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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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school to get help with a was not quick enough to spare this way from some pretty that injuries. -- bad injuries. [screaming] reporter: it when done yesterday at the school bus pulled out. easy to girls attack a smaller boy. >> there is no other way to describe that attack other than barbaric. reporter: he complained about older children pointing their 11-year-old son. they say the older students refused to let younger children sit on the bus. >> the young lady said she did not like him and he cannot sit there. she was a seventh grader. when he refused to get up they punched him in the face. and then they viciously the my son -- beat my son. reporter: today he went to the doctor instead of school. >> at least someone could have helped and it was very uncalled for. pretty sad. reporter: the fear lingers.
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here of returning to class and the bus ride to and from school. >> i'm pretty scared to get back on the bus. reporter: the two girls in the video have been suspended. they do not believe that is a severe enough punishment. play another prince george's county police to pursue criminal charges. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. leon: d.c. police are trying to figure out a missing college student died after a night out in adams morgan. a body was found on 18th street northwest this morning, not far from where paul mcguinness was last seen. his friends say they were waiting for it uber when he went back inside to use the restroomride. when they came back, he was gone. we will have more on the investigation tonight at 6:00. alison: we turn to the freddie gray case and what is next after the mistrial in the first case against one of the six police officers charged in his death.
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brad bell is live in baltimore where the judge met with both sides today. tell us about the day. reporter: we know that meeting took place but not a whole lot more. it's in large part because we've been -- there are gag orders in place that prohibits the state attorney from answering any of our questions. yesterday we were told by a baltimore congressman david b a retrial. we also know that the papers to start the process of a retrial have not yet been filed. prosecutors and officer william porter's defense team met with the judge for about 30 minutes this morning. a court release said the purpose was to discuss a new trial date. so far no new date has been announced. in the meantime baltimore remains at peace. many activists now moving beyond
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demanding convictions to demanding reforms. homicidee a crisis of and a crisis of ongoing police brutality. and the key to solving both is trust. reporter: the election fund president speaking at a gathering of west baltimore activist, calling on police to change their ways. >> there are people that want justice. there are people that are truly out here for. reporter: naacp national president cornell brooks. >> we need specific kinds of reforms. police to24 hours ago by as peaceful protesters marched around baltimore's courthouse and city hall. there were two arrests for disorderly conduct and one tense moment this year's deputies wrestled a 16-year-old protester to the ground. kevin davis says reform is underway. >> you got to coach them up. you have to train them. and on top of that you have to have a process in place to hold
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people accountable for doing the right thing. reporter: can example from police commissioner davis, he held a surprise inspection of police transport vans the other day to make sure prisoners are now all seat belted. he said it is a work in progress. the next police officer trial is scheduled to start january 6. guten. officer caesar now, a formerng montgomery county commissioner is accused of taking a photo of his -- up a coworker's skirt. the county has fired him. his trial is scheduled for next month. alison: let's turn to the weather. it is starting to let up. looking up the windows on the way up here but it still looks like a winter day. we should see what things look like for doug hill. doug: the rain not only ended in
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the metro area, it moved to the eastern shore. skies are starting to clear a bit outside the weather center. temperatures and a couple of samples on the weatherbug network of rainfall totals. over one inch in leonardtown. one half inch exactly in rockville. temperatures in the lower 50's. temperatures still above average. 49 in hagerstown, 52 in manassas and leesburg, 51 and annapolis. early tomorrow morning clearing skies in the coldest temperatures across the area will be the western zone. 34 degrees in martinsburg. 36 in winchester. 30 in leesburg. clearing skies will follow after a chilly morning we will climb to 48 with the gusty breeze. it will feel like december tomorrow afternoon. a completely get outlook later. leon: we are breaking news in the war on terror. in the last five minutes of
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former neighbor of the san bernardino shooters was charged in buying the guns used in the attack. those are terrorism charges. enrique marquez has cooperated since the shooting. reporter: he is the man authorities say purchase the two assault rifles used in the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. now the 24-year-old is under arrest facing federal criminal charges >> he's a summit on the lines of there is a lot of muslims in our backyard ready to go haywire. reporter: the fbi raided his home shortly after syed farook and tashfeen malik killed 14 people after dying in a shootout with police. marquez was his close friend and former neighbor. after days of questioning the fbi says the two even plotted an attack together as early as 2012 but backed out. >> he has provided them with a lot of detail about the weapons,
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about possibly other attacks planned. that typically translates into lesser charges and potentially a lesser sentence. reporter: president obama will visit san bernardino on friday to visit with the victims and their families. >> we will not be terrorized. we have prevailed over much greater threats in this. -- then this. reporter: agents are still searching for the couples missing hard drive while trying to decode their encrypted private messages. regional center will open again next month for the conference center where the terror attacks took place will remain closed indefinitely. a texas man is in police custody suspected of killing two people on an oklahoma interstate. investigators say jeremy hardy fired at random vehicles last night. in a stretch of 50 miles through three different counties.
