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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 24, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," deadly storms tearing a path across the south. >> the tornadoes caught on video sending trucks flying and leaving behind death and destruction. the heart break and the next storm threat for holiday travelers from accuweather. angry protests causing problems at the largest mall in the country. the demonstrations taking over an airport, the frustrations and the arrests. protecting the pope. new york police officers on patrol at the vatican. why these cops were sent overseas in an unprecedented move. >> and cartoon controversy. republican ted cruz and his kids portrayed in a political cartoon. the insulted candidate and how he's fighting back. it's thursday, christmas eve, december 24th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." we do say good morning to everyone on this christmas eve. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. >> we begin with those deadly storms in the south. violent weather has cut a wide path of destruction from arkansas to mississippi up through central indiana killing at least seven people. >> there are 21 reports of tornadoes and twisters including this one. this is a monster you're looking at in holly springs, mississippi that killed at least two people including a 7-year-old boy. when the twister picked up and tossed the car that he was riding in with relatives. >>en an we're just now getting a look at the damage from another twist in como, mississippi. richard cantu starts off our coverage. >> ow, i this i that's a tornado blowing up. >> severe storms take aim at the south. >> monster tornado heading towards holly springs. >> people pulling out their cameras in mississippi. >> i can't stick around here. i'm going to find cover.
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>> reporter: as a massive funnel cloud tore across the state. some people caught on the side of the road trying to decide where to turn. >> back it up. >> no, you ain't got time to turn around. >> there's a tornado in front of us. >> settle down. >> this couple capturing the scary moment. >> it looks like there's two. >> when one twister became two. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: in the town of clarkson dale, the storm hit so fast, one family evacuating their home had to shelter with neighbors. >> we in it but we made it. >> that family's house torn to pieces, the roof gone. but the tree and presents survived. >> thank you, jesus. >> reporter: the system sweeping the south spawning tornadoes and dumping heavy rains. >> geez louise, it's blowing. >> reporter: it's already turned deadly. >> man, a real-life tornado. >> they've got emergency folks out here videoing the damage. there's 18-wheelers blowing over. an old cotton ginn. >> parts of holly springs
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mississippi reduced to piles of bricks. families planning to spend the holidays at home left figuring out what's left. richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> those storms are striking just as tens of millions of americans head out for the holidays. yesterday was the busiest travel day this holiday season. for many it's been a nightmare. airports packed with hundreds of cancellations and nearly 6,000 delays. this southwest airlines flight you're about to see was forced to return to oakland for an emergency landing. you see it there. the plane had a mechanical problem. it had to circle for nearly four hours. >> the plane was thumping and it was going very slow because they were trying to get the landing gear up and it wouldn't go up. >> if you haven't finalized travel plans yet, be aware the second worst travel day is expected to be this sunday. >> so the hours ahead could be very critical and challenging for travelers. >> after that powerful storm system that hit the south and dumped rain on the northeast,
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justin povick updates us from accuweather. morning to you. >> good morning. we're looking at some more storminess out west. all the tornadoes, all the damage we saw yesterday, thankfully, will not repeat itself today along the eastern seaboard. threat for tornadoes has diminished. but the threat for heavy rain and mountain snow is increasing out west. we're looking at big travel delays around san francisco with heavy snow over the higher terrain. big-time warmth on the way for the eastern seaboard. temperatures approaching 30 degrees above normal make it feel like it's in the 60s and 70s. down the road, a major storm coming up over the weekend. heavy snow also some flooding rains and more severe weather. reena and kendis, back to you. >> just a little bit west of where justin was talking about, the big concern is snow and lots of it. the danger was caught on camera yesterday, a draw theic avalanche on the cascade mountains western face in utah.
