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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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jury for officer william porter? over inrst, starting baltimore, the jury unable to reach a verdict in the trial of officer william porter, declaring a mistrial. freddie gray's family is adamant this is not a victory for either side and called for calm as people assembled on the streets.
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at this hour, all demonstrations have been peaceful. leon: we have team coverage from baltimore, where there is a long road ahead. we start with brad bell. what can you tell us, brad? brad: leon, the jury could not be convinced to come to a verdict. a mistrial is not the result anybody in this town wanted, but baltimore seems to be taking it in stride. the jury of seven women and five worth ofd two weeks' testimony in a pile of evidence to consider. it was not enough to reach a unanimous verdict. a hung jury, leaving the judge with no choice but to declare a mistrial. for was disappointed freddy's family and disappointed for the city. brad: the naacp was among those reacting immediately after the announcement. >> at first, it was total anger,
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total languor. then it was just sadness. brad: officer william porter was charged with involuntary manslaughter. he couldrs alleged have helped freddie gray when he saw him suffering at a police van, but instead put him on the bench and not call a medical or buckle him in. as word of the mistrial spread, a small protest at the courthouse. mostly peaceful, with the police keeping a watchful eye. arrest, tempers flaring as sheriffs deputies grabbed a protester. but calm was quickly restored, with pleas freddie gray stepfather to remain peaceful. >> we are calm. you should be calm, too. >> the family is not angry. nobody else should be angry. brad: baltimore state's marilyn
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mosby is under a gag order, not allowed to discuss her case or the plants. ally succumbing's told the case will be retried and the judge in this case -- representative elijah cummings told people that the case will be retried in the judge is planning a schedule for the retrial. there is a gag order in place, but i had an opportunity passing into the courtroom to talk with officer william porter, basically saying, how are you doing? upsaid, i'm a holding pretty well. leon: freddie gray's family made a statement tonight saying they were not angry and that the public should not be angry either. people gathered in the spirit of peace and solidarity, for the most part. tom roussey with the messages spread on the streets of baltimore tonight. tom? leon, where i ayman west
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baltimore is where the worst of the riots happened in april. being builtnew cvs on the same spot where the other was burned down. i cannot tell you how different the mood is in west baltimore, the streets, and it has been that way pretty much all night. protests along north avenue. we are bound in one p urpose. tom: as a large group called for unity, nearby -- >> brutally killing in the streets! tom: a smaller, much angrier protest. his group wanted a conviction. at the other protest, some disagreed. he was not judged by 12
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peers. >> are we the angry people they put on cnn? >> no. tom: absolutely no violence. >> we need to protect our city. nothing good comes from it. were on handce should trouble start, but where happy to see a situation the polar opposite of eight months ago. >> all you see is unity and love, right? i hope that's all that you see. tom: another sign of the difference, we are at the intersection of pennsylvania and north avenue's. that loan police cars the only one that we can see. this place was swarming with police back in april. a much different scene in west baltimore tonight. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: parts of baltimore remain in recovery mode months after freddie gray's death. some business centers lost everything in the wake of the violent protest and riots, and
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many were bracing for the worst as the jury deliberated. tonight, they seem hopeful about the future and rebuilding. jay korff has one of their stories. jay? jay: alison, i was on this very spot during the riots april 27 when looters tore this save-al -lot to pieces. they are still open, but the big caveat, the wood boards. this store symbolizes how baltimore is responding to the outcome of the william porter trial. >> people are preparing themselves for what may happen. jay: a couple days ago, the front of the store was boarded up for fear that the jury's ruling would lead to rioting, while still making clear that customers are welcome. >> yes, we are open. jay: during the april riot
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s, this store was picked apart, destroyed by looters. for this regular customer who lives nearby, there was relief tonight. >> i'm hopeful nothing like that will happen anymore. jay: he's grateful the lawlessness unleashed eight months ago was not repeated. >> you never can tell. it's still early. i cannot blame them for boarding it up. because of what happened then. people in the neighborhood had to go out of the neighborhood to do shopping. jay: they say that it is to relate to know the first night following the first trial if the boards will stay and be needed. , don't get ac rational just because a wrong has been done. irrational just because a wrong has been done. jay: everybody we spoke to tonight says they are grateful for the calm.
