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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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[inaudible] >> hung juries are not unusual. pl approximately 5% of all the cases tried in the country result in hung juries. most of them are reprosecuted. and in a high number of -- a high percentage of the cases there is a conviction. this does not mean it's the end of porter's case. i understand that the judge ordered the parties to appear before the administrative judge. and that the state will be seeking a new trial. on behalf of the supporters. so this saga is not over. personally, i have had the same experience of having a jury come back hung. sometimes the second trial results in a conviction and sometimes it results in an acquittal. so no one should be upset about it.
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i commend the jury and the hard work they put in, and the sacrifice they made. and their desire to reach a just and impartial verdict. it doesn't always work. that is the nature of our system. i have every confident it will work the second time. >> do you think the prosecution could have done something more? >> i'm not going to second guess the prosecution. i'm not going to second guess the defense. they are all competent hard-working lawyers who did the best they could. i'm sure they are all disappointed. but i don't buy the nonsense that this is somehow a victory for either side. it's not. it's just a bump on the road to justice. the road to justice has lots of bumps. [inaudible question] >> it should not be viewed as an indication that it may be hard to reach a verdict either in this case or any of the future cases.
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the record of the criminal justice system show otherwise. most hung juries get retried and those retried are 70% of so in favor of conviction, about 20% percept are in favor of not guilty. a small result in a hung jury the next time. [inaudible[inaudible question] >> it's impossible to determine what the public wants. from the jury of 12 that could not reach a verdict. no one should speculate what it means. juries are temporary. cases are overwhelmingly reached the next trial.
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let me take another question from someone who hasn't asked one. anyone have a question? >> talking about justice. people say this is not justice. justice. you are saying this is part of the justice process. >> people saying this is not justice don't understand how the system works. sometimes there are guilty verdicts and sometimes there are not guilty verdicts and sometimes there are temporary hung juries where no verdict can be reached in the case and the case is normally tried again. this is a temp rare bump on the road to justice. it happens. part of how the system works. >> some are saying they are angry. >> no one should -- look, if the family is not angry no one else should be angry. i think the family has a bigger stake than almost anybody else. and the family wants everyone to remain calm. they want everyone to understand what just happened
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and to make sure the tempers don't get the best of them and the emotions remain in check. this is a very important stage in the case. the fact a hard-working jury couldn't reach a verdict says nothing whether a verdict can be reached in a second trial nor does it say anything about whether a verdict can be reach ed for any of the other officers. each officer has ils own trial. your can't predict what a jury will do based on a hung jury. >> does it have an effect on the other trials? >> i don't know how it will bump the other trials. or whatever. we won't learn that until tomorrow. that will be public. >> is the family disappointed? you said they are not upset. are they disappointed
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somewhat? >> they are only disappointed there was no verdict. again, the family's position has always been that they want justice. they know the only people that can bring about justice are the judge and the jury. the jury could not reach a verdict. that doesn't mean anything about the future. so no one should take away anything other than this jury tried and couldn't get the job done even though they work hard and worked in good faith and they represent a cross section of the community. >> the defense said it would be difficult to get a fair trial -- -- leon: you are listening to dueling press conference from baltimore. earlier we heard from the mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake at her police officials as well. urging calm in the city. we have seen protests taking place in the street. now we are listening to representatives of the family.
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now the family attorney urging for calm, saying that the family is not disappointed and not angry and neither should the public be. alison: also, one other piece of information we got in the officials press conference there that officer porter is still suspended without pay. that is the update on his status. we would like to get back our kevin lewis is live outside city hall. he has been speaking to people since the mistrial was declared. kevin: that is correct. congressman cummings from the seventh congressional district. you spent 20 years as a criminal trials lawyer. congressman: before coming to congress. kevin: you have a unique insight to the trial. were you surprised learning there was no verdict reached and this was a mistrial?
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congressman: i wasn't surprised. i know people have strong feelings on both sides. people are strong for police officers and others have a distrust of the police officers. the views are strong. this is a very high standard that the prosecution has to meet. they have to get 12 people to unanimously agree that a person is guilty of every element of a crime. so what that means today those 12 men and women, chosen from the city, could not agree. this case will be retried. they will get trial dates tomorrow and officer porter will be tried it again. kevin: you have that on good authority? >> i know that to be a fact. kevin: will it calm the nerves of residents? congressman: i hope so.
