i'm not excited when they were down. you know, this is a very fluid contest. >> reporter: and it looks like they may have a new candidate to contend with.
3:04 am
>> i've made a big decision, i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: "saturday night live" bringing back will ferrell as president george w. bush. >> the field of republicans out there is so messed up, i figure it makes you miss me, doesn't it? >> reporter: cruz is rising just as republicans get to ready to face off in their fifth debate on tuesday. where donald trump will be center stage but for the first time, ted cruz will be standing right next to him. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. i love it when the comics trot out the old impressions. the cast for tuesday's big debate in las vegas has been shuffled some. chris christie will be back on the main stage after taking part in the undercard last time. rand paul just squeaked by thanks to a new poll released just yesterday morning that helped him make the cut. mary said ted cruz will be at center stage right in donald trump's face. it's a treat though, isn't it,
3:05 am
to see the old george w. bush impressions. >> seize so good at it. will ferrell is just fantastic. >> jon stewart one. >> it's a bit like that. >> that's pretty good. so nate silver was saying so 538, the website that predicts the outcome of elections they had trump at 2% chance for a long time of getting the nomination. now it's either still only 5 or 10% chance not of being president of getting the actual nomination. there are i think four points where he could completely collapse. if they go to the convention, they're now talking about that being a brokered convention. all the mainstream republicans have denounced him after his comments about muslims, right? so if it goes to a brokered election, he's not going to get it. there are several points where he can go badly before that. according to 538, while good at this, the chances of donald trump being the republican nominee are very slim.
3:06 am
interesting, huh? >> that's very big. >> that's what we talked about. >> at 2:00 in the morning. >> over little cocktail sausages and some wine. >> we expect to hear from the prez later today on isis. he will makera, after he visits the pentagon after an update from his national security council which includes top military and intelligence leaders. a spokesman said last week no major policy shifts are expected as a result of the meeting. after a three-day search, the fbi finished dragging a lake in san bernardino, drying a lake in san bernardino where syed farook and tashfeen malik may have dumped evidence on the day of share shooting spree as new evidence surfaces and details in the investigation. abc's kayna whitworth has the details. >> the fact that one of the terrorists was able to get a visa to enter the country despite social social media messages supporting jihad is prompting calls for a wider
3:07 am
vetting process. >> i'm asking for a program that would check the social media sites of those admitted on visas to see if they are using words and talking about jihad, explosives, mass shootings. it's outrageous that this had isn't already done. >> reporter: meanwhile, one of the officer who's chased melik and her husband down is speaking out. sergeant andy capps pulling up behind them in their black suv after the shooting. his sirens on. >> but they haven't stopped and then the back window of their suv shatters and i see gunfire coming out of the back of it. >> reporter: the black suv pulse over. farook gets out and starts firing. capps returns fire. >> i saw him shooting towards ththe deputy that i know is acrs the street. i hoped fire on him. >> the fbi concluded their search in a nearby lake. investigators not commenting if it's related to the terror investigation. kayna whitworth, abc news, san
3:08 am
bernardino. twitter is warning some their targets may have been targeted by state sponsored hackers. it was a small group that were targeted and there was no indication that hackers succeeded in stealing sensitive data. google and facebook have also starred issuing similar warnings about state-sponsored attacks. jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the first trial of a police officer in connection with the death of freddie gray. baltimore officer william porter is charged with negligence for failing to get gray medical help. he's also charged with assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. if convicted, porter faces up to 25 years in prison. the l.a. county sheriff's department is providing new details about a controversial shooting over the weekends. authorities say the blackmon shot by deputies kept holding a gun as he laid dying on the ground. that's why they continued firing 33 times in all at 28-year-old nicolas robertson. they reapedly told him to put down the weapon but he refused.
