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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ve service member. she also had local ties. she graduated from george washington university in 2010. live in the newsroom suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: very sad. thank you. developing right now from the secret service, squad car broken into at the headquarters downtown. richard reeve is outside the headquarters. what was stolen from the car? richard: we'll get to that in a moment but first what reis remarkable about in the story is when it happened. 42:00 in the afternoon. but also where it happened. a couple of blocks from the secret service headquarters here. it happened on j street. we have video to show you. here is what police are telling us what happened. agent was approaching his car yesterday. he noticed the back of the car was unzipped as if it was a jeep vehicle we believe.
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inside was a bag that was missing. the handcuffs and his badge, number 1266. one of the big concerns is the flash drive in the bag. they said the flash drive is encrypted and protected. they are more concerned about the firearm. we don't know what happened to the agent there. be an internal review, possibly discipline for the agent. for right now they are missing one secret service handgun out of a personal vehicle. in northwest washington, richard reeve abc7 news. alison: thank you. now updating a story from frederick today. the second suspect who shot two boys outside frederick high school gym this year was back in court to plead guilty. police say brandon tyler shot seven times after his suspected accomplice lured the victims outside of the
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basketball game. jonathan: a fight at a high school. alison: the brawl got so bad the police were called in. only on 7 kev kef just obtained cell phone video of the altercation. what does it show? kevin: well for a while, as you will see in the video it was uncontrollable scene. 2900 students awe -- attend montgomery blair. they say it was sparked by members of rival gangs. a 7:00 a.m. brawl in the halls of montgomery blair high school. cell phone video shows dozen of students shoving, punching kicking and shouting at each other. at one point the morning melee
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spilled an atrium. securities and teachers far outnumbered desperately attempt to regain control. junior kelton gonzalez who was not part of the fight recall what is the administrator said on the loud speaker that day. >> fighting is not allowed. kevin: police tell us this 18-year-old instigated the violent fracas. blythers who is now facing charges of disturbing school operations is an alleged member of the maple street gang that parts for turf in takoma park and silver springs. police say the combative match was a direct byproduct of blythers attacking a rival gang member over a trivial dispute and add the other students involved joined in just because. >> i think it brings bad publicity overall. i think some of the students feel like the security is at risk. there are people fighting
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randomly. >> although our video doesn't show this. the police say at one point a student picked up a garbage can and threw it. the garbage can full of trash. employees suffered minor injuries. blythers faces seven months in prison. jonathan: give and take with the weather. nice and warm. alison: rainy and cloudy. will it clear up for the big travel day today? our chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. doug: not at all. it will get rainy tomorrow. heavier rain. the rain ended a number of hours ago. cloudy and mild outside the belfort furniture center. check out the numbers. the latest numbers 59 in baltimore. 61 at andrews and fredericksburg. 59 in leesburg. 58 in the capital. through the evening is cloudy. we will drop 48 to 5 degrees area of fog. by sunrise the leading edge of the next batch of rain should move in the area there will be
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large area o the moderate to heavy rain during the day. traveling north and south up to i-95 corridor and the east coast. adverse weather in part of colorado northern new mexico. western wyoming. the inner mountain west. rain on the northwest coast. timing is 8:30 in the morning with steady rain and gusty winds. more rain throughout the day and evening and heavy at times. we will get a break. but another showers could come in south by christmas eve morning. we will continue the forecast in a couple of minutes. allyson? alison: thank you. the ride to school was never in question for the charles county student, it was the ride home. jonathan: a budding labor dispute forced the school system to bring up backup drivers to take children home. mike carter-conneen in the county. are we still waiting for kids for a ride home? mike: we have resolution. an hour ago couple of hours
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ago depending what school. bus drivers here in the county work for 26 different contractors. and many of them want that changed. they want to work for the county. and today they threatened a major service disruption. in the end only 20 of them did not complete the shift. the county provided substitute drivers to cover the routes. but many remained with the threat of the strike. 23,000 students ride buses. the threat of an afternoon strike by the bus drivers today many parents dropped everything to make sure 2 kids had a ride home in the rural county. >> they live so far out. in the end the school district says only 20 drivers did not complete the shifts today. one of the strike organizers said more wanted to participate but they are scared. they fear for the job. they feel if they stand up for themselves the axe is coming.