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i hope so. people asked for justice. in many instances we have seen around the country african-american men have been killed. unarmed. there is no prosecution whatsoever. here, the wheels of justice began to turn. now, again, people ask for justice is not the result but is it a process. the process is begun. jurors may disagree. it is hard to get people to unanimously agree on almost anything. but the fact is that the system of justice. it's the justice system that we have. one of best in the world. kevin: are there lessons to be learned about the way the case was tried on the defense and the prosecution side? congressman: no doubt about it. of course, i'm not part of the trial but i can tell you what normally happens here is the defense and the prosecution look at what they did in the trial to try to figure out how they can be more effective
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when it is retried. they'll evaluate everything. we had a standstill. the jurors couldn't come to an agreement. i expect they will revise the tactics, charges will be the same. i would say to the public understand justice may not be fast but hopefully it's fair. kevin: how would you like to see this trial, the retrial you say will in fact happen? how do you want it to shake out? want a guilty verdict or not a guilty verdict? congressman: i want fairness. fairness for the community and the police officer. that is the criminal justice system. a lot of people may disagree
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with the decisions but this is how we all as citizens of the united states, we are charged with something and this is the process we go through. we all hope it's a fair decision. i want the public to feel it's fair trial. that the charges were appropriately brought and vigorous prosecution and defense, the jury came to a decision i believe the people will be satisfied with that. the other thing i'll say is a lot of people expect the negative from baltimore. i expect the opposite. i expect it to be positive. i don't expect a lot of problems. kevin: do you have a sense there will be upheaval or rioting akin to april? just a sense in the air as you have been walking around
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downtown baltimore? congressman: so far i believe it's going to be a much better situation than back then in april. keep in mind there is something that -- well, back in april we did not have charges. here there are charges. it's an ongoing process. the thing to keep in mind, there are people on the jury who believe officer porter was guilty. others felt he wasn't guilty. i think people will understand that. one reason i'm standing here today to explain this. i want my constituents to understand what has happened in the process. kevin: thank you for talking to us. the big take-home from the interview is congressman on good authority says a retrial will take administration in case of officer -- will take place in the case of officer william porter.
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leon: you mention the street of baltimore. get back out there. across from youre, brad bell out there by the courthouse. we did witness a small skirmish a little while ago. brad, what is the scene now? brad: is it very calm. a beautiful evening in baltimore. the streets are mostly empty. no protesters here. i can tell you that the guys standing over there in front of the subway on the left, well those may be undercover police officers. as we take a look up here to see vans. these vans and the bus up the street filled with the police officers who are ready to jump out if they are required. so there is a lot of security out here at the courthouse in case something gets started. now, we made a reference a minute ago to something that happened a little bit earlier. not long after the verdict. go to that video. this was an arrest. there were sheriff deputies
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lined up when somebody did something. this young man slammed by the sheriff deputies up against the building there and taken to the ground. we never learned what his transgression was, why he caught the attention of the sheriff's deputies. they surrounded the scene quickly and pushed the whole group back across the street. then it calmed down rapidly. we suddenly saw the baltimore police officers appear and they came out of the vans we showed you. they formed a line and created a secure perimeter and it gave a sense of just how police will handle any disturbance in the wake of the non-verdict in the hung jury. we heard from attorney billy
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murphy who represents the family of freddie gray that there will be a retrial. that announcement will be made soon. and that the prosecution of the other officers will move ahead. i asked david murphy if there was cause -- i asked billy murphy if there was cause for anger in the result of the hung jury? some are angry. billy murphy said this is freddie gray's mother and stepfather, they are not angry so no one in the community should be angry as well. right here fairly calm. back to you. >> the surprising is the refrain we are hearing from the experts saying they were not surprised by the mistrial. alison: we heard that time and time again today. we also heard that most people heard about the trial from social media. leon: sign of the times. alison: reaction is on the fast and furious. chris papst in the newsroom now is monitoring this. tell us what you are seeing. chris: social media allows
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people to get the news and give opinions of the news. there is a lot of emotion in the case. since the judge announced a mistrial, we have listen looking to social media to see what they are saying. some of the comments are getting provocative. three of them here to show you. this one right here says if people like freddie gray obey the law or didn't resist arrest after breaking the law it might help avoid some potential unrest, too. provocative statement there. we have this person right here. color of change. this is an important one saying this sets the precedent for the remaining trials of freddie gray. this is something that has been discussed in the past couple of months, the importance of the first trial. many people believe what happened in the first trial will happen in the other five trials. as wi heard from congressman elijah cummings he has on good standing that the prosecutor is going to retry the case.
