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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in fact the downtown fire did not even stop to buy from holding its fireworks celebration for new year's. we will keep you posted on this breaking situation as well. jonathan: that is the most amazing thing. leon: back here at home a montgomery county man's memorial to his late daughter. officials are concerned about safety. kevin lewis is there. he is live to explaining second wife. -- exactly why. reporter: the memorial this is homemade ice skating rink. it sits on a 49 acre piece of residential property. it's quickly become a popular and free destination for parents and kids alike. the county says it was built without a proper permit and is now scrutinizing the venue. >> get out of the way! >> i just thought i will do this. reporter: he built it and the people came.
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>> in a short amount of time this town has come to embrace this place like you can't imagine. reporter: in july his daughter died from a rare lung disease. she was 35 and an avid capitals fan. >> i know she's looking down going that is cool. reporter: someone filed a complaint and yesterday montgomery county inspected the rink, claiming it violated code. >> it gives me an outlet. reporter: they are big fans. >> florida me that in today's day and age somebody did something good and the government wants to shut them down. it does not make any sense to me. reporter: the county told us they are sympathetic to his situation but added the rink raises concerns about public safety, community impact, and compatibility with the agricultural reserve." he's now scheduling a meeting with the department of --
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the life expectancy of the $35,000 communal rink uncertain. >> it would be a shame if something like this went away and we could not work something out. it would just be a damn sharter: we should point out this is synthetic ice. seller temperatures are in the 50's and 40's kids can still come out here and have a good time. as far as safety, the county says it has a number of concerns ranging from a kid falling and getting hurt to there not being enough bathrooms on the property to accommodate large groups of guests. as of tonight the free venue is still in operation. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. istanbul is ringing in the new year. revelers brace a major snowstorm for the celebration. hundreds of flights were canceled into the turkish capital.
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[cheers] alison: back here at home's balloons help people usher many years. it was a family-friendly event that included facepainting dancing, balloon artist and that they celebration hit at noon today. leon: everybody loves fireworks. alison: they will be part of a lot of different celebrations in our area tonight. leon: every year one of the biggest displays is an old town alexandria. joce sterman is live at the celebration about that we get underway. reporter: it is already happening. this is the golden ticket you need if you want to be part of first night alexandria in old town. $30 but it will get you into 29 venues all over old town including this one of the art center on cameron street. all these kids are having a blast. they were out all afternoon taking part in a scavenger hunt.
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they are now collecting their prizes. pardon me for brief second. they had a jazz band up on stage. just some of the performances you will see. they had artists and bands and ceremonies and find happening in 20 -- fun happening in 29 places around old-time. they got to learn about old town. they are having an absolute blast with all of this. it caps off tonight at midnight with the fireworks down by the river. that is a huge deal. they have already stopped selling online tickets because they surpassed the numbers they sold last year. you can get tickets for $30 at any of the venues are selling all around old-time. -- old town. i'm not going to waste these shoes. i will show these things around. we will have some fun in old town tonight. alison: those are cute. leon: they are low for you, josie. alison: she does like high
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heels. leon: she is all be back in her sparkles -- bedecked in her sparkles. doug: it will be just fine for new year's eve at the stroke of midnight. just fine for the first several days of 2016. at the moment still some clouds outside. let's get a full screen look at this capital -- a view from the capital harbor. this will be a slow process as the evening becomes partly cloudy. we are down to 50 degrees at reagan national. 43 in hagerstown. not so much cold. upper 30's a low 40's by morning. clearing skies towards midnight. tomorrow a few clouds in the morning and then things settle down as high pressure builds and. a mostly sunny new year's day afternoon and temperatures climb to the upper 40's. tonight, lower 40's and partly
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cloudy skies. pop the champagne and say happy new year. and for the first day of 2016 sunshine in upper 40's. we will look more -- at more in the 70 outlook coming up. -- seven day outlook. alison: 19 states from texas and north carolina soft flood warnings today. the worst of it is still in the nation's midsection where hundreds of people are being evacuated. dozens of levees could breach. elizabeth is live in valley park missouri and has the latest. elizabeth? reporter: we are talking evacuations and plenty of damage. the damages behind me, this is the work of the merrimack river overflowing and flooding out only the businesses but now another water treatment plant in the area has been shut down. the river crested in valley park, missouri early thursday at
