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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. every time ima: think about those kids, it makes me mad. by the way, what happens on the streets of chicago -- one of the most emotional hasches president obama
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given, and gun control and conducting background checks or suffer the consequences. alison: the president also called for $500 million for mental health care and had a clear message for his opponents. president obama: this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass the background check, you purchase a firearm. the an ra responded on twitter, saying the president's plan will not improve public safety. the gop calls it an attack on the second amendment. leon: reaction in our area was mixed. alison: tom roussey starts us off at the white house. what are people telling you, tom? me veryy are telling different things, depending on who you talk to. even as the president was making his announcement earlier today, the debate was already underway about what he is saying, and it's still going on tonight.
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toric day, lives will be saved. tom: at the brady campaign headquarters, they are thrilled. >> it has a huge impact because every day thousands of guns are sold without background checks. tom: meanwhile, in mclean, virginia, they were taking inventory, preparing for wednesday. >> we usually get an increase in sale anytime there is talks of gun control. tom: many think the president is overstepping. >> it's his call come he is the president, what can we do about it? >> everything the president has done is either clarifying or enforcing laws that already exist. there are no new laws. tom: they say that the executive orders close the biggest loopholes that involve gun shows and internet sales. >> people who are engaged in
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selling guns do not require a background checks, and through the executive action that president obama took, now they will. tom: at nova firearms, they say there is misinformation about checks on internet sales. internet, buy on the it goes through a gunshot. saw gun sales hit an all-time record high. live outside the white house, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, attending today's news house event was wbdt anchor chris hurst, the boyfriend of alison parker, with the reporter along with photographer adam ward were shot and killed on the air last august. we spoke with him outside the white house. while he would not endorse the president's plan come he said something needs to be done. need to dowe
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something, because i think every newsroom needs to ask the question, is gun violence in issue that needs to be reported and meticulously reported and investigated? once you answer that question, that died you as to whether or not you think something should be done by the government -- that guides you as to whether you think something should be done by the government. alison: the discussion about guns in the u.s., of course, is just getting started. stay with abc seven and for complete coverage of the talks in our area and on capitol hill. leon: this just in from montgomery county, a woman who was seriously hurt when she was hit by a ride on bus died. she was crossing old georgetown road in bethesda during the morning rush when it happened. the womanors believe was inside of a marked crosswalk at the time. the authorities are investigating whether signals were working properly. it's not known if charges will
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be filed, but if you witnessed the crash, montgomery county police want to talk to you. alison: switching gears to the weather, another night in the deep freeze, and you will want to bundle up tomorrow morning. steve rudin lets us know what we need to prepare for tomorrow. steve: at least we are not dealing with the oppressive windchill factors like earlier in the day. outside the belfort furniture weather center, the temperatures cooling quickly, mainly clear skies. 21 chevy chase, 19 falls church, 16 in for washington. aboutnd has eased, only three miles per hour, settling down overnight. 8 to 20 degrees will be the low temperature ranges. western suburbs, northern montgomery county, frederick and loudoun county, that is where you will see 8. after a cold start tomorrow, a lot of sunshine to enjoy, the highs eventually rebounding into the lower 40's. we have a warming trend on the
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way, just in time for the weekend. that, plus the redskins game day forecast in a few minutes. leon: thanks, steve. breaking news from north korea, where the country is confirmed minutes ago that i conducted a successful hydrogen bomb test. earlier this evening and whether agency in south korea detected signs of an artificial earthquake near a north korean nuclear test site. the seismic activity was tested at 5.1 this is the fourth detonation at that site. alison: a former employee of the d.c. department of youth in rehabilitation services pleaded vulnerablereying on people in our community. ank bell admitted to elaborate identity theft scheme targeting the elderly and people in assisted living facilities. richard reeve is live in the newsroom with more. richard: these court documents give a sense of how blatant the scheme was.