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then this one right here says mistrial doesn't mean not guilty. the evidence wasn't presented properly to come one a guilty verdict. this person appears to be blaming the prosecutor saying that the evidence wasn't presented properly. i assume they will be watching the next trial. these are some of the statements people make on social media. we will continue to monitor this but this is getting more provocative that people are learning the news to give of emotion tried to the case. back to you. leon: thank you, chris. we will have more of the live coverage from baltimore with reaction of the announcement of a mistrial
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alison: welcome back now to the continuing coverage of the situation in baltimore. this is a live image from our helicopter there. we are seeing small groups of people gathering right now. but what happened today is the mistrial in the william porter case. one of six officers indicted indicted in the freddie gray death. we are continuing to follow the aftermath of this reaction to this as well. we'll go back to baltimore in
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just a moment. leon? leon: alison in the meantime in d.c., police are investigating the murder of the secret service officer. arthur baldwin was shot and killed at south capital street in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. mike carter-conneen joins us live from the satellite center. and has the latest on the development. what have you learned? mike: earlier in year 30-year-old baldwin was embroiled in controversy with the secret service, alleged criminal wrongdoing. now minutes ago we learned from police he may have been the victim of an attempted street robbery that happened yesterday. he suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. d.c. police say arthur baldwin was shot to death around 3:00 p.m. tuesday on the 4700 block of first treat. a very busy area. >> kids got to walk from here to there. i don't want to see that. mike: in april, the 30-year-old secret service office was put on leave and
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security clearance suspended after arrest on first-degree attempted burglary and destruction of property. he was armed with the service weapon when he tried to break in his girlfriend's house. today in tears, she disputed that and said she was in fear for her life. off-camera she said that baldwin had no ill-will and the charges were trumped up and if not for secreth service scandal it would haven't happen. she said he was a good man and never had a beef with anybody. she said she planned testify on his behalf at the february trial. the recent court appearance was tuesday morning. signing a court document a few hours before he was killed. he worked in the secret service branch and they would not discuss the status of the suspension but confirmed he was still an employee. they are aware of the incident
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and expressed condolences to the family of the employee. >> i should note he was pronounced dead at the hospital. rushed there after being found with the gunshot wounds. police minutes ago said they are look for three male suspects in the shooting and they are urging witnesses to come forward, offering a $20,000 reward for information. reporting live in the satellite center, mike carter-conneen abc7 news. alison: thank you. anytime now, the senate is expected to approve another short-term spending bill to keep the government open past midnight. that bill will give lawmakers time to review and vote on a $1.1 trillion budget agreement. the budget bill lists a 42-year-old ban -- lifts a 42-year-old ban on oil exports and increases defense and domestic spending. they will vote on the spending bill friday with the tax reform package at the time. the same budget includes the down payment for a new f.b.i. headquarters. and three locations that are currently considered. two of them in maryland.