3:09 am
when he walked toward a crowded gas station, that's when they fired. >> if he goes into that gas station, either takes hostages or shoots somebody, we're going to be having a different topic we're going to be talking about like why didn't the officers do something before he went in. >> robinson's family demanded justice. sheriff's officials a there's no evidence the fired -- he fired at deputies. his widow says when robertson drank, he acted more like a child. there were frightening moments about r aboard a southwestern airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing in san antonio because of this. a piece of the wing that redues drag that appeared to be at an irregular angle. the passenger who snapped these photos described the flight as a near death experience with other passengers screaming in panic. plane landed safely. passengers continued hair trip on another plane. scary. major medical scare at a hospital in san jose, california. 350 newborns, their mothers and
3:10 am
hundreds of staff potentially exposed to tb. the hospital is recommending they be treated with antibiotics. fortunately the nurse showed no symptoms so the risk of exposure is slim. >> a new study out of australia suggests too much sleep could shorten your life span. >> no. >> right. i know what you mean. hang on. it does make some sense when you listen to the details. one of the study's authors suggest a person sleeping longer than nine hours that might be a sign of a more serious undiagnosed health problem or reported long sleep durations could indicate fragmented restless and poor quality sleep. that be the real reason behind increased mortality rates, as well. >> not they're working so hard they need extra zs? >> if you get nine hours sleep, it's good quality sleep, don't worry about that. i dream of sleep.
3:11 am
just getting some. >> it's hard on the nightshift. barely a week goes by before we hear about near fatal collisions between a drone and a plane. here at home, not just here but also around the world. >> in japan, they're fighting fire with fire technologically speaking using drones to catch droughns. police department now has especially designed droughns equipped with long hanging nets that can chase down rogue droughns and scoop them up. >> oh. >> it's sort of spectacular, right? >> it is kind of scary. why don't they take this down under the sea. >> like a fly on a spider's webb. >> life is better down where it's wetter. >> it's like robots fighting in the sky with the bigger one winning. >> coming up in the mix. >> should televise it. researchers discovered about four-letter vo back larrys. >> we'll talk about that later. and also ahead, a consumer alert. holiday shoppers look for bargains online.
3:12 am
how one woman learned the hard way about unknown retailers. >> an angel showing up at lay way department stores paying for everything. the spirit of the holidays. >> you can find us on facebook. and twitter @abcwnn. you are watching "world news now." ever since darryl's wife started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) uh honey, isn't that the dog's towel?
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that locks in your rate for life so it can never increase. did you get your free information kit? if not, please call this number now. this affordable plan through the colonial penn program has coverage options for just $9.95 a month. your rate is locked in and can never go up. and your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. see how much coverage you can get for just $9.95 a month. call now for your free information kit. ♪
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let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. well, they call it green monday today. it's meant to be the biggest
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cybershopping day of the year. if you're planning on hop ong line to buy gifts a major warning for you. >> remind yourself of the old saying if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. abc's gloria riviera has more. >> reporter: this holiday season, beware of scam artists online waiting for you. shopping for her daughter, mindy hayes clicked on an ad in her facebook feed for ugg boots, over 80% off. >> great deal. >> too great. those boots never arrived. the online retailer apparently a fake. >> when i got my confirmation e-mail it didn't look legitimate. >> mindy an avid online shopper who works in i.t. was out $83. experts warn it could have been worse. more money or even her identity. >> clicking that link puts you in danger and puts your family and friends in danger. >> all of that can happen with one click. >> absolutely. >> reporter: so what should you be looking for? safe sites h have an s with a lk in the url.
