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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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leon: we are on storm watch, flash flooding stranding cars in the district. the busiest travel day of the year held up by wet weather. outon: the rain is moving for now, but maybe not for good. we have live team coverage, starting in the stormwatch 7 weather center with steve rudin.
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tell us we are waking up to sunshine, would you? steve: i wish i could, but how about middle to upper 60's? the way.nge on outside the belfort furniture weather center, 65 degrees in falls church, 64 herndon, 64 ashburn, haymarket 61. we are in the middle 50's for washington and waldorf. a warm front approaching from the south, lifting overhead, the wind increasing out of the south. any patchy fog will give way and we will see warmer air overspread the area. instead of falling overnight, the temperatures will actually begin to rise, especially by early morning. the heaviest of the rain is out of here, nighttime lows from 58 to 68. more on the weather breaking temperatures. kimberly: breaking news and northwest washington, road
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closures in effect in dupont circle where the police are responding to threats against two businesses. chris papst is on the scene. what's going on, chris? kimberly, after 90 minutes, those roads that were close are now open. this is what the scene looked like 30 minutes ago. shortly after 9:00 this evening, 1500 and 1800the block of connecticut avenue dupont circle received some sort of phone threat. the nature of the threat is not being told to us and details of the threat are not being told to us. as we get that information, we will bring it to you. apparently it was enough of a threat that the police shut down the city,ections of than going through the businesses one by one to look for something suspicious. they do not and everything is back open and back to normal. as we get more information, will
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bring it to you. live in dupont circle, chris papst, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, chris. more breaking news and the weather -- at least for people are dead in the wake of severe weather including a child in mississippi, where there are touchingf 14 tornados down. jonathan elias has the latest. jonathan: a seven-year-old boy is among the dead in this outbreak of severe weather, two others missing the mississippi. this was a swap of tornadoes. was one of the hardest hit areas in mississippi, the ritzy crew still searching through the -- forfor eventually potentially more victims. the national weather service is trying to determine how many tornadoes touched down. some were captured on social media, many are thankful to be alive. >> he said he looked out the window and saw the grass
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parts of ad neighbor's house blowing into the yard, all the way to the interstate. as 14an: as many tornadoes or more touchdown and it appears three people were killed in mississippi, two in tennessee. search crews are trying to find victims who may be trapped. we will keep you updated on the situation. jonathan elias, back to you. kimberly: millions of americans hit the road for their holiday destinations, but the severe weather created a real mess. tom roussey has how things are looking in our area and what is ahead for travelers tomorrow. tom? tom: it has been an absolutely miserable night for traveling. at this95, still heavy
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hour, but think goodness it's finally moving. a lot of the travelers have plenty of stories of traffic not moving at all. if you had green lights come it would have looked christmasy, but the traffic has not been a gift anyone wanted. would bected the 23rd the worst holiday travel day, and it has been. taking things worse, at times it was absolutely pouring. >> heavy rain and heavy traffic. laurel, this family is trying to make it from virginia to new england. it is not been going well. we did you hit traffic? >> as soon as we got in the car. tom: there were many accidents, like this one in leesburg. the terrible weather did not stop people from going to the stores like this silver spring kohls. >> the road is closed, so we decided to stop and shop. tom: although many are finish shopping, others will take
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advantage of the one day left -- >> i will come back tomorrow morning. they are open 24 hours. tom: this kohls has been open nonstop for several days. they will be open until 6:00 tomorrow night. at 95. live look the big question, will tomorrow be better? fewerredicts slightly holiday travelers. is so warm that you likely do not need a jacket. live tonight in laurel, howard county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. is for sure, you would not be wearing just shirtsleeves if it was not warm. the next time you had to the airport, there is a new rule -- tsa screeners can force anyone to go through a body scanner, even if you want to opt out.
