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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: maryland state police are stepping up patrols on the beltway after more than a hundred motorcycles took over the interloop in prince george's county on sunday. maureen: "7 on your side" chris papst was with the patrols and will tell us whether anyone else will be arrested. chris? chris: that video you are showing has gone viral. soon after it first hit the internet maryland state place were criticized about what some felt was a weak response. but that has changed. it happened after they brought it to a standstill. the riders are popping wheelies, taking selfies and spinning the tires so much that the plumes of smoke can be seen above the car.
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elaine is a spokes perp for the m.d. state police. >> this is frightening. this is not just in maryland but across the country. >> immediately after the calls came in, the troopersers were dispatched. by the time they bikes were gone. they are analyzing the video and look to tags for social media. taking tips from the public. the patrols have been increased and they combined resources with the state to stop the disruption from happening again. chris: have been no arrest or citation but charges could range from reckless driving to equipment violation. some of the bikes may have been stolen.
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leon: thank you. if you want to watch the video do to the website it's posted to watch the entire thing. crazy video there. maureen? maureen: embattled comedian bill cosby is free on $1 million bail tonight. today the first criminal charge against him was filed. after a series of rape about sanctions began mounting last year. kimberly suiters is following the story. kimberly: bill cosby has deep ties to d.c. long-time supporter and a celebrity cheerleader for the iconic restaurant ben's chili bowl. his photos are inside on the walls. his mural is outside. the prevailing reaction about the arraignment today was really sadness. but contrast this iconic smile of the once beloved actor and comedian to this. his mugshot. just made available in the last two hours to us. the 78-year-old cosby charged
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with felony sexual assault. when he appeared in court he looked frail and he moved slowly. his accusers is 37 years younger than him when she says he sexually attacked her in 2004 at cosby's home. now, tonight, several other women who cosby countersued for defamation, claiming they all lied. the d.c.-based attorney tells abc7 why today's charge strengthen their case. >> did he use drugs? he says he did. could he tell if they were consenting? he says he couldn't. they can and i suspect will say they were not consenting.
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kimberly: mrs. cosby will be deposed next week and mr. cosby deposed at the end of february. but many customers are saying innocent until proven guilty. reporting live in northwest kimberly suiters, abc7 news. maureen: this is a scene in midwest. cabin is floating down a river in missouri. they are calling for record cresting in the mississippi river. six to 12 inches of rain have fallen across a vast area of the midwest. from illinois to northeast texas. in some places rainfall is eight inches above normal for the month of december. there is rain tomorrow. chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking that. doug: we have had rain in the last couple of hours. rain ended here outside the belfort furniture.
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all the areas of the highlighted in glean, those are the rivers and the streams on the active flash flood warning right now. the heaviest rainfall amount coming from st. louis. 11-3/4 inches of rain in december. ten inches in st. charles and louisville. there is plenty of rain. that area will dry out a little bit in the next few days. our rain is shower west of interstate 81. may make it to the area at 9:00 or 9:30. that is that. so it should start to clear there. partly sunny dry tomorrow at midnight. new year's day, plenty of sunshine and 46 degrees.
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maureen: download the weather app to get the mews accurate forecast. leon: we are returning now to war on terror. police in turkey foiled a new year's eve attack plan by isis. the two suspects are now in custody. the chief prosecutor office say they are both turkish nationals detained in a house raid. police found suicide vests armed with the bombs and they say the suspect were planning on detonating them at two locations in the celebration. a developing story here from n.s.a. to stateside who has been spying on benjamin netanyahu and other allies according to the "wall street journal" which alleges they maintain the surveillance of the allies after a promise from the president two years ago snooping would end. capitol hill the indication that the agencies might have picked up the communication between the members of congress here and netanyahu.
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tonight don't miss a town hall discussion. your voice, your future. terrorism at home. we tackle terror in america. watch it live at 7:00 tonight on the sister station newschannel8. tonight at 6:00 d.c. officers will get body cameras under the new law. when they start wearing them and the policy to make the footage available. >> the change of police procedure in chicago. a new piece of
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00ment" on your side. leon: around the district d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed a bill approving police body cameras in the district. the new ball has 2400 cameras in addition to the police -- in addition to the 400 rather, already in use to make it 2800 cameras. it will improve accountability and improve relations with the community. >> this is a snapshot. understand the police and the community interaction. leon: the cameras should be in place by next summer. most of the footage will be available to the public for the open records law.
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alison: mayor rahm emanuel announced a change in training for police officers after two people were shot and killed by police officer over the weekend. quintonio legrier and his neighbor bettie jones were shot early saturday morning. every officer will be armed with a taser and trained to use it by next year. >> with the right policies, procedure and practices we can change the perspective to ensure the own safety and safety of others. maureen: it comes as the department of justice look at the use of force in the chicago police department. the issue came to light after dash cam video showed a police officer shooting teenager 16 times. leon: ahead here, we have the reason why the affluenza teen
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won't be in u.s. anytime soon. >> more than 1 million people used them in the past year. how are the 95 express lanes changing the commute is coming up. robert: i'm robert burton. busy day in sports. hoyas are opening up conference play. is it a week of rest for redskins? all that in sports when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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leon: update for you on the affluenza teen ethan couch. three days' delay on the deportation. he and his mom were on the run in mexico when authorities nabbed him yesterday. new videos shows his mother tanya buying food across the street from the condo where they were staying. they were using burper phones to allude -- burner phones to allude the police and changed their appearance. four secret service agents are hurt and another is dead after a car accident in new hampshire. a truck collided with a secret service car. that driver died.