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prosecutors say it went undetected for years and involved millions of dollars and a network of 130 people, including d.c. youth services employee mark bell. the numbers from the department of you three of the location services are staggering. authorities say that bill and co-conspirators established using they theft ring information to file 12,000 fraudulent income tax returns. the false tax returns filed 2013 sought5 and refunds up to $40 million from the u.s. treasury. the stolen identities include names and social security numbers from the database but also use names of alzheimer's patients, dramatics, and incarcerated citizens. the department of treasury eventually issue $2.4 million of fund checks.
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kevin brown pled guilty to federal charges in 2013. bill lost his job with the city that same year in the city -- bell lost his job with the city that same year, 2013. will likelydeal he only serve a maximum of six years behind bars. you will be formally sentenced in april. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: take a good look at these pictures. these people are accused of setting a fire inside a metro train. the pg county of office of the fire marshal said it happened before 8:00 last night. the train was near the addison road metro station and capitol heights. people were evacuated but nobody was injured. if you recognize those people, the police want to talk to you. leon: an investigation into a helicopter crash in afghanistan that killed a u.s. service members and lots of questions to be answered, including the name of the person who was killed.
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jonathan elias is live in the satellite center monitoring the story. jonathan: very few details are made available. one servicemember dead, two wounded after fighting in southern afghanistan. the helmandd in province. that province shares a border with pakistan. u.s. military command says the past few weeks the taliban has been trying to retake part of that province. details of the specific battle are still sketchy. we don't know what branches of the service these people belong to and if they are men or women. u.s. defense officials only classify them as special operation troops. these are the first u.s. military deaths in 2016 in afghanistan. we will let you know if we get new developments. meanwhile, a new facet into the investigation into the san bernardino mass shooting. the fbi wants to know what the minutes did in the 18 after the shooting, before they were killed by police. syed farook and his wife,
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tashfeen malik, killed 14 people. investigators say the timeframe is important because they do not know where the couple went during that time or if they had contact with anyone else. is off thele cosby hook for now in her husband sex assault case. a federal judge decided to postpone the hearing. last week, a judge denied a motion to keep camille cosby from testifying in the lawsuit. women are accusing cosby of sexually assaulting them. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- could twitter's 140 character limit he lifted -- be lifted? rumors were running rampant and jack dorsey posted an image with a statement calling the 140 characters "beautiful constraint." besaid the company will not shy about building more utility
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and power into twitter. read into that as you would like. leon: it does not matter, people are addicted. it does not matter what the limit is. the limit could be 4 and they would still do it. up, it was supposed to cut crime in the district, but a councilmember calls the plan unfair. ied for bured hundreds of year, what a ♪
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. leon: day 4 of the standoff in
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oregon for protesters and will not leave the wildlife refuge. the group says they are in it for the long haul. they want president obama to grant clemency to local ranchers that were convicted of setting fire to public land. the local sheriff wants them to leave. >> it's time for you to leave our local community, go home to your families, and and this peacefully. leon: one of the rangers involved in the standoff says he is following directions from god
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, and he hopes his family's faith will explain the antigovernment movement he is attempting to lead. alison: the city of baltimore will be fighting the light with diminishing -- will be fighting blight with demolition. in theolition begins neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested. baltimore has about 17,000 vacant homes, and they are all concentrated in neighborhoods that saul rioting and looting after gray's death. it will be paid for by both the city and state. in michigan tonight, a state of armored sea and federal investigation into the city of full and's -- the city of flint's water supply, specifically lead levels. river waterto flint supply in 2013 to save money. children started testing positive for elevated levels of lead. the governor has since
