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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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mental health information for checks. president obama: this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass a background check, you purchase a firearm. reporter: g.o.p. reaction was swift calling it an attack on the second amendment. paul ryan said, "rather than focus on criminals or terrorists the president goes after the law-abiding citizens." the father of one of the sandy hook victims says it's time for sensible gun control laws. >> every gun-related death is preventable. and we need your help. reporter: the white house believes the president's plan will survive any court challenge. president obama will hit the road for gun control hall in virginia. alison: so the crowds jammed the nation gun show. that was at the dulles expo
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center this past weekend in anticipation of the president's announcement. now that we know the details, reaction is pouring in. our maryland bureau chief brad bell picks up the team coverage. he is live in gaithersburg with some of what we are hearing about this. brad? brad: one of the things the president is talking about is closing the so-called gun show loophole to make sure people who buy guns at gun shows fill out the proper paperwork and they show the i.d. that is required. we are not hearing too many complaints about that. but we visited a gun range today a gun shop in prince germ's county in upper marlboro. and talked to people there about what they think about the president's actions today. many of them are saying they are not too concerned about the background checks. they believe people ought to have those. but they are afraid that contrary to what the president has to say that this is an infringement of their second amendment rights or an attempt to move down that road.
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what we were hearing is people saying that really the focus ought to be not on legal gun criminals. >> keeping the controls in jail. they are not going through the background checks. they're not going to the store and filling out the paperwork and learning about gun safety. brad: now we will be back at 5:00 with much more on this. we are here at montgomery county police headquarters because we just talked to police chief tom manger who has become an outspoken advocate for what he calls common sense gun laws. he is applauding what the president did today and he is actually asking for the government to go even farther. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you what his idea is. montgomery county brad bell abc7 news. alisod. so there isn't much that congress can do to overcome one of the executive orders. lawmakers can revise existing laws to try and clarify them but then the president can veto that. president franklin roosevelt issued the most with a total
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of 3721 in his presidency. president obama had 277 before today. for some comparison his predecessor president george w. bush issued 291. coming up in this hour, we're going to hear from the boyfriend of the reporter who was shot and killed on live television in virginia. we're going to have his reaction to this. at 5:00, a look at the impact of the president's order on the u.s. mental health system. jonathan? jonathan: developing now virginia senator creigh deeds filed wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit in the death of his son. the $6 million suit alleges that gus deeds was improperly denied treatment in the hours before he attacked his father and then killed himself. the suit names the state, the rockbridge area community services board and michael gentry a mental health worker who examined gus deeds the day before the 2013 attack. alison: well a request for help in the san bernardino
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shooting investigation. >> we have accounted for three hours and 42 minutes of their time. we are missing 18 minutes of their time. alison: so this is a news conference a short time ago. the f.b.i. asked for help in filling in the timeline of the shooter's whereabouts after the rampage and before police shot them. now syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 people at the holiday party. investigators said there is still no indication of any foreign involvement in that attack. and another developing story in the war on terror now coming out of afghanistan today. our leon harris in the newsroom now monitoring that story for us. leon? leon: a service member is dead and two others are wounded we have learned after fighting in southern afghanistan. this all happened near the helmand province that shares a border with pakistan. u.s. military command in kabul is telling us for the last few
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weeks the taliban has been trying to retake part of the province. in part because that is where so much of the opium that financed the taliban is produced. the details on the specific battle today are stepy at this point. we don't know what the branch of service involved may have been and we don't know if the casualties were men or women. we're keeping a close eye on this and we will get you more information as soon as it comes in the newsroom. leon harris abc7 news. back to you. jonathan: thank you. police in montgomery county are trying to figure out if a woman hit by a transit bus in bethesda was in the crosswalk or outside of it at the time. this happened at the intersection of old georgetown road and battery lane. that is where montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live with the latest. what do we know, kevin? kevin: hi jonathan. the real important question here is who had the right of way? the males bus driver or the female pedestrian? it was making a lane on old