3:17 am
fake sites often have typos and errors. real online businesses have extensive privacy policies. facebook quickly investigated telling abc news it has blocked this website from placing future ads. as for mindy hayes, she's working on getting her money back. >> it's hard to know really who you can and can't buy from online. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. i had no idea. that's good to know. thank you, gloria. >> i worry about that kind of thing all the time that you don't have companies liuget necessarily but it looks it. >> i always order just from the stores that you know. i find that's the best way to go. >> or go in the stores. >> no, i'm usually in between commercial break. coming up in our next half hour, hoverboard hazard. the popular crist gift causing major safety concerns. the scooters bursting into flames and now some sellers pulling them from those online stores. >> first anonymous angels buying
3:18 am
gifts for strangers. the simple way some secret santas are paying it forward. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
>> welcome back. as we all rush around this time of year, it can be easy to lose sight what the holiday season is truly about. but thankfully we do have plenty of stories to remind us. >> from a half million dollar collect to a diamond ring to an entire bill paid off, secret santa has been working overtime. here's john donvan. >> assure as stars on trees and ribbons on boxes our anonymous angel zig-zaging across the map, stories popping up like this one in south dakota where at this toys "r" us someone asked to pay down a bunch of bills for families buying christmas gifts
3:20 am
on layaway. a gift to parents like ashley. >> it was pretty amazing. i've never had anything like that happen to me. >> one-of-a-kind. hardly because bellingham, massachusetts, same thing, debbie goes if had to pay her bill and -- >> i was stunned. >> go west and the kansas city star followed a man handing out $100 bills. >> that's for you, buddy. >> wow. you can cry. i cry all the time. >> reporter: a salvation army kettle in massachusetts. a diamond ring turns up there valued at $3500. another one in minneapolis gets a checking for half a million dollars. but as in new hampshire, scene of yet another layoff payoff benefiting robin and family when you don't know the whom to thank and that's on purpose, this is what you say. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas you say? >> john donvan, abc news, washington. >> that's good enough. merry christmas.
3:21 am
right? >> that there are good people in the world, right? i like that a lot. i didn't know the idea of layaway. >> we were explaining that to you in the meeting. do you like that idea. >> i like it a lot. >> better than piling on your credit card. >> we're learning from each other. i was explaining the wordcy have is to you, as well. >> collect on instagram for that one. >> we're going to have more details of this conversation to come. >> if you've got a gift to send over a distance and don't have reindeer, then you'll likely need to use the mail. >> today is one of the busiest days for the postal service. let's check in with our tina trinh who is live, live right now at a very busy location. tina, good morning. >> reporter: hey, richard and reena. i'm here at the morgan facility, one of the largest processing centers for u.s. mail in the united states. the busiest mailing day of the season. i'm going to show you what it's all about. going to go behind the scenes
3:22 am
when we come back. stay tuned to "world news now."
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3:25 am
it's time for "the mix." these are our viral stories. the first story is about a study. this is doing the rounds from two u.s. psychologies. according to this study, people who swear have a bigger vocabulary than people who don't. so this is a great endorsement for swearing. > really? >> it appears that way. break it down logically. that is going to be literally true because if you swear by virtue of embarrassing, you need to have more words in your lexicon than people who don't swear. >> okay. >> yeah? >> i follow. >> but you know they got people to swear as much as they could over 60 seconds. do you want to know the real big hitters? this was the single most popular swear word.
3:26 am
followed by [ muted ] and then. that second one i said even though they put sound effects over it was the most illegal swear word y you could say on television. instant dismissal. you want to know what it was? we're being very silly. >> what's very nice. that is a real study. reena. >> yes. >> i'm going to go on to a sweet topic. you know, starbucks has these cookies for christmastime. polar bears. apparently they're slightly discounted and some are saying there might be a reason. they look like they've been wounded in the process. they've got little red scarves. we don't have the video but they have these little red scarfs. there you see. okay. little red scarves that look like you can see like they're bleeding from the neck. >> these have been doing the rounds virally. people have been saying they're look like they're bleeding from the neck. we touched on this last week.