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live in west baltimore, jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: we want to remind everyone, stay with abc 7 f or continuing coverage of the trials in baltimore. we will keep you up-to-date on, and sign up for text alerts at leon: breaking news in montgomery county, where the police are on the scene of a deadly's shooting in germantown. the adult male victim died of his injuries. no arrests have been made as of yet. when we learn more we will tell you more about the situation. different law enforcement agencies are honoring fallen montgomery county police officer noah leott a with sobriety checks, including in charles county, trying to educate drivers and
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deter them from drinking and driving. they want to pick up where leotta left often prevent another death. >> the montgomery county police chief spoke about justice, and that struck a chord with us. tta died a week after he was struck by suspected drunk driver during a holiday sobriety checkpoint on rockville pike. alison: developing now, a secret service officers shot to death in d.c. thead been suspended from agency after investigation for tempted burglary. we are finding out new details about arthur baldwin. roz plater joins us with the investigation. say it doesgators not appear the murder was connected with his work or criminal charges. rather, he may have been the victim of a street crime. shots rang out tuesday afternoon on 1st street southwest, a residential area just off as he south capitol street.
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victim, arthur baldwin, a uniformed secret service officer, shot multiple times. now the police may have a motive. >> we think he may have been the victim of an attempted robbery. before, called when it had been in court on a domestic violence case. he was accused of trying to break into his ex-girlfriend's with hise armed service weapon, leading to a suspension from the secret service. off-camera, his grieving ex-girlfriend said he was, "a good man and amazing person come he did not deserve that. he do not have a beef with anybody. all he did was work and take care of his kids." >> we are looking at other robberies that have occurred in the vicinity to look for similarities. roz: so far, only a vague description of the suspect, and they need much more help. >> we are hoping that somebody will come forward with information because this happened in broad daylight on
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our city streets and we believe there are some people who can give us valuable information. roz: the police are looking for three suspects, with only a vague description. there is a $25,000 reward in the case. roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: still ahead -- facebook and uber teaming up. it be easier to catch a ride. and we will tell you about a delay nightmare and why passengers spent seven hours on an airplane without moving. steve: i'm steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. you will need the umbrella tomorrow. ♪
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flight delays, but how about spending seven hours sitting on an airplane on the tarmac? that happened at sioux falls airport. delta airlines said the flight was delayed because it was blocked by another airplane waiting for deicing.
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customers have the option to get off the airplane and return to the terminal during the w ait. the schedule was to leave at 6 a.m. and it left at 1 p.m. leon: it must have been really icey. restoring commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba come a deal announced today paving the way for negotiations between u.s. airlines and cuba. it's not clear when the first flights will take off. for now, travelers have to fly on chartered flights between the nation's, which can be complicated to book. alison: 7 on your side with consumer news -- facebook and uber are teaming up. you will soon be able to request a ride through facebook messenger. if you mentioned your destination and a facebook conversation, you can order a car there. if you use the feature enough, a tool icon appears in your
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toolbar. you also get a deal the first time that you order uber through facebook. set of draft rules in california for self driving cars, requiring them to have a steering wheel. also, a licensed driver has to be inside and ready to take over if the system fails. the new rules could mean a delay on how soon these cars are in public. 11 different companies are testing self driving cars in california and there have been three collisions. the 42nd annual tuba christmas concert rang in the holiday spirit at the kennedy center tonight. ♪ 300 people came out to hear the tuba, sousaphone, and euphonium players. they said that the tuba is an instrument that sits in the back, but today they were in the spotlight.
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the concert is a tribute to a late tuba teacher, william bell. alison: very festive with the wreaths. it's starting to be a little cooler, but still not cold. steve: no, but we have a shot of colder air next weekend. next week we warm up again. leon: hopefully not a washout. steve: tomorrow is not the best of days, but we need the rain -- well, don't really need the rain, nothing growing. leon: not outdoors. steve: 57 degrees was the high earlier today. 46 in the record 74, back in 1971. look at 1917, 10 degrees. that gives an idea how cool it can get around here this time of year. nothing like that on the way. so far this month, every single day has been above average.