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they say he was drunk when they arrested him and they believe it was sparked by a road rage incident earlier in the evening. he was dubbed the most hated man in america after the jack up the price of it -- rise of an egg drop. martin shkreli was arrested today on securities charges unrelated to the drugs. --is legally used money from he caused an uproar when he raised the price of life-saving drug to 50 times its value. --the forces calling to you force is calling to you. alison: the wait is almost over for all you star wars fans. in less thanakens" two hours and people are ready. tom is live outside the uptown theater with those that are waiting for the big show. i waser: i have to admit
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not here in 1977 when the original star wars premiered but i think the excitement level might be about the same. we have light saber battles behind me. we have got a long line of folks who of already got tickets for another want to get a good seat. we have hundreds of people in line right now. a few are dressed as characters. we just talked to this gentleman over here. he was here in 1977 as a four-year-old to see star wars. some of these folks got here today. with these folks over here got here, in some cases a week ago. where is david? the first in line. we first interviewed him a week ago. it's been seven days. was it worth it? >> absolutely. reporter: what do you love so much? >> such a grasp on our society and culture in the history of the films in all the advances in technology and graphics. know whether movie has that. -- no other movie has that.
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reporter: what is your excitement level? >> it is increasing with all the people behind me. it was just me for a while. now it is a line. reporter: i hope you enjoy it. david has been here a week. you had a ticket but he wanted to get a good seat in the first so he decided to camp out this week. they have three showing to the uptown. if you don't want to sleep tonight, to: 15 a.m. has some a.m. still has some seats available and not for the 7:00 show which is sold out. i am tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: a week? alison: a week. he will get a good seat. leon: he better. oh my goodness. finsn: coming up at 5:00, to the left. jimmy buffett is a cult like the
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-- following. find out about annuity celebrate his music. leon: the salvation army tries to get his holiday toy drive back on fact. is the montgomery county fire chief trying to run santa out of town or improve safety? i will have the story after the break. alison: 7 on your side to help you with holiday shopping tonight. the phone lines are opening for tonight's phone bank. just call 703-236-9220
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alison: a low-speed chase and the rest and did when an officer ran across traffic to try to stop a runaway truck. it was caught on dash cam video. the driver had passed out after a diabetic attack and was slumped over the wheel. it was going about 25 miles per hour. the sergeant jumped right on to the semi and was able to pull it over. the driver was taken to the hospital and the good news here is the driver is excited to be just fine. leon: mission impossible or something. alison: a brave officer to do that. back here at home each year santa trains in the sleigh for a
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fire engine montgomery county. leon: where this year concerns about his safety have put the brakes on that tradition. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis tells us literally in the last hour santa struck a new deal. reporter: the mood head injury inside rockville fire station 3. firefighters announcing the 40 year tradition of santa riding atop and in general visiting different neighborhoods was suspended. fireblame montgomery's chief who worried that santa could topple into the street. >> we are almost sterilizing society. santa can even ride on top of a fire truck. reporter: ryan curtis has fallen -- fond childhood memories. >> i will never forget my parents sipping a glass of wine and hearing the fire trucks coming. is exciting seen santa claus in the light. reporter: other fans share their frustration online. " war against christmas. pretty
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soon you will need permission to sneeze in moco." wereone firefighters packing away the light, the fire chief negotiated with santa. this new set of rules mandates st. nick can still ride in the engine but always wear a seatbelt and a class to safety harness. >> santa is no exception in this case. he's a busy guy and has a lot to do. we need him to get to where he needs to go. in this particular case it's going to be in montgomery county. reporter: the rockville fire department says the santa runs will continue. they just need to figure out with a big man in red will ride. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: are we all glad that cooler heads have prevailed? doug: i wear a seatbelt on my desk. that's why we go full-screen.