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one in virginia. the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us from one of the possible sites. this one in springfield. jeff? jeff: the event was filled with smiles. >> today is huge. jeff: and excitement. >> all i can say is wow! jeff: as well as confidence from democratic members of the maryland congressional delegation and from tins george's county executive baker. >> we know that the best location for the consolidation of the f.b.i. and prescription george's county, maryland. >> it followed the announcement from the senator barbara mikulski part of a federal budget deal. $390 million have been secured for the design and the construction of a new f.b.i. headquarters. the bureau will soon move from the long-time home in downtown d.c. and maryland believes its two proposed site one in greenbelt and landover provide the best land, transportation access and amenities for the big change. >> we believe that maryland accommodates the full consolidation better than
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virginia. >> i think ultimately it will be located in vass. >> fairfax county board supervisor jeff mckay says the fact that the proposed site in springfield is closer to the f.b.i. training academy in quantico is only one reason. he believes the access to metro and the commuter rail in springfield plus the site proximity to 95 and the beltway make it a favorite to those on the inside. >> when you talk to folks who work at the f.b.i. and folks in the know at the f.b.i., it's clear they would rather be in virginia than maryland. alison: let's talk about weather so. that we don't have to budget for sweaters. doug: it will get chilly friday, saturday and sunday but it will warm up next week. the outlook for the second half is like the first. above average temperatures. get started. beautiful sunset at the national harbor but too late to share you the leftover
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color of the sky. it's gorgeous. we have had a lot lately. speaking of gorgeous look at this in alexandria. jim larocco sent us this, the cherry blossoms. it happens happens in a lot of winters. it's just darn pretty to look at. national harbor, a little color in the hor iizon. the sun has been down over 35 minutes. we'll see clouds roll in tonight. lower and thicker and that will keep the temperatures up a bit. 48 in menino. 52 frederick. the increasing cloud cover will limit temperatures tonight. so we will again be in a situation where overnight lows equal the daytime high. in the district it's 47. 43 in german town. 44 in aspen hill. 44 in dale city. these are the temperatures for tomorrow morning. so we will have a comfortable start to the day. the big question is when will
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the rain begin tomorrow. every time a model is updated it looks like it pushes the start time back a bit. we in many areas in the metro might get through a big chunk of rush hour tomorrow morning with only a few patches of light rain. steadier rain coming in the afternoon. the cold front is back to the west. the moisture will brought up ahead of it. first, 4:30 in the morning cloudy skies. sprinkles here and there. the temperatures are comfortable. for early risers and the early commuters just cloudy skies. it shouldn't be a problem. a couple of light showers in the 7:30, 8:00 time frame. by 9:30 the steadier rain moving south and west. it will be steady throughout the day. this is a progressive system. meaning this will move along and it will not drag its feet. with that in mind, it looks like most of the rain will be out of here by 6:30 or so. clouds left over. clearing to develop later tomorrow night. then breezy and chilly weather will work friday and be with us straight through upcoming
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weekend. future cast will end on friday morning. we will have the clear skies west and north of the city. still lingering cloudiness. what is going to happen is the low pressure center will form along the cold front tomorrow night. that will keep clouds in here. but it will effectively full moisture out. when we see a definite change as we get through friday and the weekend. the day planner for tomorrow. rain developing through the morning and through the midday. the area west of washington might see a glimpse before the sun goes down but don't count on it. as we head to the next seven days, look at the change here. clearing and breezy tomorrow. cooler and 48 on friday. saturday, and again on sunday, a lot of sunshine out there. to be breezy. 43 on saturday. wind chills in the 30's all day. people in minnesota are going ha that's big news? in december it is for us. it will be chilly. the winds will diminish a tiny bit 49. we will warm up on monday. back to the 50's. the mid-50's. 30% chance of showers on
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tuesday and wednesday. even 60's on wednesday. looks like we could climb through the 60's and close to 70 by christmas day. we have more for you coming up in a little bit. back to you. alison: thank you, doug. leon: we will have more of the live coverage from baltimore and we will get reaction to the mistrial in the first freddie gray death case right after this break. don't go away.
