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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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everything ended. four people are being detained who were in this vehicle. this is a shopping center in the white oak area of new hampshire avenue. you can see police went over that car with a fine tooth comb after it finally stopped on one tire that essentially had been disintegrated. people are accused at some point of firing a gunshot. at this point police say they have not found a gun or any evidence of where the shot actually happened. they are accused by the victim of firing a shot. the victim was not hit. the victim is also being questioned by police. it started in calverton and went for several miles and ended in white oak. we do know that according to police the victim and the folks in the other car that were chasing them all know each other. montgomery county police were walking down new hampshire outing looking for a gun but
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they have not been successful at this point. tom roussey, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you. this new year's eve there is a visible presence of security in the aftermath of recent terror attacks. .both berlin and paris are ringing in 2016 on the right to see fireworks at a light show at the brandenburg gate in berlin. and paris the fireworks for canceled because of terror fears after the november attack that killed 130 people. the light show was replaced with a video performance played on screens. leon: on this side of the pond new york city leaders are calling tonight celebration exceedingly safe. the nypd began planning security for tonight ball drop the for the confetti was cleaned up from last year. that plan includes 6000 officers, 500 more than last year. there are also helicopters and snipers in addition to metal detectors for anyone entering the celebration.
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metro is also stepping up its security. that includes providing a more secure way for people who have been drinking to get home. brianne carter joins us now to explain the angle. reporter: keeping people safe is the goal here tonight. lots of people will be out and how do they get home? metro is partnering with miller lite to offer people a free ride. for the first time on new year's eve you can get a free ride home on metro. >> sounds like a good deal. i wish i was getting a free ride. to 3:00: from midnight a.m. you will still use her car to get to the gate but not be charged. >> they are offering a good service. people that take advantage little too much. reporter: with the influx of rider expected, they will step up patrols close to popular not right venues.
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while there is no specific or credible threat against any transit agency, metro transit police will have antiterrorism resources out as well. >> we are always monitoring as are our federal partners. this will be an opportunity for us to remind everyone if you see something, say something. reporter: it's not just transit police keeping an eye on everyone in the city. a spokesperson for the d.c. department says we will continue and our strategy for new year's eve and all patrol districts and have additional personnel deployed in our nightlife area." metro officials are warning people there is such a thing as too inebriated to get on metro. they say if you become that way, they are urging you to take a cab or right sharing services. they want to keep people safe tonight. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. maureen: the weather should not
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interview with the celebration. it should be near perfect. doug hill has the first look for us. doug: temperatures will be in the lower 40's later tonight and cloudy outside the weather center. we will see some breaks in the overcast throw the evening. within a degree or so of 50. 49ers falls church in college park. 47 in aspen hill. satellite indicating it is starting to clear a bit. partly cloudy skies through the night. about 43 in the city at 10:00 p.m. we welcome the new year at 42 in downtown. and death of the first in the new year look for clouds and sunshine in the morning. mostly sunny in the afternoon. highs of about 49 degrees and we will check out the weekend and the first few days of 26 seen in the full or cast in a few minutes. take theyou can stormwatch forecast wherever you go, anytime of day. just download the weather app
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from google play or apple itunes store. leon: one of the biggest stories was the deadly encounter between police and citizens. to ahas given birth protest movement that plans to make its presence known tonight. a black lives matter protest is set to begin shortly. now, very safe, very vibrant. lots of people out in chinatown enjoying a brisk evening. but it's all understanding that around 7:00 a number of groups are going to gather in mass here in chinatown and on purpose to disrupt things for what they believe is a police culture that is prone to excessive force. they have particular concerns about a number of recent cases in which police officers were not indicted an incidents in
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which people died in police custody. one in cleveland ohio in which an opposite thought a 12-year-old boy had a gun and the opposition and killed a young man. we are expecting -- they claim at least 500 people will be here trying to disrupt the evening and shut down chinatown to get their point across. thank you, jay. firefighters in dubai are still fighting a fire at a 63 story luxury hotel. the flames could be seen from miles away. at least 14 people suffered minor injuries. another person had a heart attack during the evacuation. a new year's eve fireworks show at the world's largest building went on as planned. leon: a rochester, new york man
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is behind bars accused of plotting a terrorist attack. the 23-year-old was arrested yesterday. they claimed he planned on bombing a bargain new year's eve in support of isis. he's facing a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. authorities say he served five years for a 2006 robbery conviction and has been arrested several times for mental health issues. maureen: still ahead, a grim milestone in the flooding that forced thousands from their home to missouri. reporter: he built an ice rink in memory of his late daughter. now montgomery county says they might have to force them to tear it all down. i will have the story coming up. seinfeld white jerry says president obama deserved an invitation onto his
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maureen: a shakeup in republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson does the campaign -- arson's -- carson's campaign has resigned. struggles as carson to hold his slide in the polls. in our area former maryland namenor martin o'malley's
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will not be on the primary ballot in ohio because he got file enough valid signatures. only one person showed up for an o'malley event during a snowstorm in iowa. and democrat he is running a distant third behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. now: president obama is enjoying the final days of his annual hawaiian vacation. before he left the president joined jerry seinfeld for an episode of "comedians and cars and coffee." they took turns driving around the white house grounds before having coffee in the white house cafeteria. >> i always wanted to be in a show about nothing in here i am. >> there is nothing better than this. >> how many world leaders do you think are just completely out of their minds? >> a pretty sizable percentage. [laughter] leon: he can say that now.