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georgetown road heading in the direction of downtown bethesda when it hit the woman who police say was either walking in or very close to the crosswalk. you can see the spray paint markings. the two front markings show where the bus' front tire came to a rest. they found the woman not breathing. her bag was nearby. at last check she is still alive but her condition is critical. the collision reconstruction unit spent three hours processing the scene this morning and it could be days, weeks perhaps even months before they know who was at fault. >> they want to interview as many people as possible. they want to look at the traffic signals and if they were functioning correctly. >> i cross this intersection many times where people turn right on the red light, which is their right if no one was in the crosswalk while i have had a walk signal and been going. i'm pretty aware not everyone
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pays attention to pedestrians. kevin: police have not identified the woman that was hit. there were less than ten people on the ride-on bus. none of them were injured. new at 5:00 how the sun's glare may have played a role in this morning's crash. live in bethesda kevin lewis abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. the driver accused of hitting seven pedestrians outside a d.c. nightclub on new year's day is in jail this afternoon without bond. lloyd had a preliminary hearing earlier today and he has pleaded not guilty to d.u.i. reckless driving and other charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. his car. the next court date is january 20. alison: i hope you bundledded up before heading outside today. talk about a does of reality. man, it's chilly! our chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center. is there hope for heat out there? doug: it will warm up. it will take a couple days but i don't see the temperatures back to the 60 or the 70-degree range anytime soon
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at all. quite the opposite. clear skies. we haven't had a cloud all day outside the belfort furniture weather center. it's beautiful. the winds have been light but it's chilly out there. 29 in hagerstown now. 32 in winchester. 32 in fredericksburg. 33 at reagan national airport. tomorrow morning these will be the wake-up temperatures across the extended metro area. 15 in germantown. 19 in dale city. for the kids at the bus stop the winds will be light. but bundle up. it will be very cold. pickup temperatures in the teens. there could be outlying areas as low as nine degrees early in the morning. recess time is 28. mostly sunny throughout the day. 34 in the afternoon. milder weather as we go to thursday friday. then we start talking about the rain chances. we will lay all that out in detail coming up in a couple of minutes. jonathan: we'll see you then. there is a settlement for sex-for-work case. they reached an agreement in a lawsuit that accused handymen demanding sex from a dozen
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women before making repairs. there is no word on the amount of the settlement. the court and department of house and urban development must still approve the deal but a criminal investigation is still ongoing. attorneys for bill cosby's wife have filed an emergency motion to delay her deposition which is scheduled for tomorrow. she is hoping to avoid court after decision forcing her to testify in a defamation suit filed by seven women in massachusetts. they accuse her d of drugging and sexual assaulting them decades ago. cosby is facing criminal charges in one pennsylvania case. her son is the so-called "affluenza teen." he is still in mexico. but the mom, tanya couch, waived extradition and she is going back. she is accused of helping her son avoid prosecution when he fled probation. he said he was not responsible because the parents coddled him growing up and the judge
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bought it. couch was 16 at the time of the crash. he is in mexico and he doesn't want to come back to the united states. there are people out there thinking about six numbers. winning numbers. if i get the numbers right i'll share. alison: that is good. we find out how much the powerball jackpot is worth just ahead. jonathan: plus this -- >> i definitely was scared but i wasn't ready to give up. jonathan: a woman trapped in her own car with a man trying to get to virginia. the quick thinking that helped her escape. alison: later montgomery county responds to the man running a rink in his backyard. find out what the county wants him to do to stay skating. jonathan: but first -- >> i believe there are roles that the federal got ought to play. right? jonathan: the waiting game continues in oregon. the very latest on an armed standoff. we have it for you nex
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alison: developing now, militia members involved in an armed standoff with federal agents and police in oregon say they are in it for the long haul. this group seized control of a federal building at a wildlife refuge over the weekend. elizabeth hur has the latest.
