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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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abbott, a detective with the rahm emanuel police -- detectivh the manassas police department. they were trying to issue search warrants yesterday. he was wanted for crimes involving inappropriate communication with a 13-year-old boy who he met coaches for a local youth hockey league. the relationship started when the male was 11 years old. investigators discovered he had inappropriate communication with another male hockey player dating back to 2008 when that shield was 13. in addition to being a detective with the manassas police he also served on the northern virginia washington d.c. internet crime against children task force. >> surprised. >> surprised. stunned. i von been here several months. he is a wonderful guy. the family, you know, is wholesome. wow, i'm surprised.
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>> the official statement is this -- in spite of the recent allegation against him we are grateful for the contribution that detective abbott made in his time to include the prosecution and the conviction of hundreds of criminals. we tried to speak with the family and friends walking inside to mr. abbott's home earlier today but they had no comment. jonathan: the same detective was involved in a another investigation last year. there was a team in a sexting case and the tecate detect is were using the pictures as evidence. a threat forcing the closure
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of the l.a. public schools appears to be a hoax. this is according to ranking member of the house intelligence committee. the new york city schools received a similar threat but they determined it was not credible. the superintendent in los angeles said it was better to be safe. >> the immediate assessment was there was nothing credible about the threat. it was so generic and so outland dish. >> it's easy in hindsight to criticize the decision based on the results that the decideer could never have known. >> well, authorities in los angeles searched more than 900 public schools and nearly 200 charter schools. nothing dangerous has been found. autria: the threats in l.a. and new york are likely to become a topic of discussion in tonight's republican debate. because the official topic is national security.
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scott thuman is in las vegas now. how much should we expect it to take center stage tonight? scott: i think it will dominate the conversation. as you mentioned the scare in california. if candidates want to be tough on terror. they are going on stage to assimilate themselves and the surroundings to be prepared for the debate. we are three hours away from the matchup where you will have nine candidates on the main stage in the big event. the preceding one has the four candidates that were not polling as well. i caught up with ted cruz briefly this morning and i asked the senator how much preparation he needs to do in the national security front. he said that is what they are focusing on. but they want to be seen as a
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party to keep america safe. they will do a better job fighting terrorism and protecting americans than the democrats. we expect a lot of that tonight. people wonder if someone will go after donald trump in a way to effectuate a change of the poll numbers. will they gain ground? we will keep an eye on all of these things and have lights report before, during and half the debate tonight. live in las vegas, i'm scott thuman. back to you. jonathan: there should be fireworks. we don't have fireworks in the forecast but we're in for a clear night. what can we expect to come morning? chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look at the forecast. doug: it's clear. getting a bit on the dark side with the sunset behind us tomorrow morning. beautiful sunshine. we have a good role here. outside the weather center we have seen gusty winds. this time lapse from the country club shows what it's like across the area.
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we are in fine shape. the average high is 47. so even at 5:00 we're well above that. 57 in reagan national. 50 in hagerstown. 52 in winchester. 55 in manassas. wind speeds were higher in the day. you still have sustained winds at 21 miles per hour in leaseburg. 13 miles per hour winds at reagan national. they will diminish overnight. the temperatures will fall as well under the clear skies. by early in the morning, it's 49 degrees. 44 for an average temperature tomorrow morning with plenty of nine. the wednesday forecast is looking at a beautiful union station in the background. 59 degrees. partly cloudy. little bit of a breeze out of the northwest. looking ahead to the weekend. there is colder air that is a few days away. autria? autria: thank you. in southwest d.c., police are
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investigating an afternoon shooting on first street. a man was shot but was conscious when the paramedics arrived. three men may have been involved and they are now looking for them. jonathan: it's not going as planned. the deadlock jury must sort out the differences for the william porter trial. he is the first of the six officers facing charges in death of freddie gray. 90 minutes ago the judge ordered the jurors to go back and come one a decision. this is as they were seen staging equipment and resources and manpower near the zoo. this is a precaution in case protests follow the trial. in case they get out of hand. maryland bureau chief brad bell with the baltimore courthouse. what is the latest from that location tonight? brad: you are right. 3:30 the jury came in the courtroom. said judge, we are deadlocked. we can't reach a verdict. the judge sternly red to them -- read to them a portion of the jury instructions that says hold you ground if you feel you must on an issue but
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you have to have an open mind to change your mind if you can be convinced. sent them back in. the latest twist in what had been a bizarre day in court. it began with the concerns about the outside influences affecting the jury. >> not long after the jury after the jury got the case, the baltimore city schools sent a letter home. warning students reacting to a verdict to behave and not engage in destructive acts such as the stone-throwing which touched off the rioting last spring. saying students, "who participate in such behaviors will face consequences." this morning, since a juror could have seen the note, officer william porter defense attorney called it grounds for a mistrial. judge barry williams denied the motion and sent the jury to work. the seven men and the five women then asked for water. sticky notes and speakers to play audio evidence on a computer. and now the city waits. >> i'm hoping that he is not
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found guilty. >> arthur johnson has been carrying a justice for freddie gray sign for days. he has come to believe officer porter could have done more for freddie gray in the back of the police van but thinks the other five officers charged are more to blame. >> give me four out of the six. i will be satisfied. >> baltimore president watched every minute of the trial. she says the people have already had some justice. >> police officers are being brought to trial and that is a good thing. it hasn't happened before. brad: the latest communication from the jury is they will work until 5:30, go home sleep on it and come back tomorrow morning and give it another try.