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>> one driver claimed she was fired this afternoon. showing the text message. >> we no longer need you after today. the spot has been filled. >> they want to hired as full-time employees. they want to unionize and they want higher pay starting to $20 an hour. >> i don't bring home a little over $20000 a year. mike: would it be feasible for the county to take over the bus operations from the chron tackers? >> that is a long process. it's always under consideration. looking at the different ways to do something. but to buy 240-some buses all at one time and hire that many employees at the same time is long term consideration. >> the district points to several maryland counties that work with the contractors to serve buses. neighbors a university and st. mary's county they start less at $16 and $15 an hour compared to $17 an hour here.
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winter break started this often. but bus driver -- started this afternoon. bus drivers vow they will continue fighting. mike carter-conneen abc7 news. alison: thank you. a woman was hit by a stray bullet driving her car. this was in rockville. one of the bullets went through the door and hit her in leg are. she didn't realize what happened until she picked up her son at the rockville metro station. she is expected to be okay. they don't believe she was the ended target. jonathan: updating in new york shots fired inside a mall. this is garden city long island. one was taken to the custody and another taken to the hospital. this happened at a rolex dealer at the roosevelt field mall. no other injuries reported. we don't have details on this as far as what sparked it. we are told that the situation is resolved. alison: all right. coming up up at "abc7 news at
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5:00" -- first day of winter. may not feel like it here but across the nation we are seeing everything ahead of the busiest travel day. what you can expect if you head out of town or maybe hosting. just ahead. jonathan: plus a special delivery that the d.c. central kitch and the major donation from the national park service. we will tell you about it up next. alison: still ahead a major policy change in virginia when it comes to firearms. why some guns will be allowed in the state but others will have to be left behind. jonathan: at 5:45 a tradition five decades in the making and the unique to d.c. area. the annual family event to live on for another generation. while looking back at reviewing white house history. that is still ahead at
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jonathan: hunting to help the homeless. they dropped venison to help those in need. >> we will put this in the meals we deliver day for the shelters transitional home and the halfway houses. we will use this meet to make chili.
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alison: extreme records coast to coast. jonathan: if you head west one storm after another in a miserable winter. severe storms and heavy snowfall. we have more. brandi: a wet and a soggy start to busy holiday travel week. more than 100 million travelers are expected to hit the road, the most ever. severe weather isn't helping. fog may have led to a crash in arkansas that killed at least three people. across the west, it is slow-going in the snow. so much hasllen in washington state rescue teams are searching for missing skier since saturday.
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>> he could be in a snow cave or under a tarp waiting for us. >> dangerous winds are overturning semi trucks in southern california and taking out trees in oregon. this one barely missed harwood. >> i was panicking. brandi: more than 38 million travelers are expected to fly through january 3. where weather could cause flight delays wednesday. >> heavy rain intlanta. severe weather later in day. chicago will look to wind and rain. brandi: historic heat in the northeast. 77 degrees forecasted in washington d.c., christmas eve. 71 thursday in new york city. tomorrow is set to be the busiest travel day on the road. taking advantage of lowest grass prices for months -- gas prices for months. jonathan: don't get caught in the elements. stay connected with the storm watch 7 team. the app available on google
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play and the apple store. it will provide update on facebook twitter and looks like we pay attention to the other people's weather opposed to ours. alison: nice change. doug: remember most about the christmas eve weather this year is the temperatures. a little rain and gusty winds. 69 is a record high from 1933. we will break it. jonathan: short leave weather. doug: yes. start with the time lapse from the army-navy country club in arlington. cloudy start. rainy too. mid-morning it tapered off but we never broke into sunlight. mild temperatures. some areas could see a clearing trend. the next batch of rain will arrive in the morning.
