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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now abc 7 news at noon. on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] storm the stor system that spawned tornadoes in texas and flooding in missouri is posing a threat in 11 states. forecasters say that some areas could see flash floods while others will be dealing with winter conditions. raining to heavy snow and ice and gusty winds while all continue to clean up from the deadly storms. lauren lister is in garland texas with the latest.
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twistersvernight ripping through arkansas. this after a string of tornadoes blasted through a 40 mile swath of texas this weekend, carving up half as wide as a football field. police saying at least 11 were killed. >> that's it. that's a tornado. lauren: the tornado saturday night bringing winds of up to 180 miles per hour, dissenting on interstate 30 where eight were killed. hundreds of homes damaged. >> as far as the roof, all this is gone. just very grateful we are live. lauren: in the midwest, it is the rain, historically heavy downpours killing at least 15. a state of emergency declared missouri after floodwaters engulfed homes, swept away rvs, and shut down major highways. >> it is the worst i've ever
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seen. lauren: in illinois, this flooded creek claimed the lives of five, including two children, after their car was swept away. >> it is a sad, sad thing. we wish it didn't happen, especially on a holiday weekend. lauren: in oklahoma, thousands were without power and high winds snapping power lines there and ice covering roads and trees. whether still having a big impact on air travel with almost 690 flights canceled across the country today. as authorities survey the damage here in texas today, one tells abc news that it could take months to years to rebuild all the homes destroyed. lauren lister, abc news, garland, texas. jummy: we are not dealing with severe weather around here, but we could see light rain this weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a first look at the forecast editor doug today. doug: some of the frontal zones will come, but nothing severe as you mentioned. it is cloudy but cold.
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44 at reagan international. fredericksburg the cold front came through yesterday. that is why we have this cold northeasterly wind at 10-15. a few scattered showers around the area through the afternoon and evening hours. here's the satellite and radar. we know the damage and the heavy snowstorms in texas and the panhandle and parts of new mexico. now to heavy storm possibility with heavy snow across minnesota, iowa, and wisconsin for the next 24 hours. we will get some of the rain. before the rain gets in, the cold front from yesterday had north. it is a one front with mid 40's today and back to the 60's in some areas tomorrow. a quick peek at our futurecast shows the eastern part of the nation will get rain and only rain. the really nasty stuff with frozen precipitation in upstate new york and pennsylvania and through minnesota and wisconsin. with raint dealing and things will settle down. if you like this chill in the air, it is coming back in a big
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way by the time we hit the weekend. we will talk about that in detail in the seven-day. jummy: the post-christmas travel problems continuing this man. a severe weather out west has caused serious headaches for travelers. matters are likely to get worse with more storms today. jeannette reyes is in the newsroom with the impact all this is having on the skies. is smooth traveling was on your christmas wish list, santa did not deliver to delays and cancellations continued this afternoon. at last check just a few minutes americanhwest, airlines being hit the hardest with over 300 canceled flights combined. the worst airports this morning were chicago all hail -- o'hare and midwest texas where thunderstorms moved through the region. the dow was still struggling after having a third of its flights affected sunday. but coast not doing any better. at lay in san francisco had a brutal day sunday. in the northeast,
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millions of travelers hoping for a smoother day. poor visibility was to lane for major delays. we have been keeping an i on hundreds of flights and it only seems to be getting worse. that deltahat reason airlines is offering waivers for travelers heading to or through several midwest and southwest cities. american airlines, jetblue, also enacting policies for passengers affected by these travel troubles. i visited their website and they have those travel advisory notes for you. if you're traveling today, i suggest visiting those websites to prepare as best as possible if you are affected by these delays or cancellations. we will of course keep you posted on this end as well. back to you. jummy: thank you. we want to turn to the roadways. jamie sullivan is here with a check on traffic this noon. hopefully it is smooth sailing. jamie: it was smooth sailing for most of the morning. we did not have any big issues at all. traffic was very light. 15 miles per hour is what you
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have to expect traveling southbound on 95. basically through new 10 as you continue toward the quad, we had a live look at the slowing earlier. 15 miles per hour is your average. if you are traveling on the capital beltway, that is where we are in the green. it is smooth sailing with nothing to worry about. in d c, so far, so good. if you try to get closer to baltimore or bwi, 95 is ok. the baltimore-washington parkway is the same thing in the 50's. a few slow stretches here and there, but for the most part, we really are in nice shape. 270 looks good. continuing north horse -- towards fredericks, we do not have anything reported. a few minor crashes but nothing that will cause any delays. the biggest issue is what you just saw -- 95 southbound from the mixing bowl towards dale city. hang in there because that will be a slow ride. that's a look at traffic. back to you.