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in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: did they ask questions of the judge? do we know what the sticking points might be? brad: we do not. this is something we don't know at all. if they are stuck on one charge. we can't get anything from the participants the state and the defense in this case. they came in the court and they did not look happy, the jury. somber faces indeed. horace: brad bell in baltimore. thank you. you can count on abc7 to bring you the updates from the trial. we'll have live coverage from baltimore as the verdict is announceed. >> a police officer was honored today. thousanders turned out for the -- thousands turned out
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for the funeral of noah leotta. we look at a special tribute to a beloved officer. >> it's respectful the officers that have shown up. >> they came from near and far. to honor fallen officer noah leotta. relatives gave eulogies, reflects on his "million-dollar smile" and baby blue eyes. the chief posthumously promoted leotta to police officer three. congregants gave salute as the pallbearers carried the flag-draped casket to a hearse. seven-mile long procession led the leotta family and hundreds of police cars to the judean memorial gardens. >> i have never seen such a display like this. it's incredible. >> the residents line georgia avenue. they all stood in awe. >> people are watching. quiet and silent. everybody feels sad.
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sad for the family. >> i lived here for 21 years. hard to have one of your own going down. kevin: the hearse passed underneath the massive flag hoisted by two ladder trucks. hundreds went on to bid farewell to officer leotta a man police say was robbed of his adult life. >> i was in vietnam and i know a lot of 24-year-olds who are young forever. autria: the colleagues were responsible to mark the flag entrance to the gardens. horace: still ahead at 5:00 -- new warning on the damage you bullies can inflict. the long-term effects and how the parents can help deal with the problem. autria: a new possible link between autism and something mothers do during pregnancies.
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>> that was designed to influence people. i think it was voter suppression. horace: former d.c. discover theorld animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants
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alison: -- autryia: vincent gray is breaking his silence on his campaign. and sam ford spoke to the mayor about the case that may have changed his political career. sam: gray did a media tour. it must have been a relief. >> of course it was. but it wasn't complete substitute. to be relieved somebody had to say he made a mistake. zach little to say about the parade of associates that pleaded guilty mainly to lying to the f.b.i. about a shadow campaign to elect gray. but he pointed to the news conference weeks before the 2014 primary when machin suggested he would be indicted.
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he wasn't. >> it just dragged on and dragged on. i'm convincedded it cost me the re-election. >> he was beaten by current mayor muriel bowser. for the voter reaction today? >> i didn't think they had a case. they would have brought it. >> he is considering a council run against vincent orange at large or yvette alexander. >> it's a democracy. anyone can compete and run for a seat. >> gray will be 74 years old if he runs as a council candidate next year. does he want to be mayor again? he didn't say. what kind of job does he think the current mayor is doing? >> i haven't seen much to be honest with you. >> in northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. >> let's talk about the weather situation. we don't have much to talk about. other part of the country ret going nailed. autria: yeah. doug: today was the 14th day
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of december. autria: today is the 15th. doug: 15 straight days of above average in december. jonathan: bragging rights. doug: that is good for steve rudin who is in centreville. jonathan: usually he'd be bundled up but tonight not wearing fleece. doug: now you can see the lights. steve: it's nice out here. i don't know what a going on. i'm in my fleece. the winds diminished. there is not a cloud in the sky. look behind me. the bull run festival of lights that starts at 5:30. they turn the lights on early for us. it's two and a half miles of lighted driveway. that you drive down and enjoy the lights. it's not fry. -- free. it's $15. you can have up to 14 people in a car. it's a lot of fun out here. it goes until 9:30 tonight. on weekends it goes until 10:00. the price jumps up to $20.