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more than 44 feet. a new record. officials say the water is starting to receive at the danger is not over yet. another water treatment plant is been breached. this will in river flowing over sandbags and spilling raw sewage into rivers and streams. on tuesday a plant was impacted. those are now shut down. >> it's pretty scary right now. reporter: hundreds of been evacuated and authorities are warning residents to stay away from the water, not only for their safety but to prevent dramatic rescues like these. the flood also closed i-55 overnight, a major highway now underwater. >> the whole entire highway shutdown. unbelievable. reporter: the overflowing rivers left hundreds of roads impassable. >> we have about an inch and a
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half within about 35 to 40 minutes. reporter: parts of north carolina, florida and georgia also hit israel winter flooding -- with this rare winter flooding. reporter: you are now looking at interstate 44 flooded and closed since tuesday. the good news is at the merrimack river has crested and the water is now slowly receding. the big -- all eyes are on the mississippi river now and it should crest in this region later tonight. live in valley park, missouri, elizabeth hurr, abc 7 news. alison: what is the status for the drinking water? reporter: the people you talk to talk about how this entire new writ is surrounded by floodwaters yet they might not have drinking water. that is currently the situation. not here in st. louis county but
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in neighboring jefferson county. the treatment centers that are shut down. officials just ordered a boiled water advisory today immediately and they said to boil water until further notice. drinking water is certainly impacting some residents here. officials closely monitoring the situation. alison: thank you very much. further from home areas of northern england and scotland are also submerged in high water. thousands are without power after these areas were hit hard by a storm named frank. heavy rain expected to fall throughout the day causing river levels to rise to record levels. leon: getting back to silver spring. tom roussey has made his way to the scene and he is checking now live. what have you learned? reporter: we are at the end of
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what was a wild scene earlier today along new hampshire avenue. it started in prince george's county. i will show you. this is the suspect's vehicle that according to the victim was involved in a chase. they told montgomery county police this vehicle was chasing them and at some point opened fire on him. easy police are searching the black dodge charger right now. they have taken four people in the custody who were in that black dodge charger. i'm told a few minutes ago they still have not found a gun. they are investigating whether it was ditched along the way. they are also coming over the car very carefully. -- combing over the car. that victim is ok according to the cameron county police but was very scared. this started at a wendy's in calverton in prince george's county. new hampshire avenue is not too terribly far. i am told the victim at one point drove the wrong way northbound in the southbound lane on busy new hampshire
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avenue. a couple of cars got into accidents trying to get out of the way. fortunately it was minor damage and no one was seriously injured. you can see the back tire. is completely flat. apparently they drove into the shopping center on a tire that was completely gone. winding up just outside the office depot here that is just south of the interchange with route 29 here in silver spring. no one seriously hurt. live in montgomery county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: the district's murder rate rose in 2015 at a lot of cases will be on salt as we head into the new year -- unsolved as we head into the new year. there is a candlelight vigil for victims of the virus. a look at how they are fighting back. reporter: i'm here at the northeast performing arts center
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not too far from rfk stadium. they haven't gathered for the past 20 minutes at the center. they will be lighting a candle for the youngest victims of homicide in the district. earlier today we talked to a family of the victim killed just a few days ago. the family is devastated. they don't want any other family to go through what they are. >> we pray for my brother. something to remember my brother. reporter: they set of this huge memorial in their d.c. apartment, wanting to keep his memory alive while they try to understand the stats and the death just a few miles away from his home just before christmas. >> he was supposedly going to his girlfriend's house. he cannot make it to her house and they stab him. -- stabbed him. >> none of us had an idea of
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what could happen reporter: his was one of 162 murders in d.c. in 2015. that they 54% increase. overall crime in the city is down but murders are up. it is something that has the police chief and the mayor searching for answers. >> i have had meetings with the attorney general of the united states, the director of the fbi police chiefs and mayors from across the country. i don't think you are going to get one single answer. reporter: back here live in northeast washington d.c. where they are starting to gather and begin this vigil double will go on for the next couple of hours. we will be here tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. horace holmes, abc 7 news. alison: coming up on abc 7 news celebrating safely. a look at security for this
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year's big party in times square. leon: and someone could start the new year with a whole lot of cash. how much is going in one lottery. reporter: charitable donations. i will tell you how you can still take advantage and get a last-minute tax write off. that's coming up on abc seven news at 5:00. alison: a look at celebrations in taipei. fireworks were set up at the city's famous tower.
