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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  December 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] anchor: right now on abc, twisters in texas, a chance to survey the damage left behind as recovery efforts continue. a record number of americans have the roads leading up to christmas. most are on their way back home now. speaking of happy returns, the skins come back from philly as division champs. they have their eyes on a bigger prize. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. or: tonight, the severe weather threat is not over in the south, and we have learned that one of the stronger tornadoes last night had winds approaching 165 miles an hour. it is being classified
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parliamentary as an ef-4 tornado. as jim ryan reports, at least 11 are dead. you have a look at destruction. jim: panic as the storm rolled in under the cover of night. >> do you see it? color line flashes and lightning revealing the massive tornadoes as the tour -- as they tore into texas. >> do you see that? oh, my god ! jim: it was clear -- the destruction was severe. >> completely gone. >> i dove into the hallway. >> all you heard was the debris hitting the house. realized.lly i house,use after neighborhood afternoon right, town after town, ripped into tiny pieces. this family in row let, texas emerged to find a roof collapse
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in every room of the house, except the bathroom -- this texas in rowlett, emerged to find a roof collapse in every room of the house, except the bathroom, where they were hiding. >> i was devastating. christmas, everything -- we are here to salvage what we can. >> it is stuff. everything else can be replaced. jim: the system igniting all this chaos, the impacts are huge, it's stretching from south texas to the canadian border, on the move tonight bringing everything from severe storms blinding rain, ice, and snow. blizzard crippling conditions are moving to the texas panhandle. more that this battered state does not meet your jim ryan, abc news, dallas-fort worth. kellye: warm weather records breaking in our area, what can we expect to start the work week?
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let's head over to meteorologist devon lucie to start the work week. devon: kelley, much different weather. kellye, much different weather. here is a look at the shower activity. gaithersburg, germantown, light shower. leesburg, eventually ashburn, even marshall going north. a high of 70 at washington. bwi marshall breaking a record. inwas the previous record 1949. we beat it with 68. it is much different tomorrow behind this front. mostly cloudy, a breezy, colder day, high of only 46 or the next round of rain to come in, that regnier period -- that rainier period, wrapping up clouds, and then we will talk about the new year's forecast. kellye: all right, devon, thank you.
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today it is the return. roads act as many come home for the final week of 2015. richard lee was at the airport to see if the weather outside the d.c. area is affecting travel. that is right,, all of that violence weather having ripple effects. at reagan national, this is on post-christmasl rush. take a look over here, you can see all these lines in red. that means delays and cancellations. was a challenging day for travelers. in the air or behind the wheel -- >> it is just a wait, basically. we are anxious to get their. richard: it is one of the busiest travel sunday's of the year. >> i wish there was an easier way. richard: aaa says 91 million people are hitting the road,
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including 2.5 million d.c. residents. >> we are getting very heavy traffic. family amongguerra those stop as i-95 near springfield slowed to a crawl. with the national average cost of gas falling, drivers are taking advantage. >> 26 hours in a car with two kids. >> yep. richard: wow. but it is not just the roadways. it is always difficult during christmas and new year. it is not easy. richard: experts say it is the third busiest of the holiday season for air travel. nearly 6 million people flying during this period flight being delayed, and then we got a message on our phone saying flight canceled. richard: weather and overbooking is the suspected culprit in this perfect travel storm. would you do this again? >> travel on christmas?
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no, probably not. richard: it is certainly a good idea to check with your carrier. very similar situation trying to get into houston. and he is canceled, among millions of people trying to get home to go to work on monday morning. live from reagan national airport, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kellye: new information but the overnight crash in northeast children.injured two twice six-year-old freddy herndon, the driver, has been arrested and accused of being freddyhe -- 26-year-old herndon, the driver, has been arrested and accused of being under the influence. just about every expert takes the redskins to finish in last year, andthe second that maybe victory all that much sweeter. a lot of mental toughness. >> definitely.
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all the critics, it all the doubters -- including me a little bit. i was nervous. kellye: just 20%? i would say more like 50%. at least. [laughter] >> the hard part is over. all the skins have left the regular season. it is valid, which has no applications that all. the redskins fans can relax until the playoffs. they partied hard of course, the redskins posting this picture on twitter, redskins arriving at redskins park, posters saying, "do you like that?" then this, you see big sexy with no shirt on. the skins won the division, so they will host the first playoff game. how sweet it is to be a resident right now. >> we made history for the redskins could we made division champs when nobody expected us, nobody believes that we would even be in this position to fight for one. for all the people that did
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believe in us, and we thank you because you give us motivation. guys in this locker room are happy right now. robert: look who is showing support. tweetingyce harper this out, "congrats to the redskins for cleansing the division."st kellye: no need to be nervous about the playoffs. robert: i am not at all. kellye: thank you, robert. it was definitely history for the d.c. team, the first time since 1983 that the wizards, the capitals, and the redskins won on the same day. reports, thes first run is what everybody is talking about. kevin: at the green turtle in northwest, washington sports fans like lashawn mccoy -- >> do you like that? kevin: and jorge cruise -- >> i would not want to play the
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redskins right now. kevin: -- >> i have never seen anything like that of my life, and i've been a redskins fan since elementary. kevin: 9-6 win over the brooklyn nets. montrealenter against canadiens beard the real triumph happened in philadelphia. the redskins defeated the eagles 38-24,, making the -- making the 'kins the chance. these two shared their post-trifecta analysis. >> we are keeping on, keeping on. >> dedication, sitting in there. brady.up there with tom kevin: at the dick's sporting customers about
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the division championship apparel, which will arrive tuesday, midmorning. now, all eyes are on next sunday, the redskins vs. the cowboys. kickoff 1:00 p.m. eastern. can't stand dallas. they next. we want to beat them. kevin: in arlington, i am kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: coming up on abc 7 news at 6:30, a security scare the vatican. why t israelis were picked upwo not far from -- why two israelis were picked up not far from pope francis' home. and devon will let
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kellye: friends of the chicago woman who was accidentally shot by police yesterday are demanding answers. investigators say 55-year-old
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bettie jones was killed when police received a domestic disturbance call. it was her neighbor who called 911 about his son, who also was shot and killed. >> why you have to shoot first and ask questions later? it is ridiculous! somebody needs to do something about this! this is ridiculous! [indiscernible] don't start shooting people, innocent people. kellye: the firing officer is on leave. the chicago pd has been under increased scrutiny after several officer-involved shootings. coming up on abc 7 news, the security scare at the vatican. why two israelis are under arrest or a plus, a c
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kellye: police in rome have arrested tw israelis -- two israelis for playing a drone near the vatican. an alert was sent out, and motorcycle cops immediately found out the pilot. caught with the drone will be charged. kind of a bizarre story. devon: maybe they got out for christmas. kellye: i weather has been what you would not expect. yes, we will be unwrapping the warm weather for the year, very odd. it is another record warm day in baltimore. we got close to the record with 72 and reagan national and 73 in dulles where they hit 69. baltimore beats the previous record of 65.