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57 in hagerstown. the wake-up temperatures the metro area. 55 in the brentwood neighborhood. 51 in germantown and ashburn. dale city54 tomorrow morning. the first batch of rain is out of the picture. but this is the next area. this could turn into severe weather tomorrow afternoon. possibility of severe thunderstorms. isolated tornado. we are talking about the midsouth tomorrow. along the east coast the i-95 corridor especially. period of rain tomorrow. check out the future cast. 5:00 in the morning the model has heavy rain steady rain through metro. it will take us through the balance of the rush hour in the morning. by 9:00 a.m. pocket of rain around the area. more rain through the afternoon. we know it's a huge travel day by land, sea air, over the river and through the woods, whatever way you go. a lot of rain. potentially an inch or more. especially south or west of the metro region. in christmas eve light showers. then all bets are off. we could see breaks in the
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overcast. talk about the rainfall potential. about the rainfall potential. computer models say by midday on thursday or mid-morning when the rain comes to an end, 1.1 inches in the district. 2.2 inches in charlottesville. the travel forecast in eastern part of the country. the area of heaviest rain is west. overhead through new england. isolated showers and storms from the carolina to florida. the area in the midsouth here is severe weather and the heavy storms in chicago land. so the christmas cast will call for now for the day on christmas eve on thursday. become partly sunny. 30% chance of showers. light showers. 74 is the high. little bit of sunshine and a lot of clouds. 40% chance of scattered showers around the area. talk about the records for christmas eve. the existing record. 69 degrees in 1933.
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we will break that one and the one at washington dulles. 65 is record high at b.w.i. will be broken as well as we head to the 70's. the values are 30 degrees above average for christmas eve. we will still be above average for christmas day with 40% chance of showers. highs of 69. frontal system will work through. cooler and 62 on saturday with 30% chance of showers. the only day not forecasting rain will be sunday. we will bounce up to 66. a stronger front will come through with a 52 degree high on monday with a chance of showers. look. cooler by tuesday. we will warm back to 660 degrees. jonathan: all indications are at least two weeks like this. doug: if not longer. above average temperatures. alison: wow! amazing. jonathan: have we ever had a month of december we never saw snow? doug: i don't know. probably. i don't know. i don't have any retrieval ability. we have had years like a
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couple of times in the past 25 30 years we have had only one-tenth of one inch for the entire weather. so the answer is probably. what is probably? alison: thank you. falls church is changing the tune for a group of people trying to sing christmas carols outside of an abortion clinic. this all stems from the video leased by the alliance of defending freedom. carolers were performing outside the clinic on a public sidewalk when a nearby business called noise complain. the officer asked the group to move or reconsider sing. they were citing an actual city noise ordinance. falls church officials are working with the group. tomorrow they will be allowed to sing on the sidewalk. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the mother of a d.c. man who died while handcuffed by security guards now making the
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plea for answers. who she is asking to investigate for the death is raising more questions. that is coming up. >> democratic attorney general makes a big ruling with regard to guns. republicans are furious. what the decision is and the response coming up after the break. alison: a look at the primetime line-up tonight --
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jonathan: the commonwealth had recognized from 25 states which -- [inaudible] >> this decision is all about safety and nothing more. receiving a lot of criticism from the republican lawmakers accusing him of using his
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office to forward a political agenda. they considered where permits are valid and accepted. they do not meet the virginia standards and the restrictions. as a result of the decision several states will not accept the concealed scary permits from virginia. >> the laws should be strengthened with the universal background check and domestic violence situations but we want to make sure we are enforcing all the laws on the books. >> lawmakers are furious. saying that the attorney general is endangering the
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lives of the law-biding virginians traveling for work vacation or visiting the families. the republicans say they are planning to fight this move at the general assembly starting next month. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from governor mcauliffe on the decision as well alaska his plan for the upcoming -- as well as his plan for the upcoming session and from a gun owner in the area that calls the decision ridiculous. that is in half an hour. until then live in the newsroom. jeff goldberg abc7 news. alison: see you then. still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- it's not just for the tv. the evolution of the high-speed web access and changing landscape that providers are battling coming up. jonathan: army sergeant bowe bergdahl goes before a military judge. what he declined to do today. we'll tell you about it. >> the mother of a man who died in the custody of special