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alison: trains will run until 3:00 a.m. to help people get home. lar fares and parking rates are in effect until midnight. after that you use your smart trip card to get to the gates and you will not be charged. tomorrow rampant bus service will run on a sunday schedule and parking will be free at all metro lots all day long. the clock is ticking on 2015. leon: just a few hours left to get your financial affairs in order. suzanne kennedy shows us some of the options left are you this morning. reporter: just down to the wire
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at the salvation army in annandale. >> what all to be got? reporter: a final push to make donations before 2015 turns to 2016. >> getting that last minute right off -- write-off. reporter: the organization says donations are strong because of the warm weather. this will be the busiest day of the year at the salvation army location. it is 1:00 in the afternoon and take a look at this line. a wraps around the building with three other cars waiting. 10% of all charitable nations happened between december 29 january 1. >> we need everything. we will be open until 9:00 tonight. if there is a big line, i will stay open later than that. reporter: arlington cpa brian says there are still ways to get a write off. >> the one line and make a donation or look at your upcoming tax bill. if you own money to the state
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and you know you usually oh every year, you can actually pay the amount of money owed now before the due date and take the deduction now. reporter: you have time to take the simple steps up for the clock strikes midnight. >> thank you so much. happy new year. reporter: suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: one way to get financial affairs in order is to hit the lottery. powerball jackpot has reached its 12th highest in history. no one won the powerball. jackpot sit at an estimated $334 million. virginia lottery officials expect the jackpot to cause more people to get out and purchase tickets. they expect to sell more than 700,000 tickets on saturday alone. alison: wow. doug: that is a lot of states involved right? good luck.
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that would be a great way to ring in the new year. alison: and the weather will finally start to feel cold? doug: it will become more seasonable. we will have 6-8 days with sunshine. let's get started right now. it is dark outside. still a glimmer of light above the horizon. up in national harbor towards the wilson bridge, 50 degrees. clearing skies through the night. we had a high of 57 degrees. the high was 13 above average. to low temperature this morning was 21 degrees below average. it goes into the book officially as just an incredibly warm month. the warmest december on record in washington and the records to back to 1871. the only day we were not above average was december 19. 50 degrees in reagan national. 51 at annapolis. temperatures down in patterson
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-- images do follow list of the mountains. , was in indianapolis, 26 at chicago's o'hare airport. high pressure moves in from the north and west. . no rain worries tonight at all. skies will be partly cloudy. the winds will be fairly light. this is downtown washington. 43 at 10:00 p.m. 41 at 2:00. by early tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies with lows in the metro area. 37 in dale city and 37 in the brick would never heards -- brentwood areas. high pressure over the rockies and it will spread eastward, actually controlling the weather in about 90% of the continental u.s.
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he was a partly to mostly sunny skies. it's not going to be bitterly cold. it's going to be seasonable with highs expected in the low to mid 40's. tomorrow that is what we have. partly cloudy skies. northwesterly winds. for the next seven days it will be beautiful. mostly sunny saturday and sunday. upper 40's on sunday. a reinforcing push of cold air comes in on monday. look at tuesday. a high of 39 in the low 26. and then a slow warm-up. if it stays like that until spring i will be happy. alison: today could be worse. -- it could be worse. we always note a new year off to meet out with the old and in with the new. leon: we will look at some words that i would to stay behind in 2015. alison: a look at what it takes to make it oh so sparkly. leon: you can see the ball drop
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tonight right here on abc 7. dick clark rockin'new year's eve. then it is that to new york for the big event after abc 7 news at 11:00
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leon: more breaking news out of munich germany with a are
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warning about imminent terror threat. to train station seven ordered cleared. more information on this and we will have it right here. alison: the national museum of the marine corps closes monday and this is for the next three months. workers will install the world war ii dive bomber and the vietnam era helicopter. it's part of a new expansion that will double the museum's size. it will then reopen in april. yelp ranked at the second-best in the entire country. when the new year begins so will some new laws. in the district businesses can no longer use styrofoam containers to wrap food. in virginia, private school photo ids can be used as voter identification. previously only public school ids were acceptable. in maryland smoking electronic cigarettes indoors will be a legal. -- illegal.