3:27 am
polar bears whilst appearing in cuddly in shop toy form in the wild are really violent animals. there's an argument these cookies are more realistic. these are starbucks realism cookies. >> they just wanted it to be polar bear with a red scarf. >> it was definitely a mistake. i was trying to bail them out. >> we did ask the crew to go down to starbucks and they're sold out. clearly they're doing well. >> our third and final viral story on the mix" today. this is a cat that boxes. it took on, look at that, a sensational. >> boxing a tiger? >> that tiger is using the rope-a-dope technique and not responding. > that's an amazing punch from the cat. >> is that real? >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> right hook, left jab. what? what and neck dote that cat has down at the pub. i took out a tiger last night. >> well, ronda rousey's cat or something. impressive. >> coming
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," terror investigation. fbi divers complete their search of a lake near the scene of the san bernardino rampage while serious questions are surfacing about the woman terrorist and how she got into the country. tough questions about the police shooting in los angeles caught on camera. why did deputies fire 33 bullets at an armed suspect? the dramatic scene and search for answers. new this half hour, the meltdown at the department of motor vehicles. >> how one woman's rage and dispute with a deputy landed her in trouble. what led up to this drama. and later in "the skinny," taylor swift wants a trademark, a very common phrase as the world wishes her a happy birthday. her celebration and her unusual monday, december 14th.
3:31 am
♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning this busy monday. i'm richard bacon. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with new questions this morning about the terror attack in san bernardino. >> yeah, did the government miss potential warning signals about tashfeen malik and her extremist views that might have been posted on social media? abc's kayna whitworth has the latest. >> reporter: investigators testing what they dredged out of this lake after days of searching. still no word whether they've found any traces of that missing hard drive belonging to syed farook and tashfeen malik. a digital footprint that could prove critical for investigators amid new questions about the screening that allowed malik into the country in the first place. >> had they checked out tashfeen malik a little more, maybe she wouldn't have gotten a visa. maybe those people in san bernardino would be alive. >> reporter: malik vetted by
3:32 am
homeland security, the state department, and had a criminal background check. but investigators don't always scrub social media. after the attack they found malik's facebook post critical of moderate muslims. now the "new york times" reports she also talked openly on social media in support of violent jihad and "wanted to be a part of it." >> i'm asking to immediately initiate a program that would check the social media sites of those admitted on visas to see if they are using words and talking about things like jihad, explosives, mass shootings. it's outrageous that this isn't already done. >> reporter: one of the officers who chased the killer couple down is speaking out. sergeant andy capps butting up behind them with his sirens on. >> they haven't stopped. and the back window of their suv shatters. and i see gunfire coming out of it. >> reporter: the black suv pulls over. farook gets out and starts firing. capps gets out to return fire. >> i saw him shooting at a deputy that i knew was across the street so that's when i opened fire on him.
3:33 am
>> reporter: the terrorists were killed in that shootout. that was his first time in 23 years on the force that capps ever fired his weapon while on duty. kayna whitworth, abc news, san bernardino. >> jurors are expected to begin deliberations today, the first trial of a police officer for the death of freddie gray. gray died following a spinal injury while in a police van. his death set off a series of violent protests in baltimore. officer william porter was tried on a number of charges including failing to get medical help for gray. and new details now in that controversial shooting by two los angeles county sheriff deputies. authorities say the man who was fatally shot on saturday had a gun in his hand which he refused to drop. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: the video shows los angeles county sheriff's deputies fatally shooting a man walking away from them. they fire repeatedly even after he falls to the ground, attempting to crawl away. the sheriff's department says
3:34 am
the man, 28-year-old nicholas robertson, had a gun pointed at them and refused the officers' repeated demands to drop it. they say they recovered a loaded .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun at the scene. more than a dozen people gathered to protest saturday evening. relatives who saw the video saying the shooting seems unjustified, and accusing the officers of using excessive force. >> they shot him in his shoulder, and he was crawling to this gas station. >> reporter: police released this video on sunday, which clearly shows robertson, walking down the street with a gun in his left hand. when he was shot, he was in front of a crowded gas station. >> there are two people, two women and three children, in a car at a gas pump that is within five feet of him at the time. >> if he goes into that gas station, either takes hostages or shoots somebody, we're going to be having a different topic. we're going to be talking about why didn't the police officers do something before he went in.