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he for that change come you could choose to be patted down instead of the scanner. a spokesperson said it can things that a pat down might miss. kimberly: black lives matter's interrupted holiday shopping in minnesota today. they were forced out by the police, so they moved over to the minneapolis-st. paul international airport. the airport tweeted that the demonstration caused significant backups and forced the terminal 2 temporarily shut down. injured, --rs were were arrested, no injuries reported. leon: a head on crash with a metro bus. an suv lost control and hit the bus. seven people were taken to the hospital, their injuries not considered life-threatening. a seven car crash caused delays in southwest washington. road was shot down near malcolm
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x. avenue, three people hospitalized from the scene. -- the roadway was shut down near malcolm x. avenue. in fort: good news washington come in time for the holidays, piscataway drive has reopened more than 80 year and a half after a landslide forced dozens from their homes -- more than a year and a half since fromlides forced dozens their homes. arnie homeowners talking about this rain softening the and bank mitts? richard: the weather is actually an advantage. sign forhave seen the months. they let a folks will be glad to see it go. we are happy to report the road is officially open. it is kind of an early christmas present for the residents. these christmas lights -- >> it has been an odd year.
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richard: perhaps shining brighter now. signs ared everywhere, but finally long-suffering piscataway drive is open. >> we are glad that we are able to drive to our homes in time for the holidays. richard: in may 2014, intense rain saturated a layer of calais overlooking the road -- a layer of clay overlooking the road, causing a landslide. residents from 22 homes were forced to evacuate. >> we had about 60 residents whose daily life was upended. richard: as were crews started a massive $50 million repair, residents had to walk. some boat across the potomac. >> we built trails in the woods and stairs down the hills so we could bypass the construction. ite of the slope
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failure is reinforced with 400 steel piles. there is a new roadway to get home. a nice christmas present. >> very much so. the timing is good, the weather has been great so far. richard: the mild weather has been an issue. if it had been colder or snowed, the project could have been delayed further. six homes are still condemned. a lot of folks are happy here tonight. in fort washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: 7 on your side with health matters. chipotle is in damage control mode after an e. coli outbreak sickened dozens. onions will be boiled in water before being shopped to kill bacteria and cilantro will be put under cook
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lights to kill the bacteria. chipotle is under investigation for e. coli outbreaks in kansas, north dakota, and oklahoma. kimberly: 7 on your side was the first to bring up concerns about possible health hazards on tu rf fields because of crumb rub ber. the epa is telling congress several limited studies do not show an elevated health risk theycrum rubber, but caution the studies are not comprehensive. the epa is working on a detailed study from california and has offered to brief congress about that in the new year. coming up -- senator ted cruz firing back at the "washington post" over a controversial cartoon. >> don't make fun of a five-year-old girl and
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kimberly: 7 on your side with a consumer alert and word that the
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hyatt hotel chain was hacked. they are investigating malware found on computers. the breach affects properties but notby hyatt franchised locations. leon: a new controversy in the race for the white house. firing back about a cartoon in "washington post" that shows his two daughters as monkeys. spoke out today and said that his kids and all kids are off limits. cruz was senator ted reading christmas stories with his family. no one will be the wiser. prompted the ad washington post to run the political cartoon, depicting his
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daughters as trained monkeys. -- don'tot complicated make fun of a five-year-old girl and seven-year-old. jonathan: cruz and his gop challengers agree on this one. >> this is off limits ted cruz was right to be outraged. jonathan: donald trump called it bad, marco rubio called it disgusting. editorial cartoonist defended it. leon: "the post" eventually took the cartoon down, saying their policy is to usually leave children out of it. kimberly: the first family is getting into it with the holiday spirit with some tunes, releasing some christmas by thets put together obama family and the biden family.
