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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now abc 7 news at noon. jumi: we take a live look outside right now. a rain will give way to some son later on today. let's go to doug who is timing everything up. doug: the rain has ended out here.
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we will hang on to the clouds today. let's get started with the numbers. it's 55 at reagan national area it's mid to in the entire area. you can see numbers in the low 60's already. we will top out around 62 degrees in the metro. skies will be cloudy and temperatures drop through the 50's. once again, the phenomenon where nighttime temperatures are higher than average. batch number one of rain is moving out of the area. or showers are developing more moisture will be spreading in. there are not many breaks. expect a lot of clouds and changes over the next couple of days. we will have a sense of everything moving off to the northeast. the wind will continue. a white area of rain tomorrow traveling 95ou are or 81, it's going to be raining all day long. it may be heavy at times. this will take us through 30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.
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we get into christmas eve and it looks like even more warm pictures and heavier downpours west of the metro. a lot of stuff is happening. we think we could get up to an inch of rain by the time it papers off christmas eve they. -- dave. -- day. we have some sunshine in the air for christmas eve christmas day will be 68 with early sunny skies. we will talk more about what happens after the holidays weatherwise. jumi: it looks more like july 4 out there. it's the busiest travel day tomorrow if you had out early, jamie sullivan has a look of traffic. jamie: we are starting up with traffic. you can see volume southbound 95. we are starting off in virginia. we are ok getting closer toward vale city.
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this is where we start to see volume. it's nothing i would see as a slowdown. as we look to the maps, focus on the cap about way. you may have to finish work today and then you were off. we are ok for prince george's county. on 86, therebound are no problems getting closer. onyou are traveling north 270, heading toward frederick or hagerstown, it will take you about 20 minutes run the capital way closer to clarksburg. there are no crashes to report. 270, 95 are stretches to travel out of the city if you're heading out of town. they have the most volume. it's nothing i would consider major problem. there are no problems a 95 you have to catch a flight area --.
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you are clear on the way. jumi: thank you. right now, a major headache for parents and school officials in charles county. they are trying to figure out how to get some students home from school after bus drivers announced the strike. jeannette reyes is live. there could be delays were students coming home. jeannette reyes: that's right. he told you about this possibility earlier this morning. now we are getting reports that drivers have been calling sick. some told students earlier this morning we will see you next year. they were not going to see them this afternoon. we saw some of those bus drivers lineup dropping off students this morning. what is happening now is some of the substitute drivers are going to have to start filing into caps off students. here is the problem.
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they won a raise in pay. they want $17 an hour. they want to unionize. they want to be hired directly by the board as opposed to going through multiple contractors. they have 27 contractors. i asked if there is a possibility that that could be granted. >> that's a very long process. it's a very expensive process. it's always under consideration. we are always looking at ways to do something. to buy 240 buses at one time, that's a long-term consideration. >> that's unfortunate. they will have to do that. it's a safety issue. reyes: here's what's going to happen if you have a child in the charles county district.
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you will make it home. they have transportation available. they have substitute drivers lineup. they will get there late. that's very likely. there are 23,000 students to take the bus. some drivers will have to do three or four routes to get everyone home. they will have staff available until each student is picked up. this is the last day before break. the good news is you have to deal with this headache tomorrow. your children will get home late. people keep you posted. keep us updated. rockdeveloping, a woman in hill is recovering after she was shot in the leg while driving down the street. police are trying to figure out who fired the shot and by. x but a bizarre situation. police say this woman was not targeted. it was a stray bullet. nightas around 8:00 last
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she heard the impact she felt something on her leg, but she ignored grade that's when she felt a burning sensation on her leg. she noticed of political in her suv. she rushed over to this firehouse. company three. she was treated here and transported to the hospital. take a look at this. they are coming through the grounds. they are searching for clues. they are trying to figure out who fired the shot her in --. >> i thought it sounded like firecrackers. >> you heard a series of shots. this drivingring around. >> this moment will has had a lot of robberies. heardidence say they
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seven shots around and :00 last night. that is around the time and place this woman was struck in the leg. she is expected to be ok. police are searching for the gunman. jumi: wow. we will be reporting about the woman who drove into crowds of tourists in las vegas. she killed the mother of three and injured more than 30 others. she is on suicide watch. to sleepshe was trying inside the car but cap getting run off by security. they can't believe she would do something like that. she able model award back in 2012 when she lived in portland. her next court grants is wednesday. a manhunt is underway for the teenager infamous for affluenza defense in a drunk driving crash. the fbi and u.s. marshals are searching for him and his
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mother. there is a wanted poster and reward for a fugitive. they believe they are on the run in a plaque ford truck. he might try to change his appearance. the investigation shows it other family members offering support, they will likely be charged as well. jumi: he is now 18 years old. he skipped a probation hearing earlier this month. he was convicted of four counts of manslaughter in 2013, but was not sentenced to jail. police are trying to figure out why a hummer drove into the river last night. this appears to be an intentional act. >> this was in the water for 11 hours for police and a tow truck
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were able to get it out. a source tells us the hummer drove down this wooden dock and plowed through the pylons and launched into the water. that same source says had this not been an intentional act, the driver would have gone on to one of these boat ramps and hit the water. that car would've slowed down and the driver would have made you not read take a look at some video. -- police on mass the ground. they use boats and divers. they tried to rescue the driver, but it was too late to his body andpulled from the vehicle then this morning around 8:30 a.m., it was removed. the investigation continues into how this happened. as soon as we know, we will let you know. a new trial date has
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officially been set for baltimore police officer william porter in the freddie gray case. it will begin with yuri selection in june next year. a mistrial was declared last week with a jury could not come to a unanimous decision. he was the first of six officers to go on trial. died from injuries while in police custody. bowe bergdahl will be arraigned today. he is set to appear in a military court room in fort bragg. he was captured by the taliban after allegedly walking out of his unit. he was held captive for five years. investigator recommended he not face jail time, he could face life in prison. person was killed when militants with a terror group ambushed a bus in kenya.