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alison: back to the top story. break's news in baltimore -- breaking news in baltimore. hung jury in the first freddie gray case. leon: brad bell is leading the coverage from baltimore. brad, good news is there tonight things seem calm out there in the streets. brad: that is exactly right. there was a little fuss earlier not long after it was announced there would be a hung jury but it really calms down. we should say a group of protesters that was active around the courthouse really numbered no more than a dozen. way outnumbered by the police officers. you can see live here now that this is outside the courthouse and the sheriff deputies comfortable enough to have the hands in their pockets amiably chatting with each other. hung jury. the jury came back in court and told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked and they could not reach a verdict. that happened yesterday. the judge sent them back to
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deliberate some more. they cam back and said no they cannot reach consensus. the juries must be unanimous. it has been announced that the case will be retried. the state attorney said they would try it again with another jury. the date yet to be determined and perhaps to be announced tomorrow. tonight there is calls for calm. we heard from the gray family and they said there is no reason for anybody to be angry tonight. this is how justice works. freddie gray's family is not angry. no one in the city ought to be. if there are going to be protests, there is a message from the mayor and the police commissioner. this is what the police commissioner said to those who want to demonstrate peacefully. >> protesters who are lawfully assembled have a friend in the
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baltimore police department. those who choose to commit crime and hurt people and break things and harm people are no longer protesters. brad: well, we haven't seen any sort of, any behavior of that sort. immediately after announced the hung jury there was a quick scuffle. one person was slammed into a building by a sheriff deputy. we never did get an answer as to what he did. but things calmed down very, very quickly. police appeared, they are staged in vans and buses around the city. but then they disappeared as well. as you can see behind me now there is absolutely no sign of trouble. we're going to go ahead and show you the video of what happened earlier today. there were protesters circling the courthouse. sheriff deputies had taken up a position. suddenly the sheriff deputies goes and gets a young person, gets him on the ground.
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we don't know what it was for or what he did. what were live when it happened. you ku hear my voice in background talking about it as we saw it. the sheriff deputies it go under control. the other protesters in the area did nothing to escalate the situation. there was yelling and then things calmed down very quickly. since then there has been no sign of a problem. there were a dozen people marching around the courthouse and city hall. they went around a couple of times. at one point they blocked traffic and the police officers came to push them on the sidewalk. not physically. they just appeared and said get off the street. the folks did it. we have not seen them since.
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calm evening in downtown baltimore. back to you. alison: good news, brad. thank you so much. alison: get back out to kevin lewis who is covering the reaction and joins us live. kevin? kevin: hi there. we are located about two or three blocks from where brad bell is standing. to echo brad. the scene is calm. people were uncertain as the sun was setting. a few moments ago we received a statement from the lodge number three president that said in part, today seven months later officer porter is no closer to a resolution then he was at that time. our legal system allows for outcome of the nature and we must respect the decision of the jury. despite that it's frustrating
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to everybody involved the officer and the attorney will continue to press for his acquittal. we talked to people in the streets following the announcement of the mistrial. here is what a few had to say. >> we're angry right now. it shows us how much we as a black community matter in the city. we don't matter at all. it's time to change that. we're let you knowing our voice will be heard. >> i was hoping that negligent manslaughter would at least have that. somebody has to pay. somebody is responsible. not one maybe the next five. we have to look forward to the other officer and five, what they will stay they did not do. this one admitted he didn't help him.
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>> five more mistrials we can't take it. as. a not as a city, but a nation, we can't take five more mistrials. kevin: a lot of the sound bytes were in the moments after the mistrial announced. people were fervent and hot-headed. we weren't sure how it would pan out. but it has calmed down. leon: the sound bytes seem to show more surprise outside the courtroom than in the streets about the decision. one person not surprised is the legal analyst gayle trottter. you were not surprised but we did hear tonight congressman elijah cummings that he has heard from some inside courthouse and it is a fact
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that porter is going to be tried again. is it likely that a decision has been made this quickly? gayle: surprising that they would have made that decision but that they shared it with him. this is a hay profile case. because there is a hung jury we can't draw definite conclusions from it. but prosecutors only like to go to trial with cases they think they have overwhelming evidence. sometimes in the high profile cases we have political pressure. so for him to come out and say he knows there will be another trial is disappointing. alison: interesting. i want to ask you about the other five. earlier you said the psychological impact on today and will have on the other defendants in the future. gayle: it has to be a relief for the other defendants. ifhere was a conviction in the case today they would have a much more uphill battle for the five remaining cases.