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reporter: calling themselves "citizens for constitutional freedom" the group is remaining defiant and refusing to back down. >> we are here to be peaceful and be non-threatening. we're citizens. this is america. you guys, this is america. this is freedom. reporter: several dozen ranchers some openly armed are holding their ground at the federal wildlife refuge they took over saturday when no one was there. first protesting the conviction of the fellow ranchers who surrendered and have since distanced themselves from the standoff. the group then claimed it's over thousands of miles of land that should be returned to america's ranchers. >> it's time for you to leave the community and go home to your families and end this peacefully. reporter: the f.b.i. is monitoring the action of the militia. but for some the lack of police presence on location is a sign of a double standard. >> look, the f.b.i. they know what is going on. they know that you have the
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largely white militias carrying heavy artillery. you can't tell me that federal law enforcement would react the same way if you had folks that were black lives matter activists. reporter: authorities remain the response has everything to do with public safety and not race. they say the area is so remote the public is not in danger with the nearest town 40 minutes away. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. jonathan: 11 children and one woman are all okay after a s.w.a.t. standoff at a hotel near atlanta, georgia. >> officers observed the male suspect was armed with a knife and refusing to let the children or the other adult leave the room. jonathan: this was a scary situation. s.w.a.t. teams responded to the incident. negotiators came in. they said five hours after it started the man stabbed himself. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. as far as the children they range in age from 3 months to 17 years old they are all
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fine. the woman who called police in the first place was not harmed. alison: a young woman carjacked and kidnapped is now speaking out about her daring escape. it was all caught on camera. she is 23 years old. rachel stephenson. she stopped at a pennsylvania gas station wednesday afternoon to fill up her car. that is when police say a man now identified at this man chambers, jumped in the driver's seat and forced her into that car and took off. he ordered her to set her phone g.p.s. for virginia. she instead used it to text her boyfriend. >> i am getting all the texts where are you, please answer. i'm thinking is this the last memory i'll have. alison: after traveling for 150 miles chambers had to stop for gas and she made a break for it right there. she sprinted to a bystander.
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chambers drove off but he was later arrested after a high-speed police chase. jonathan: good. well a dump truck overturned in montgomery county causing all kind of delays. talk about a headache. this is video from the news chopper 7. it happened 9:45 between north hampshire avenue and brighten dam road in brookville. the truck was carrying bags of mulch. the load shifted and caused the truck to tip over. only one person in all of this was hurt. while we talk about traffic, let's check on the traffic situation now. jamie sullivan is joining us on the roads. look at that. back from vacation. back to normal. jamie: yeah. we are back to normal. bumper-to-bumper traffic. we have a lot of congestion. this is slowing on the capital beltway. there is the sun glare, too. something to keep in mind. it is freezing outside but you it to the west side. this is river road. you can get a good idea. a lot of stop-and-go. we see brake lights and then we don't. this is both sides on the beltway.
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let's go to the map to talk about how slow we are. in the teens as you head north from tysons we are okay. closer to the toll road and the g.w. parkway, that is where we see the heaviest stretch. if you are traveling in d.c., nothing to report right now as far as crashes or any big issues. as we pull out just a little bit, no issues on 395. heading south on 95 though that is where we start to see the delay. this morning and through the midday we have big problems on metro. delays. there are no issues on metro currently so you are good to go. we'll keep you updated on that. that is a look at traffic this afternoon. back to you. alison: thank you very much. well the jackpot is growing in that already massive powerball lottery. strong sales have sent the winnings soaring now to $450 million. no one has matched all five numbers in the powerball since november 4. so your chances of doing so tomorrow well more than one in 292 million. jonathan: so you are saying
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there's a chance. alison: i knew you were going to say that. jonathan: you know it's so funny, too, because there are so many people out there with pools that are buying the lottery tickets. you hope some group that deserves it wins it because the next thing in the job everybody calls in rich. they won't have anybody working for them. alison: we have to see. you don't want to call out and go outside today. doug: a little chilly. like last wenter this was a typical day -- like last winter this was a typical day. but this winter is a different pattern. we are going to get very cold next week and it may be even colder. jonathan: wow! doug: things are moving in the atmosphere. interesting to watch. get started with a look at the conditions right now at reagan national airport. 33egrees. a live shot from the national harbor. look how calm the potomac is. the winds are light. that is good news. not much of a wind chill to deal with at all. something big happens today for those of us who suffer from the disorder where shorter amount of days and the longer nights make us a little crazy.