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leon: this could be problematic for some conversations. lake superior state university comes out of the words banished for general uselessness. the word "spo" is at the top of the list. stakeholder, secret sauce, break the internet, talking back, and manspreading. luckily there was no picture attached with that one. alison: it could be problematic for any conversation. [laughter] alison: still to come at 5:00 -- leon: the highs and the lows. we are looking back of the biggest local stores of 2015. reporter: he was just three years old when he died and it
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raised so many questions. a new report could lead to a revised police investigation. new details coming up after th
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. alison: the death of a three-year-old boy in vienna last spring that to many unanswered questions. and so much pain. a new government investigation revealed the boy was physically
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abused before his death. jeff goldberg has new information and the strong reaction from the boy's father. reporter: following his death last may vienna police were looking at one possible suspect. a man from tennessee with a history of serious and violent crimes. a new report is sure to put the focus back on kenny bartley. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ reporter: his third birthday was full of smiles and laughs. last may beckett died at his home in vienna. an autopsy determined the cause of death as blunt head trauma with the manner of death undetermined. a recent letter from fairfax county child protective services to beckett's father in tennessee explains an investigation determined back it was physically abused by an unknown abuser. at the time of his death he was in the care of kenny partly, a tennessee man convicted of
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shooting and killing an administrator at his high school in 2005 as well as other crimes including domestic abuse. he was questioned by vienna police after beckett's death but never charged. he was living in virginia in the care of his psychologist beckett's mother. after his death she told abc 7 that kenny bartley is a loving and caring person that had nothing to do with his -- her son's death. his father telling abc seven i am devastated by the cbs report. i have made -- cps report. i am devastated -- i am maintained from the beginning that i was grateful for the investigation and didn't want to jump to conclusions." we tried reaching erin by phone but no luck. and we stopped by her parents home in fort washington, maryland. >> we are with channel seven.
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reporter: but no luck. erin moved out a few months ago but the property owner said he did not know exactly where she went. kenny bartley has not been heard from him remains a fugitive to the state of tennessee for probation violation. we also tried repeatedly to get a comment from the end of police on the situation but never got a response -- vienna police. alison: checking today's other top stories, about a dozen people are being treated for minor injuries following a fire and dubai. -- in dubai. the fireworks display when on a scheduled. for hotel is 63 stories tall and your the world's tallest skyscraper. no word on what started the fire. leon: montgomery county officials say a homemade ice-skating rink by means the county code.
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the county inspectors are concerned about safety and the impact on the community. the rink remains operational. alison: pope francis closed 2015 with a prayer service at st. peter's basilica. he encouraged humanity to hang onto recollections of good deeds so that those deeds can be seen as triumphing over evil. you also denounced gratuitous violence and the thirst for power. leon: people already filling up times square for the new year's eve celebration tonight. the city ransom test runs for the big event.they did a dry run of the big confetti drop. some 25 million pieces will be dropped tonight. and the ball contains 2688 waterford crystal triangles. for those a doma to be outside you can pay $400 at the times square all the garden or $1600 for a spot at ruby tuesdays.
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neither of us tickets really offers you a guarantee that you will see the ball drop. it's not going to be called this year. alison: not as much as in the past. maybe to get as much breadsticks as you want. big crowds are a staple of new year's celebrations all over the world. leon: in light of recent attacks security is tighter than ever before this year. marcy gonzales shows us the impact of the war on terror. reporter: on the other side of the globe the new year's celebrations already underway. in dubai the fireworks show went on despite this massive fire tearing through a high-rise hotel just across the street. in paris the fireworks display called off because of terror concerns. the same in brussels after police arrested two men in
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connection with a suspected holiday plot. you can't let people like that dictate your lifestyle and your choices. reporter: in new york the crowds already gathering. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time that we do incredible. reporter: the nypd says the crossroads of the world is now the safest race in the world with 6000 officers deployed. that is more than ever before. >> there is only so much they can do. reporter: with police searching every bag, looking under every hat, intense screenings going on throughout the day to make sure the one million people expected to watch the ball drop from times square ring in 2016 safely. >> i do feel safer with the police and being wanded on the way in. i feel better about the situation than i did before i got here. reporter: about 20,000 smartphones were just given to nypd officers. if they see a potential threat,
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they can share information and pictures with each other quickly. in new york, marcy gonzales, abc 7 news. leon: here's hoping precautions don't put a damper on people's plans for the night. whatever you do tonight there was a chance you will hear "auld lang syne." alison: but do you know the words? you have a little time to learn them ever wanted to help you out. we put them on our website. all the words to the iconic new year's eve song at coming up at 5:00, do your have your resolutions set? some ideas that moment set you up to fail we come back. leon: president obama a classic corvette and jerry seinfeld? the comedian decided to let the president have a gon his series tha
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steve: partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the lower 40's by midnight. . the first the 2016 looking pretty nice although a bit on the cool side upper 40's to around 50 degrees. winds at 5-10 miles per hour. 43 on saturday, 47 degrees on sunday and next week the coldest air of the season in the upper 30's on tuesday. you're watching abc 7 news
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alison: 7 on your side with a health matters report about kickstarting your news resolutions -- new year's resolutions. feeling younger, healthier and more energetic and 2016. reporter: looking for a prescription for better health? according to cleveland clinic, a healthier you is just steps away. >> 10,000 steps a day is wonderful because it decreases your insulin resistance, gets glucose going into yourselves, to keep your energetic and he keeps you healthy shape. reporter: he says the steps to be taken throughout the day the running, swimming, even active gardening. another resolution will boost your help -- health is going to bed an hour earlier.