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security guards wants her son's body exhumed and the united nations to step in. i'm stephen
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: the mother of alonzo smith who died in the custody of security guards in d.c. is searching for answers. alison: d.c. police released body cam footage of the response finding smith unconscious and handcuffed. stephen tschida is in
5:29 pm
southeast washington with her plea. stephen: beverly smith held a news conference that stated she believed security guards here at the marbury plaza apartments killed her son. she also took issue with the medical examiner and the finding of the autopsy. >> body camera footage of the moment d.c. police officers arrived at the marbury plaza apartments november 1. private security guards had taken down alonzo smith. he was cuff and unconscious. >> my son's neck was broken. stephen: but the medical examiner ruled several factors led to the death. acute cocaine toxicity while constrained and compression of the torso and langed it a
5:30 pm
homicide. december -- labeled it a homicide. despite the determination and ongoing investigation beverly smith and others are calling for the united nations to step in. >> there has never been a-up human rights commission of the united states which is ironic given the reliance the u.s. has had on the united nations to justify. >> she plans to resume the son's body for an autopsy. >> what would satfy me when there is an indictment and prosecuted for murdering my ston. alison: checking the top story. the afghanistan bomb attack hits close t home for a local family. the son of a dupont restaurant of
5:31 pm
the six victims killed yesterday in the attack. staff sergeant was the victim of a suicide bomber who loaded motorcycle with explosives and drove into his unit. jonathan: violence breaking out in montgomery blair high school injuring employees. two weeks ago this happened. the brawl broke out before the opening bell. police had to be called in. it was between two gangs to cause the fight. alison: record number of holiday travelers hit the roads tomorrow. the temperatures will be mild. will the rain clear up in time for the travel day? we have the latest forecast coming up shortly. police are trying to determine why a hummer drove in the cassel river and why it's intentional act. sam sweeney? sam: a source on the team
5:32 pm
tells us that the hummer drove down the block, through the piling and launched in the air and went in the water. the same source says that had it not been an intentional act it is likely that the driver would have gone on to one of the two boat ramps. hit the water and then on impact that car would have slowed down and the driver would have been able to get out. that wasn't the case. look at if video. massive police presence on the ground and in the water. they used boats and drivers and tried to rescue the driver but it was too late. the man was pulled -- the man's body was pulled from the vehicle. and then again this morning at around 8:30 the hummer was removed. this afternoon the investigation continues into how this happened and who the driver was. as soon as we know we will let you know. reporting in southeast anacostia river sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: around the nation today army sergeant bowe
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bergdahl was arraigned at a military hearing in fort bragg. he does face charges of desertion and misbehavior by the enemy. he was capture and held for five years when he was freed following a controversial prisoner swap. they recommended no jailtime but a commander disagreed with that. bergdahl could get live in prison if convicted. he will be back before a military judge 12. alison: families of more than a dozen victims of the sandy hook school shooting in newtown connecticut will split $1.5 million. it stems from settlement filed against the gunman's mother estate. the settlements were finalized last thursday. the lawmakers say that nancy -- the lawsuit says nancy lanier -- lanza failed to secure the rifle. the driver accused of mowing downs dozens of people on the
5:34 pm
las vegas strip is expected to appear in court. lakeisha holloway charged with murder with a deadly weapon. one person die and three are in critical conditions and dozens of others hurt. the person killed in the crash identified as 32-year-old jessica valenzuela. jonathan: the auto maker found a problem with the ford headlights they can go dark and cause a crash. it affect 13000 vehicles impacting 2003-2005 crown victoria, and mercury grand marquis cars. the owners will be notified next month and they will replace the lighting control module for you. alison: home sales took a sharp dive last month. new regulation on lending make it harder to close on a house or a condo. the national association of realtors says sales of existing homes collapsed by 10.5%.
