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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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searching for the jonathan: first, searching for the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian early this morning. kimberly: family members say he was walking home when he was hit and killed on minnesota avenue in southeast. jonathan: the police are looking for who may have been behind the wheel at the time. richard reeve is investigating. what do we know? jonathan, they are
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still looking for the car. most of new year's is a time of new renewal and new beginnings. for this family, it's a time of tears. -- the new year has brought only heart rate. >> i never thought that my son would go like this, so soon. ust after 4:00 friday morning, he was in the crosswalk when he was hit and killed. this surveillance video shows him walking at the top of the screen. , possiblystbound car a blue or silver chevrolet, speeds through the intersection and never stops. >> at least have the decency to stop your vehicle and come back. richard: the impact threw ian bu
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tts 50 feet, to this curb. he died at the scene. >> he was in the crosswalk on the street. >> we will miss him. richard: family members say that wass, a father of four, dealing with our call issues, but was also starting school to become a mortician. those hopes are now gone. his wife pleading for the driver to turn himself in. >> we need strength, father. richard: and this family grieving at the start of a new year. >> i won't hear him coming in the house, nothing. video, you can see the car briefly slow down and take off. the police believe it has front end or windshield damage. if you have information, call d.c. police. richard reeve, abc 7 news. seven pedestrian
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struck by a car early in the new year, and now a driver is facingdui charges. he bumped a car, which pushed it up into the sidewalk, striking seven people. the victims were hospitalized. at this point, no word on their conditions. kimberly: we are starting the new year with cold temperatures, but we will see a good amount of sunshine this weekend. steve rudin has the outlook. kimberly, a cold start to the new year, and this is just the beginning as the core of the coldest air is on its way. outside the belfort furniture weather center, 34 potomac, same aspen hill, dale city 30 degrees. the wind out of the west northwest, adding a little extra chill to the air. it feels like 30's closer to town, but the further north and west, it feels like the middle 20's. satellite and radar, quiet and
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dry, skies clearing. the temperatures will plummet overnight. , but the coldest temperatures, allowing county, montgomery county, frederick county.- loudon the good news is for the ski resorts looking to make snow in the mountains. more on that, plus a look at the cold air on the way with daytime highs in the 30's. that is going to be for three days in a row. jonathan: thanks, steve. happening now, a search going on -- after a body was found in a popular trail. the woman appears to be in her 20's and appears to have been beaten to death. she was found only northwest -- she was found only northwest branch trail, which is where tom roussey is. tom: this body was found here. about a quarter-mile mile to the west is east-west highway.
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wastrail where the body found is through those woods, over there. this discovery is shaking a lot of folks. the marylandn suburbs use the northwest branch trail from hyattsville to silver spring to wheaton regional park. bikes,t of people riding some jogging. we walk our dog there quite often. tom: the discovery of a body has nearby residents in hyattsville reconsidering using the trail. >> i use the trail to go to wheaton plaza. tom: maryland national capital park police say that a jogger saw the body along the trail at 7:30 uin the morning. she had no i.d. she is described as hispanic, likely in her 20's, with severe injuries to her body. they believe she was killed sometime overnight. >> it's very upsetting because we have a nice neighborhood. i know there are some gangs and
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gang members in the area. graffiti overgang the trail, just a few hundred feet from where the body was. but the police have not publicly speculated on who did this or why. they are awaiting the autopsy results. >> i will be a lot more careful i think not to walk down that path. tom: the police say there has been a problem in the past of people getting mugged on the tr ail. they do not remember anything in recent memory anything like this happening. live in hyattsville, tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: d.c. police say they are making progress in solving homicide cases. 62%2015, the police closed of the city's homicides. that is down slightly from 70% 2013.4 and 80% in the police say they are still encouraged. >> the average for compable
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cities across the country is so we continue to be above the national average. kimberly: they expect the closure rate to go up after they finish analyzing dna evidence from several homicides from late in the year. that freddie gray may have had prior problems with his back. he died from a spinal injury he suffered in the back of a baltimore police van. six officers are facing charges. mayrneys now say that gray have had a history of back problems. this family denies that. the medical examiner found no evidence of prior injuries. the trial for officer caesar woodson starts january 11. new year ise sparking new debates about gun laws. president obama is expected to announce an executive order expanding background checks. a texas, a new open carry policy allows gunowners to
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visibly carry their guns in public. some texans are spending new year's day proudly wearing weapons in public, and as of today it's legal. registered gun owners can legally wear their guns in the holster in a church, in banks, and in many other businesses. as long as they show their license. gun toting texans can also visit houtstate capital with h having to go through metal detectors. toy became the 45th straight allow governors to open carry. supporters say it will make the state safer. but not everybody is convinced. >> i don't want to be the victim of somebody because they are trying to be like rambo or something. some police department's are worried as well that 911 will be flooded with calls. one department produced this video to educate nervous citizens. >> ♪ is the gun out of its holster?