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lack of sleep is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. research suggests getting more sleep can lower blood pressure and he says he will feel better. >> going to bed an hour earlier gets you all the sleep you need so instead of feeling tighter when you wake up, i am energized. then i don't have to do the catch up sleep on the weekend that really unbalances my sleep patterns. reporter: create a stop list. >> i put things that waste my time at work or at home. things that don't help you at home or at work or to be able to help myself and getting efficient. reporter: he says the list can help you stop taking on new things which leads time for what you really need to accomplish. meaning less stress and a greater sense of fulfillment. primerica foreman.
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-- i am erica foreman. alison: form of resolution is about not to eat after 8:30 p.m. he says he will sleep better, cut them in calories and feel more energetic in the morning. still the come at 5:00 -- >> i am one of 2% cancer free and a complete remission. alison: what a roller coaster year for marilyn's new governor. where did larry hogan's cancer fight land on the top list of 2015? leon: let's look at another place. a new year's celebration in hong kong's victoria harbour. what a
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alison: an update on breaking news from munich where police are warning of an imminent threat of a terror attack. police arresting people to stay away from that city's main trade station -- train station and a second station and a passing neighborhood. . one station has already been evacuated trains aren't a lot of -- are no
5:47 pm
longer stopping there. we will get you information as soon as it comes in. leon: this is it. hours left on this last day of 2015. we are taking this opportunity to look back at some of the biggest stories we covered in the d.c. region. we showed you the bottom half of our top 10 list. we started with a wildly inconsistent weather, then bebe at the national zoo, in the charles severance trial, larry hogan's fight against cancer, and security breaches at the white house and the u.s. capitol. let's get to the top. some excitement that carries into the next new year. number five, redskins revival. >> i feel like i am the best quarterback in the league. reporter: many found what he said laughable. by opening day he was benched after injury and kirk cousins became the starter. after struggling with
5:48 pm
interceptions, he hit his stride and let into the nfc east title. number four, the d.c. mansion murders. in may a couple, their son and a housekeeper were brutally murdered in a house which was then set on fire. the motive remains a mystery. police say they believe multiple suspects were involved but it your's end only one man has been charged. number three, metro spoke incident. on january 12 and alexandria woman died after the logical parking problem on the yellow line. her train encountered smoke and the ntsb says the exhaust fans measure used made the situation worse instead of better, filling the time of the smoke. carol glover died and dozens were taken to the hospital. number two, baltimore unrest.
