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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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western pennsylvania, the flakes are beginning to fly. the wider view. you can see the moisture pushing off the lake. lake effect in michigan and northern ohio. the hourly forecast tonight. if you have the outdoor plans, grab a bite to eat. walk the dog. go to the store. you will want to bundle up for last minute shopping. temperatures fall through the 30's. waking up tomorrow to around 30 degrees in the district. colder in the northern and the western suburbs. nighttime lows from 25 to 28 degrees. we have a cold weekend ahead. but a huge warmup on the way coming up for next week in time for christmas eve. more on that in a few minutes. leon: you got it, steve. many, maybe most of us are happy with the mild temperatures these days. those operating ski resorts not as thrilled. no hills. suzanne kennedy explains. suzanne: this time last year the ski lifts were operating and all the runs were open. so far this year, the weather isn't cooperating. right now all 25 runs here at
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white tail are closed as there is not even a dusting of snow here. but they are hoping that will change this weekend as the temperature drops and they are able to crank up their snow-making machine. >> we should be able to start making snow around 10:00 p.m. tonight. it looks like good snow-making tonight and during the day tomorrow. saturday night and into sunday. we have tested all of the equipment. we have the staff ready to go. we'll make lots of snow over the next couple of days. suzanne: the all-important snow make machines. man made snow is more durable than natural snow. so once they get 10 to 12 inches on the ground here they will be good to go and the snow can withstand temperatures over freezing. at white hill resort, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: folks, be sure to sign up for the weather forecast and any alerts we might have for you. go to enter your cell phone number
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and we will keep you posted. now we move to new details in a story on the "7 on your side" i-team following for some months. major health concerns about the black crumb rememberer on thousands of fields across the country. alison: the toxic rubber at the center of the debate in fairfax county. mike carter-conneen is in falls church with more. mike? mike: parents here at west gate elementary school in falls church want construction on a new athletic field here in the back of the school. they want the construction suspended. so fairfax county public schools, the p.t.a. can look into health concerns. the giant bags to the left are the tons of crumb rubber scheduled to be placed on the field in a matter of days. it's on 12,000 fields across the country. that includes dozens in the washington area. the sin them -- synthetic turf council says there are not dangers to your health but
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there are local jurisdictions still demanding comprehensive study with many wondering if the crumb rubber could have a link to cancer. parents worry about the tic to elements inhaled or injected by their children. parents and residents worry the schools are downwind from the field. coming up we have a response to the parents demanding suspension on the construction. more on the tough decisions the parents might have to make if the crumb rubber goes on that field? reporting live in falls church, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: mike, thank you very much. well, maryland pet owner took her dog to the vet for what she thought was a bite wound but discovered it was a gunshot wound came after a d.c. police officer shot the animal. leon: stephen tschida spoke with the pet owner. he is live in greenville with the story for us.
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>> this happened early sunday morning. d.c. police officer off-duty called capital beltway police said a pitbull beared her teeth at her and she shot it. we have video of the it be -- pitbull, 1-year-old chloe. it dodged her spine and she is recovering. the owner thought she had been bitten by another dog and it was only later she realized it was a gunshot wound. the officer is under investigation by the police department, greenbelt police and animal control looking at possible cruelty to animal charges. there are two takes on what took place early sunday morning but a lot of outrage among dog owners in greenbelt. >> she felt the dog was problematic, she had the ability to call the police to come and impound the dog if she thought the dog was a threat. but to just take a gun and shoot the dog i don't think
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that is acceptable at all. stephen: now the owner is hearing impaired. we talked with her about what happened and she says she has been told that the off-duty d.c. police officer said it was okay to shoot chloe because she is a pitbull and they are banned in prince george's county. however, they are not banned within the city of capital beltway. coming up at 5:00, we will have the owner of chloe's side to what happened sunday morning. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. go to breaking news. shots fired at the pentagon city mall. alison: a police chase into d.c. that followed this. jeff goldberg is live. what is going on out there? jeff: i want to tell you where we are standing. e street and second in northwest washington. overlooking 395 north, just by massachusetts a. you can see a dramatic police presence between the metropolitan police department, arlington police as well. traffic diverted off 395 going
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to massachusetts avenue. here is what happened. this is 3:00 today. report of a shot fired at the pentagon city mall parking lot. arlington police responded. notice the vehicle that fit the description that came in for the call. a chase ensued. the vehicle with the suspect inside crossed over the bridge, 14th street bridge into washington. at some point got off 395, perhaps on independent avenue -- independence avenue. got back on 395 where the chase ended here. two suspects got out of the vehicle. they were apprehended wile trying to get away on foot. we are told at some point in northwest washington here a firearm was thrown out of the vehicle. no injuries to report as a result of the situation. a shot was fired reportedly at the pentagon city mall parking lot. but we are told no victims, no no one was hurt in shooting. we do not know the information that led up to the shooting and what caused this to begin.