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no injuries have been reported but the utah avalanche center has extended its back country avalanche warning. and over in telluride, colorado, a twin engine plane crashed into a snow plow. the plow was clearing a closed runway when the plane hit it. the plow operator estimated the plane was going about 100 miles an hour when it struck him. he was uninjured. amazingly. none of the seven people on board the plane were injured, as well. lawyers for the woman accused of driving in a las vegas strip sidewalk says she's distraught and overwhelmed. lakeisha holloway is charged with murder, child abuse and hit and run. she's currently on suicide watch. one person was killed in the incident. the coroner says jessica valenzuela died of blunt force trauma. a dozen protesters arrested after two black lives matter demonstrations in minneapolis. they are angry about the police shooting of jamar clark. the rally started at the mall of america and moved to the
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airport. abc's alex perez is there. >> black lives matter. >> protest ares in minneapolis disrupting one of the biggest shopping days of the year at the biggest mall in the country, mall of america. demonstrators vowed to bring mall traffic to a standstill. about 80 worried stores closing their doors. protesters shut down by police. then moving to minneapolis st. paul airport blocking a main entrance on one of the busiest ravel days of the year. thask snarled. many missing flights. >> it would have been upsetting to not get to see my family. >> the black lives matter protesters have been taking to the streets in minneapolis since jamar clark died november 15th after he was shot by white police officers. demonstrators say he was handcuffed when officers opened fire. authorities denied that, the police union saying clark was
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reaching for an officer's gun. several protesters were removed by police but they say the demonstrations will not stop till the officers involved are charged. those officers are on paid leave pending an independent state investigation. here an the airport the roadways are back open and the heavy police presence as authorities try to get things back to normal. alex perez, minneapolis. >> and black lives matter protesters shut down a major freeway in the los angeles area. the action started mid afternoon. this is on the 405 in englewood. demonstrators spray painted the names of black suspects killed by police in recent months. nine people were arrested. six service members killed in afghanistan by a bomber are back in the u.s. defense secretary ash carter was at dover air force base in delaware for the return of the bodies. among them was a new york city police detective and air force major believed to be the first openly gay active duty service
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woman to die in combat. across iraq a wave of anti-isis attacks killed at least 15 people after government offenses launched an offensive to take back a major city. isis is putting up a tough fight. roads are mined and homeses are rigged with bombs. snipers are also slowing the advance of the government forces. >> and isis is also causing concerns at the vatican. so get this. the new york police department is on patrol there to protect visitors during the roman catholic church's year long jubilee. it's an unprecedented move as abc's elizabeth hur explains. >> good to see you. enjoy. >> reporter: it's a first for the nypd and the italian police, but this joint international security operation at the ran can is a sign of the times. >> in light of recent events in europe and in the united states, you know, we continue to learn and we continued to adapt. >> reporter: police from new york, spain and poland are in rome assisting with security for
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the catholic church's year long jubilee ef mercy. it is only the 27th time in the history of the church that there has been a holy year, and this year, italian officicials say there will be increased police patrols for a good reason. explaining they cannot underestimate or ignore the ongoing threat posed by isis, especially following the recent attacks in paris. authorities say they deployed thousands of officers and soldiers from across italy and asked for help from around the world. and for security reasons, italian authorities are not revealing the exact number of officers taking part in this operation but we are told there will be visible police presence at the vatican at all times. reena and kendis. >> impressive endeavor. it's one of the holiest times of the year on the christian calendar. these are proof in nagz reth the birth of jesus christ was celebrated with the re-enactment of the nativity with special
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details re-creating what jesus hometown may have looked like in biblical times. actors dressed as mary and joseph, roman soldiers and others took visitors on a trip through time. it looks like a little time capsule there. >> it really does. and speaking of christmas, we all know that santa claus is gearing up for his annual be round the world trip. we're going to presume his final preparations got done somewhat early this year. >> we say that because there was santa. seen there carrying his paddle board to the ni agrag river in balmy buffalo, new york. he got in the river and paddled away. >> so all kidding aside that's john fulton the so-called surfing santa. he's taking his yearly three-mile trip down the ni agrag river. he does it to raise awareness about homelessness. >> i'm troubled there's no bag of toys following him. >> yeah, and also missing from that picture right there, the icebergs that usually gather on the ni agrag river about now.
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he wears a bodysuit to warm him up. this year he didn't quite need it. temperatures up in buffalo. hang ten, man. coming up, the school lunch lady fired for being generous. there's a breaking development "the mix." >> the political cartoon taking aim aim at ted cruz's children. how the insulted presidential hopeful is fighting back. >> and the little girl who panicked after knocking an elf off the shelf. what she did to stay off of santa's naughty list. >> look for our pictures on instagram, abcwnn. merry christmas, everyone, from "world news now." hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf...
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the man who pleaded guilty to a felony after flying a vi joe copter onto the grounds of the u.s. capitol says he's going to run against one of the most powerful democrats in congress. douglas hughes wants to take on debbie wasserman-schultz, the chair of the democratic national committee. his attorneys say that does not make him ineligible to run. what do you think? >> interesting race. to presidential politics now and some of dr. ben carson's staffers are denying a possible shake-up is about to take place inside his campaign. >> ted cruz has drawn something of a line in the political sand when it comes to his children.
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>> in ted cruz turns an alleged insult into ammunition. "the washington post" took down the editorial cartoon that depicted cruz's two daughters as trained monkeys but not before cruz forwarded to supporters in a fund-raising appeal. >> folks want to attack me, that's part of the process. i signed up for that, that's fine. but my girls didn't. >> cruz calls the cartoon proof of the liberal media's desperation to attack him. an editor at the post says he doesn't agree with the cartoonist that is cruz's children are fair media for scrutiny because cruz featured them in this christmas themed campaign ad. also defending against a controversial attack, hillary clinton after donald trump used aid sexually drogry term to describe her loss in 2008. despite controversy, a new national poll shows trump maintains his commanding lead in the republican race. >> i think right now the odds
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favor him. >> the last time a republican was this had dominant right before christmas was 1999 when george w. bush went on to win the nomination. reena, kendis? >> wow. every night we talk about how donald trump is -- >> is surging and continues to surge. his poll numbers nationally around 38% now and the next closest ted cruz about 18%. we still have about 38 days till the iowa caucuses. you have to think. >> he used a fund-raising opportunity, he even had a picture of hillary clinton lap dogs in the "new york times" and "washington post" as the dogs. do you think this helps his supporters rally even stronger behind him? >> for donald trump? >> sorry, for ted cruz. >> no, this is actually the sort of gravy he needs. the good thing for donald trump, this is what his supporters need for him to take on hillary clinton at this point, that will help his numbers i would
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imagine. >> okay. see what happens. >> coming up in our next half hour, gift card grinches. the most popular of gifts targeted by thieves making them worthless before you can buy them. >> first a desperate 911 call made by a little girl she'll end up on santa's badside after an incident with an elf on a shelf. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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>> okay, people, tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. santa's coming to town. >> santa! oh, my god! santa here?
