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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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execute multiple search warrants at his home on senea drive as he was wanted for crimes involving inappropriate communication with a 13-year-old boy whom abbott met coaching youth hockey. the relationship started two years ago when the male was 11 years old and consisted of contact via text, e-mail and social media. they discovered abbott had inappropriate communications with another male hockey player dating back to 2008 when that child was 13 years old. abbott about also served on the northern virginia internet crimes against children task force. >> the family is a wholesome. i'm surprised. jeff: we saw people earlier
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this afternoon walking in david abbott's house. they were friends and family. we tried to get a comment. no one would speak with us. i spoke to a member of the manassas police department who says the department is in complete shock over the situation saying that abbott was a good man. again, total shock within the department. the official reaction plus more reaction from people in this neighborhood who knew abbott is coming up at 5:00. until then, live in gainesville. horace: police charged d.c. elementary school teacher with attempted cruelty to children. cameron lewis arrested last thursday after a woman said he grabbed her son's arm so hard that he left a hand print. lewis works at turner elementary school in southeast d.c. and has been removed from teaching pending the outcome of the case. >> we are monitoring a developing story out of california as investigators make their way through the second largest school system in the country looking for anything suspicious. as we report, this comes after an anonymous e-mail that los
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angeles deemed credible and new york did not. reporter: they closed the schools and told all the students to stay home after receiving an e-mail threat from overseas. los angeles school district superintendent ramon cortines said recent events and heightened security concerns precipitated the move. >> i think the circumstances in neighboring san bernardino and i think what has happened in the nation and i think what happened internationally, i as superintendent am not going to take the chance with the life of a student. reporter: meanwhile, new york authorities said they received a similar threat but it was important not to overreact. >> the e-mail that was received in new york city, which is similar and almost exactly the same as we see in
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other locals, specifically los angeles, we do not see that as a credible terrorist threat. we are investigating it as a hoax. reporter: while acknowledging a hoax was possible, l.a. police chief said the threat was specific and warned against being too critical. >> southern california has been through a lot in the recent weeks. should we risk putting the children through the same? horace: now overseas. turkey state run news agency says the syrian islamic state militants suspected of planning a suicide attack at u.s. consulate has been arrested. the consulate was closed down last week over unspecified threat. defense secretary ash carter is in turkey developing the best strategy to take down isis. this comes after president obama threatened isis leaders. don't be alarmed if you heard
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noises around the marine corps base in quantico. they are in the midst of ground and aircraft training and it will continue through friday. most days training will begin around 8:00 in the morning and will end at 6:00 at night. anyone with concerns should contact public affairs office. autria: in the last half hour, the jury in the freddie gray case told the judge they for deadlocked but the judge sent them back to work more. brad bell is live in baltimore waiting for their verdict, brad, if they can reach one. brad: we don't know if they will get a verdict now. this raises the possibility there could be a hung jury. the jury came out and said they were deadlocked. the judge reread jury instructions to them and said get back in there and keep working on it. but it's an indication that the jury is not seeing eye to
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eye. they began their day asking the judge for a number of things. they wanted water. they wanted highlighters and sticky notes and spikers to play the police audio recordings and seemed they were going to work through the evidence. then this stunning development this an. don't know what it means but the city at large is watching everything that goes on in the courthouse. a letter was sent yesterday by the school system to the students saying they better behave when a verdict is reached. that was talked about in court today as well. we will tell you about that at 5:00. we heard from the police that they are gearing up for the possible reaction. >> we believe people want to exercise their right to protest. we'll protect the right to protest. they have a right to protest. but they don't have a right to break the law. they don't have a right to
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throw things, harm businesses, communities or harm police officers. brad: again, we don't know if we'll get a jury here. the jury says they are deadlocked. if the judge says they are hopelessly deadlock and agrees after more deliberation, a mistrial could be declared and all of these charges could be tried again. we don't know if they are deadlocked on some of the charges or all the charges. that remains to be seen. we'll be here and have the latest at 5:00. autria: maryland police are staging equipment near the baltimore zoo ahead of the verdict. even is hoping there is no need for the police response but after the riots in the wake of freddie gray's death, they want to be prepared. we have got a page devoted to freddie gray case at