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-- a: developing news 12-year-old girl is fighting for her life after an atv crash that killed one person. it happened last night on walker mill road and capitol heights. sam sweeney is in capitol heights were neighbors say that atvs continue to be a problem in the area. sam: this intersection has finally reopened after a lengthy death investigation. the only thing here left is the ash from the players that surrounded here as police work to try to figure out what happened here. here's what we know. an suv was parked or stop right here, waited to make a left-hand turn here at walker mill role and rutherford road, and never stopped at the intersection and hit suv. take a look at the scene from last night give the driver of the atv flew off that four-wheel-drive vehicle and was pronounced dead on the scene. family members this afternoon tell less there was a passenger
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on board. it was a 12-year-old girl and it was the driver stepdaughter. she was seriously injured and flown to the hospital. neighbors in this area say they are set to see this happen, but they are not surprise. >> even if you call the police and let them know that the guys are riding around with these atvs with no helmets and stuff, even on the street right here, they come down and they are writing on the wrong side of the road and they will, you had on. no disregard for traffic. sam: the operator of that atv has two other children -- a one-year-old and a five-year-old. he was also recently married. as for the suv, we are told nobody inside of that car was injured. prince george's county, sam sweeney, abc seven news. jummy: leesburg police are looking for a stabbing suspect. they are searching for 34-year-old corey brown. officers believe he stabbed a 20-year-old man in the chest on fort evans wrote last night during a fight. brown is one of on a charge of
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aggravated malicious wounding. a space heater is believed to house fire and chestertown, maryland. today, we are getting an up close look at incredible video taken from a firefighters helmet camera. take a look right here this is from a two alarm house fire on december 21 look at all that smoke in those flames. this is from chestertown volunteer fire department. it took 60 firefighters to get it under control. the fire department says it was well above 500 degrees in that building. one woman was treated at the scene for minor injuries. now we turn to the race for the white house and republican donald trump launched multiple attacks on twitter over the holiday weekend. he slammed the virginia gop for requiring primary voters to confirm that they are republicans. loyalty oath will deter independence and disaffected democrats from voting for him. sayings taking heat, hillary clinton was "playing the on woman card."
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in response that criticism, he brought up former president bill clinton and allegations he has faced in the past. on we take to the war terror. iraqi military forces are salivating this noon after retaking a strategic government complex from isis in the city of ramadi. islamic state militants have occupied that city since may. an iraqi official says the city has been fully free of militants. the head of military operations say that part of ramadi remains under isis control. meanwhile, dozens have been killed in twin bomb attacks in syria. britain-based syrian observatory for human rights says the death toll is up to 32 and about 100 others have been wounded. officials say a car bomb exploded. minutes later, a suicide bomber in a group of people to affect that demonstrate coming up here on abc 7 news at noon -- >> it's a freaking joke.
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quarterback peyton manning fighting back against explosive allegations in a new report. plus, playoff bound. the redskins still celebrating this weekend's big win and taking the title as nfc east champs. on getting a jump start those new year's resolutions. one author sherry three tips to help lose 70 pounds. the rain.for doug is back with one you will need the umbrella this week along with the
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. jummy: more problems for chicago's embattled police department.
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mayor rahm emanuel has ordered a review of how officers responded to a domestic disturbance, including those that may involve mental illness. we have learned an officer fatally shot a teenager and accidentally killed a neighbor saturday morning. the officer was responding to a report of a teenager threatening his father. federal investigators are already looking into the department after several controversial shootings. a new report this noon sending shockwaves throughout the nfl. now peyton manning speaking out against the allegations that he used banned human growth hormones to recover from a career threatening neck injury. abc's elizabeth hur has the story. elizabeth: nfl star peyton manning furious and fighting back after this al jazeera documentary made explosive allegations against him. >> tim and his wife would come after hours to get ids. elizabeth: the documentary called the dark side shows charlie sligh, who claims he was a pharmacist at the geyer hetitute in indianapolis
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assisted manning and other athletes to get performance-enhancing drugs. geyer is the same institute that help the super bowl champ rehab after he broke his neck playing for the indianapolis colts in 2011. sly claims manning was sent human growth hormone, a performance enhancing drugs banned by the nfl, under his wife's name. >> all the time, we would be sending ashley manning drugs all the time everywhere. it would never be under peyton's name. it would be under her name. >> completely fried vacated. completely trash, garbage. it makes me sick to bring ashley into it. elizabeth: in a video posted online, sly is fully recanting his story, claiming he was just testing reporter. anyhe statements on recordings or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and and corrected -- and in corrected .> >> it's a freaking joke. elizabeth: the geyer institute also adding that fly was a three
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month unpaid intern in 2013, a time when manning was no longer being treated. al jazeera investigative reporter deborah davis responded that manning does not address several questions, including how much growth hormone was shipped to his home, the dates, and how much was spent on the drug. in new york, i'm elizabeth her with abc 7 news. jummy: coming up, navy is taking on pittsburgh at this year's military bowl. the annual game benefits the uso. kickoff is two hours from now at 2:30 p.m.. it is happening at the navy marine corps memorial stadium in annapolis. it will be the final game for navy quarterback keenan reynolds, who holds the division i record for most touchdowns scored. marilyn governor larry hogan will be in attendance. good luck to the midshipmen. the washington redskins are now had to the playoffs as an a seat chief -- nfc east champions. john gonzalez's life where