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a strong police presence. traffic is a big mess here happening right now diverted to the massachusetts avenue and 395 north. avoid this situation if possible. still following this breaking news story. we are going to get more information on it to you and bring more information when it's available to us. live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you, jeff. get back to you soon. prince george's county police looking into what led to a triple shooting at a rec center. one of the victims found on the keptland community center in landover. a friend took the other two victims to the hospital before the police arrived. no word on the victim's condition. at this point they have not made arrests. upper marlboro man is dead after a head-on car crash in largo at 10:30 last night at maryland 202ed a old largo road. a driver lost control and crossed the center line and hit another vehicle. the 20-year-old adedire ososanya died of the scene. the other driver survived with what police say were not life
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threatening injuries. alison: a dozen men and women joined the rank of the fire and e.m.s. mayoral muriel bowser oversaw the ceremony for the 12 cadets. they join a department trying to recover from equipment problems and leadership scandals in the past year. bowser is working to get more d.c. residents to join the department. leon: on the hill, the senate has a spending bill and tax plan to president obama for his signature. the budget funds the government through december. while the democrats admit the budget is not perfect both sides got some of what they want. it increases defense and nondefense spending and ends the 40-year ban on the american oil exports. the president said he would sign each bill. alison: an hour ago the president held a final press conference of the year and now he plans to visit the family of the victim of the san san bernardino shooting. the senior political reporter is live in newsroom with what
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the president said in the lengthy press conference today. scott: this is an annual event. he got to boast on the climate change agreement in paris. the thorn in his side or government without question has been the challenge of protecting the u.s. from terrorism and demeeting isis. he spoke at length about the strategy to do that and oust the putt bashar assad. president -- president bashar a. president obama: we are seeing progress. we need to see they don't have a safe haven. there has to be an end to the
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civil war and a government and police structure in the area that are in government. this is my firm belief that so long as assad is there, we cannot achieve that kind of stability inside syria. scott: note from the press is the president asked should the government do more to monitor social media of the potential terrorist suspects? he said there is a dif adult balance here to be truck between big brother and respecting privacy rights when it comes to the private conversations, not necessarily on available but through the apps. he is convincing congress to
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close guantanamo bay and something he hasn't been able to accomplish but hopes to before leaving office. leon: thank you, scott. the campaign what they say is improper access of the voter information gathered by the clinton campaign. the sanders campaign pushed back and accused the d.n.c. of trying to derail the candidacy and threatening to sue the access to the voter data is not restored. >> individual leaders of the d.n.c. can support hillary clinton in any way they want but they are not going to sabotage our campaign. one of the strongest grassroots campaigns in modern history. leon: the sanders campaign fire a staffer in an isolated incident related to clinton data. it will be a topic of
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discussion at the democratic debate. coverage of that begins at 8:00 on abc7. >> another programming note to pass along, the sister station newschannel8 is now available to dish network customers. in the d.c. area. viewers can find that station on channel 8. this expands newschannel8 reach to more than 2 million cable households. fall-out for pharmaceutical entrepreneur charged with securities fraud. the big announcement today. >> the local change at a radio
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leon: new details on martin shkreli, the ceo known for hacking up the price of aids drug. he is charged with securities fraud and re-signed as turing pharmaceuticals. this comes a day after he was arrested. prosecutors approved him of misappropriate rating funds and conspiring to defraud a second pharmaceutical company. he pleaded not guilty.