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i'm getting older and i might topple or something. ' in the full-screen. i am unhooking my seatbelt. i am safe to go to the studio. show you a time they were totally covered with rain and clouds like the rest of the metro area. this afternoon the rain moved out quickly and skies started to break a little bit before sunset. that trend will continue to the nighttime hours. 51 at potomac. 52 in falls church. temperatures continue to be well above average. that trend will come to a screeching halt. here is why. a cold front moving through will drop temperatures tomorrow morning into the upper 30's. in ashburn. the clouds in the rain quickly moving out. we see this tendency with cold fronts. is a very fast-moving system.
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a quick absence of rain in the area in the the clouds without and this time around we will get a change in temperatures. this is what it will feel like around the area and 8:30 tomorrow morning. it will feel like 29 in fredericksburg. 34 -- 37 degrees in leonardtown. the wind chills will stay on the low side of the 30's. saturday will feel like upper teens to lower 20's. definitely chill in the air but it will not last more than a day or two and then warm up again. 39 in the morning. 48 in the afternoon. we will have a bit of a wind chill, 28 -- 20 of son. -- plenty of son. temperatures in the 40's for football weather. there will be a chance for showers as we get through tuesday through thursday. take a look at the temperatures. 57 on tuesday.
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christmas eve, 70 degrees. giveng ahead a few days to you look at what conditions maybe like the they traveled they on wednesday. showers here and there but nothing heavy expected at this point. as you look out west another cold front moving in. we jump ahead to the overall pattern. still continuation of warm weather. much chillier winds from rocky did -- from the rockies to canada. it will definitely be mild. we take our first official look at the christmas forecast tomorrow night at this time. alison: it makes you feel like you are at the beach. -- you feel at the paris parrot head. jimmy buffett's margaritaville was a song can became a restaurant and now it's becoming a musical. reducers made the announcement today. a lot of songs to choose from.
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the musical will feature his blend of rock and country tunes and his original story and the world premiere is expected to be announced for 2017. leon: and every song a guy gets drunk. i went to the beach, i got drunk. alison: it is fun music. leon: a musical? you might upper river the music. 7 on your side to help with last-minute holiday shopping. kimberly: if you're looking for that last-minute gift, give us a call at 703-236-9220. we can show you where to find them and put you in touch with someone who can go pick it up for you, even if you want to give a gift to a charity on behalf of somebody else. >> shocked that it was in the school. in our small town. leon: the homework assignment that left this mother outraged. alison: a look at what is coming
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up tonight on abc. you can get information on all of your favorite abc shows by signing up for abc 7 fan blast. all you to do is log on to
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leon: the salvation army was
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just giving gifts for the angel tree program. this after teens stole thousands of dollars of gifts from a warehouse last weekend. soy donated $10,000 to help local kids can have a happy christmas. twoeenagers were -- teenagers were arrested in that case. with christmas a week away from tomorrow the clock is ticking. alison:. tonight we are here to help 7 on your side is on your -- with a phone bank. helprly is in the abc 7 center with our panel of experts. are you an expert shopper? kimberly: i am a procrastinating shopper. this is been set up for me. 70% of americans to shopping in the last week. they are here to help you find that perfect gift or even go pick it up. we have curious kids,
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doodlehopper for kids, macy's, taskrabbit, and catalog for philanthropy if you want to give a gift to charity on behalf of somebody else. share some of your hot ticket items. >> we have some amazing items. first the star wars item. ets, a design she model. it's easy to put together in a very hot item. i think i river this from my childhood. >> this is a very hot selling item. nick in math fashion -- make and match fashion drawing sets. if you have a child under four years old, what can you do? >> you can get them a myphone or a mypid.
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it looks like an iphone or ipad. he will be a fine and educational tool. you can select different items and it does fun stuff. with the myphone it has a remote sensor. if you lose it, it has an alarm. kimberly: all kinds of great ideas. just call 703-236-9220. there are people standing by to help you find these gifts, age-appropriate gifts and last-minute gifts. alison: coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, happy and safe. was the happiest place on are doing to ensure both this holiday season? sister-in-law -- i want people to know what it is like. leon: making their memories mean something. one local woman's crusade this time of year.