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we have got the rain moving into the region. radar through7 howard county, montgomery county, germantown. the rest of you getting light rain, ashburn, sterling, leesburg. south, you have got a slight band of light rain coming in. sharon to be from now until 10:00 to be expected. you see the light rain expected moving and ran up your general east movement during the entire line has a little bit of southeastern movement. a cold front coming in rain now. this is the actual cold front shown here. out of that, obviously the record warmth. bigger picture over the next two days, the front through on a much colder day. the breeze there as well. talking lucky next unlikeliest wave monday into tuesday,little. it might be a mild day before we track on next round. forecast overnight to right, looking for to come in, the at eight: 30, up
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rain possibility in the form of showers, and it should be done possible in the form of showers, and it should be done by the morning drive. we could have some drizzle in the afternoon and evening time frame. you have to add the windchill factor into this. is going to feel like mid 30's. it feels more like mid-to-upper 30's, temperatures running into the 40's in washington. mid-to-upper 40's only feels like upper 30's, still feeling like mid-to-upper 30's. cloudy, cold day. be prepared for that. we could have light rain, drizzle, but it is in the early morning hours tuesday the rain -- the main rain event coming in. a warm air, and there could be some sunshine theater with more sunshine, these temperatures could be up from here. cloutier, cooler side. 60 degrees for that high on tuesday.
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the second front to come in on new year's eve, thursday, that archers in the cooler, colder air as we were into the weekend. finally feeling like winter. how about that? we start of 2016, and there is the winter we have all been waiting for. some of the rain, afternoon and evening drizzle possible, dry in the morning, overnight rain event monday into tuesday. kellye: i am sure a lot of people wondering about that arlington, texas forecast next sunday. yes, exactly. no nervousness going into the playoffs. and dallas means nothing. kellye: they have proven themselves. robert: exactly. on the road, primetime. going to philly and returning nfc champs. we will have a recap of last night's celebration, and there was a lot of it.
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>> and now, the toyota sports set brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: a congrats is in order to the redskins after three -- thef playoffs redskins posted this on twitter last night. it was a party of redskins park. offense welcomed back -- fans welcomed them back. you can see a cod kodak moment. cousins and the cogent sharing a hug, and that is how you know things are good. coach sharing a hug, and that is how you know things are better at how sweet it is -- the redskins are nfc east champions. >> everyone doubted us. >> words cannot explain how we feel. robert: a team that was supposed to be rebuilding and maybe only when a handful of games.
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>> we caught fire at the right time. earlier on in the season, we were not able to go on the road and win, but there is something special. robert: kirk cousins shined on the primetime stays. the first-year starter finish with 355 yards, watch wrote touchdowns, and no internet -- four touchdowns, and no interceptions. the only thing is inexplicably taking a knee. that will not stop cousins. >> very satisfying. this of the most satisfied i have been being a football player. it is a big compliment. his composure, kept his nose to the grind stone, and just kept battling and competing. he is a class act, and i'm happy for him. week, season finale at dallas, a mere formality. they will be in the nfc playoffs regardless what happens.
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their opponent -- unknown. now, it is time to let loose and oak it in. >> no one excited us to have the bond that we have. as you can see, we have it. >> it took two years to get here, and it is just amazing. you just appreciate these moments even more, you know, so i am just happy to be a part of it. robert: all right. college hoops, fourth-ranked turks, robert carter junior, you saw it. saw this the win, you 1, 87-67. carolina panthers are undefeated. 20-13 was the final, they lost to the falcons. theyats to the redskins, go to philly, they win a primetime night game, and they do it convincingly, too. kellye: i think they are going to take care of dallas. robert: i think so, too. kellye: i'm glad to see you
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confident about this team. robert: i'
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kellye: final look at the seven-day. devon: for those going back to the short work week, much breezy or, colder tomorrow, cloudy, 45. steady at 45 dropped today. evening rush, you could run into a little bit of light rain, maybe some drizzle. overnight monday into tuesday morning between tuesday morning's commute, that will be a real what one. maybe not a rainfall event, but a lot of wet roads. as we go off 2016, winter finally arrives. kellye: thanks so much for watching. we hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you back here at
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