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is the person acting reckless? be open carry aware ♪ presidentmonday, obama will meet with the attorney general loretta lynch to discuss options, including possibly bypassing congress by issuing an executive order. kimberly: a massive manhunt after a deadly shooting in tel aviv. residents of a village in northern israel say they recognize the man seen in security video shooting in a crowd outside of a pub. two people were killed. the suspect is urge to turn himself in. a have not said whether they consider this terrorism or a random crime. district andthe montgomery county, take out is about to change. no more foam containers will be allowed. instead, doggie bags have to be biodegradable. noprince george's county, more electronic cigarette use in public buildings.
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county, a $5,000 fine will be in place if you sell cigarettes to minors. kimberly: metro offered free rides new year's eve and more than 6000 people took advantage of that. miller lite paid for those drives to prevent drunk driving. estimates over 26 thousand people got home safely by riding the rails last night. jonathan: a sad start as the entertainment world says goodbye to an unforgettable voice. >> ♪ unforgettable in every way ♪ jonathan: natalie cole passed away from heart complications last night. the grammy award-winning singer was open about her struggles with drug abuse. she had been diagnosed with hepatitis c and had been given a kidney transplant. she was 65. with her that duet dad, i don't know if that gets better than that. a song for your daughter's wedding one day. jonathan: that's a good one. kimberly: days after her husband
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was charged with sex assault, the focus now on camille cosby.
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--athan: a photographer news a news photographer telling a terrifying story of survival at this huge fire at a hotel in dubai. he had said of his gear on the balcony of the 48th floor when the fire broke out, racing up the side of the building. exits were blocked. he clung to a ledge at one point, even trying to rappel down. all the while, he kept posting updates on facebook. here on the 40th floor, help. i was praying. it was my last chance then. firefighters rescued him and treated him for smoke inhalation. he was back on the job to photograph the fireworks which went on as scheduled the same
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night as scheduled. embattled comedian bill cosby is breaking his silence. this week he was arrested on sex assault charges after months of accusations from dozens of women. now the spotlight is on his wife. they were married when she was just 19, together for 52 years, but tonight bill cosby's wife, camille come is in the hot seat, massachusetts court forcing her , all defended by idc attorney. the women claim the embattled /oredian drugged and sexually assaulted each of them. ille is battling to stay out of the fray, saying that marital discussions are privileged. she could have information relative to the case. more than 50 women have come forward, claiming that cosby
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sexually assaulted or raped them, claims he has denied, and through it all camille standing by his side. >> how was your wife holding up through all of this? only once making a public statement defending her husband, saying, "he is the man that you thought you knew." one of his accusers, beverly johnson, said she considered about cosby'se alleged assault, even pressing forward until this encounter. >> she embraced me like you would hug your daughter. that moment i decided i would not press the issue, because of her. felonyy: cosby is facing charges which can carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. the start date for his drop has not been set. now, the happier news first baby born in the region came a minute after midnight.
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was welcomed into the world at the anne arundel medical center. the new arrival tip the scales at seven pounds, 13.8 ounces. mom, dad, and baby are doing well. jonathan: congratulations to them. kimberly: so peaceful. jonathan: for now it is. don't get any sleep for another 6, 7 years. until mondayait and tuesday. the coldest air of the season. that's not really saying much considering it has been so mild the last couple months. the feel of winter, minus the snow. 38 right now at reagan national, clear skies. the high today 47, still above average this time of year. the temperatures across the area, freezing at leesburg, 28 manassas, 29 culpeper, 31 fredericksburg. -- there ityland is, 38, and 35 annapolis.