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alison: a major shakeup at wenw. bloomberg media announced they are taking over the news nation and they are going to change the format. brianne carter is here to explain what it means for the employees but for what we will hear on the radio. tell us about it. brianne: business and financial news is the focus now. we understand the local news, traffic and weather will return to the station 99.1 in 2016. who has the jobs we don't know. look here. this is the is website you could go to some local parts of that. now it says the page is not found. a big change after the major shakeup that happened this morning. we were out talking to employees of wnew 99.1, the all-news local station. it had been until 10:00 this morning when the switch was made to bloomberg radio. taking over bloomberg 99.1 now part of station. cbs radio will continue to own the station but programming is
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led by bloomberg with the company washington bureau taking the lead. that means many of the employees who worked at the station since it launched in 2012 are out of a job. the layoff came as a shock to many employees who worked hard to compete in the all news radio section of the radio with wgop. the station d.c. bureau chief says working in this business, change like this is always in the back of his mind. the toughest part seeing the tight knit group of journalists he has worked with for years now break up. >> it's good to have as much news as possible and keep as many people in check as possible and have as many eyes on the public officials and many ears listening to what is happening in the city, the district, baltimore, maryland, virginia. everybody loses in a situation like this. brianne: many of the employees we talked to, talked about the timing of this a week before christmas. hear what they had to say about that. and also what we understand this has been the wizard
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flagship station. will it stay the same? we have more at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: you got it. drivers are going to want to avoid 395 at seminary road in alexandria tonight. vdot is closing the northbound lanes there and want to install girders for pedestrian bridge. at 9:30, one lane is going to close down followed by another at 10:30. at midnight, all the northbound lanes will be closed for 20 minutes at a time. surrounding roads will be affected by this. all the closures should be done by 9:00 tomorrow. cross your fingers. alison: let's find out how it's moving now. jamie is standing by with traffic on a friday afternoon. jamie: i want to begin in the d.c. area. so a lot of people this is the get-away friday, leaving the city. if you going to be in d.c. right now a few closures in place. a gas leak is blocking off 16th street and i-street. on 16th street, that is between h and k street northwest. on i street blocked from 15th to 17th street northwest.
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your alternates are 17 and k street northwest. now the third street tunnel currently is closed. that is heading northbound just before new york avenue. because of police activity. we have police on the scene. they are directing traffic. you are diverted off at mass avenue. something to keep in mind. you are going to see the slow traffic behind it. you can see it here starting to head north from the freeway. then traffic as you approach will be bumper to bumper because everyone has to exit. if you are leaving the city crossing the 11th street bridge heading south, to malcolm x get the heaviest to national harbor. both directions near eastern avenue bumper to bumper. the bigger picture now. we are seeing the slowing on the interloop we have it. take a live look to give you an idea near the american legion bridge. past that point continuing here. you can see really just inching along. no crashes on any of the interstates. some good news. that is a look at traffic. alison: thank you. it may be december but as we
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know it has been feeling more like spring in the recent weeks. look at the picture from janice scott in charlestown west virginia. her cherry tree is blooming this time of year. we would love to see photos of the weather. e-mail them to you don't see that very often. leon: no. alison: in december. leon: that is not bad. it happen oscationally, it won't kill them. they will come back. steve: they want to hide again for the next few days. getting cold out there. already cold right now. leon: the winds. steve: the wind will increase for the day tomorrow. for those who have outdoor plans, last-minute shopping, georgetown. bundle up. outside this hour, looking at the reagan national airport, busy right now. busier next week. 43 degrees. the skies are partly cloudy. 41 in leesburg. looking now at 43 degrees in annapolis. 44 in fredericksburg. temperatures are in the 40's.