5:39 pm
they have the advantage of going later and they see what the prosecution strategy has been. they understand the evidence a lot of the evidence to be presented against them. so their defense attorneys have a better position to defend them in the trials forthcoming. leon: take he a step back. if porter is going to be retried, how does it fit in the schedule of the next five trials? do they want to squeeze it in the line-up or have to wait until after they get through with the next five or what? gayle: that will be come collated for them to figure out. it's -- complicated for them to figure out. it will be a matter of strategy. they will retry him because there was no conviction or acquittal but the prosecution has to decide in the order of cases. they have all the evidence from the case. alison: we talk about how the
5:40 pm
big things here is how the defense humanized this police officer so well. tell us how they did that and why it was important. gayle: they didn't really have anything to argue except that the officer did not buckle freddie gray or call for attention when they said that freddie gray requested it. the officer in reaching out to the jury and testifying the juries love to hear the criminal defendants testify. even though they are entitled not to testify they want to hear they have their set of facts to understand what the officer was thinking at the time. the idea that the officer said if i buckled him he might have gone for my gun or that i didn't realize he was struggling plays in the mind of the jurors. defense was able to successfully humanize the officer who was finally able to speak for himself to jury of his peers. leon: the jurors right now,
5:41 pm
would be the most interesting people to talk to. what happens to the jury after the case like this? are they encouraged to not talk? tell what happened in the jury room? everybody wants to know how it broke down, guilty and acquittal and who voted this way and whether race played a factor or women or men voted one or another way. alison: and considering there are other cases. gayle: they can talk but the idea they should respect the jury deliberations is very strong. jurors have different opinions. some want to explain what happened but others will respect the process and not want to show what happened in the deliberations. i think that is a better course of action. there are many issues that could be raised that have implication for the community that could be maligned implications. hopefully they will respect that. leon: pretty much a lot to
5:42 pm
learn. thank you. live coverage from baltimore and reaction to the mistrial in the first freddie gray death case. don't go away. much
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steve: i'm steve rudin. closer to upcoming weekend. daytime highs on saturday colder. only a around 43 degrees. partly cloudy skies. breezy at times but cold to what we have had in the past several days. sunday around 50. nice mix of the sun and clouds. of course we have the big football game sunday afternoon. the bills against the redskins. this will be a chilly afternoon. with temperatures around 46 to 50 degrees. at least we have warmer weather on the way as we move to early, early next week. i will take you out to look at the seven-dayout look that shows highs on monday around 56. upper 50's and a chance for the showers on tuesday.
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lower 60's wednesday next week. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues.
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alison: it has been a busy day. so we want to take you a moment to see this. bei bei made a die butoday. it's part of a process to get the panda cub ready for the public debut next month. the youngest panda reached the milestones ahead of the sister bao bao. they signed another five-year agreement with china to keep pandas at the zoo until the year 2020. can't get enough of cute little bei bei. leon: he doesn't look that excited. alison: he's chill. leon: too mellow. alison: all right.
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leon: the star-studded premier of "star wars: the force awakens" had a truly grand entrance. in just 24 hours millions of "star wars" fans will get the first chance to see the film. don't plan on taking your storm trooper or the darth vader costume with you. they have security weapons and anything that covers your face, the masks or the face paint. the amc theater summed it up like this. bring your lightsaber, turn it
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off during the movie and leave your mask at home. "star wars" week continues tomorrow on "good morning washington." we have prize packs to give away. "star wars" jeopardy. at 4:24 a.m. leon: time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan, what is going on? jamie: 395. a lot of volume leaving d.c. to head closer to springfield because of a couple of crashes we have had. 395, near duke street. at this point this is where we had the crashes in the same spot. i want to show how slow we are traveling on 395. from the 14th street bridge continuing south to springfield to the maps we get an idea of a solid red line of slowing we have. on the top side we have traffic from 66 to the inner loop and the outer loop
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delays. you can get an idea here working from the 270 spur to the american legion bridge. that will take you 30 minutes. if earlier crash is gone but the delays continue. back to you. alison: we got a visit from the u.s. marines today for a very festive and a fun reason. leon: they visited the studio in arlington to collect the donations you sent for us for toys for tots. abc7 is proud to partner for the marines for the drive to tots. alison: the viewers stepped up. leon: no coal in your stockings. alison: but it still doesn't feel like christmas. leon: i know. i want to see the first person complain about that. alison: there are some. leon: is doug one of them >> alison: no! doug: me complain about the warm weather? you're kidding me.