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while online sign up for the breaking news text alert to get the verdict in this trial or any other breaking news as it happens sent to the phone. horace: a final farewell to officer today. officer noah leotta died a week after a suspected drunk driver hit him in the traffic spot. kevin lewis takes us to today's funeral. kevin: the mood could only be described as palpable. as a hearse carrying fallen officer noah leotta's cas casket arrived at the judean memorial cemetery. today began with a funeral attended by possibly more than a thousand people. family members said noah had an infectious smile and baby blue eyes. they remembered his love for the redskins, golf, bethesda bethesda -- bethany beach. but nothing could top ad mir
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ration for the police department and his family. a relative said, "noah achieved what most of us don't. he loved his work." bagpipers play and the law enforcement gave salute as the pallbearers carried his casket from the church. seven-mile procession followed with the police from d.c., delaware, maryland, virginia and west virginia taking part. residents most total strangers to the leotta family lined georgia avenue, to pay tribute to a man who protected their streets. >> he was a good man. he was a good man. pray for his family. >> i was in vietnam. i know a lot of 24-year-olds who are young forever. this officer is the same way. kevin: today, noah's unkle in the funeral said, "noah infected people with his positive attitude, good vibes and strong moral character." police chief tom manger saying, "noah will continue to save lives even after his
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death as the department and many others now push for tougher d.u.i. laws in maryland." i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. autria: new developments this afternoon in the fight over d.c. gun laws. federal appeals court avoided a ruling to halt strict restrictions on the concealed carry permits. the court ruled the original judge lacked jurisdiction to decide in that case. the federal judge was based in new york, not washington. today's decision means the d.c. concealed carry law is in place. bright and sunny but breezy today. horace: a little bit. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center with a check on the forecast. doug: nice. still mild. cooler than the past few days. but we'll take it. a lot of upper 50's with clear skies. a little bit of a breeze. live at the national harbor. the winds will diminish tonight. 60 now at reagan. 64 in fredericksburg.
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cooler in hagerstown. clear skies and the diminishing winds we see temperatures drop to the upper 30's to the mid-40's. winds, 22 at baltimore. 21 at andrews. 20-mile-per-hour winds in winchester. the winds will diminish tonight. we are looking at weather wise through the overnight period are clear skies, diminishing winds. 37 to 47 by morning. through the day tomorrow the entire area here will be beautiful and sunny skies and the temperatures climbing to 59 degrees. we look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. horace: okay. >> thank you, doug. our warm december he was talking about is shattering records all around the country. horace: warm december for sure. still ahead, find out where it's finally starting to look like the season. >> later, the stage is set. we will take you live to las vegas ahead of the g.o.p. debate. horace: first, horrific discovery inside a store ran unit. what led police there and what is next when we come back. discover the world
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autria: to a developing story now and a disturbing discovery inside a california storage unit. police investigating a report of child abuse found the bodies of two other children inside the locker.
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investigators say the two were sibling, ages 3 and 5. police have a man and woman in custody in connection to the child abuse case. investigators have not said what relationship the couple those the deceased children. former subway spokesman jared fogle is planning to appeal the child pornography and sex crime conviction. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison in december and pleaded guilty to traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct to a minor and distribution and receive of child pornography. it's unclear what the grounds are for his appeal. horace: time to check on traffic right now. jamie sullivan is here. hi, jamie. jamie: we are seeing a lot of sun glare. something to keep in mind heading outbound on 66. as we move to the map that route from the beltway to route 50 takes under 20 minutes. keep in mind a crash if you live in fair fax, route 123.
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we have one lane blocked in each direction. we are seeing a lot of volume right now. take a look at 9 miles per hour. traveling the third street tunnel. that is because of a crash reported near the u.s. capitol and a water main break. this has been in place throughout the afternoon. this continues we have the right lane getting by on new hampshire avenue at piney branch road. if you live in takoma park you will see the crews doing repairs for the time being. that is a look at traffic right now. back to you. horace: we are not the only ones enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in december. more than a thousand high temp records have been broken in the central and the eastern u.s. as we report, the west is getting everything winter can throw at them. especially snow. reporter: at the mountain ski resort in new york state, the weather has many reminiscing.