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the sun sets at 5:00. that is a big deal. the last time we had a 5:00 sunset was november 9. so it has been slowly building. as we get through the end of january, the sunset will go to 5:28. that is just over the next 26 days. daylight hours are getting longer and get to the point of the end of march. 7:31. that is with the help of the daylight savings time. and then april 30 is 8:00 p.m. big changes coming. but year after year the coldest weather happens the same time that we get the longer daylight hours. that is part of this forecast here. 32 degrees. common numbers from college park to aspen hill to chevy chase. 33 at reagan national. we have clear skies and light wind. the center of the cold air is going to move offshore so we begin a slow warming trend the next couple of days. the high moves to the east. not 60's and 70's.
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we are talking 40's and 50's by the weekend. friday will come along and we see a warm front approaching to give us clouds and a chance of showers 40. % -- chance of showers. 40% chance saturday morning. then we have a chance of rain sunday at fedex. then it will turn colder next week. this is january. jonathan: we're not used to it. that is the problem. alison: not this year. doug: we can deal with it. daylight hours are getting longer and longer. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> i thought of pirates and i thought it wednesday -- it was a treasure map. jonathan: wait until you find what piqued the family's interest in a
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jonathan: it is almost ironic that one of the biggest trending stories of the day right now is about a woman that is turning it all off. she is going cold turkey on all social media. alison: facebook twitter instagram. jonathan: all of it. alison: nothing for 12 months. suzanne kennedy in the newsroom to explain. hi suzanne. suzanne: this is my facebook page. this is my professional page. i also have a personal page and i am on it several times a day. this is a story that has people at opposite end of the spectrum. could you give up social media for an entire year?
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think about that. that means twitter, instagram, all of the social media platforms that you are on every single day. snapchat, twitter. would you be able to completely walk away for an entire year? we put the question to a few people in washington today. here is what they had to say. >> in this day and age no one talks face to face anymore. everyone uses their phone. even when you are out with people they are still on their phone. it's best to get back talking face to face. >> i would miss important times in people's lives what is going on with them new babies weddings. just important memories in people's lives. suzanne: coming up at 5:00, we will introduce you to this woman who i had to post about on my twitter and facebook page. she is 2 woman that decided starting january 1 of this year, she is going cold turkey. no more social media. we will find out why she decided to do this and what
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she hopes to get out of it by the end of the year. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy. back to you. alison: okay. we put this to the twitter poll of all places to ask you if you think you could give up awful of your social media for the entire year. log on to the twitter feed to cast your vote and leave your comments. we will share some of them later in the hour. i think it sounds sort of refreshing. jonathan: could you do it? alison: i think it's harder to give up e-mail and texting. that makes your life easier a lot of times. jonathan: back in the day you would get a nice letter to somebody. you look forward to opening it and reading it. plus you talk to people. you don't "l.o.l." them. kids these days have a hard time even talking to each other. they are so a.d.d. "i'll text you." alison: it's hard for them to look up and make eye contact. jonathan: i'd like to do it but i don't think i can. alison: i don't think so. jonathan: coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- uncovering history. a look at what a crew building a new hotel unearthed in the
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process. wait until you see this. alison: a reminder to tune in to "good morning washington" thursday for your chance to win tickets to this weekend's redskins game. the burgundy and gold take on the packers at fedex in the first round of the playoffs. we'll be on the air from 4:25-7:00.
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alison: montgomery county wants to lay down some rules for a backyard rink. but the owner of the facility along sugar land road in poolesville says the county is asking for too much. stephen tschida is there live with new information today. hi. stephen: hi, alison. one man is responsible for all the sticks. pucks. he built the rink himself. everybody involved says they know this is a labor of love but there is no lost love between the man who built the rink and montgomery county. it's plastic not frozen h2o. a faux rink. montgomery county maintain it sits on land zoned for agriculture not practicing slapshots. he built this in tribute to his late daughter who loves
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hockey. today we found a 2-year-old stick in hand. her grand father questions the controversy. >> this is not hurting anyone. >> he wants to operate this as a personal rink, that is fine. but after a summit with county reps he fears more than a handful of skaters here will draw condemnation. >> if i personally invited 20 people to use it, it will fall in the commercial zone. and probably closed. stephen: they have said the answer is to move the rink. but he believes the popularity will shut it down. they are going to come out. they will just show up. i can't stop it. >> it's not as slick as real ice but it is slippery.