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says he's old enough jokes while in office to our an appearance on his show. we posted a link to the entire 90 minute local episode that we .- webisode on a father'sming up, tribute to his deceased daughter is about to be shut down. leon: why montgomery county is challenging this $35,000 backyard ice rink. maureen: and doug hill tells us with the first week of 2016 will bring after an unusual 2015. erin: find out who will sit and st
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leon: 20 deaths have been blamed on flooding in the midwest. the mississippi is still rising. the flooding breached to water treatment plant and shut down interstate highways. >> the whole entire highway is shut down. unbelievable. >> it's pretty scary right now.
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leon: the rare winter flooding is a result of 10 inches or more of rain over the a three-day period. a unique memorial building a grieving father for his daughter is being torn down. maureen: as kevin lewis reports, the man behind the backyard ice rink is hoping to get out of the penalty box. >> this is it. reporter: is a totally free, totally homemade synthetic ice rink. -- i just said if you want to skate and play hockey,, and out. reporter: he spent $35,000 crafting the venue on his 39 -- 39 acrechor property to honor his daughter who died in july. >> i said i'm going to do this. reporter: this week montgomery
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county sent inspectors and issued him a violation notice. parents -- >> i don't see having something like this is such a problem. it is said. reporter: they are now scratching your head. >> my first thought was seriously? the county doesn't have anything better to do with my tax dollars. reporter: today montgomery county told us they are sympathetic to his situation, but added the rink raises concerns about public safety, community impacts and compatibility with the agricultural reserve." >> it would be a damn shame if something like this one away. reporter: i asked the governor county 20 if i some of the safety concerns. they have concerns ranging from kids falling and getting hurt to
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there not being enough bathrooms on this property to accommodate large groups of people. as of tonight the free ice rink is still in operation. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. maureen: the countdown is on in times square. we are less than six hours away from 2016. this is a live look at the square were thousands of people have packed into wait and watch the ball drop at midnight. leon: one year ago tonight we saw people bundled up from head to toe. let's get this over with. leon: this i have got to see. doug: the weather will be fine there. let's tell you the numbers on this final day of 2015. another above average stay weather-wise. if you missed our headline earlier this afternoon, it is very simple. december has been the warmest on record in washington.
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some people say it's the warmest december ever but i think decembers in the year 739 was warmer. some crazy stuff. west-northwesterly winds. temperature starting to cool down a bit. 50 degrees in annapolis and 51 in fredericksburg. it's a bit colder north and west of the mountains. this little chain of appalachians protects us from a lot of the low-level cold air out west. only 30 in columbus right now. we will have highs in the 40's coming up but it will be colder than the pattern we have had. lots and lots of sunshine over the next few days in the area. partly to mostly sunny days. some bands of high cloudiness. the closest rain is it -- is moving offshore. we will become partly cloudy late tonight and by midnight with partly cloudy skies.
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downtown will be about 42 degrees. it will drop to about 40 degrees. 39 and the city by morning. we have 35 a morning. 34 in aspen hill's. 34 in germantown. 37 degrees in dale city. we will jump right through midnight and go to the first the of 2016. a few clouds in the morning and then skies will brighten and become mostly sunny. there is a norm is area of high pressure building from the eastern slopes of the rockies all the way to the east coast. most of the continental united states is quiet because of this huge system. it makes its way slowly across the country. that is why we have high confidence we will not have storminess. just lots and lots of sunshine over the next few days. 49 degrees for january 1. more sunshine in the afternoon and then for the next seven days temperatures hold in the mid to upper 40's. a bit cooler on monday.
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39 for a high on tuesday and that a little bit of a warm-up as we head through wednesday and thursday of next week. that is the latest. leon: love getting numbers like that. you know who is putting up numbers? the caps. erin: i can't wait to see what 2016 brings for the capitals. they are in first place in the nhl and are hoping to say that we despite some injuries. we hav
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>> and now the toyota sports desk bought to you by your local toyota dealers. j greater has confirmed kirk cousins will start against dallas, but how many starts you will take is yet to be determined. cousins is in position to end the season as the single-season leader in passing yards. he has thrown for over 3900 yards this season with leaves from tying the mark set in the 1986 season. starting our guys are and getting ready to play the game. how i substitute will be dependent on how we are doing healthwise and the situation of the game. those guys put in a lot of good work and i think the records do mean something to them.
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it means something to the entire team. hopefully they will have a chance to get it. it will be a disappointment but i think it will be exciting if they do. erin: the capitals were a further 10th straight win tonight. the injuries have started to pile up. john carlson is recovering from a lower body injury. he did not travel and is expected to miss a few games. they do not have a salary cap space available so he was moved to injured reserve and spiegel on the surgery -- beagle will need surgery. who knew that bill belichick could skate? its winterished up classic tomorrow at gillette stadium. belichick said he loves the
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sport. i bet he loves this. usc in the holiday bowl with wisconsin. look at this. he makes a spectacular one-handed grab. fantastic play. and black monday may becoming earlier than expected to the nfl. now there are reports that the colts might have retained chuck pagano. they said no decision has been made yet. leon: that could be just the beginning. we will see what happens. maureen: looks like a nice evening ahead. doug: partly cloudy and 42 at the stroke of midnight. steeple have the updated forecast at 11:00 and colder days ahead might be ahead for the branding year. maureen: world news tonight is coming up next. leon:
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breaking news tonight. the skyscraper inferno on new year's eve. the 63-story luxury hotel, engulfed in flames near the world's tallest building. and one of the most famous fireworks displays. height alert on new year's eve. the home grown terror plot broken up by the fbi. the alleged isis supporter, planning to kill people celebrating the new year. desperate situation. the death toll climbing. hundreds of homes and highways under water. new warnings as rivers rise to even higher levels affecting more states. family fugitives. the wealthy mother of the so-called affluenza teen, hauled back to the u.s., arriving from mexico in handcuffs. her son, in a mexican jail, fighting extradition. and, u-turn. the family in tears. their plane, about to take


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