3:35 am
>> reporter: they say robertson had fired six or seven shots in a nearby residential area. for now, investigators say they're not making any judgments until all the facts are in. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> residents across a wide swathe of texas are cleaning up from at least three confirmed tornadoes. twisters damaged up to 50 homes in the town of lyndale. where the mayor declared a state of disaster. about 100 miles south in lufkin, strong winds threw 64 cargo train cars from their tracks onto the railroad below. heavy rains also triggered flash flooding. further north and west, snow finally falling across the cascade mountains. the latest storm system has brought a good blanket of snow for opening weekend at the summit over there. by the time it's over, this storm could bring up to two feet of snow to the northwest. accuweather's paul william has the latest. >> well, it looks like old man winter is making a comeback. we're not talking about sequels to movies here.
3:36 am
we're talking about significant snow showers that's going to slow things down along i-159 as well as i-0 down to 90. the reason why is this significant dip in the jet stream will open the door or pandora's box for widespread snow showers that will accumulate between 12 inches to 24 in some areas. that's what's expected for the west just on monday alone. now, keep in mind, we're watching out for salt lake city, dealing with a significant amount of snow shower activity. then towards the east, we have more in the way of misery because of widespread scattered showers. this is where we're expecting thunderstorms and a few lightning showers with blinding rain all along the mississippi. reena, richard. >> thank you so much. good to hear from you. the warm east coast weather opened up more than just a pandora's box. >> it is hot. >> it's never hot in our studio. >> it is all of a sudden. it's so warm in washington, d.c. the cherry blossoms bloomed again or three months early. depending how you look at the calendar. the national park service says the late blossoms will not affect the blossoms in the
3:37 am
coming spring. >> because that was my question. i was going to say, if only one bud opens, it would already be open for the spring. maybe they have an understudy bud that can open in the spring. >> i like it. the understudy bud opens in the spring. >> i know nothing about cherry blossoms. i'm fumbling in the dark. last week on this program, i started an instagram account for you to take you behind the scenes. it is @richard p bacon. i've done that badly. richard p, thanks, noel. letter p. bacon like the meat. if you go to instagram. i'm going to put up a couple of photos i have taken today. you'll be able to see them a little bit later. one, they're last week's photos. that's reena in her curlers holding some coffee. who knows what brand of coffee that is. >> yes, starbucks. >> and that's -- look, on the left, that is us holding signs. i had food poisoning and you
3:38 am
were very tired all on the same day. we'll take you behind the scenes. very exciting including a picture of reena. we'll post this in a minute of reena in her civies. >> you were explaining them to me. >> if you're not in the police or the military then you're a civilian. not in uniform to present the show. civilian clothes. pre-show clothes. >> if this doesn't get us thousands of instagram followers, i don't know what will. i'm going to show you the news meeting where we discussed cherry blossoms. >> one of the social media sites buzzing about an aggressive gang of thugs terrorizing a massachusetts town and one man in particular. >> a postal carrier under attack by wild turkeys determined to make his workday living hell. the gobblers have become so belligerent, the mailman is forced to fend off the flock with a pole just so he can do his job.
3:39 am
>> this may be living hell for him but he's the hit of youtube. a million followers we're talking about. >> what will be bigger? that or our cherry blossom news meeting chat? >> this is impressive video. >> it's great video. coming up, mariah carey's holiday tune "all i want for christmas is you," no longer the song of the season. wait till you hear what song is on top. >> also ahead, it's the mad house at the post office even at this hour. we're taking you there live on this busiest shipping day of the season to see how your precious parcels are being handled. >> and the popular gift of the season, the hover board, it's potentially explosive problem. another major retailer refusing to ship it. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by olay. . we are the age of ageless. age neutral. age defiant. age agnostic. olay is a purveyor of ageless. only the best 1% of ingredients
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3:43 am
>> listen to me. >> listen to me. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> oh, my god. >> gosh. just another afternoon at the dmv in deerfield beach, florida. this woman reportedly giving the clerks a hard time. so they asked a trooper to remove her. she had another idea, kicking and cursing and refusing to leave till finally the trooper arrested her. there she's being arrested and she faces one count of resisting arrest without violence, without violence. >> incredible. incredible video. turning now to a concern among parents looking to buy or have already bought one of the hottest holiday gifts of the season, the hover board. >> with reports of the self-balancing scooters catching fire, amazon is warning sellers to make sure hoverboards comply with standards.