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with the winds in the northwest it feels colder than that. look at the core of colder air further north and west. pittsburgh and charlestown and columbus. looking at the temperatures in the lower 30's. these are the air temperatures. not the wind chill factors. a good indication of what is on the way here later tonight and the day tomorrow. extreme western maryland. finally looking at snow. nothing like that in the forecast. not anytime soon. nighttime lows. drop to the middle 20's. lower 30's in downtown d.c. this is the future cast in terms of the feels-like temperatures or the wind chill factors. 8:00 tomorrow morning. waking up, go out to walk the dog. the feels like temperatures in the 20's. then during the daytime hours we will rebound to 30's. by tomorrow evening it will feel like 33 degrees, for those going out to the holiday parties. bundle up. wear extra layer and grab a
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scarf and glove. cold again on sunday morning. the winds will diminish late sunday. warmup will begin for next week. the day planner for tomorrow after a cold start. we stay chilly in the noontime hours. around 40. cold, 44 at 4:00. good deal of sunshine to make it look nicer out there. or feel nicer than it is. football games on sunday. looking at the daytime highs in the middle 40's. spring ahead or move forward to wednesday in the 60's. christmas ease around 70. this is the tricky part thursday and friday. we have a cold front moving through sometimes early friday to the midday friday. depending how quickly that frontal system moves you could see temperatures in the middle 50's or potentially in the upper 60's. alison: wow! big change there. steve: a lot of wiggle there. seven days out. alison: regardless, it's warmish no matter what. steve: those dreaming about a white dreaming, keep dreaming.
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alison: get on a plane. leon: really. go to some of these places here. -up released the -- u.n. released the annual human development index to break down the best places to win in the world. alison: based on health, life expectancy, access to knowledge, standard of living. the u.s. came in eighth on the list. leon: i don't believe that. alison: amazing. leon: top honors norway, australia, switzerland, denmark, netherlands. it seems to me whoever picked the list likes cold places. alison: true. leon: have you noticed that? alison: that is interesting. surprising. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- really scary moments on the basketball court. did you hear about this? lebron collides with the wife of golfer jason day while driving for a loose ball. she was taken out on a stretcher. we will tell y
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leon: it's hard to believe. alison: we are one week away from christmas. that means among other things that time is running out to get your shopping done. leon: john gonzalez is in silver springs. we have tips on getting the best deals out there. john: are a procrastinator? is your wrapping paper wrapped? have no fear. we're not alone. stores in the downtown silver
4:27 pm
spring like all over the d.c. area and the country will be very busy this final pivotal weekend. 80% of shoppers still have at least one gift left to go. one in three wait until the week of christmas to do the majority of the shopping. retailers know this. they are opening stores extra early. we spoke to some of the procrastinators and what the game plan is. >> one gift in. >> how many to go? >> seven. >> nowhere near. >> most i didn't have the money till now. >> i'm normally the last guy in and out before the mall closed. matter of fact, i didn't make it last year. john: some last-minute gifts for the last-minute shoppers like myself. you want to price match. when you tend to by late you spend more. and you want to look for those
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coupon codes online to help you out. it's okay to buy gift cards even in 2015. if you are buying online and wanting to mail the gift you might be out of luck. standard shipping rate has expired. hopefully your loved ones are okay with an i.o.u. leon: still ahead ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00". controversial school lesson in virginia. how they were forced to cancel classes over the security concerns. jennifer: okay, you have to stay with us to see the next story. every time of the year we tell you about packages being stolen from driveways. people expect their deliveries. this one you are about to
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leon: we hear about report of packages stolen from outside people's homes. alison: tonight we have a case in fort washington that is a first, really. "7 on your side" fighting back reporter jennifer donelan live outside a grandfather's home who was shocked when he looked at home surveillance video. tell us what happened. jennifer: it's who this grandfather saw stealing boxes from the driverway that is mindboggling for the grandfather. here is the video.
4:32 pm
take a look. tuesday morning. joe carpenter watch video after two packages went missing and he said he was heartbroken when he sees to appear to be a sanitation worker walking up the driveway, picking up the packages and leaving with them. the deal is what was inside the boxes that was upsetting. christmas gifts for his 9-year-old grand daughter. he said it's not about the cost. he is upset because he knows these workers. he leaves christmas presents for these workers every year. and if he could ask the guy in the video one question, which would be it. >> why? why did you do something like that? doesn't make sense. this time of the year. not that he doesn't have a job. that's a well-paying job, sanitation worker. why would you go out and pick somebody else's gift? when you can buy your own? jennifer: all great questions. he's scratching his head. he doesn't understand.