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it is quiet now. but yesterday they had 2200 cars come through the display. nice weather out there. the cars will line up. admission is $15. you can enjoy the bonfire and all the things that are set up to do. >> let's give you a time lapse from gaithersburg for the institute of the standard and technology. cloudiness that morning that stayed with us through the mid-morning through the afternoon. brought in the sunshine and the cooler temperatures across
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the area. 67 at reagan international happened this morning. the temperatures so far are 58. they are way above average. the average high is 47 degrees. the next temperatures are saturday this week. 55 in falls church. 54 in herndon and ashburn. 54 in dale city. aspen hill in 54. the temperatures are going to drop through the evening. the temperatures are colder to the west across the mountain. warmest temperatures across the coast and north carolina. 52 in charleston. 57 in washington. the arrows show you the wind direction out of the
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west/northwest. mountains of clouds to the west. cheer skies tonight and the sunshine tomorrow. future cast shows cloudiness to the west. winds turn north and east a little bit heading through the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening. that is a setup for what is coming our way on thursday. another cold front producing a fair amount of rain through the area on thursday. we should get this cleared out of here by 6:00 thursday evening. a push of chilly air. coldest air to come through friday and the weekend. forecast is partly cloudy and mild. not as breezy. the high is 59. i think the high tomorrow drops to 46. we continue this trend above the normal temperatures. as we explore the next seven days we see a change. first with the rain. 80% probability on thursday. 57 degrees. partly cloudy and breezy. 48 for the high. a midday high. colder friday afternoon and evening. the weekend looks bright and beautiful. but just chilly. breezy and 43.
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wind chills in the 30's most of the day on saturday. sunday is lighter winds and 46. we get to monday and tuesday of next week. no surprise here. we start to warm it up again. 56 degrees is the expected high temperature. as we get to monday. 60 on tuesday. all the computer moldals continue to indicate further warming. maybe through the '60's to the 70 by christmas day. jonathan: when is the last time we saw that? doug: we had a december like there in year 926. [laughter] last time i can remember. autria: were you in high school at that point? doug: elementary school. make the old man -- autria: i love doug! everybody loves doug! jonathan: i got socks older than you. autria: 70 on christmas would not set a record. doug: 72 is the official record high for washington d.c. nothing out of the christmas. autria: christmas in shorts. jonathan: christmas is coming.
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remember abc7 teaming up to help the toys for tots to make the holidays bright for children and families in need. the generosity makes sure they get something they otherwise would go without. help out without leaving the couch. just go to to find a link to buy gifts from hamson. you order them and they are mailed to us and we will deliver them for you. deadline to buy, though, is tonight. it's easy to do. i was on it myself. super easy. autria: made it so easy for you. for years we have known that bullying can have drastic implications on children.
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a canadian study links antidepressant later in pregnancy with increased of autism. there are drugs that include prozac and zoloft. experts say this should not scare women off antidepressants and caution the overall risk of autism still remains very small. jonathan: there is new research raising more red flags about the long-term toll of bullying that found even a
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short period of time for somebody to be bullied can cause life-long problems. >> it could be an everyday thing. >> then during on the 30 years it started to get more rough. >> what 13-year-old justin was talking about is something a little more than just rough. >> they would come up and shove him in his back. try to rip his bag off his back. kick him while in the classroom. >> we are talking about bullying and we are talking about something repeated. someone is singled out from a group on a regular basis. situation where there is a power differential from a person bully and the bullyer as well. >> now the studies are showing there are serious lasting effect for those victims of the bullying. >> the the victims have higher rate of a number of different anxiety disorders as they
5:27 pm
transition to adulthood, the generalized anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder and agoraphobia. >> things with justin are better but his mother has this advice for other parents. >> don't let it keep going on. it can escalate fast. it is, it is a serious problem >> the government has a website to provide resources to those dealing with the issue of bullying. it's look into that. autria: still ahead here tonight at 5:00, how hackers, yes, hackers stepped in to help this paralyzed kitten rescued from certain death. >> a stalemate in the case of the first officer tried in connection with freddie gray's death. i'm suzanne kennedy in baltimore. i have that story
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announcer: you're watching abc7 news at 5:00. on your side. autria: a second day of deliberations is coming to an end in the trial of baltimore police officer william porter, the first of six officer facing trial in the death of freddie gray. earlier this jury warned it's deadlocked. suzanne kennedy joins with us the latest on the case from baltimore. suzanne kennedy? suzanne: the word of the deadlock came around 4:00 this afternoon. the judge asking the jury to return to the courtroom after it sent a note saying it could
5:31 pm
not reach a verdict. the judgment said they needed to go back at it but they should re-examine the views. but not surrender their beliefs. the preparations continue in baltimore for the verdict to be reached. authorities are from the other neighboring jurisdictions are on standby. they are prepared for whatever comes after a decision is reached. >> we are expected to be ready. we have additional help from the local law enforcement agencies. on standby if need be. we hope we don't have to use them. suzanne: where does it go from here? tomorrow morning the jury return and resume deliberations around 8:30 or 9:00 as they did this morning. they will continue to try to reach a verdict.