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>> last two winters we were opened the day after thanksgiving. we call it white friday. reporter: last year's fierce winter spoiled peter harris. this year's december is turning out to be quite the opposite. >> we are nervous yet but getting close. reporter:the warm temperatures are majing it impossible -- making it impossible to maintain it. no snow means no business. direct hit to the bottom line. but down on the new jersey boardwalk a different take to a different december. >> it is amazing. we are so lucky to have the weather. i have lived here seven years full-time. never happened before. reporter: it has shattered a thousand high records in central and eastern u.s. up like west -- heavy snow to blame for wreaking hank on the roads and causing power outages and 10,000 homes and businesses across utah.
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>> it's messy. i heard a lot of people in accidents. reporter: on the snowy campus of the university of utah -- >> they decided to cancel all the finals that are happening after 5:30. reporter: an early christmas gift from mother nature. more heavy snow is expected to fall in utah and colorado. nothing like this here in the east. but some are still optimistic. especially after rumors of multiple nor'easters hitting here in the next few months. in new york, abc7 news. autria: back in our area, a beautiful scene as the sun rose this morning. if you weren't up earlier in you have to see it we have you covered. leila e-mailed us from gaithersburg. thank you. gorgeous. if you see it, send it to us at horace: don't leave the tv. autria: doug loves it. he wasn't up that early.
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show the pictures. yeah. beautiful. i appreciate that. our own alex liggitt was out running. a picture that he took. autria: december and flowers are blooming. horace: in focus and everything. doug: he was running, too. that is what you are looking at that. is in rosslyn. the rosslyn section in arlington. beautiful day. cooler than yesterday. it stays comfortable. but friday and saturday we get real december temperatures. 60 right now on the campus. it's 57 at dale city. ashburn make the hat-trick of 57 there as well. it's chillier air west of the mountains. 43 in detroit. 44 in columbus.
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these numbers are above average as well. 70's across the carolina. charlotte douglas international airport, 75 degrees. here is what will happen. cloudy west will stay there. the mountains will keep low level cloudiness on the other side. the winds will diminish. upper 30 to 40's by morning. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies in the upper 50's. thursday to deal with another cold front. this has more rain than yesterday. it should get out by evening. 44 in the morning. 59 in the afternoon. lighter sunshine and winds. seven days will show changes coming. cold front with 80% chance of rain on thursday. turning partly cloudy and breezy. 48. 43 on saturday. perfect redskins weather.
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by christmas eve and christmas day some are flirting with the 70 degree mark. horace: wow! autria: that has to set a record. 70 on christmas. doug: it's too many days ahead. i think the record for christmas day is 72 in washington. we could get close. autria: wild. doug: it's crazy. horace: go for it! autria: doug, thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- no one likes to sit in traffic. find out why some people stuck in this jam may not mind so much. horace: but first -- >> hard for me to talk. keep my mouth shut is easy. horace: stars may be keeping silent but we can't make the promise for the fans. how to avoid "star wars" spoilers? that's coming up next.
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>> it's amaze. wonderful. great. horace: i know but don't tell me what happens. the lucky fans that got to see "star wars: the force awakens" last night. it premiers tonight in new york. the more people who see it the better chance you could see something about that you don't want to know. autria: kidd o'shea takes a
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look at how you can block the spoilers. kidd: the internet can be a messing or a curse. if you want to see "star wars: the force awakens" and not have any spoilers there are ways to avoid it when you go online. google chrome launching an extension earlier today that you can download so if you type in "star wars: the force awakens," if you you download it and say you don't want to see anything about "star wars" you get this. it will say we stopped spoilers this time but don't get cocky. there is facebook purity. you download this. put keywords in there. and facebook makes sure you don't see the content. you can put in details to make sure you don't see content you don't want to see. there is one other thing you can. you cannot go online. but this day and age everyone has a hard time doing that. one thing you don't have to
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worry about is getting spoilers from the celebrities and the movie stars themselves. >> i enjoy the secrecy. it's been fun. a power trip. >> we keep it a secret so they can enjoy it. kidd: we want to know what you are doing to avoid spoilers. go to our facebook page now and leave your message there. i'm kidd o'shea, abc7 news. horace: guess what? we have a twitter poll. the twitter poll is asking if you are concerned about seeing spoilers for the "star wars" film. cash your vote and leave comments. autria: you can also block kardashian news to keep it from showing up in the facebook feed. horace: what would i do with my free time. autria: he wouldn't read anything if he couldn't read kardashian news. once you take part in the
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twitter poll head over to join us on "good morning washington" as we will celebrate "star wars" week. we will show how to feel the force in the workout tomorrow morning at 4:24. horace: i'm kidding about the kardashian thing. autria: of course you are. there is a "star wars" workout. you should come in for that. horace: coming up at 4:00 -- sam: vincent gray broke his silence. that's next. scott: i'm scott thuman in las vegas. hours away from the final republican debate of the calendar year. the thing to watch ou