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redskins fans are still celebrating after saturday night when -- saturday nights win. john: not nervous a bit on saturday. you knew they were going to win the whole time. >> i knew they're going to win. john: jean has his berbe burgundy and gold on with the scrambled eggs there. because it is the holiday season and because the redskins have now won the nfc east, we're going to add some holiday cheer to your morning with a christmas favorite with a bit of a redskins twist. 'twas the night after christmas and to say the least, the skins battled philly for the nfc east. thate giants were hoping philly would win so the giants might make the playoffs again. john: dallas was quiet didn't hear such a clatter. so after all, they were already out, so it didn't really matter. >> cousins was too much for the eagles d, and the skins were champs of the nfc east. john: so the redskins win, they
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are in the playoffs. merry christmas to all fans and to all. you like that? >> you like that? john: the redskins in the playoffs. they have not won a playoff game since 2006. they won the nfc east in 2012. we do not want to talk about that debacle. let's be serious here. what do you think? we have a shot? have a shot. like the old saying goes, any given sunday. john: on this monday, we are armchair quarterback and was in fans here as a tasty diner in silver springs. it is the breakfast of champions. back to you inside. jummy: you have got to love that. what a great game on saturday. doug: it was the best three and a half hours i've had in a long time. to win thexpect them division every year, but just be competitive. by the end of october, we are not saying we will go shopping
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on sunday. they have done great. it's good just to be in there. jummy: absolutely. they will be heading down to dallas on sunday. storm still lingering in the texas area by then? doug: no, i think it will be quite good weatherwise here, it will be cold with this elevated weather pattern it was so warm christmas eve through yesterday in the cold front came through late yesterday afternoon. and one that will come through tomorrow and get us mild again. just stay with us. we will be your scoreboard in progress here keeping track of the weather changes day-to-day. this is a live look right now at national harbor. steel gray skies out there with a few sprinkles showing up on radar. the big deal is the chilly temperatures in the gusty northeasterly winds making it feel even colder. national and 45 and fredericksburg. with the wind, it is feeling good three or four degrees cooler. the air to the south is a little milder. it is still 70 in charlotte.
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there are not going to get the cold air. the one front is down here and i will give us the warm air and push the cold air back, especially towards the lakes where they are and for winter weather. this is the same storm system that caused all the seven -- seven headlines the past couple days. we will pick up a couple showers of the one front. as we go through the day on wednesday, maybe more significant rain. not thunderstorms and not violent weather. movetorm center will north. this whole system third wisconsin and michigan infections of ontario, canada will see a lot of snow with heavy snow warnings in effect for the next day and a half. we once again get off on the easy side here. our futurecast shows a few showers coming into play, but more noticeable rain as we get through late tonight as the one front itself pushes eastward. strongest push
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the southerly winds south and east of the city. it could be one of those deals where it's an upper 60's in st. mary's county but upper 50's in montgomery county tomorrow. things clear up briefly through tuesday night and into early wednesday. by wednesday, that is when the heavier rain comes in. take a look at the futurecast as we head through tuesday and tuesday night. some areas to pick up close to two inches of rain, especially east of the city. here's our seven-day. chilly today and 60 tomorrow with rain likely. still some rain wednesday afternoon and 58. on new year's eve, 54 degrees, not bad for late at night. new year's day will start 2016 the seasonal weather. temperatures in the mid 40's with sunshine. the first weekend of new year's back to the sunshine and lower 40's. jummy: i guess we can take that since we had really great days of weather. doug: i'm happy with that. jummy: ok, doug, thank you could still ahead on abc 7 news at noon, the battle of the bulge. after losing 70 pounds, one author is sharing his tips for
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weight loss.
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jummy: it is time to start thinking about your new year's resolutions. the number one resolution every year -- losing weight. political insider and author michael boland is revealing how he won the battle of the bulge to help you burn fat in 2016. he says finding right, nation of foods to process for energy rather than storing fat. his body change money focused on meals rich and meet and leafy vegetables. he says intervals are key. you need to work out at an even pace and speeded up at time to time to teach her body how to burn that fat. coming up after the
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with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... it's alln sale for the holidays. op our winter event at havertys and enjoy thirty-six month, no interest financing havertys. discover something you.u. doug: it is going to be chilly all day with temperatures holding in the 40's. a good chance of showers with heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. more chances of rain wednesday. as we head to the end of the week for new year's eve and new year's day, we will turn cooler and chilly as we head through the next -- first weekend of 2016. jummy: thank you for joining us.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, and i'm hoping to make some people very rich today. will it be million-dollar rich? we're about to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] then let's do this. our first contestant has had quite the laundry list of odd jobs. toy we'll add "millionaire" contestant to that résumé and hopefully millionaire in general. from spokane, washington, please welcome emily querna. [cheers and applause] hello. >> hi. >> good to see you. bring it in. >> oh, good to see you too. i'm glad you're a hugger. >> how goes it? >> oh, so good. >> odd jobs. >> a lot of odd jobs. it started out in high school. i work


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