5:32 pm
if they come back and they say they are deadlocked, the judge can say it is a mistrial. then it would be up to the prosecution to decide if officer porter would have to be retried in the four charges he faces in the death of freddie gray. reporting live in baltimore, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. autria: thank you. abc7 will stay in baltimore until the trial ends. we will bling you coverage of the -- bring you coverage of the verdict as it happens. still ahead here at 6:00, brad bell will look to show how they are ensuring protests stay peaceful. jonathan: the top stories now. manassas police detective kills himself in standoff with fellow officers. david abbott was about to be arrested on charges he had inappropriate relationships with two boys he met while serving as a hockey coach. he was a member of the internet crimes against children task force. autria: hundreds attended the funeral of a montgomery county officer killed by a suspected
5:33 pm
drunk driver. law enforcement from all across the region paid final respects to officer noah leotta in gaithersburg today. leotta was laid to rest a short time ago. jonathan: former d.c. mayor vincent gray wants an apology for the investigation he says cost him his re-election. gray spoke publicly for the first time since prosecutors closed a case in the 2010 campaign. several associates were convicted on the corruption charges. gray did not rule out seeking elected office again. autria: time is running out and this is the last day sign up for healthcare through government exchanges if you want coverage by january 1. the affordable care act requires americans to carry health coverage or pay a fine that is steeper this year at almost $1,000. according to eight of ten people who enroll are eligible for financial aid. jonathan: fairfax county police investigating a break-in at the nova firearms in mclean. someone broke in friday morning and stole two
5:34 pm
handguns. the police have not made arrests in this case. but this fall parents of students at the franklin shermen elementary school started a petition to close the gunshot because of the proximity to the school. autria: prince george's county police are asking for your help finding a driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run. police say 39-year-old roy dorsey junior was crossing pennsylvania avenue at silver hill road in district heights when he was struck by a van yesterday evening. he died a short time later at an area hospital. police are serging for a gray or a black full-size passenger van which may have front end damage. anyone with information is asked to call police. in annapolis they are investigating a fatal accident. 39-year-old was working for a landscaping company he was struck yesterday morning. a pickup truck jumped the curb and hit him near the maryland fire and the rescue memorial. he later died of the injuries. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with
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police. jonathan: leesburg police are looking for the man who pulled a gun on a hotel clerk saturday night. let me show you surveillance images of guy at the days inn on the east market street. covered his hand and his face. he robbed the clerk at gunpoint at 8:00. the clerk was not hurt. the man did leave with the cash. he had his face covered in the robbery. but police think they are look for a white guy in 20's with blue or green eyes. not a great description. he had box on his hands so he wouldn't leave fingerprints behind. autria: a special ceremony at the french embassy. how they're trying to replace a k-9 killed in the paris attack. jonathan: the premier of the premiers. opening of the new "star wars." we take you to the red carpet
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autria: the hours are ticking away from the premier of "star wars: the force awakens." film critics get a look at it tonight. jonathan: it's a night after the stars got a look at the finish product. elizabeth hur has reactions. >> the first look at the franchise is phenomenal. >> incredible. >> so shiatsusfying. >> it's incredible. >> it's so great. >> it is. it is amazing. it's wonderful. everybody will love it. >> the megafans were out in full force for the star-studded premier. the stars including harrison ford and carrie fisher there for what could be the to keep the film in awe.