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horace: today marks 224 years since the bill of rights was ratified. tonight the republicans vie to lead the country as the 46th president will take the stage in las vegas for the final debate this year. senior political reporter scott thuman live in vegas with a preview. what should we watch for tonight? >> three things we'll keep an eye on that we imagine the viewers may want to also. first, can cruz capitalize? he has momentum recently. he beat donald trump in an iowa poll raising eyebrows but
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a lot of support coming from even gel calls and -- evangelicals and tea party supporters. that is something he'll to tonight. trump's tough talk. after the talk about banning muslims could be the downfall for trump and broke the camel's back as far as what he is doing. it seems in some cases to helped his numbers. there is a jury say showing him at 41% of the likely republican voters. that is more than the next three candidates combined. we will hear from him. what is the top target? the dems or each other? they like to invoke ronald reagan not going after another republican but when the lights are on they tend to go against each other in the so far five debates. will they do that? good tv but may not be best for long haul or what might be a general election.
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these are subjects we'll follow tonight. horace: it seems like everywhere donald trump goes there is a protest. do we see that outside where the debate takes place? scott: one of the raucous ones was here in las vegas. donald trump giving a speech and people stood up to scream and challenge donald trump directly. there were forcibly removed. there are always people protesting. trump tower over my shoulder here where last time we had a debate here there was a protest. he is so controversial. but again doing very well in the polls. we will see if they stand steady. tonight is one more night they will go after him to try to take away the numbers.
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horace: interesting night. thank you. autria: another note about donald trump here. he has now picked corey stewart to run the virginia campaign. he is the chairman of the board of supervisors. he is no stranger to controversy himself. he helped pass a county ordóñez requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop. there are a few hours left for the health insurance through changes. you can be covered for 2016 if you signed up by next month.
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autria: doug, we have winds today. doug: gusty winds with the dry air. i want to give you a time lapse from dulles. notice the clouds. the clouds are neat if you look from space. this is cool looking. farther south and east. the temperatures are dropping. it's 56 in baltimore. 60 in reagan national airport. winds are gusty. 30 at andrew and 29 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. winds diminish tonight and
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turn cooler by morning. 37 to 47 threes. the overnight low. 47 in the city. that is the average daytime high still. we are on the plus side. as far as what is coming, rain. behind a front on saturday. breezy and 48. we show you monday and tuesday with a warming trend. horace: developing the d.c. department of transportation will begin the final phase of the streetcar testing tomorrow. a long time coming. passenger services could begin in three weeks and they will spend 21 days to simulate service along h-street.
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autria: vincent gray is relieved but still somewhat bitter about the investigation he says cost him his job. sam ford spoke with him today. sam: gray attended a christmas party last night and today broke the silence he has had with the media since feds announced he wouldn't be charge in the the corruption case. >> this is the residual anger associated with being put through this. sam: what is that anger? >> it's about the fact i think this was grocery mishandled. it was unfair and cost him the 2014 primary election.
4:36 pm
gray said he did nothing illegal. >> it was voter suppression in that situation. for those who perpetrated that act it worked. >> vincent gray did not say but he hinted he would be running for council seat of yvette alexander or vincent orange next year. we'll more on that coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". horace: breaking news from baltimore. brad bell tweeted the jury in officer william porter trial say they will deliberate until 5:30 and then break for the day. that is the first trial in the freddie gray case. an hour and a half ago they were deadlocked but the judge told them to go back to work. we'll have an update at 5:00. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- topless in the snow. find out what this guy had to say about his jog that is getting a lot of attention
4:37 pm
online. >> a.a.a. says this holiday season, 41% of us in the d.c. area will do this. pack up the bag and head out of town. coming up, when the transportation agency will be the worst
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horace: back with a reminder. we want to see your scenes of the season. e-mail us your photo or videos at of course, we'll get it on the air. so please do that. your favorite story -- autria: i'm still waiting on the elf costume photo. i know it's out there. horace: this is your favorite story. autria: you ladies will enjoy this. a jogger in chicago feeling the love after a tv interview over the weekend. here is why. i'll stop there. i don't need to say anymore. take a look. ethan reno running shirtless along lake michigan when a reporter interviewed him. the resulting video received 25,000 likes and 17,000 shares. he stopped back at the tv station yesterday to talk about the online attention. >> it's been crazy. i have 900 friend requests now i have to sort through.