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we have traditional stuff. a bic time warmup next weekend. mid-50's in the area. 52 in aspen hill. 49 in dale city. early tomorrow morning the cooler temperatures are coolest in the area will be west of the metro region. 43 in winchester. 422 in the morning. 40 in hancock. lower suburbs and the lower 40's. widespread. clouds move in overnight. stop a huge drop in the temperatures. satellite and the radar is showing mostly clear sky east of the appalachians. cold front moving in quickly. fair amount of rain as well. cloudy and cool tomorrow and period of rain. 57 degrees. rain heavy at times. should be out of here by sunset tomorrow evening. breezy and cooler for the dine friday. 48. wind chill could be factor on saturday. with sun and breezes. another warmup and the showers
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tuesday and wednesday. robert your turn. robert: we'll talk about football. jordon continues to make the big plays, including sunday against chicago. nine receptions for 120 yards and a touchdown. 24-21 win over the bears. if it weren't for the star tight end the skins might not be leading the n.f.c. east. erin hawksworth explains. erin: redskins tight end jordan reed is the reason washington sits first place in the n.f.c. east. some of the players were telling me they think you are the m.v.p. of the team. what does it mean to hear that from the teammates? >> it's great to know they appreciate what i do. hard work paying off. erin: in the victory over the bears reed had 120 yards on nine catches and a touchdown. he is quickly becoming kirk cousins' favorite target. >> he is only in the third year and because of his injuries he is still a young player. we have only scratched the surface what he is capable of being with another off-season
5:54 pm
of work and development. >> a great block on the double-team to steal matt jones on the outside to win the game the other day. i was more impressed with that than the touchdown. especially washington signed alex smith this week who also had high praise for reed. >> awesome talent. remarkable to watch. i watch the game tape. but to see it in person it's impressive. ends at led red park -- erin: at redskins park erin hawksworth abc7 sports. robert: for the hockey fans the caps have a holiday message for you. catch the awesome caps holiday card. >> a time for gifts. >> we do this every year. >> shut up, randy. >> a happy holiday season. robert: if you have seen "a christmas reference" you get the story. if you don't look at the
5:55 pm
television. it will be on. it replays constantly. i have to admit to something. i haven't seen the movie. don't kill me. leon: what? robert: i haven't seen it. alison: are you going to watch it now? robert: i have to. leon: you have to. robert: i am getting killed for this. will do. will do. leon: all right, folks. stay with us. we'll have much more coverage coming live from baltimore. we'll get the reaction from the streets there to the mistrial announcement in the first
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
alison: religious leaders and people of faith gathered in solidarity to show economiment to peace and religious freedom following acts of violence and threats of execution based on religion. d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports from georgetown. [singing] sam: they listened to music
5:59 pm
and read from the quran. they talked about how it felt. >> when the terrorist attack my first thought is i hope they weren't connected to islam but they we sam: she prepared for the backlash then again after san bernardino. vice president biden came to show his support and denounce backlashes. >> when innocent people are ostracized because of their faith, when we turn our backs of the victims of evil and persecution. sam: people came here from many walks. >> i think that this interfaith expression is something that will take us far to understand and realize we are all sisters and brothers and we do have no reason to fear. >> the world can see we are one and we'll continue to fight voices that try to divide us.
6:00 pm
sam: this is one of many services planned including one at the national cathedral and another at the main mask on massachusetts. reporting from northwest washington sam ford, abc7 news. announcer: from abc7 news. this is a breaking news alert. [yelling] leon: protesters and police clash in baltimore following a judge declaring a mistrial in the case of officer william porter. he was the first of six baltimore police officers on trial for charges in the death of freddie gray. that judge declared a mistrial after a young jury on all four charges against officer porter. tonight, we continue the live team coverage of this breaking announcement. community reaction and what this could mean for the other officers who are waiting their trials. let's get to maryland bureau chief brad bell who has been following the trial every step of the way.


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