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it does the trick. the montgomery county rep said this came about from a complaint from someone in the neighborhood and the county rep said since the original complaints there has been more complaints. so there are two sides to the story. reporting live stephen tschida abc7 news. alison: okay. keep us posted. thank you. it's certainly cold enough out there to play hockey on actual ice. jonathan: yeah. make real ice out there. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the desmond belfort furniture weather center with a check of the forecast. we are not used to how cold it is. doug: from above average to below average. i want to start with a time lapse from the h.d. weather bug camera in washington lee high school in arlington. watch the sky in the day. nothing changes. not a cloud all day. crystal clear skies all day long. 29 in arlington in washington lee. temperatures are heading one way. down tonight. the numbers drop in the teen. 12 in arlington this morning.
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32 in leesburg. 32 in winchester and fredericksburg. getting to the overnight hours with the ideal conditions to get cold. high pressure overhead light winds and dry air. boom! we will drop in the lower teens to many of the western zones. some of the deeper valley location between the mountain ranges and the hill ranges out west. we could be as low as nine or ten degrees tomorrow morning. the forecast for tomorrow, thursday and friday. plenty of sunshine. 42 tomorrow. 45 on thursday. clouds will increase friday. the warm front comes our way at 48. there will be a chance of showers on the day friday as well. then checking out the next seven as they look right now the chance of a morning sprinkle on saturday. otherwise partly cloudy. 53 degrees. clouds back with the next system on sunday to bring us 40% chance of rain near 50 degrees. clearing and turning colder next week. that is the latest. see you in the studio. jonathan: thank you. chilly temperatures have the folks pulling out the warmest coats and the hats. you have seen that.
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you see the empty cars in the driveways idling to warm up for the people inside waiting for that to happen. john gonzalez show us how people are dealing with the blast of cold. john: it is very cold. it's very cold. i bundled up today but i could use a couple more layers. after being spoiled with a 70-degree christmas, well christmas trees only gave the appearance of cold weather. that is all now a different story here in the d.c. area. it is bone chilling cold. just last week here in rockville folks were dying outside. well no longer. and right over here, ice skating rinks. we are having a hard time staying frozen. that is definitely not the case. the lowest reading we have got on the thermometer today inside the news vehicle is 12 degrees in montgomery county. across the street in the metro station folks are out in the elements and they are experiencing delays. the weather has proven to be too much for the transit system. we can tell you that the blue
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the yellow, the red and the orange line experiencing delays today because of the frozen switches. we'll talk to folks braving the elements. this is julie and marcus. you are trying to stay warm but drinking and holding your hot chocolate today. >> yes. >> it's cold. did you expect it to be this cold? >> i did not. john: what do you do to plan for something like this? >> i have five layers on. john: you are literally shaking in your shoes marcus. >> yes. >> layers on. this was warm a week ago and now it's freezing cold again. john: they are running inside to the library to get warmer. as you can see here which is social lay busy rockville town square, not very busy today at all. back to you inside. alison: okay, john. thank you. so it looks like weather could be to blame for this. the united airlines plane slid off the runway and into a snow bank in washington state. this happened this morning as it was prepared to take off at
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spokane international airport. f.a.a. spokesperson says there were no injuries or significant damage to the boeing 737. the airport was forced to close earlier in the day due to icy conditions. we have learned, though, it is now back open. jonathan: that has to be scary as a pilot. you can't stop the plane. you don't know what is happening. the guy in front can see what is going on. this is one of the most beautiful and the remote tourist attractions on the planet. alison: iceland blue la boon boon -- blue lagoon getting other visitors. we explain why. reporter: when hollywood wants to transport you iceland's ice skate beat any silver screen special effects. the hottest thing to hit the frozen wonderland? "star wars." abc news confirming the megablockbuster shot the interplanetary landscapes here.