3:44 am
abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: after frightening scenes like this. >> holy cow. >> reporter: a hoverboard suddenly catching fire in a washington state shopping mall, there's new concern about some of the season's hottest gifts getting way too hot. >> it's on fire! >> reporter: the federal consumer product safety commission says it is now investigating ten hoverboard blazes in nine states that have even sent a couple of riders to the emergency room. now, megaretailer amazon has stopped selling at least one brand firefighters say was being charged when it ignited in this new york home. that manufacturer, swagway, says it meets all safety requirements. telling abc nenews, we're glad that this is taking place, especially in light of recent concerns with the fires with the poor quality batteries. concern over lithium-ion batteries is also prompting american, delta, united and jetblue to ban hoverboards on planes. experts say avoid charling them overnight. >> there's so many of them out
3:45 am
there with different prices, battery life. c-net tech expert brian fong says buyers should avoid lower-quality boards. under $300. shana haines bought one for her 10-year-old daughter hanna but now has second thoughts. >> so you sent it back, why? >> not willing to take the risk, the thing catching on fire with no warning. >> reporter: even hannah says the once-coveted hoverboard is now off her list. >> i don't really want it anymore. >> reporter: really? you're kidding! >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> exactly. coming up, taylor swift takes a few steps closer to global domination. >> meanwhile mariah carey dethroned. we will explain next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny all right. topping our "skinny" this morning, a skinny fixture we've got. very common, yeah. taylor swift. >> how about it's been awhile since we've heard from taylor swift in "the skinny." apparently the superstar's birthday spurred her resurgence. >> lots going on for taylor including a huge deal with former nem na sis apple music. >> after going toe to toe after permission to stream her songs, taylor wants exclusive streaming
3:48 am
of a live concert special she recorded last month with her many superfriends. >> also announced yesterday, simon schuster will publish a book crowd sourced with material from her super fans. they say it will have the feel of a scrapbook. they're looking for e super swifty to serve as editor-in-chief overseeing the project. >> as we mentioned, taylor celebrated her birthday yesterday. she turned 26, which, of course, means she was born in 1989. that year also the name of her latest album. swift intends on trademarking 1989. you can't own a year. what? along with other phrases that include the term swiftmas, as in christmas. i was thinking about that. she can have that. anyone else want the phrase swiftmas? >> no, i'm good. >> thanks. >> all right. >> taylor, have it. next, this is a story about, it's probably, do you know the website humans of new york? >> yes. >> it's such a fantastic website.
3:49 am
if you've never read it , i would urge you to have a look at it. there was a story last week about a syrian refugee. we don't know his name who is coming to troy in michigan. he's an elderly man, a scientist of some repute. he created an invention that is used on the railways in istanbul. he has cancer and lost his wife and daughter in a bombing in syria and his story was on this website, humans of new york. barack obama saw the story and sent him a message on facebook. now edwin norton the actor is raising money for him. it's just, if you go to that website, almost all the stories are ry moving. i can see why norton responded to it. it's almost impossible to read the story of that syrian doctor and not cry. he kind of gives the light to the idea that everyone coming here from syria might be trying to do america home. he said i've got a lot left to give as a scientist. it's a fantastic story i think. >> reena. >> yeah. it's the holiday season.
