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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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near the maryland, west virginia border. no lining the roadways. in the d.c. metro area, many of us saw flurries at the start of the morning. tonight the district activated the call emergency plan to make sure no one has to sleep outside in the dangerous temperatures. more on how cold it might get. we begin with chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: hi, maureen. the skies are cloudy outside the weather center in arlington. 32 degrees. that is part of the story. the other part is the winds. so a change. get to it to show you the numbers outside. it feels like it's 31 at the reagan national. 29 at andrews. 26 at hagerstown. 32 in fredericksburg. the winds are making it feel colder. this graphic shows you how many degrees colder it is now than this time yesterday. so range from ten degrees colder in culpeper to 16 degrees colder in the district. the wind chills will be colder than that. so we are going to drop between 14 and 23 degrees.
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but the wind chills are in the single digits in the low teens and the winds will still be out of the north at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we had snow flurries. going through the day tomorrow they will be well west. full day of sunshine. but unseasonably chilly temperatures. maureen: thank you. the morning rush in alexandria came to a halt along a water main break on duke street. the breaks are typical in dramatic center shift. the gorge washington team will help you concur the cold. leon: after seeing a surge in murders in district in the first year in office, muriel bowser wants 2016 to be different.
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they embarked on a crime tour of the city. they want 2016 to be different. what is the mayor going to focus on going forward? sam: she wants to hire more cops, more forensic experts to help with the temperatures and the small businesses improve the security system. but she needs the counsel to pass a crime -- the council to pass a crime bill to give her the authority. this is the last stop of the tour that began at the crime lab. as the mayor walked the hauls, the reporters saw where the cars and the violent crimes are processed and the array of the weapons in crime. the message is where is the crime bill? >> there was a marathon hearing in september. i think we have, we are waiting for somebody to tell us something to react to.
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>> she is accused the council of dragging the feet as homicides soared 60% as the officers retire in droves. the council chairman for police oversight. >> we should have something in a few weeks. >> part of the plan to allow warrantless searches of parolees homes. >> not a single witness testifieded in support of the searches. >> the mayor's reaction -- >> if we could move without it we would support that. other elements are important. >> the police are not the answer. sam: the black lives matter group opposing the searches were outside the next stop. visit to mama pizza where the owner was arm-robbed five times until neighbors helped her get a video security system. it would help the businesses fund cameras. >> she wants everybody to have this and wants the council and hopefully she will get it. >> the mayor came to the jail to highlight the plan to cut the sentences for inmates who
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enrolled and the work readiness programs. >> this was the last stop in the stronger d.c. tour. maureen: the metro transit police identified several persons of interest. it left a man with a broken jaw among other injuries. so far, no arrests have been made or warrants issued. if you recognize anyone in the photos contact metro transit police. leon: employees are back at work at the site of the san bernardino shooting massacre. the director from the inland regional center says some of the 600 employees there are dealing with anxiety but most are excited to be back together. the center stepped up security and they have the counselors available to anyone who might need them. no visitors are allowed this
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week. married couple syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire killing 14 people and injuring 222 others last month. maureen: new at 6:00, president obama scheduled address from the east room of the white house tomorrow expected to focus on the planned executive action to curb gun violence. he met with attorney general loretta lynch and the f.b.i. director james comey. mr. obama says the two made recommendations for him that are within his authority and the second amendment to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. the president did not elaborate on specific actions but it is expected the plan will focus on expanding background checks. leon: fears over terror attacks and the new gun control spurring increase in gun purchases. today the stock prices of smith and wesson doubled on the news that the f.b.i. completed a record 23 million background checks last year. stern ruder and company saw shares rise on the news. the same can't be said for the
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market overall. the dow tumbled 460 points at the opening bell after stocks crashed in china overnight. the cause is the flare-up intentions between the saudi arabia and iran. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 saw similar losses. alison: new tonight a patient's -- maureen: new tonight, a patient's death at the medstar washington center is ruled a homicide. 74-year-old james mcbride died after a struggle with the hospital security guards. stephen tschida explains what went wrong and the changes now made. stephen: it went down september 29. 74-year-old james mcbride walked out of med staffer wearing only his gown. nurse caught up with him. then an altercation erupted with the two security guards. mcbride was pushed or shoved to the ground. he hit with such force it proved fatal.
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today months later they ruled it a homicide. blunt force injury of neck, spinal cord and artery compression. the hospital confirms two security guards are no longer employed here. the medical examiner forwarded the findings to d.c. police. late today, police said that the death remained under investigation. we did receive a response from the washington medical center that stated since the death of james mcbride the hospital enacted enhapsed training and communication for the security guards. it said the hospital continues to cooperate with the u.s. attorney office and the investigation into mcbride's death. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: still ahead at 6:00 -- she served the nation as pilot in world warii. so, why isn't arlington national cemetery allowing the remains to be buried there? alison: first, the latest on the armed militia members that for the girl scout meeting...
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maureen: the f.b.i. is investigating armed protesters at national wildlife refuge. they are refusing to mauve until they get what they want. but they haven't specified what that is.
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it started saturday in sun or the of two ranchers accused of arson. >> they are coming down in the state to take over the land and the resources. maureen: the group has no intention to use force but if force is used they will defend themselves. leon: more countries are joining saudi arabia severing diplomatic tiess with iran. the moves are coming after the violence in tehran. that was 2 scene as dozens stormed the execution of a prominent cleric. they are also protesting the execution.