5:35 pm
new disclosure form seeking a mortgage could slow the process of buying a new home. rising home values outpace increase in pay as well. jonathan: the internet use is increasing. broadband use at home has seen a drop. pew research center found high cost of connecting the broadband and the convenience of the smartphone and tablets has this trend shifting. two-third of americans have high-speed american access at home compared to 70% two ago. we cut the cord with phones. a lot of people don't have land lines and now happening with broadband. alison: think how quickly it's changing. jonathan: two years we'll all be on cell phone. alison: straight ahead at 5:00 more than five decades with the national tree. a family's d.c. tradition and it has evolved over the years in coming up. jonathan: it was party time. much more than the successful
5:36 pm
rocket launch. why the space-x venture could make future missions and space travel more affordable up next. alison: new at 6:00, the force is with the sea turtles. what it took to get princess leia luke, yoda to safety. the new home that was far far away, of course. parents help their children discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide
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doug: hi. doug hill with you. quick look at the travel day in the weather forecast tomorrow. east coast, rain. a lot of it. farther south you have thunderstorms. look at the temperatures. tomorrow hitting 70 in richmond. 71 in raleigh durham. in the 70's for christmas ease. more shower and storms in chicago and south. for phrasers an christmas day, this is the christmas cast. it will be warm. probably record-setter on christmas eve. a little bit of sunshine. breezy and warm. the weather high of 69. i think we will break that with no problems. 30% chance of showers and 74
5:38 pm
degrees on christmas day. 69. warm sun and 40% chance of showers. now check out the next seven. we will start with the weekend forecast which will be cooler. but jeez, still way above average. 62 of saturday. there could be showers in the afternoon as well. getting through the next seven days the temperatures will continue to rise and drop off. early next week look at the temperatures cooling off briefly monday. stay with us. "abc7 news at 51#
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alison: most likely to visit jonathan: unless you are a dunkin' donuts fans or -- alison: or if yt drink coffee. jonathan: all right. coming up for us -- >> just like i do. jonathan: they don't do it
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every year. one family devotion to a tradition to give us a look at how the white house celebrates the holiday throughout the years. alison: the wizard and the cast team up to play santa. adorable pi it's the holidays, which means a house full of people who all want to get online. so hurry and g verizon fios. from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your f plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or callr now for this great offer. get out of the pas o-
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jonath: families often have long-standing holiday traditions. alison: sure! being near the nation's capitol has provided a special
5:45 pm
family. jimmy introduces to the neilsons. reporter: the nahad a nationalistmas2 ; them the fami been taking the area. at was -- a tradition was boked better and better. >> you'd have slide show for the pictures. >> it became a family affair. >> i got a picture of him with the tree.
5:46 pm
>> when he could no longer take the photos his son brian took up the mantle. >> i think whatever a family tradition is that is the important part of christmas. a fun thing to share. >> abc7 news. alison: isn't that nice? jonathan: gorgeous photography. alison:♪. that is the first one, right? this year. >> that is this year. clarity, too. when you see the white house behind the tree. good stuff. nice tradition to keep up. we want to see your scenes of the season. send us our pictures to look for them on air at abc7 news. we like to share. alison: let's get a check on the roadways. hey, joy. joy: hello. trying to keep in the christmas spirit be careful. we have accidents. we'll go live to the camera and see how the beltway is moving. if you want to call it that. a lot of trying to get home or do the last-minute christmas errands. snow on the interloop.
5:47 pm
to the 270 spur. eisenhowernnhe wilson bridge. beltway at bradley road. southbound 95 is a mess there to make your way fa fairfax county parkway to the occoquan and even past that. the earlier accident westbound 66 prior to nutley street. outbound 395. from duke street on to the city. northbound 270 is rough now as you make your way even over east of the beltway through germantown. a slow row. we have a bright spot for the wilson bridge. jonathan: more on the video have to see. a massive school fight in montgomery county and what police say started the brawl. plus violence on metro. the attack a passenger said is the reason she stopped riding. we will tell you where it happened. package stolen from inside a police station.
5:48 pm
the brazen crime that is coming up new at 6:00. alison: okay. first, though let's check out the weather situation. we have rain moving in tomorrow that is serious. jonathan: we are going break records for christmas eve an christmas. doug hill is keeping an eye on this for us. this is fun for you? doug: really? so many kids calling about snow for christmas. you are right. we will set a record high on christmas eve. probably not christmas day. at 6:00 above the high. 67 in fredericksburg and reagan national airport. the forecast overnight is for the clouds to stay in. we may see some areas that are briefly clearing. you may see stars. the areas might be fog forming. because of that 48 to 55 degrees. by early in the morning rain in the forecast. the rain earlier today moved out of the picture. the new area that is developing along the gulf coast that will expand in the northeast. rain will be heavy at times. farther south and thunderstorms.