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tremendous not a amount of super cold air, not right now. over the next double days, the high pressure builds across the region. witholder air filters and the wind out of the north and west. i promise monday, tuesday, and wednesday, you will really feel it, especially in the early morning. mainly clearo 32, skies, the wind out of the northwest at 5 to 10. a little bit of a wind chill factor later tonight into the morning. waking up in college park to about 29 degrees, upper marlboro gaithersburg., 28 the next 48 hours, not a lot going on. no big storms, not a lot of cloud cover, mainly clear tomorrow morning. grab the sunglasses tomorrow heading out the door come along with the gloves and scarf, a fixed jacket. it will be chilly.
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midday, no cloud cover once again. passingrtime, may see a cloud. sunday could be cloud-free across the immediate metro, with some clouds to the west. the higher elevations, garrett county, allegheny county, may have some flakes of snow, but that is well to the west of the d.c. metro area. in the forecast anytime tomorrow. sunshine at 7:00 tomorrow morning, about freezing. midday lower 40's. by 5:00, about 45 degrees, some wisps of clouds, but it stays dry for the entire weekend. the temperatures will fall once we get past sunday. 48 the high sunday. monday, upper 30's. tuesday and wednesday could very well go down as the coldest that we have seen so far this season with temperatures in the middle 30's, even colder to the north and west. the wake-up temperatures, these are in-town temperatures, 24 to
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28. that means northern and western suburbs are probably looking at the upper teens. kimberly: the bus stop is going to hurt this week. steve: and all the kids are back to school, looking forward to it kimberly: no, are they? they willnever fails, be out there wearing shorts. kimberly: the boys. jonathan: our teams are playing pretty well. erin: they are. randyzards head coach
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the wizards host at the magic tonight at the verizon center. coach randy wittman told his team not to come out flat and they better ramp up the intensity, and one player took that message to heart. that was john wall, 24 points,
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13 assists. wall, second quarter, with the steel and slim. the half. 5 at the nba is a game of runs. after the magic take the lead, the wizards battle back. wall to the rim, the lay-up and the file. the wizards break the two-game losing streak, winning 103-91. bowlge football, the rose featured stanford and iowa. this one, all stanford. it only took 11 seconds for the cardinal to get on the board, the first play of the game. the pass up the middle, finds off, 75, and he is yards for the touchdown. stanford rolls, 45-16. fiesta bowl, ohio state-notre dame. feed zeke. aekiel elliott rushed for
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couple hundred yards. that was his fourth touchdown of the game. ohio state took care of business, 44-28. lopsided scores. the outback bowl was not much different, northwestern-tennessee. northwestern trying to score, but zach gallagher -- zach oliver intercepted. admin barry, look at him go, 100 yard pick six. tennessee wins 45-6. the redskins wrapped up their final full practice before heading to dallas tomorrow to take on the cowboys on sunday. left tackle trent williams did not practice today and is listed as questionable sunday. if you does not play sunday, don't expect kirk cousins to stand the game very long. -- if he does not play sunday, don't expect kirk cousins to stay in the game very long. areral of the starters questionable to start.
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the only nhl game on the schedule new year's day, the winter classic. boston bruins and the montréal canadiens. bats the puck out of the air, then again, and past the goalie. habs blow out boston, 5-1. ohio staterps host at noon, and the maryland men host northwestern tomorrow night. tipoff is at 8:00. with the redskins, do you start the starters or put them on the bench to avoid injuries? erin: i would start them a quarter so they get a feel for the real game situation. nobody needs to get injured. jonathan: no question. first day of the new year, lots of people getting rid of christmas trees. ♪
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(vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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recycling plan for christmas trees in iowa. are brought in to devour the leftover christmas trees. kimberly: one company allows you to watch the process for free, but they suggest you give a donation. jonathan: and if you have ever seen them eat, they can plow
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through some christmas trees. toberly: we use them here ge kimberly: are these temperatures
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close to where we should be? steve: close. we had one day last month with below-average is temperatures. 46 tomorrow, more sunshine sunday. 30's,l be in the middle upper 30's monday and tuesday. next thursday we are back into the mid 40's, which is our average daytime high this time of year. three days below-average for about 50, 60 days above? kimberly: that's a good trade-off. jonathan: happy new year to everybody. thank for being with us. jimmy kimmel is next. kimberly:
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- calista flockhart. barbecue master adam perry lang. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from run the jewels. with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's take it from the top -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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