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the director of the secret service said the agent's injuries are severe but they will survive. it's unclear who the agents were assigned to but hillary clinton was campaigning in the area. alison: reporting on metro, the orange and the silver line returned to six-minute rush hour service for the first time since the stadium-armory substation fire 13 weeks ago. following the fire metro had to reduce frequency of the trains on the line and run them every eight minutes in rush hour. maureen: brianne carter takes at whether paying to drive in the lanes on the expressway is a success. >> it's a great option. if you are in a bind and you don't want to sit in traffic all dale, the way to go. brianne: she uses the 95 expressway once a month except in the summer when she pays to
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avoid delays in if main lanes. >> i think the most i paid once was $8 or $9. brianne: this week is a year since the toll bess gan operating on the lanes that stretch from the beltway to stafford. according to a survey by transurban, the company that operates the lane 59% of area drivers used them. 73% of the drivers see the benefit of having the express lanes. >> i think there is a difference. the commute is 30 minutes or an hour shorter when i go south. brianne: according to the survey 41% of the people who travel the lanes do so for vacation. 33% to commute to work. 35% to commute home or visit family. some say the tolls that change on the congestion have too expensive. >> i can go to route one which is free or the highway is too busy. brianne: the new lanes create congestion challenge in the stafford county at the entrance and the exit point of
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the lane. now a new plan to alleviate that including an additional entry point and extending the lanes as well. officials say that the construction expected to begin in 2016 with those additional options to be open in 2018. along 95 brianne carter abc7 news. leon: back to the weather now. this is really been a bizarre weather. get this. this may be the top. it was warmer in the north pole at one point than in chicago. same storm that brought tornadoes to the u.s. last week has caused the north pole temperature to rise by 50 degrees above normal there. pushing those above those in chicago. >> it's weird to see the push of warm air that is rapidly pulled so far. leon: never seen that. 90 degrees north latitude. maureen: we're not there.
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doug: right. back to normal now. snap back to. a third or two through the meat logical wentsh -- meteorological winter and will feel like it for the first time. chilly days back to back. live look at the capitol wheel. most of the rain moved out of the region. use it for the backdrop for the almanac page of december. it feels like september. 55 and 49 is the high and the low at reagan national. 44 and 30 are the averages. let's see what happens with
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january. first couple of days will be average. we know the heaviest rain moved off across the bay. a final line of showers coming across the eastern slope of the appalachians across 81. so late tomorrow night in time for the celebration to ring in the new year, temperatures in the lower 40's a few clouds and a bit of a breeze. be careful safe and have fun. then the next seven days shape up like this. it will stay technically above average for tomorrow and
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friday. leon: the skins are rolling. robert: got to rest them. leon: that is a question to talk about. robert: let's talk about it. super wednesday. we talk hockey hoops, college 7 for redskins. what they
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robert: the big question will jay gruden rest the starter against cowboys? if you don't, you could put another loss on a board. you'd be 8-8 and that is not a great record heading to the playoffs. does it make a difference? >> it's all that matters. as you know, everybody starts off with the 0-0 record when you get to playoffs. the single game elimination. there are teams with more wins than us. make it to the playoffs. it doesn't have an effect on us. robert: wizards are in toronto after an ugly loss to clippers. tip-off at 7:30. cats are at home to take -- caps are at home to take on the sabres. they are looking for the ninth straight win.
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in college hoops the hoyas open up conference play. everything is heightened now because everyone knows who you are. another challenge. not waiting until the last minute to execute. >> understand the flow of the game. i said the next possession is important. the next half is important. understanding that everything is important, every possession. you can't relax. robert: the terps tipped off action against penn state and they are trailing by six midway through the second half. leon: uh-oh. uh-oh. robert: i know. that would be bad. maureen: how are we doing?
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doug: great. a last band of rain coming across 81. once the line is through we think any additional rain tonight toward midnight will be south and east of the metro washington area. good news there. for tomorrow partly sunny through the day. we wind up with 55 for a high. pleasant weather conditions with a westerly wind. by tomorrow night when everybody is celebrating the new year. 42 degrees and partly cloudy skies. new year's day partly cloudy and 46. looking ahead for the next seven days. we will get a long stretch. this is the longest stretch below 50 since march. so unusual. there you have it. chilly weather. steve rudin will watch this and have more for you. leon: dry out. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. leon: join us at
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we have several breaking stories tonight. for the first time bill cosby criminally charged. >> mr. cosby, how do you respond to the charges? >> our reporter right there, as cosby stumbles on his way into the courtroom. tonight, charged with sexual assault. authorities on what it was about this case this woman, that led to criminal charges. also tonight the weather emergency unfolding at this hour. drivers trapped, families rescued from rooftops. alerts across 19 states. and the new concern, the system on new year's eve. breaking developments from mexico tonight. the texas teenager. and we've just learned now his mother too, both suddenly getting a reprieve. allowed to stay in mexico. our reporter is there. the plane crash. authorities say the husband who flew his plane into his


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