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a group of muslims on the bus shielded their christian countrymen. the muslims gave the others had scarves to wear. they shield the christian passengers and told the attackers they were paired to die together. the attackers left but said they would return. stepping upit is security. withnterior minister met religious leaders to ensure everything is being done for security. that raised concerns about repeated tax and anti-muslim backlash. up, donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. the controversial remark he made about her last night. more trouble for to play. the latest e. coli out rate.
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more rain is expected in the next few days. doug hill is time it all out. we will check in with that jumi: rhetoric is heating up.
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donald trump is coming under fire for a controversy over comment about hillary clinton last night. he continues to demand a apology. the political tax are coming from both sides. >> donald trump unleashed his fiercest attack on hillary clinton. >> she's terrible. derogatorya sexually
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term good --. >> i know where she went. >> donald trump is on video and isis using him on the video. >> it turned out to be a lie. to --his calling it hurt apologize. brand-new university poll shows half of americans think they would be embarrassed if he were president. he may need to take aim at a new target, senator ted cruz is catching up. he is just four points behind.
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hillary clinton says they will respond to come. jummy: now to a seven on your side report. five more illnesses are tied to chipotle. cases are in kansas and oklahoma. they reported eating at chipotle. no one has determine if the strain is the same one that sinceed people in -- october. no one has died during the outbreak. some scary moments at sea world. more than a dozen people were trapped on an amusement park ride. they were stuck for nearly three hours. firefighters work with staff to rescue the passengers. the ride was lowered onto the
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ground on its own. it no one was hurt rate of there is no word of what caused the malfunction. while we are not expecting a white christmas, we can see another rare sight. nasa says the last form and the year will your on christmas day. it's called a cold moon. the best time to see it will be just after 6:00 in the morning. 1977the first time since and it won't happen again for another 19 years. a cold moon. so many moons. 6:00 a.m. christmas morning, we you wake area -- we would be awake during --. the rain has moved out and the temperatures are mild. he could have thunderstorms green we have crazy weather. not only here, over a large part of the eastern united states.
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this is a live look at our weatherbug camera. numbers right now are impressive. 55 degrees, the rain has ended in rockville as well. it is moved off to the east. it's 57 right now in leesburg. it's 63 in stanton, virginia. there is warmer air. have no trouble warming up to the 60's in most areas. 61 in dale city. it's 59 degrees in aspen hill. this is the rain moving out. i don't think that break will get here during daylight hours. tonight, we could get a break in cloud cover. this is our futurecast. that has quickly moved out.
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it's ahead of schedule. it shows some clearing of overnight hours. as early as 6:00, lots of rain. if you're heading south on the interstate, you will have a lot of rain to deal with. that is something to consider as you make plans. as the rain extends to the it's up across the pennsylvania turnpike. rain will be an issue and there will be pockets of heavy rain as well. this is 12:30 p.m. tomorrow. it will clear up that as rainfall and on christmas day, there will be a final search of oyster with this system. that's going to be an issue. that could spread over the metro. as far as the big map goes, this is how it looks for travel tomorrow. we have cooler temperatures across the high plains.
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we will have more temperatures christmas eve. it will be sunny with maybe a christmas shower. both are going to be incredibly mild. the temperatures will head after christmas, it looks like we will be in the upper 50's saturday and low 60's sunday. my cheap christmas gift you. a dry christmas day. i went online only. inmy: coming up, the change blood donation rules. an unexpected delivery for a
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jummy: the fda is allowing game and to donate blood after 12 months of celibacy. fbi --of limited by the f the eight at the start the page crisis. little is known about the spread of the disease. the human rights campaign called a step in the right direction. fullyll falls short of acceptable solutions. a couple in utah is thanking a 911 dispatcher for helping deliver their baby on a highway. they were rushing to the hospital friday but the baby could not wait. they called 911 and an operator just started after two weeks of training. he coach them through the delivery process including using
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a shoelace to get the shoelace from -- to get the umbilical cord from around the baby's neck area --.
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doug: the rain is moving out that more is coming in. jummy: thank you. thanks for joining us.
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