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a northern virginia family says christmas is taken on a new meaning this year after a good samaritan health saving man's life. find out why they are now trying to track down the woman who
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♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet...
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. the search is on for a woman who helped save a man's life after a heart attack. as diane cho reports, that woman
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is one of several heroes who sprang into action that day. reporter: this is a photo of officer dale dullers. >> he lost consciousness. reporter: according to police, he triggered an accident involving two other cars and ended up having a heart attack. >> they saved my father's life. i can't even begin to figure out how to express how grateful we are. reporter: in happened around 2:10. by the time officer sellers arrived there was a small group of seen that people performing cpr. among those people was a woman dressed in scrubs who identified herself as a physician. >> i said i'm here to assist you. how can i help? you got on the same wavelength and got to work. reporter: he says he never got a chance to get the woman's name another victim's family members and the police department are trying to track her down. >>.
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just to say a proper thank you reporter: he says all he knows samaritan is that she is from the county and driving a red chevy silverado pickup truck at the time. she's about five feet five inches tall with dirty blonde hair and was wearing glasses. this is not the first officer sellers has been tested under pressure. he was one of two officers who jump into an icy pond back in january to save a seven-year-old boy. -- they think the good samaritan for their quick thinking. he is expected to be released tomorrow, just in time for christmas. >> thank you to all of those involved. this event is such an incredible gift. .eporter: diane cho, abc 7 news leon: that is something of a mystery. alison: and a lot of goodness involved. leon: i hope they find her in
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and call us. we would love to tell that story. some of america's most popular theme parks are stepping up security ahead of the busy holiday season. disney says it will use metal detectors and the company is banning twig on that toy -- toy gun sales in the park and no one over 14 will be allowed to wear costumes. and sea world says it will use want metal detectors -- wand metal detectors. alison: threats can cost millions of dollars. lawmakers and local governments are proposing total penalties -- tougher penalties. it would include more jail time, larger fines, juveniles being charged as adults. today to indiana teens were arrested for making teens on social media that force their school to close. leon: some parents in a virginia
5:33 pm
school district are outraged over a high school calligraphy assignment. students were instructed to copy the islamic statement of faith. allah."is no god but the teacher says it was meant to give them an idea of the artistic complexity of calligraphy. when mother says she feels it was and that indoctrinating her child into the islamic religion. >> i will not have my children learn from a woman that a doctrine a stem from the islam tradition. i am a christian and i stand by christ. reporter: she says it was not an attempt at indoctrination but in a tent -- an attempt to introduce -- alison: it is the pope's birthday today. we celebrated this morning with young catholics involved in a project to welcome migrants. he also had a birthday greeting on twitter.
5:34 pm
he has more than 8 million followers. he was born in buenos aires in 1936. he is the catholic church is 266 pope.e -- a russian priest and the feline friend posed for the calendar that was up -- out earlier this month. it features 12 priests relaxing with their cats. they say the calendar shows a lighter and less official side of the church. leon: it shows something. alison: i don't know what to say about that. leon: we know one person that will get one. looking at you, jessica. ♪ >> i want you to want me is one of fiveck acts being inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame.
5:35 pm
cheap trick and steve miller made it in their first year of eligibility. new, chicago and deep purple -- nwa round out the class. back in the date you cannot find a car that did not have all of these songs in the tape player. alison: andy 1980's hair. have ranked the national museum of the marine corps the second best resume in the entire country. we have a look inside. the museum in triangle, virginia will be closing january 4 so they can install a world war ii dive bomber and a vietnam era helicopter. is part of an expansion that will double the museum's size. people rio in april -- it will reopen in april. leon: give you are wondering if
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membership to museum is the right idea, we will be asking the 7 on your side about charitable gifts when we come back. reporter: the home of virginia's new orchestra director of the year. find out why those students think she is so exceptional and the spotlight on education. leon: a new report examines the safety of the bay bridge. how much longer it can continue
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doug: skies are clear right now. it will be chilly and lots of sunshine. greasy on saturday and 44 degrees. upper 40's for the day on sunday. once we get past that another big-time warm-up will begin. maybe a shower late on sunday evening. that will lead up to christmas eve and christmas day. a big warm up.