5:49 pm
possibility of fact. look at this tomorrow. enhanced weather. memphis in the deep south. pushing to the northern texas and mississippi. the future cast unstop it tomorrow morning and show rain. 9:00 a.m. affect traffic in the interstate. 95 north and south. 61, 81. rain everywhere. it will continue in the day. through late an when the traffic reaches the peak. heavy rain up and down the i-95 corridor. another batch on christmas morning but after that or christmas eve morning then the skies clear a bit. strong southwesterly winds to boost the temperatures in the 70's. breezy and a record high of 64. sun and showers for the day. christmas day. for the weekend we have mild conditions here.
5:50 pm
40% chance of rain for friday. 30% on saturday. sunday may be dry. look how mild it stays. straight through the next seven days. jonathan? and lou! it's you. alison: hi lou. good to see you. >> you too. alison: happy holidays. lou: this is good when the athletes do something on the field but when they show up at your house that stakes it to a new meaning. the most wonderful time of the year for washington, d.c. sports teams. not only are the redskins on the verge of winning the n.f.c. east, the tenants of the verizon center are praying inspiring hockey and hoops. so today families of the teams holidays took on a new meaning. now is the season. courtesy of the sports stars. [cheering] the wizards, caps and mystics teamed up today to play santa. the annual assist for a few deserving families around the
5:51 pm
d.m.v. >> i'm happy got the presents. lou: first up southeast washington d.c. >> i have five girls. my youngest is four months. >> there she is! spending quality time with wizards star bradley beal. >> this is a cute baby. i might have to steal her. >> i want that i want that! >> and boxes. gifts galore. everything. >> we have christmas spirit. >> the right words to describe this day. >> great to see the s whenor i/ú means it'iskids' e mole girl isr . be grmy a g r?ñmeatcaspy olidays!h >> c.or us iswith n ou if they coutmi it h cjlot ofn: tftxall right. alison: we w d you wi c fase migh oot be t affecting r fivn feddie gray's der
5:52 pm
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st of six officers to go on trial in the freddie gray case. as report both prosecutors and defense team are re-examining their strategy. reporter: this morning's hearing lasted less than five minutes. attorneys from both sides were noticeably missing offliamhohis aearance. retried doug colbert views this pursuit by prosecutors as proof to the strength of the state's case. think people have voir dire-estimated tosecution from the beginning. i am gett frustrated with the critics who maintain that difficult case prosecutioattorney warren brown sees the state case as weakening. case is in trouble with son but also in trouble with regardwhite.orter: officer goodson and arrent alicia white are -- and sergeant alicia white are scheduled to stand trial in january. >> it wouldn't surprise to see testify for the prosecution. even if you put forward and
5:56 pm
there d that he shouldn't be believed. his credibility is suspect. >> in the closing arguments the state told jurors flat out porter should not be truse state pursued porter's caserst. expecting that he would be a maitness. in some trial that followed him like officer godness.oh trying to cut difficult to say. gag order kboth sides from publicly discussing the cases. wha is become clear at that po potential role is in goodson's case. in downtown baltimore, joy. alison: that does it for "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: right now at 6 the new restrictions to limit who can carry a concealed weapon in virginia and a dozen other states.
5:57 pm
jonathan: the effect for riders. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. jonathan: families across the country are heading out for christmas vacation. alison: chief meteorologist doug hill is on storm watch for us. we have travel problems to keep an eye on. doug: the eastern part of the country is going to be affected by rain, heavy thunderstorms tomorrow. pacific northwest rain and thein west. snow is in the forecast there. let's get to it. the temperatures have risen three degrees at reagan national. since sunset. strong warm air moving in the region. 59 at chevy chase.
5:58 pm
tomorrow it will be in the mid-50's. the wake-up temperatures will be good eight to ten degrees above the normal highs are this time of year. plenty of rain earlier. that is moving out. a much larger more dynamic area of rain and thunderstorms along the northern gulf coast is moving northward. we have cloudy skies. temperatures drop in 50's. forecast tomorrow, rain likely could be heavier at times. the temperatures are not stopping there. much warmer the record setting record here on christmas eve. we talk about that in moredetail in a couple of minutes. jonathan: we will see you then. fog blamed for this mess of arkansas. this left three people dead. seven others that are seriously hurt. if you are flying out west be ready for
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