4:41 pm
autria: he mentioned he is single and looking for love. he is from colorado and was only in illinois for a short time. horace: it's so crazy. i didn't know that was going to happen. right. autria: right. horace: that will on our website if you want to see more of that. autria: i love that he is jogging shirtless. he look physically fit and runs into a camera and a news reporter. horace: not to mention the fact -- autria: hey, what's going on? he knew what he was doing. horace: it's raining. autria: he is fit and smart. horace: go to your home state of texas. a love story. literally stopped traffic. a man proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a houston highway. a favorite spot for the couple with a perfect view of the city skyline. this is a wonderful thing. the man had friends follow him to help block traffic as he got down on one knee. >> there were eight cars and we stopped. love makes you do stupid things. >> i'll never forget it.
4:42 pm
it's the best moment. >> i'm sure the people in rush hour traffic behind him weren't happy. michelle said she was speechless but she said yes. of course she did. autria: this is my favorite part. it was a favorite spot for the couple. they are just driving and it's like babe, this is our spot! horace: you can see the skyline of houston. >> i'm guessing it probably wasn't rush hour. there would be more hopping. horace: there would be. autria: good for them. congratulations. horace: that makes it all right. autria: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- stern's future. we look at what is next for the radio host. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in springdale. in tonight's spotlight on education i'll introduce you to an exceptional student whose after-school program is helping improve a.p. scores at the
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autria: there is extraordinary students in every school system. but in prince george's county a high school senior is setting herself apart in a variety of ways. kellye lynn sits down with honor student hazel ware in today's spotlight on education. >> times two over two plus
4:46 pm
one. kellye: after school, the focus is still on learning. >> it's really helped me a lot. kellye: advanced placement student hazel ware founded this group two years ago. one of the many impressive accomplishments. >> she also takes classes at the prince george's community college. the 15-year-old senior enrolled at college classes at 13 and studied at the college of southern maryland, harvard and georgetown. >> at age 7 or 8 we knew there was something different about hazel. kellye: hazel received accolades for her academic achievement but what makes her more exceptional is how well-rounded she is. when she is not in school she serves as a tutor, cocaptain of the lacrosse team and
4:47 pm
volunteers for varieties. her biggish accomplicement is change the age of entry for the dual enrollment program. she wants to be a neurosurgeon and called it the proudest moment after she and her mother pushed college to allow students younger than 16 to enroll. >> what it did, it helped those students like me who are younger. >> helping others is what she is all about. in springdale, delaware delaware, abc7 news. >> i know you want to know this. marian webster word of the year isn't a word. they went with the suffix ism. words locate terrorism, capitalism, racism, saw a bump in searches in 2015. according to yale university the pope's comments on global warming topped the list of the most notable quotes of the entire year. the law school librarian doesn't rely on the elquim.
4:48 pm
bernie sanders comes in second when he said that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about hillary clinton's e-mails. autria: he left out a word. horace: i did. autria: the obama administration rules targeting mercury pollution are staying in place for now. the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit ruled that the federal rules need to stay intact until the government can decide how to account for the cost. horace: fans of the king of all media are breathing easier. howard stern signed a new deal with the siriusxm radio. the current contact expires at the end of the year and as part of the deal, sirius will create video streaming service with the radio show and clip from the decades' long career. >> i'll be fading off in the
4:49 pm
sunset. after 130 years at nbc. going over yonder. >> where is beyonder. >> over yonder. >> off to the sunset. legendary weatherman willard scott called at it day. this morning his last appearance on the "today show." and hosts past and present returned to wish him well after 35 years on that show and 65 years total on television. he earned the retirement. horace: bozo the clown, and ronald manage donald. autria: he has worn many hats. horace: he has indeed. autria: go to steve rudin at the vest ral of lights in -- festival of lights in bull u.n., virginia. steve? steve: it's so quiet. sun about to set. that is when the cars will go.