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tracks range from frank sinatra to destiny's child on the presidents list. the biden family list runs the gamut from neil diamond to coldplay. both of them had "santa claus is coming to town." leon: there is no chance the kids had any say. interesting. kimberly: it is kind of fun. we havehe weather, record warmth -- or record heat, can we collect heat at this point? leon: fine with me. steve: these records that you see right now for the day tomorrow, 69 at reagan national, 65 bwi marshall. we will shatter those records because we will be well into the 70's. degrees, but we are
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off one degree at reagan national, 65. 20 degrees above average this time of year. so far this month, only one day we have been below average, and that was last saturday with a high only in the 40's. right now, 66 degrees at reagan national. the clouds are with us, but most of the rain has come to an end. a few lingering showers, but not amounting to a lot. leesburg, 67 andrews, culpeper 67 andrews, culpeper 66, same in charlottesville. not a lot of really cold air. the coldest i can find on this map is 55 in boston. chicago was usually coldest time of year and they are 58. 64 columbus. the temperatures are not falling a lot overnight, the heaviest of the rain moving off to the north and east. this line across eastern ohio will move our way and diminished
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in intensity. maura morning, we cannot rule out a chance of showers, maybe thunderstorms. -- tomorrow morning, we cannot rule out a chance of showers. tonight, a lot of tornadoes, nothing like that tomorrow. quieter conditions, although breezy at times around here with the warm air. nighttime temperatures, upper 50's to upper 60's. that means waking up tomorrow morning as you walk the dog or grabbed the coffee, it will be more typical for june 17 than the end of december. the futurecast shows showers moving in during the early morning. may have be spotty, rumbles of thunder, but not amounting to a lot. then we have clearing midafternoon. a little bit of sunshine. sunset at about 4:45. it will feel really, really nice.
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outlook, 74y degrees tomorrow the high, christmas day near 70. , butday, a little cooler then we rebound. sunday about 70. the coldest day of the next seven will be a very cold 52 monday -- that is still seven degrees above average this time of year. kimberly: wow, a lot of people playing football outside after the christmas meals. leon: and we of the wizards pulling tonight. robert: trying to put the pieces together. the wizards trying to put together three in a row.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the wizards have not put together three wins since november.
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a good chance tonight to do it against the grizzlies. first half, patients. if you wait, they will come, anna martin gortat is there, he had a double double tonight. fourth quarter, john wall, nobody picks him up. ok, don't guard me, then. 13 points, 14 assists. wiz win 100-91. cavs-knicks tonight, and there was a lebron citing. down to the wire -- there was a lebron sighting. down to the wire. cavs win 91-84. lebron had 24. win one more time sounds easier said than done, but if the skins can do it they are playoff bound. they have to do it in philly, but at night on a saturday,
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through it all, saturday night, no matter how excited you get -- >> we are playing focused. we know would is in our hands. that's a good team come a good matchup. we are coming with a good game plan, they are coming with a good game plan. nfl has upheld the one-game suspension for odell beckham jr. hisas suspended monday for actions in sunday's game against the panthers where he drew three personal foul scum including a helmet to helmet hit. issued anruling, he apology to the giants and nfl fans everywhere. hoskins playsch left-handed. the spin move, the bucket.
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that was his first career basket. congrats to him. if you find yourself in cleveland tomorrow night with nothing to do, brown's tight end gary barnett has rented out a moe theater and invited fans to watch "star wars" with him. first-come, first-served. leon: they have to find their defense. robert: why would you do that? kimberly: redskins-eagles is like the super bowl. leon: as far as we are concerned. coming up, if you found $3000, what would you do? squire?!
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what beer may i fetch you, my lord? umm... i'll have a redd's apple ale. and perhaps a wrench. no. a wrench, a wrench. redd's apple ale. also in strawberry and green apple. leon: a touching reward for an
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honest deed. tuesday, johnny found $3000 in an envelope at a diner. he is currently homeless, but he gave the money back right away. the boss track down the rightful owner. the restaurant owner then set up a gofundme account for him which has raised more than 15,000 dollars. donations are coming in from as far away as south africa and the u.k. how about that.
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good deal.
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leon: important travel days. steve: the weather looks a lot better tomorrow. it will not be wet in the afternoon. highs tomorrow near 75 degrees. that is going to smash the records, snap the records? robert: smash. , 69e: christmas day degrees, 64 sunday. if you are getting a newbike, leon, you can take advantage of that. cooler on monday. leon:
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "the hateful eight." featuring director quentin tarantino. samuel l. jackson. kurt russell. jennifer jason leigh. walton goggins. tim roth. michael madsen. bruce dern. and channing tatum. plus, music from rick ross featuring chris brown. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if you haven't heard, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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