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maureen: they are claiming that volkswagen violated emission laws. it's filed on behalf of the e.p.a. and accused them of installing emission cheating software and that they violated the clean air act importing the vehicles in the country with the higher emissions than allowed legally. leon: coming up, a fight over burial. why a female pilot is told the loved ones can't be buried there. maureen: it finally feels like winter. the temperatures are about to drop lowe
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leon: let's get back to breaking news in georgetown we are watching. police are still on a scene where a man barricaded himself in an office and armed swat team now at k street northwest between 27th and wisconsin avenue. traffic in the area is now being diverted. so you are advisedded to stay away from area. we have a crew on the way to the scene.
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sprinklers were not enough to stop a fire destroying a home that caught fire before 7:00 ths morning. one person inside was able to escape with the family pet unharmed. the fire investigators are now working to determine the cause. and also trying to find out why sprinklers were not able to contain the blaze. damage at $1.5 million. maureen: a woman who flew for the u.s. military during world war ii has been denied burial at arlington national cemetery. the reason is a recent rule change that re-classified the women service pilots. the family members aren't giving up the fight. diane: her mother was part of history in world war ii to become a female pilot to fight aircraft. legacy that lived on inside the wall of the women for military service for america memorial. after her passing last year, harmon learned her mother was no eligible for inearnment at
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the arlington national cemetery. >> we were completely thrown off-guard. diane: elaine was known as w.a.s. in the war to alleviate the shortage of the male pilots desperately needed for combat. diian: it wasn't until the late '70's they were recognized as veterans. since 2002 they had been entitled to internment with military honors. but in 2015 the army which runs the arlington national cemetery decided to change that. elaine rar month died this past april -- elaine harmon died in april. they found world war ii civilians classified as december -- deignees are not eligible including the w.a.s. more than 12,000 people signed
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a petition to reinstate the military burial honors for w.a.s. >> my mother was very proud of her service. but even more so she was proud to have been able to make a contribution in the war effort as were all of the women. diane: in arlington, diane cho, abc7 news. leon: all right. maureen: this has not been caribbean weather. doug: we have had a mild december. but we are going to start to see it shift. >> we knew we'd have to pay for that. doug sooner or later it would snap back. one day and it's frozen already. it's not. leon: c'mon! doug: that is from last february. a reminder. i tried. last february it was frozen over. in fact, early last march still a lot of ice. through the eighth or ninth or
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the tenth. that is not the story. it won't happen this year. a freeze in the rivers i don't think so. the winds are up. combination of colder than average temperatures. 30 in winchester. it's down to 28 at luray. look at the gusts. we have a wind gust at 35 miles per hour in the airport in manassas. 26 at reagan national. i should tell you wind chill on the sustained wind speed and not the gusts so it feels like the teens. this feels like early january.
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but the air temperatures are 14 to 23 degrees by tomorrow morning. we will have a lot of sunshine and a very cold start. the average temperature is 17 in the morning. feeling colder with the chill. 31 air temperature at lunchtime. 36 by tomorrow afternoon. through the next seven days we will check out the numbers to warm it up to 49 thursday. friday, warm front comes to town. 48. showers. another weather service coming in. close to 50. clouds and showers in forecast for sunday. it looks like we may turn solder again for a portion ofneck -- colder gone for good portion of next week.
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leon: 13 minutes. 13 minutes. that is how long the redskins say it took to sell the general admission tickets for sunday's wild card playoff game against the packers at fedex field on sunday. the ticket brokers are already telling online. minimum prize, $150 each. erin: maybe it will keep the packers fans from pac
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erin: the redskins will host the packers at fedex field in their first playoff appearance since 2012. washington hasn't beaten a team above .500 yet this season. the packer post a 10-6 record but it doesn't bother jay gruden much who is keeping things light at the redskins park. take a listen. coach gruden: we put to bed a lot of demons here. this is the last one. winning a playoff game was the number one objective. some of the teams we beat would have been over .500 if we didn't beat them. look at it like that.
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erin: jay has jokes. the redskins and packers have history. they played 34 times and twice in the playoff. the recent meeting was in 2013 at green bay where washington lost 38-20. the last time they played at fedex was 2010. the skins beat the packers in o.t. and they ended up knocking aaron rodgers out of the game with a concussion but the packers did go on to win the super bowl that year. the packers claimed a 19-14-1 advantage over the skins. there are plenty of note-worthy moments from the win over the cowboys. morris, this is one of them. matt jones was inactive for the second week because of a hip injury. morris got the bulk of the carry. >> a lot of starting and sitting and you put together a big 100-yard game. how important is it to head to the playoffs? >> i don't care about the
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stats. i couldn't care less. i'm glad we got a win. got the opportunity to make the most of the opportunities. that is what matters. make the most of the opportunities. you are never promised another opportunity. erin: good stuff. join us at newschannel8 for after the game at 7:00. it's your chance to congratulate the team and ask d.y. a question. see you then. blackman will join alex parker at 9:00 on the toyota sports talk. leon: good deal! the best thing about this is they looked like they deserve to be here. this is no fluke. it's a good team. especially i agree. 401(k) cold tonight. join -- doug: it's cold tonight. steve rudin will update you at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. leon: we will follow the breaking news we are following tonight. the heavy police response to a man barricaded in an office on k street in georgetown. join us at 11:00 for more on that. this price can't be right...
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mymy giant. tonight, the heated showdown. donald trump versus the clintons. the sprint to iowa and new hampshire now. trump says bill clinton's past is fair game. this evening, the former president, out on the trail and our correspondent asking him, is trump right? should clinton's past matter? >> is it fair game? >> how the president answers. at this hour, the armed militia standoff. the american town paralyzed. schools closed, the armed protesters saying they're prepared to use force. the stock market freefall. the plunge on this first day of trading in the new year. how it affects your money. the major chill. and the chain reaction crashes in the east. and the massive storm system about to hit the west tonight. and the showdown at starbucks. the mother who says her credit card num


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