4:37 pm
the ice climber said they chose to shoot here because of the snow and the ice for the winter scene but he is keeping tight lipped on any other details. now the iceland tourist industry hoping that they will break the visiting records, too. >> last year, 1.3 million come to iceland. this year we expect it to grow up to 1.6 million. >> this isn't the first time that iceland set other worldly scene on screen. remember this hot and steamy scene from "game of thrones"? it took place here. who could forget "master of spies" shot at this glacial lake in the north. one of iceland's biest tourist attractions. alison: what do you think? a i'm a sucker for the beach. i'm not going to go through the ice and the snow. alison: a place that is pretty from afar. jonathan: pictures do it justice. i'll let pictures do it. go on facebook are you going to iceland? not so much. alison: pretty, though. jonathan: coming up for us at
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4:00 -- wait until you hear the story. boy's curiosity turns into a nati
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jonathan: trending now. it's official. guns and roses getting back
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together. axel rose and slash played kumbaya. they are going to be at the festival in california that is in the middle of nowhere. the member of the group sound system are also reuniting for the big event. huge concert in the middle of nowhere. alison: there you go. they are getting back together. exciting. how about this message in a bottle? it was sent adrift 28 years ago and foun on new year's eve. a little boy and his mother discovered the treasure along the mendocino coastline in california. >> my name is chris. i'm 10 years old and i live in sacramento. call me when you find this to let me know where it washed ashore. september 5 1988. alison: well it wasn't from tyrus but it is a one of a kind story. the letter meant for someone to find.
4:42 pm
>> i thought maybe it was a treasure map. alison: the number has been disconnected. and 8-year-old rider has not yet found this chris who actually would now be 37 years old. rider's family member ashley works in the district at the library of congress and she is trying to help the once in a lifetime mystery. >> if only he put his last name down. we could get him on facebook in two seconds. alison: so true! coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- pedal to the metal. find out what happens when the low interest rate met low gas prices in 2015. jonathan: but first -- president obama: we do not have to accept this carnage. [applause] jonathan: now that president obama laid out his plan for gun control, we are getting reaction from the victims of gun violence. hear what the boyfriend of a reporter who was shot live on tv has to say.
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president obama: the rights were stripped in santa barbara and high schoolers from columbine. and from first graders in new town. alison: president obama couldn't hide the tears talking about the victims of the gun violence. today he unveiled a plan to stem the violence. one of the people who joined him for the speech at the white house was the boyfriend of alison parker. she and her photographer adam ward were shot and killed on tv in roanoke last summer. we spoke to chris hurst for reaction to the president's announcement. >> if the white house asks you to come -- if the president asks you to come to the white house you accept the invitation. it was emotional for all of us. one of the most poignant things he said is it's a room
4:47 pm
full of stories. stories i have been able to learn of the people in my position and i've shared my story with other people, too. we try to reduce the number to numbers standtistic but there is a traumatic story behind the statistics. >> as a journalist trained not to take sides but tell a story are you able to talk about the plan he set forward? >> i think that he tries to have it for all sides. he is adamant he wants to appeal to the other side. i don't have opinions either way on the plan. as long as we have a plan that wants to be you know, taken for. i think we need to do something because i think every news room needs to ask the question is gun violence an issue that should be reported and investigated. once you answer that it will
4:48 pm
guide you to whether or not you think something should be done by the government. >> how are you? >> i woke up this morning and staring at the hotel wishing i would return the contract i signed. >> i have a duty to honor her. i can only share the love we had together. we had a quintessential love i never thought i'd be deserving of. but it is out there fore. even if it's cut short, it doesn't have to end. >> chris and allison had not set a wedding date but they had plans to spend the rest of their lives together. >> all right thank you very much. you can hear more of what chris hurst had to say about the president's plan tomorrow. he will be on the news talk with bruce at 11:00 a.m. on
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the sister station, newschannel8. jonathan? jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert now. amazon reporting the shoppers ordered more than 23 million items on cyber monday. amazon set to deliver a billion packages 2015. americans are buying more new cars than before. estimated 17.5 million vehicles were sold last year. fia tab chrysler and ford had the best yearly sales in a decade. industry analysts say the low gas prices the easy credit and the improving job growth fueling a boom in sales. so a little earlier in the hour we asked you if you thought you could go cold turkey on social media for a year. alison: on the twitter feed at least the feeling is unanimous. john flores says --