3:50 am
right? mariah carey has this fantastic song, a favorite holiday song for many people "all i want for christmas." apparently it's losing its top spot on a crucial christmas music chart. it actually used to be number one. the number one song most likely to be heard while shopping till now, richard. >> the person whose job it is to go around shopping malls working out wysongs are the most popular. the song most likely to be heard while shopping is this. ♪ this time of year >> the shins with their cover, of paul mccartney's "wonderful christmastime," a song a lot of people think is paul mccartney's worst ever song. >> really? >> famously. >> this is now making a resurgence. >> finally "star wars" premiere tonight. >> the force awakens happening tonight. but where will it be, richard? >> they've closed down hollywood boulevard and they're being
3:51 am
cryptic where the premiere will be. if you know hollywood boulevard it's not that hard to work out. there's only three big theaters on there. one of them the dolby theater. terrible talking over the trailer. this is such a beautifully composed trailer. just the music on this trailer. >> i will finish what you started. >> is that the -- >> listen. >> my theory, that bad guy is luke skywalker. luke skywalker is not in the trailers. remember, darth vader, luke skywalker's dad. i'm predicting it now. we'll know by tomorrow night. someone is bound to release it on twitter. i think it's going to be a combination of mann's chinese theater. the dolby theater is the third theater there. >> i think it will be somewhere in africa and a surprise to everybody waiting outside. there's going to be no satellite and we'll be blacked out and not able to see until you buy your ticket. >> that's a funny idea. and i hope it's true. bad guy, luke skywalker's father, if i'm right, don't call me a hero. if i'm wrong, don't mention it. >> even at this hour, the post
3:52 am
office hard at work. we're live with tina trinh. stick around. we'll be right back. trina trinh. we'll be right back.
3:53 am
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ whoa, yes, wait a minute, mr. postman, wait, mr. postman ♪ >> welcome back. today's the busiest day of the year for americans sending christmas cards and gift packages. >> also the biggest day for online sales. even though it may be quiet at this hour where you are, there are some places busier than santa's workshop. live to abc's tina trinh. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, reena. i'm here at the morgan mail processing facility. it's one of the largest in the country. on a typical day, over 500 million pieces of mail processed here. today is actually the busiest day of the year though. so that adds an extra 112 million pieces of mail that are going to be processed.
3:56 am
i'm right behind a bar code scanning machine. this is where all the holiday cards and letters that you send start off. they all get scanned by the barcode here and sorted into carriers' bins where i'll show you this machine right here. once they pass through the machine and are scanned, they automatically get sorted into bins for carriers, individual carriers. so they're going right now into zip codes, very specific zip codes for all of the areas in manhattan. and they're going to be shipped off to individual post office stations in the city where the carriers will pick them up and deliver them to your mailbox. so just because it's middle of the night right now doesn't mean that they stop working here. it's busy all over the place as you can see.
3:57 am
lots of mail. lots of letters. lots of holiday packages to get shipped off. and make it in time for the holidays and they're working round the clock here to make sure that all those packages get sent on time. >> yeah. i would imagine middle of the night is like peak time. >> yeah. >> to do that sorting. >> but it looks like reems of paper behind you. are people buying paper at this hour? what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, you know, paper is one of the few things you actually end up mailing this time of year, right? every other day it's an e-mail we all send off. but there's going to be tons of paper passing through this place over the next couple of weeks. that's why they throw in started delivering on sundays. >> tina, how many of those pieces of mail are fan letters talking about the british guy on "world news now"? we haven't got time to hear her answer. i imagine she was going to say lots.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making new in america this morning -- donald trump versus ted cruz. the republican front-runner focuses his fire on the senator from texas. who is making big gains in the pols. they'll battle it out in the next debate tomorrow night. picking up the pieces after a series of tornadoes wreak havoc across texas. the massive mess that's been left behind. and where this weather system is headed next. a rough day for a driver at the dmv. she was kicking and screaming. why was she so fed up the. at long last, the new "star wars" movie about to hit the big screen. will the force be with the fans who have been waiting for days?


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