4:50 pm
there is a lot to see. take a look behind me. this is the main entry way. that i have two and a half miles of lights and displays that you can look at. as we move through the holiday season. it takes 15 minutes to ride the whole course. then there are things to do at the end of it. i will look better as we get darker. we have live reports from the 5 centre and the 6:00 newscast. talk about what is going on for the weekend. never too early to talk about the weekend. even if it's tuesday. festival of lights in frederick maryland this weekend. the temperatures will fall in the 40's and the 30's. the weekend is cooler than the past several days. 43 for a high on saturday. if you think it's cool this weekend. don't worry about it.
4:51 pm
milder temperatures on the way. as we move to christmas week. there is from the festival of lights. get an update on the commute with jamie sullivan. james we had sun glare earlier. you don't have it now. now it's just slow traffic. we have a lot of red light from the beltway continuing stop and go to centreville. once you hit the capital beltway it will take you 25 minutes. i want the focus about a crash in place. only one lane in each direction getting by on route 123 at pope head road. the capital beltway is
4:52 pm
typical. to the internet to the dulles poll road to 270. in the pink right now on the freeway. we have the earlier water main break in takoma park that is now gone. so you may still see the activity near new hampshire avenue and piney branch road. but that is clearing away. that is a look at traffic. back to you. autria: breaking news out of the district where d.c. mayor muriel bowser wrapped up a press conference on the death of alonzo smith. brianne carter is at the press conference. brianne: just wrapping up the press conference saying this is in the public interest. why the body worn camera footage was released. this is the first time since it has been released in the district. this video on november 1 surrounding the death of alonzo smith. police responded on good hope
4:53 pm
road to find him in custody of private security guards. the medical examiner ruling this a homicide. in the video just released you see the police officers performing chest compression and asking to check on the individual. we'll pore over the video and have much more on abc7 news. horace: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- another holiday is on the horizon. another holiday is on the horizon. autria: find
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it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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horace: christmas is friday as you may or may not know. plenty of people will hit the roads for the holiday. brianne carter has a look at the travel forecast. >> the song says there is no place like home for christmas. this year the record breaking number of people may travel to
4:57 pm
get there. >> one of us is there each year. so i know. >> this year, they won't have to drive. the kids will. traveling from charlotte to sea him outside philly. they will likely won't be alone on the roads. triple a predicts the year-end travelers will top 100 million nationally for the first time on record. >> we try to not make the weekend. most people will get behind the wheel. 5% of the people will fly. others will use train or buses. when is the worst day to hit the highway? that is december 23rd. what do they say is contributing to that, a gift of lower gas prices.
4:58 pm
>> he would rather be home than brave the backup. >> we saw them backed up on 95 going south. horace: you can stay a step ahead when you travel. that is where you find the gas prices and link to the local airport to check for any delays. >> tonight the jury in the freddie gray tells the judge we're deadlocked. the response is try it again. jonathan: police officer and fire and rescue team join a massive respect for a local police officer. the lasting impact that devastating impact even a
4:59 pm
little bully can have on young victims. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: police, a police detectivetive that also coached hockey killed himself in a standoff with police. david abbott was a detective with police department and was on a task force aimed to catch child predators. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joining us from the scene of the morning's standoff. jeff? jeff: jonathan, neighbors tell us there was a great deal of commotion for many hours earlier this morning. as the police surrounded a home in the town home development. they were pleading and trying to have him put down the weapon. but he shot and killed himself. this is 39-year-old david
5:00 pm
abbott, a detective with the rahm emanuel police -- detectivh the manassas police department. they were trying to issue search warrants yesterday. he was wanted for crimes involving inappropriate communication with a 13-year-old boy who he met coaches for a local youth hockey league. the relationship started when the male was 11 years old. investigators discovered he had inappropriate communication with another male hockey player dating back to 2008 when that shield was 13. in addition to being a detective with the manassas police he also served on the northern virginia washington d.c. internet crime against children task force. >> surprised. >> surprised. stunned. i von been here several months. he is a wonderful guy. the family, you know, is wholesome. wow, i'm


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