5:40 pm
>> i love hans solo. for me to be on the set and working with harrison ford. dream come true. >> for the rest of us, it will be available in the 14100 theaters thursday night. so far, no spoilers. the stars on the red carpet were tight lipped. >> it's hard for me to talk. >> i enjoy the secrecy. >> why? >> it's fun. a power trip. >> there is an app to download for your phone that will filter the spoilers out of the social media timeline. >> the nice part about the
5:41 pm
movie there hasn't been a lot of hype about it. autria: i didn't even know it was coming out. jonathan: we knew it was coming out in 2011. autria: it has been ten year since the last "star wars" movie? i couldn't believe it. jonathan: they think it will make like $20 billion. autria: there are ways to deal with the leaks. we have a guide on how to protect yourself from the spoilers on the website jonathan: or stick your fingers in your ears or la, la, la. autria: or social media dee tox. jonathan: we are celebrating the "star wars" week all week long. tomorrow morning we'll be joined by the washington sports club with a special "star wars" workout.
5:42 pm
jonathan: still ahead for us at 5:00 -- >> this is exciting and the first time. jonathan: the zip code may not be locate bull the players are. how they have their team in a west virginia a win away from how they have their team in a west virginia a win away from a national cha
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autria: a partially paralyzed kitten rescued from a euthanasia list given a second chance and new way to get around. when they rescued him no one realized tiny tim was paralyzed from the hips down. there are no pet wheelchairs small enough for tiny tim. a hacker group stepped in to help. >> we are all about the internet. we're about the cats. we said yes, we will bring him in. >> now that he is growing the legs are tending to stay irritated, too. >> the company says it will
5:46 pm
take a week to finish the prototype for the wheelchair. >> nice they are making that. autria: cute. jonathan: change his name to wheels or something. covering many et row, the d.c. council approved a bill to allow a new body to oversee the safety of metro rail. this would replace the try state overstate committee. the secretary of state removed their authority and placed metro safety under federal control. d.c. council with the virginia and maryland would have to sign off before a new oversight authority put in place. jamie sullivan is joining us. that is a lot of brake lights. jamie: it is. we see this on 395 northbound. that stretch closer to the 14th street bridge is always heavy at this time. this a good visual. talk about 3995 heading -- 395 heading southbound. getting closer to seminary
5:47 pm
road and duke street you average in single digits. on 95 in maryland and virginia slowing. we are seeing mostly in virginia. heading south on 95 toward the quiet harbor. 10 miles per hour getting from tysons corner closer to 270. heading north on 270 will take 40 minutes from the capital beltway to clarksburg. we have a lot of slowing. no crashes on the interstate. minor issues that we are working with the action on some of the secondary roads. again, nothing to really need to avoid. that is a look at traffic. back to you. autria: coming up tonight at 6:00 we are going to las vegas as we see an interesting g.o.p. debate. plus we know what started a deadly fire in frederick county, maryland. we'll have an update on the d.c. streetcar project. with refinally close to a start date? the answer coming up tonight at 6:00. what is going on in the
5:48 pm
weather? doug: not much. this is spotsylvania, virginia. the same sky conditions that people saw across the region today with the broken deck and the preg mantes of clouds coming through. the highest temperature occurred between midnight and 1:00, 2:00. the temperatures fell a bit. we are so far above average it this is not funny. we kept this day after day. 57 is a cool reading. hagerstown is 50 degrees. sustained wind speeds. 12, 13, 14 miles per hour. wind gusts up to 35 or 36. we expect the winds will diminish and then we expect the overnight radius between 37 and 247 degrees with a lighter wind from northwest at
5:49 pm
5 miles per hour. if forecast were wednesday, light east to southeast wind. highs of 59. cooler today. but still 12 above average. for seven days check out in detail. we work our way through the weekend. we will see the highs of 57 with 80% chance of rain on thursday. breezy, colder. 48 for friday. chilly over the weekend. sunny, breezy, 43 on saturday. 46 on sunday. brand new warming trend begins monday and tuesday and lasts through christmas day. jonathan: they are donating a french officer to the police. autria: we see how the group is trying to make up for the loss of diesel killed in paris during the attack. diane? diane: the ceremony is about to get underway here at the french embassy at any moment.