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. 62 on wednesday 70 degrees on christmas eve. there will be a chance for a few showers each statement no question it is not going to feel at the holiday season around here. see you next
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leon: 7 on your side to help out with last-minute gift giving solutions. kimberly has some ideas and the today.ave got good ones kimberly: the number to call, 703-236-9220. if you don't know what to give, the perfect gift to the perfect child, these folks are here to help. we have ally. >> the hottest get right now is crowe know -- chronobomb. you have to deactivate the bomb by going to the laser field the for the timer runs out. craft kits with 3-d string art. the toys are made in america with recycled materials. .dishwasher safe it is awesome. kimberly: if you don't want to buy a gift, you want to give a gift to a charity, catalog for philanthropy is here. how to people do this? >> there are so many charities
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in greater washington. our job is to raise awareness for the smaller charities with smaller budgets. we provide a guide to getting that allows people to discover more than 350 charities on our website. we distribute this annual catalog on november of each year. it has 75 wonderful charities. each is been vetted for excellence, financial impact, and there is great stuff in here to find. kimberly: this is the busiest week for the catalog for philanthropy. people like to donate the for the year because of the tax benefit. the number to call is 703-236-9220. they will be here until about 6:15. alison: that is a wonderful organization. abc 7 news coming up onabc 7 news, the push for the playoffs. they are preparing to make a run at the postseason. leon: the deadly lesson. with the relatives of the family
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killed in the mansion fire
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alison: it has been almost a year since a couple in for their our of theren -- and f grandchildren died in a fire. now relatives are speaking in hopes of saving another life. reporter: is a painful memory they live everyday. >> i don't my brother and sister-in-law's death to be unnoticed. i want people to know what it is like. reporter: a fire that took the her brother, his wife and therefore young fourchildren -- therir young grandchildren. a christmas tree had dried out and was scheduled to be removed the next day. >> i really want to make sure i do everything to make sure people understand the importance of fire safety. reporter: the home had a
5:46 pm
state-of-the-art smoke alarm but no spring colors. they were not mandatory until 2009. as of july 2015 maryland law requires all one in two-story homes under construction to be equipped with regulars. -- sprinklers. >> the average cost to install them is $1.44 per square foot in that it's a cheap rise to pay to ensure that not only the homeowner is safe, for the safety of children, other family members. >> i know they would want me to -- i just want to do everything i can. alison: just today the university of maryland demonstrated just how quickly a dry tree can catch fire. you can catch that story at leon: we see that every single year. let's see what we can learn about traffic right now. jamie: it is a slow go.
5:47 pm
on the american legion bridge on but the inner loop and outer loop. this is a question i have actually been asked most today. is the rain slowing it down anymore? i would say it is just a little bit. we are dealing with the road spray and the wet roads. not the rain coming down anymore but because it did rain earlier we have to contend with slowing. let's talk about how heavy we are in this stretch. as yous per hour approach the bridge in both directions. outbound on 66 in the single digits approaching a crash. it will take you just under 45 minutes getting from the beltway to the fairfax county parkway. if you're in d.c., not too bad. we have some volume getting to the 11th street bridge. ok towards malcolm x. we are . and then the bottom side approaching the wilson bridge to alexandria, we do have that
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volume. back to you. leon: coming up new at 6:00 a man comes face-to-face with the d.c. firefighter accused of killing his son in a street race. . was the judge said it let the family in tears the dangerous flaw found in guardrails in virginia. how they are working to ensure drivers stay safe. and a free ride home on new year's day. how that will work tonight at 6:00. alison: some of the best amusement parks are within driving distance of our area. roller coaster in amusement park top 14.ete ranks the disney world and disneyland share the number one spot. here is what is close to home. hersheypark and dutch wonderland in pennsylvania. along with bush gardens in williamsburg which ranks number six. sesame place outside of philadelphia came in at number 14.