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tomorrow we will get another yellow box. the upcoming weekend we will have some blue on the calendar. airport, theal clouds are beginning to increase. the cold front arrives tomorrow bringing rain. cooling down in the west, 46 leesburg, 45 winchester, 36 luray. elkins, west virginia, 49 degrees, 50 degrees in southern maryland. the cold front is located across indianapolis.ana, chicago 36. the cold front moves our way tomorrow in the rain will overspread early tomorrow morning. most of the rush-hour commute will be drive. by about 8:00, 10:00, that is when the heavier rain moves in, noontime. the best news of all, it is out of here by late afternoon. the forecast overnight, 40 to 48
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, mostly cloudy, patchy fog, but nothing that will give us delays early in the morning. once the rain starts, and he that develops will dissipate. the wake-up temperatures, grab the umbrella heading out the door. the district 47 degrees, aspen hill and germantown 43 to 44, southern maryland, la plata looking at temperatures at about 44. the futurecast through the morning, moderate rain over the district, arlington, alexandria, county, loudoun frederick county. noontime, it will be wet recess, so probably indoor recess. then we get the rain out of here later in the afternoon. then we get some sunshine by about 4:30, but the sunsets at 4:40. the day planner tomorrow, chillier, middle to upper 50's the daytime highs. the next seven, the colder shot of air, breezy saturday, lower 40's, near 50 sunday for the
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football game. look at next week. we get into the lower 60's. tomorrow night we will be talking about the christmas eve forecast, with temperatures in the middle to upper 60's. alison: unreal. steve: it's crazy. alison: it really is. steve: would you rather a blizzard? alison: no, we're not complaining. leon: you don't shovel sunshine. thert: the wizards continue good news, bad news theme. the good news is they end their road trip. and there is only good news about the caps.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the caps are often their best start in french eyes history, winning nine of their last 11.
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could they say hot tonight against ottawa at home? the answer is yes. dustin williams with the poke-check, creates the turnover, down the side. stops cold, waits, here is john carlson, the one-timer. p 2-1, third, caps uop senators on the power play. braden holtby stops it. caps win, 2-1. played thehe wiz spurs, it was down to the wire. tonight, a different story, not as exciting. night off.took the the wizards off to weigh good start in the first quarter, finding wall in the corner, 20 one the night, but he cannot do it himself.
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is a turnover. john wall with the bad pass, leonard with the steal. he had 27. on the road. that is 22 straight wins at home for the spurs. front, the skins control their own playoff destiny, sitting on top of the division. all the veterans know what this is like. for the young guys, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. if there was ever a time to put everything in, the time is now. you sethe goals that for yourself far right now in front of you and it's a blessing. areink a lot of older guys trying to instill in the young guys that it's right now. it's right now that we need their best effort, we need everybody's focus and all to win games. robert: no doubt. the other football, a legendary
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career comes to a close, playing her final match with team usa. the 35-year-old is hanging it up after a long and successful 189 player, which a is a record in international play, man or woman. and the navy's head football coach released a statement saying he will stay at the naval academy. he has done a great job. leon: he is a perfect fit. just a there, ken. robert: good advice. alison: thanks, robert. coming up -- a unique opportunity to take this home.
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he could go for more than $1.4 million. alison: bob has a facebook page. robert: of course he does. steve: are you a follower? alison: no, steve: hello.
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alison: hello. steve: grab the umbrella tomorrow, 57. the rain heavy at midday, out of here later in the afternoon. friday, only in the upper 40's, the windchill making it feel colder. saturday is the coldest of the next seven. a busy travel week coming up, no big storms. christmas eve next week, middle to upper 60's. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: thank for joining us. ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- donald trump. celebrities read mean tweets. and music from gary clark jr. with cleto and the cletones. and now, so there's no confusion, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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