5:50 pm
after she saw what happened in the paris attacks she felt compelled to act. >> she serves as the unofficial ambassador for the non-profit group known as k9 for cops. >> they not only protect us as handlers and make the jobs safer. >> the organization named to donate the trained k9 officers out of houston, texas, is known to donate the dog to the french authority. the k9 known as diesel died in the raid at one of the suspect's apartments who the authorities believe was behind the paris attacks that killed 130 people. the dog will go directly to the handler who lost his k9 partner. >> look at what happened in san bernardino. or franks. >> ted lost his partner in 2009 chasing burglary
5:51 pm
suspects. >> he save midlife that day. >> she learned about the police dog killed last month she knew she wanted to help. >> this is an opportunity to show allegiance to france. autria: the organization will leave it up to the officer to decide which is right fit. >> at the french embassy, diane cho, abc7 news. autria: that is so great. thank you. jonathan: nice to see. autria: awesome. jonathan: big headline in sports but a teeny university a lot of people don't know was out there. erin: exactly. shepherds town, west virginia. a lot to smile about. the football players are making history.
5:52 pm
saturday will be the first time a rams football team ever played in the ncaa division ii championship game. there has never been a shortage of history in shepherds town, west virginia. now there is even more. >> this is the first time wi have been this far. especially they started playing football in 1920. now a century in the making, shepherd made the first ever national championship game. >> a local player, you bet. the senior jenkins is from suitland, maryland. >> think of ourselves as the d.c. all-star team. most of us were overlooked. important to show on the national stage what we're capable of. >> the division ii title game is saturday in kansas city.
5:53 pm
that means no bus trip this time. another first. >> yes. my first flight to a game. but not too bad. >> i'm nervous but it is worth it. >> they will be fine when they get out there and we get the whistles blowing. >> what about the shepherd faithful? expect a pilgrimage this week. >> my family is coming. >> everybody is coming. >> how many is everybody? >> everybody i can think of coming. we travel well. erin: making this more exciting the game is nationally televised on world war ii. -- nationally televised on espn2. jonathan: we wish them the best of luck. a major accomplishment. autria: go rams. jonathan: no kidding. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen outside the national archives. today a couple of individuals became newest american citizens. coming up, their reaction to the pre
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autria: at if republican presidential debate in las vegas tonight, g.o.p. front-runner donald trump will again be central stage and so will with his controversial proposals on immigration and national security. but as mike carter-conneen reports, president obama pushed back today speaking at a naturalization ceremony for new american citizens. >> president obama chastised donald trump and other republican presidential candidates. president obama: welcoming or rejecting the stranger is about more than immigration. it's about the meaning of america. what kind of country do we want to be? mike: the event was held on the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the bill of rights featuring 31 citizens from countries around the world. >> el salvador. >> germany. >> jamaica. >> he referred to a iraqi
5:58 pm
refugee now an american. president obama: he was target of death threats for working with the american forces. mike: he says he feels welcome living here as trump calls for walling off the mexican border and banning muslims from entering the u.s. >> i don't take him seriously. started as a joke. hopefully it will continue to be a joke and nothing more. >> lorella from peru is hillary clinton's director of latino outreach. now that she is a citizen she says trump's "hateful rhetoric" motivates her even more. >> when you have someone demonizing immigrants, latinos and muslims and every chance he gets, that lights a fire in you. mike: security policy will likely be the major focus. on the national mall, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. autria: that is all for now on "abc7 news at 5:00".
5:59 pm
now for "abc7 news at 6:00" -- brad: a baltimore jury says it is deadlocked in the first freddie gray police officer case. jonathan: in vegas we are live with what you can expect from the republican presidential candidates tonight. are we close to seeing operating streetcars in d.c.? we will have an update of what is an overbudget and the time consuming project. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: we begin here, the jury has gone home for the night in officer william porter trial in baltimore. after telling the judge they were deadlocked, the judge told them look go back to chambers and try it again. they didn't come one an answer so they have been dismissed for the night. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been waiting at the courthouse for a verdict and is there live with what else the jury is asking for today. hey, brad. brad: they came in the courtroom at 3:30.
6:00 pm
stone faced. not an expression on their faces. when the judge gave them that lecture. you say you are deadlocked now but you haven't given it enough time. so the jury went back to work. spent another hour and a half or so. two hours in the jury deliberation room. we'll see them tomorrow morning. the jury of seven women and five men seems to be dealing with the evidence in a methodical way. they asked judge barry williams for magic markers, sticky note and speakers to play the police radio transmissions. those wishes granted. they also asked for transcripts and a list of evidence. that request denied. they warned of punishment for post verdict violence and the defense called that prejudicial and the judge says the jury can tune it out. around


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