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coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00", we will tell you what the gift were and show you who the gifts were for and we have been in touch with since george's county and just heard from them. they are telling us the statement and the response to the story will be ready in 102015 minutes. we'll have that for you as well coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". see you then. alison: wow! leon: she didn't fool us. that was a stunner. unbelievable. alison: to think you had a relationship with the people you see in the video doing this. he knew them. we'll see her shortly. we also want to tell you today that some schools in shenandoah valley, virginia, closed today over security concerns. leon: all of this stemming from backlash over a school riding lesson involving the islamic faith. we have ak loo at the fall-out. jeannine thousands of students are out of school today. not because of the holidays. it's because of a controversial geography assignment. parents are outraged this an accusing a teacher of trying to make students write out
4:34 pm
their faith. a geography teacher asked students to give calligraphy a try and were told to copy the islamic statement of faith that translates into, "there is no god but a l.a. -- but allah but muhammad is the messenger of allah." some feel it was an attempt to indoctrinate them to the religion. the school superintendent said it was meant to teach geography in an interactive and interesting way. >> fun to write hello. normal words. not that. >> people want to lash out and say oh, my kid is missing school because somebody opened their mouth. that is not fair. i would probably say some of the people just don't really understand what exactly understand what was put in
4:35 pm
work sheet they were sent home with. alison: the decisions to close the school was one made with consulting police. no specific threat. this is made after significant number of parents call and complain. moving forward they will continue to practice calligraphy but it will have nothing to do with islam. jeanette reyes, abc7 news. alison: new information now in an attack on a metro bus driver. they identified a suspect in wednesday night stabbing in the southeast. robert vaukburg charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. in this case it was a knife. the metro bus driver survived the attack and was treated at the hospital and had been released. leon: days of heavy rain blamed for a landslide that killed a woman in newport, oregon, the shifting ground damaged four homes. several others were put in danger. fire officials say they were called out to the house last night. by the time they arrived the
4:36 pm
car and the garage in it were headed down the hill. a neighbor expressed shock over the mess. >> the devastation and the collapse was really amazing. i was thinking little slanting or tipping but not the destruction here. leon: wow! firefighters evacuated a family and eventually several others in the neighborhood as well. what a mess there. here weather is not a mess but just cold. alison: we have been spoiled. all right. you might not need heavy coats for too long. meteorologist steve rudin has the forecast and the changes headed our way. steve: big changes on the way. some of the changes here. tomorrow is the coldest day we have seen here in washington in many, many months. you will feel it. looking at the temperatures for the daytime. awake-up temperature tomorrow morning. in the 20's. the further west fairfax is 25. ashburn with wake-up of 27 degrees.