5:49 pm
plenty of folks of been sharing the season with us and we thank you. stanley robinson e-mail this this picture of this wonderful christmas tree. he says they are a true blessing. and lisa share this picture of her granddaughter. shared youscenes of the season with us at alison: we had a dreary day today but it moved out quickly. leon: as long as there is nothing else coming out right now. doug: the rain is long gone and the sky is starting to clear. a lot more sunshine tomorrow. 54 degrees at the nation's capital. 50 in winchester in culpeper. -- the rain is been chased to the east. the winds will gust up in by tomorrow morning the metro area
5:50 pm
will have upper 30's to about 40, followed by gusty winds and it will feel chillier. satellite and radar, there goes the moisture out to see. that -- sea. we expect a string of days that we pleasant around the area and a bit on the cool side. 48 is a degree above average. lots of sunshine tomorrow with gusty winds. he will feel a few degrees cooler than the thermometer indicates. . quite a bit on the greasy side through saturday 44 for the high. sunday looks good. 49 degrees. perfect football weather. looking ahead to next week. look at the warming trend coming our way. 53 on monday with a chance of showers late in the day. definitely on the warm side. 30% chance of showers each day. we go from 57 on tuesday to 70 on thursday, christmas eve.
5:51 pm
i wonder what christmas day will be like. alison: when are you going to tell us? doug: tomorrow. alison: we will see you then. leon: what a lot of us would like is talking about the skins in the playoffs. robert: dallas is going to try to play. with the watch out for them. after sitting out yesterday desean jackson did practice. jason hatcher was also limited after sitting out the practice. it is that time or we are talking playoffs. it has been too long since the skins of seen the postseason. tworips in 11 years -- trips in 11 years. >> i did not understand i was one game away from the super bowl. we go want to lose that game and i'm like it's no big deal. to go eight or nine years later
5:52 pm
and not get another chance at the playoffs until the w that we w --o we won seven straight here. to have it right in front of us another chance, i'll give it everything i got. robert: then there is this. the reaction when rex ryan walked in with that sweater on. 'tis the season. this is a desperate bills team. they have to win if they want to make a playoff. -- i like thatn sweater. >> when we win this week, we are still in it. regardless of what happens with the other opponents. we have the -- we know we have to win all three to have any chance, a snowballs chance. robert: to go to bloomington,
5:53 pm
minnesota. raining makes the shot from half -- she makes it from half court so half off her daughter's tuition next year. she did not realize what happened at first. when she did she lost her mind. "act never the expression like you have been here before." it's ok. we have seen a lot of winners. never seen one like that. robert: she should get full tuition for that bounce in. alison: her reaction was priceless. leon: we need to have a recount in the ugly sweater contest. robert: rex ryan. alison: very funny. we will see you later. the fight to keep kids healthy at school has hit a little bit of a roadblock. leon: we will introduce you to a
5:54 pm
local teacher with a spotlight on education that is music to our ears.
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leon: a judge has blocked new york city from requiring preschools be vaccinated for the flu. a group of mothers sued the city ruling was 2013 invalid because it was not voted by the legislature. the judge says only the legislature has the authority to require immunization. alison: annandale high school has the newly named orchestra director of the year. as kellye lynn reports, the woman behind the title has a passion for both music and teaching. ♪ reporter: her students are encouraged to use music as a form of expression. ♪ us to reach allows
5:58 pm
much deeper. >> she has many different ways she teaches us in class. it's really interactive. it's really amazing. reporter: some are amazed and others are touched by angela ammerman. >> she is our therapist and she cares deeply. reporter: that attitude is part of the reason why the american teachers association has named 2015-2016 orchestra director of the year. her accomplishments a range from raisingtors camp and $10,000 to pay for a medical procedure for student -- a student. ammerman is the daughter of a can of teacher so it's not surprising it was her first instrument. .
5:59 pm
by middle school stitches in her future career, to be a music teacher. her passion inspires other students and the people around her to want to be involved in the program, in orchestra. ♪ alison: congratulations to her. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00, the search for a missing college student leads to a death investigation in the district. and an 11-year-old attacked on a school bus. the act of bullying that family members say led to that moment. >> this is the worst thing any parent can go through. alison: the moment in court that shattered a family mourning their son. a base standard -- bystander killed in an illegal street race. >> you're watching abc 7 news at
6:00 pm
6:00, on your side. 6:00, police have cleared the scene were a body was found this afternoon. the discovery was made on 18th morgan.n adams jeff goldberg live at the scene tonight with information that is just coming in about the identity of the body. what have you learned? reporter: this information just coming in. sources confirming to abc 7 news that the body found early today is that of missing college student paul mcguinness. mpd investigators were here all day with a have cleared out of the area. madam's organ, the well-known bar is closed for the moment. investigators were inside all day today. it was directly behind the bar were the young man's body was discovered this afternoon.


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