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i know him. i know him. >> oh, everyone's excited for santa. >> santa. >> especially the elves. but when one elf fell off the shelf, a new jersey girl jumped into action. >> so she was trying to stay off of and that's naughty list. so of course, she had to call 911. abc's ron claiborne with her story. >> reporter: twas the week before christmas, and 7-year-old izzy was playing in her family's living room. >> i was doing this and then it hit the elf. >> reporter: one of the two elves on their shelf, his name is buddy jingles, was knocked out of his stocking and onto the floor. >> ah! >> reporter: from a popular book based on an old tradition that has become a viral phenomenon. an elf is supposed to be left alone, to observe who is naughty or nice and report back to santa. an adult can touch an elf but a child, absolutely not. so when izzy's elf plopped out, she called 911. >> 911.
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>> 911. where is your emergency? >> don't come to my house, no, i don't! >> reporter: a few minutes later. >> hello? >> reporter: it was a policeman come to check it out. >> mommy, there's a man at the door. >> so, i said, can i help you? and he said, your daughter called 911. >> reporter: it all worked out for the best. with little izzy learning a valuable lesson. >> don't call 911 -- for only emergencies. that's what you do. and don't call it for nonemergencies. merry christmas, everyone! merry christmas, kids. >> reporter: the end. ron claiborne, abc news, old bridge, new jersey. >> hey, to her it was an emergency. >> absolutely. she's still talking right now, isabela. it was an emergency. that's right. that's what the police -- the police lieutenant there was saying that it was an emergency to her when she touched the elf and she thought she was going to ruin christmas. so. >> that's got to be very traumatic at that age. >> absolutely. she's on the good list still. >> coming up, little beds in odd
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places. christmas accommodations for guests this weekend. >> and the reason a little boy interrupted a wedding, "the mix" is next. [coughing]
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. okay. it's time for "the mix." >> and we're going to start this with the you've got to be kidding me. take a look at this woman here. this is dalene bowden, a lunch lady in idaho. she seems nice enough but recently got fired because she gave a 12-year-old girl who -- a meal from the cafeteria. she's a lunch lady there at the cafeteria at the middle school and apparently the young girl was hungry and didn't have any money for the meal. this is a termination letter. but instead of praising her, the middle school fired her. they say for stealing. >> oh, no. come on. >> yeah. can you believe that? the supervisor actually refused to allow her to even pay for the
3:26 am
lunch for this young lady. >> what? >> after a little bit of blow back from that, we has been offered her job back. not sure if miss bowden plans to take it. >> also because my cafeteria ladies in tampa, florida, always gave me extra tater tots. i was a pathetic little child. >> sthoutout to lewis elementary. >> you like that. >> yes. >> a lot of people coming over whether it's grandma's house, friends house for the season. take a look at the weird places people are staying. childhood beds where adults are required to sleep in. this is hello kitty. this is like my daughter's dream bed right here. probably not an older adult's dream bed. a few years ago, he had to stay in that small little twin bed and shared his bed on social media and wants others to share their beds, as well. >> when you go back home to your
3:27 am
parents bed, all of a sudden you're in your spider-man pajamas and once again on the bed. >> or you have a mattress in the laundry room. >> that's kind of awkward. >> okay. >> but it's cozy. if you get cold, you just turn on the dryer. >> exactly. >> folks, don't do that. >> lull you to sleep. i want to show you this wonderful wedding ceremony taking place down under. beautiful setting. a beautiful couple. you know, this is hannah and ben. they're getting married. and you know, it's just a beautiful setting for their wedding and then their 3-year-old son steps in. take a lisisten quickly. >> the real values in life and come back to decide what really matters. >> he says i got to poop. >> nothing about timing. but anyways, a guest swooped him up and took him off. there's actually video of what happens next to young hudson. but we're out of time. can't show you that.
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>> come back to d
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this morning on "world news now," holiday heartache. tornadoes blast their way across several southern states. the twisters caught on camera. the human toll and today's threat from accuweather. >> fighting back. the controversial political cartoon taking aim at ted cruz and his children. how this candidate is turning an insult into an opportunity. new this half hour, banned from the u.s. one family's outrage. >> the british man and family members planning to visit disneyland. was their flight canceled because of their religion? and later in "the skinny," madonna's legal battle has nothing to do with her music. this is an international family dispute on this christmas eve. it is thursday, december 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."


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