4:37 pm
the cold front is now long gone. winds out of the northwest. they will increase in the day tomorrow. so it will stay on the cold side. for those getting up early to go for a jog, bundle up. stay bundled up for the an shopping. you will need it. tomorrow evening as you head off to the holiday party and stay chilly. a lot of sunshine for the football game on sunday. highs in the 40's. upper 40's. for tomorrow, 45 for bethesda and college park. 47 in woodbridge. giving you a seven-day forecast. i shows the temperature began to warm. wouldn't you know it, when winter begins on monday. official beginning of it. lower 50's. chance of showers tuesday. jackpot day on thursday. christmas eve. close to tieing if if not breaking records at all three local airports at 70 degrees. depending on the timing of the cold front on friday. christmas day. you could see temperatures that may range from the middle
4:38 pm
50's as the front moves through to the middle to the upper 60's. a lot can change between now and then. alison: thank you. this was really scary. watching this last night. the wife of the golfer jason day has been treated and released from a cleveland hospital after really scary collision with lebron james. she was sitting in her courtside seat. leon: the play you have seen a thousand times. james chased a loose ball in last night's game between cavs and the oklahoma city thunder. ellie day was placed on a stretcher and had to have a color put around her neck. she was taken to the hospital and examined for concussion symptoms. you can see her being taken away. lebron took to twitter to apologize. the representatives said she has no hard feelings from him and he was doing his job and said go cavs. a cavs fan. if he hit the husband instead
4:39 pm
it could have changed golf by tens of thousands of dollars next year. alison: good point. coming up on abc7 news -- the federal manhunt underway for a texas teenager. we have the latest on the investigation. leon: a special honor could be in store for mother, for mother teresa. the action taken by the pope for her this week. discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide
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leon: the must now underway for the missing texas teenager known as the affluenza teen. alison: he was spared jailtime and given probation after killing four people driving drunk. >> leon: but now he is on the run and he could have a three-week head start on authorities. abc elizabeth hur reports. elizabeth: not long after posting this picture on twitter, ethan couch vanished. the 18-year-old was due in court on december 3 for his probation hearing. not only was he a no-show, his mother is also missing. >> i believe they left right after his last appointment with his probation officer. i believe they timed the get-away to give them the maximum time to be gone before
4:43 pm
we started to look for them. reporter: the f.b.i. joining the investigators tracking the family passport. the phone and financial records not ruling out that couch pled the country. >> look over his shoulder the rest of his life. we are not going to not come after him. anytime he is somewhere we can apprehend him we'll find him. >> couch was serving ten year pros base after a drunk driving in 2013 left four people dead. as the tame he was 16 and his legal team argued he suffered from affluenza. >> when is the last time you recalled disciplining him for anything? >> i don't remember. reporter: his lawyers argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. couch reached financial settlement with the victim's family and avoided jail time with the affluenza defense. as for consequences, when he and his mother are apprehended if there is a way to prosecute his mother they will.
4:44 pm
but because under the lawee than is considered a juvenile he still may not face any jailtime for now. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. leon: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- you knew "star wars" was going to be a big hit. we have the numbers for you next. we will tell you what those who saw the movie are saying about it. alison: also ahead at 4:00, how netflix makes sure you don't sleep through the next
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leon: hear the music. the wait is over. the newest "star wars" film playing in theaters across the country. alison: already breaking records out there. brandi hitt is in hollywood with fans who have a lot to say about the new movie. brandi: "star wars" fans are feeling the force. thousands across the country lining up to be the first to see "star wars: the force awakens" from new york to l.a. >> it was 11 on a 10 scale. >> thank god. >> it was amazing. >> the seventh movie in the
4:48 pm
franchise is breaking records. earning $57 million thursday night alone. and selling the most presale tickets online in fandango history. >> we are excited. >> new generation of the loyal jedi celebrating with the first. and some are taking their love to the extreme. yes, this is a "star wars" themed wedding. >> stands together to face the galaxy. >> the couple camping out for 12 days to get married before seeing the film in hollywood. >> after one of the largest hollywood premiers in history -- the cast is jetting around the world. >> a proud moment. >> while some venues are adding extra security, many faithful fans plan to stand in line again. >> tuckets fir saturday. >> ticket for saturday. >> the biggest box office record at home for opening weekend.