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alison: a recent rockslide could keep a highway with one lane open and partially closed for a month. a temporary traffic signal will be along route 135 near luke. a barrier was put in place as well to catch any falling debris from the mountain side. >> how about this one. malaysia airline banned check lines to flights on amber stam and paris -- amsterdam and paris. they are saying it's taking it for safety reasons. the longest routes require more fuel and add to the
4:51 pm
weight of the aircraft. alison: you shop when you get there. jonathan: amazing how you think. alison: i know. let's check in with steve. jonathan: are you going to ice skate again? steve: no. it happens once a season. it's cold but not as cold as earlier this morning. not as cold tonight. talk about the upcoming weekend. a lot is going on and the temperatures will warm up a little bit. the daytime highs around 50 to 53 degrees saturday and sunday. more sunshine on saturday. on sunday we have the redskins game. 40% chance for a few showers
4:52 pm
under mostly cloudy skies. range from the middle 40 to the 50's. a chilly day. bundle up. temperatures will be around 50 degrees. look at the next seven days. we start with the next three. 40's then. moving to the upcoming weekend. back to 50's. next week, we fall to the 40's. next tuesday back in the upper 30's for the daytime highs. but still no signs of any significant snowstorms in the future. i think a lot of folks are happy about that. back to the project about maybe giving up social media cold turkey for a year. not going to happen with us. jonathan: you were talking about a finger to show us. what is that about? oh okay. all the fingers. alison: scared for us a sect.
4:53 pm
check in with shamemy. jamie: this is a slow go for us this afternoon. there is a is traffic inching along. this is on the side and this is not blocking lanes. we are starting to see the volume build as well. jonathan: thank you. next at 4:00 -- >> construction workers come across a piece of history in old town alexandria.
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alison: reminder if you see news or weather we want to see it too. send us your picks at we'll share some of them on the air or online. jonathan: a ship from the 1700's uncovered in old town alexandria. diane cho shows it to us and how it was found. diane: despite the chilly temperatures outside, dozen of people may have stopped by the construction site to share knows to of their own, the latest discovery outside old town alexandria. archaeologists tell us they had a vessel 50 feet long. it may only be a third of the hull. found after they were working on the hotel indigo at 2250 south union street. the city archaeologist says they don't know what it was used for but because of the wait was built it could have been used for the military purposes. the ship was scuddled in the 18th century used in the framing of the baking out
4:58 pm
process to extend to the deeper part of the potomac river. those who came to see it today were glad to see it in person. >> i was surprised the small viewing area to look into it. but much more interesting than it is looking at it flat on the screen in a picture. diane: it will be kept in a wet environment to be studied in the future and for observation. diane cho abc7 news. leon: tonight -- >> every time i think about the kids it gets me mad. leon: a teary-eyed president obama announces new gun control measures. before he can wipe away the tears the opposition sounds off. a local government takes neighborhood watch to a new level. feeling antisocial? >> i knew i had to make a drastic change. leon: abc7 asks the question. could you endure a year without social media? now, "abc7 news at 5:00".
4:59 pm
on your side. leon: well with tears in his eyes president obama unveiled a sweeping set of executive orders aimed to fight back against gun violence. alison: that approach is drawing criticism as well as support. look at the plan. includes broader definition of a gun dealer to force the more gun sellers to conduct the background checks. the f.b.i. is overhauling the background check system and hiring more staff. leon: the president also focusing on the mental health. aiming to increase not only access to the healthcare but increasing the way the state can access the records to ensure the mentally hill cannot purchase weapons. diane gallagher has reaction tonight. president obama: that is why we are here today. not to debate the last mass shooting but to do something to try to prevent the next one. reporter: president barack obama detailing his multiple executive action on gun control encouraging state tollis report people who shouldn't be able to get guns and expand background checks for private sales.
5:00 pm
republicans of the campaign trail have railed against the president's plan. >> president obama i abuse the power. >> when i'm president the orders are gone. >> the proposal to ramp up the mental healthcare to better enforce current law and focus on the background checks that will require millions in funding which must be secured by congress. the president made an emotional plea. president obama: for every family that never imagined the loved one would be taken from their lives with a bullet from a gun -- every


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