5:49 pm
one week after suffering a spinal injury in a police van 25-year-old freddie gray died in april. on the day of his funeral writing iraq did that drew the attention of the entire world. police were attacked, fires were set, businesses ransacked. a curfew was enacted in the national guard came. six officers were charged in his death but the first trial ended in a hung jury just two weeks ago. this time around the protests were peaceful. one, the pope. on pope francis'first visit in september, his first stop was prince george's county. the left joint base andrews and a black fiat. he then spent the next two days making appearances in d.c., receiving enthusiastic receptions wherever he went. what do you think about the stories and whae top local story of 2015 is? you can tell us at the wjla facebook
5:50 pm
page. some people might want the skins at the top. alison: definitely around this city. inside to have a positive thing with the pope's visit. let's get a check on the roads. anything positive there? robert: for the most part things are looking good around the beltway. we do have slow traffic and 95 but we are seeing heavy traffic down across the 14th street bridge. a lot of folks heading in towards the downtown area. all of a sudden on the greenbelt, very slow out of college park. might be something in the roadway. southbound 95 continues to be solid. northbound very slow all the way through springfield. that's the latest from the traffic center. now for the forecast with doug hill. doug: happy new year. temperatures within a couple of degrees of 50 everywhere you look. a little colder when you go
5:51 pm
northwest where these guys are starting to clear. temperatures dropping into the lower 40's. our official new year's eve forecast by 10:00 tonight downtown should be around 43 degrees. 41 degrees by 2:00 in the morning. a couple of degrees warmer southeast of the city. futurecast shows a few decks of high clouds trying to come into the overnight hours. that will not amount to much at all. i think will be fine tomorrow with some cloudiness and then a long stretch of sunny weather as we get to the first several days of 2016. are forcasstt becoming mostly sunny late in the day. the winds will be out of the northwest at about 5-10 miles per hour. plenty of sunshine on sunday. 47 on sunday. it will turn of it cooler next
5:52 pm
week. 39 for a high on tuesday and then things will start to warm up. erin: it does not feel like dallas week that it's a great position for the redskins to be in. they were getting ready for the cowboys in dallas on sunday. the coach says that kirk cousins will start against the cowboys. another guy who has come a long way this season and contributed to the redskin's success is will compton who says you have got to enjoy the moment. a crowded media swarmed will compton this weekend redskin's practice for more than one reason. >> is a dream come true, a blessing. erin: despite being an undrafted free agent in 2013 he worked his way from practice squad player to starting middle linebacker. he has the highest football iq and is responsible for calling up the deep -- out the defensive signals before the ball is snapped.
5:53 pm
he has quietly put together with a -- put together a stellar season. he recorded his first sack last week against the eagles. >> a lot of emotion going to my body. something i have been waiting for. i finally got a chance and got a sack. erin: the other reason for his high demand? he has become a twitter celebrity after hooking up on social media with kevin durant. compton was thrilled when kd sent his congratulations to the team and started following him on twitter. >> i think it is awesome. a cool nfl player. you are damn right i will try to get his attention. erin: his attitude continues to impress coaches and teammates. he is not taking anything for granted. >> we are playing a kids game and i'm in the locker room with sean jackson and deangelo hall,
5:54 pm
full of athletes. there is not a day goes by the don't feel blessed about that. it has been a great year so far. leon: keep it rolling. alison: maybe he can help bring kd back. thousands of people getting ready to get the blood flowing
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alison: thousands of people are placing up to end 2015 on a fit note. the annual four mileer is about to begin. reporter: this used to be a gravel parking lot and now it's a meeting place for thousands of people who live in fairfax. is the best attendance they have ever had for the four miler. >> the weather was so great i thought it would be a nice night to start off the new year in a healthy way. reporter: you have got the cozy
5:58 pm
sweatshirt on? and it into a pizza? >> definitely. pizza, a downhill finish. >> my dad said he needed to get into shape. reporter: your dad is not in shape? >> i think he is. reporter: he's awesome. idea going to win tonight? go to the starting line and good luck to you. i don't know how well you can see the crowd but they are all gathering at the starting line to sing the national anthem. the runners are getting ready to take off right at 6:00. especially to kick off the new year with thousands of your fit friends. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. alison: looks like a lot of fun and that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now with breaking news. >> this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that use comes from
5:59 pm
silver spring were four people are in custody after a confrontation and a chase down new hampshire avenue. tom roussey joins us live from where it started. a fast food restaurant four miles from the scene. reporter: that's right. i am at the wendy's in calverton. we have got both montgomery county police and prince george's county police because we are in prince george's county. this is where everything began. a chase that lasted for miles. powder mill road is very close. apparently that is where the chase went down to hampshire avenue in montgomery county and then went north. at times the person being chased went the wrong way on new hampshire. can cause a couple of accidents but they were not serious. here is video of where everything ended. four people are being detained who were in this vehicle.
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this is a shopping center in the white oak area of new hampshire avenue. you can see police went over that car with a fine tooth comb after it finally stopped on one tire that essentially had been disintegrated. four people are accused at some point of firing a gunshot. at this point police say they have not found a gun or any evidence of where the shot actually happened. they are accused by the victim of firing a shot. the victim was not hit. the victim is also being questioned by police. it started in calverton and went for several miles and ended in white oak. we do know that according to police the victim and the folks in the other car that were chasing them all know each other. montgomery county police were walking down new hampshire outing looking for a gun


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