4:49 pm
in hollywood, brandi: brandi, abc7 news -- brandi hitt, abc7 news. alison: look how cute. mark zuckerberg's daughter is a facebook fan. he showed his newbon daughter in a jedi tunic next to darth vader dolls. he said the force is strong with this one. leon: her dad can buy her a lightsaber. real one. alison: exactly. cutie. alison: this is a netflix socks to have a sewn in device. when it deflects that the wearer has fallen asleep. the problem is you have to
4:50 pm
them yourself. >> not missing a television program. leon: i thought they were going to shock you and wake you up. pope francis cleared the way for mother teresa to be a saint. recognized the second miracle attributed to the roman catholic nun. a brazilian man with brian cancer was healed. it was in 2008. she is expected to be canonized in september on the anniversary of her 1997 death. >> you might not be ready for the holiday. alison: but check out the family christmas card with the duke and duchess of cambridge. the royal couple said they are looking forward to sending the
4:51 pm
first christmas together. even if you are royalty, it's hard to get them to stand still. leon: go out now and check in with doug hill at the holiday light at the regional park. where it should be beautiful in a couple of hours. >> yeah, they just turned the lights on a little while ago. getting dark shortly. this is where you can drive through and acres and acres. the lights are spectacular. driving through the park. let's see how the outlook is shaping up. tomorrow gusty and winddy throughout the day. there is a lot of sunshine. highs reach in uper 40's. it will feel colder. then we will do better in the
4:52 pm
mid-to-the upper 40's. that will lead us to the sunday redskins game against the bills. perfect football weather expected at fedex field. temperatures in 40's. a bit of a breeze but nothing like tomorrow. now check out the next seven days. this should come as no surprise. look what happens after we get through the weekend. it starts to warm up again. big way. we have a lot of cloudiness through monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, christmas eve. look at the warming trend. christmas eve possibility and maybe even sunshine. we have more about the park in a little bit. leon: good deal. we will check back with you later on. leon: let's check back in with traffic on friday. >> starting in d.c. ethink of friday, get away
4:53 pm
friday. it's congested but we don't have crashes so that is good. the alternate is 17. on i-street between 15 and 17th you can use k-street as an alternate. heading northbound, a big problem spot. it's closed due to police activity. the traffic is diverted off at the mass avenue. you get past the pentagon and continuing south that are bumper to bumper. seeing that as well through the county. solid red line. let's show you near the american region bridge. you get an idea of what to expect. we have a
4:54 pm
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leon: americans are losing tens of millions of dollars a year to online and phone scam. it gets worse as the scammers get more sophisticated. alison: john matarese shows what to watch out for so you don't waste your money. ion: the holiday season is the time of year people are rushed and busy that it is easy to fall for a scam. better business bureau is warning about the top holiday scams to avoid in 2015. >> 'tis the season for generosity. scammers know that. >> people are feeling generous. a lot of times they let their guard down. >> sandra guidely of the better business bureau talked about the hottest scams. the secret sister gift exchange on facebook. >> you will be blessed with 36 additional gifts. john: you will get nothing. what makes 2015 different when it comes to holiday scams so many of them show up on social media and get shared by people
4:58 pm
to make it easier to fall for. another big one counterfeit designer clothing sold by websites with no address. two months ago this local woman cammy was scammed this way. >> three were the wrong side, one is damaged. >> other scams are phony holiday season jobs. offered by fake websites phishing for your personal information. phony ecards and letters from santa that are stuffed with malwear for your computer. >> if you open up that ecard it will download malicious software. >> others fake charities that call you for money. fraudulent 50% off coupons to kohl or target. puppy scam on the craigslist. jean fell for that last year. the seller wants you to send shipping and insurance money for christmas puppies that don't exist. my advice is be skeptical of any offer or freebie that is too good to be true so you
4:59 pm
don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7. >> they will make money taking it out again. leon: a crumb rubber field gets the green light and parents are feeling brushed off. >> people are anxious to get on the mountain. we are hope to feel have them here soon. leon: every ski resort have offyears but this year the nearby businesses are sweating. a le call left a woman -- a recall left a woman wondering where her baby would sleep but now she is resting easy. announcer: from abc7, a breaking news alert. leon: breaking news. shots fired in a local mall parking garage followed by a chase that ended in the district. jeff goldberg joins us live from northwest where the chase ended. do we know what started this now? jeff: leon, police are saying the shot was fired as a result of a road rage incident that took place at the pentagon city mall parking garage
5:00 pm
resulting in two suspects being taken into custody on 395 north. just north of the third street tunnel. we believe that is the suspect's vehicle in the middle of the roadway. you you can see traffic diverted on to massachusetts avenue. there is a road rage dispute after which one of the suspects got a gun from his trunk and fired a warning shot in the air near the parking gar ran exit. multiple people called 911 and gave description to the police. soon after that the arlington police spotted the suspect vehicle and a chase started. in the chase, one of the suspects apparently threw a gun outside the car at 395 north at the g.w. parkway. in this area, by third and northwest, two men got out of


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