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apologized and a state leader has resigned. leon: this is supposed to be part of an effort to fight crime of the district, but a councilmember is not sold on this. under a plan being discussed, you could go out and buy a security camera and the city would cut you a check for $200. many people says the plan is unfair. >> many residents in some high to putreas, to ask them out $200 to get a camera and wait on the government to give them the money back, it's not fair. leon: they pass the bill as a rebate program only. they are hoping to ask and that to a voucher program. an amazing discovery on the old town waterfront during work for a new hotel. construction crews found
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remnants of a ship that dates back to the 1700s. people stopped by to see the work off of union street. alexandria's archaeologist said it is about 50 feet long and likely only one third of the hull. >> the founders of the city had incredible aspirations to become an international port. now take itrts will apart and look for artifacts or markings that could shed light on where it sailed in what he carried. once it is removed, the plan is to keep the wood in a wet environment to keep it preserved. leon: the water keeps the oxygen away and it helps the wood survive. steve: and that is why old town is so awesome. alison: that's why you are like the mayor of old town. not really, but close. we are looking at a cold night ahead and a little bit of a warming trend on the way, just
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in time for the football game sunday. good news all around. reagan national airport, 27 degrees at this hour, the high temperature 34 degrees. well below average for this time of year. should be 43. 71 the record back in 1997. 19 degrees at this hour in leesburg, 19 andrews, 18 fredericksburg. outget the point, it's cold there. skies are clear, and the clear skies will probably lose another 10 to 12 degrees, giving a single digits in the northern and western suburbs. a huge area of high pressure overhead. that dome of high pressure is keeping us cold overnight. clouds increase this time tomorrow night. by thursday, looking at mostly cloudy skies and a chance of rain by the end of the week. satellite and radar, nothing going on across our area. a bit closer, mainly clear skies allowing temperatures to drop quickly.
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8 to 20 degrees is the low temperature range. the coldest air in montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county. that is where it will be single digits. the rest of us ,20 brentwood, 17 largo and waldorf, dale city 20 degrees. keep the sun glasses handy along with the gloves, hat, thick jacket. mainly clear skies, lots of sunshine. clouds approach late in the day, southern maryland, then drift to the north. thursday, mostly cloudy skies, but it stays dry. the next best chance of showers will not come until friday. the day planner looks like this -- tomorrow a cold start, but not nearly as cold as this morning. 19 degrees in town, 37 by noontime. in the afternoon, lower 40's. you will feel the difference compared with today.
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the class will be increasing. friday, showers, but limited to about 40% chance. football,ay, redskins game time at 4:40, we could be looking at scattered showers on the radar, upper 40's, 50 degrees. at least it's warmer. does the warming trend mean no snow on sunday? a top 10 list that you never would have expected to see kirk cousins on. sports is coming up. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the capitals got back to their winning ways tonight in boston. the caps remain undefeated when leading after the first.
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in the second, the caps up 1-0. looking to pass, cannot find anybody. 2-0 washington. in the third, the caps up 2-1. the long-distance slapper hits the post. marcus johansson gathers and punches it in. washington wins 3-2. the hoyas look to remain undefeated in the big east tonight, at creighton. this would not be easy. it was close throughout. second half, georgetown putting on the pressure, coming up with the turnover. reggie cameron with the bucket. hoyas down three, but there is no rest, creighton pushing the pace, working at around. georgetown goes down, 79-66. the school hoops, paul sixth against bishop mcnamara.
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brandon slater knocks down the three. in t second quarter, pretty nice ball handling skills. mcnamara's john mcgriff dishes, sam green finished with the pretty reverse. the ship mcnamara wins. veterankins added cornerback cary williams who as playoff experience to help solve secondary issues after suffering some scary injury sunday. williams played for both the seahawks and ravens. has received many accolades this season, but how about best-dressed? ike taylor and maurice jones ranked cousins seventh on the nfl network best dressed list this season. i guess it was the burgundy and gold suit? quite the look. don't know if it's a good one, but some people think it is. kirk has style, but so does
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derrick rose. regains control, shoots, goes. 117-106 over milwaukee. king james and the cavaliers are in town, facing the wizards at the verizon center tomorrow. tipoff is at 7:00. leon: it could not be that jacket. he looked like a sky cap. erin: there were gold pants to go with the jacket. leon: he look like a mcdonald's greeter. stay classy. erin: someone has to. out -- ack this festival dedicated to snow and ice. alison: you think it's cold in
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d.c., check this out. netherlandsld and -- in the netherlands, the sky turned his own road into his personal skating rink. or maybe just making the best of a bad situation. arm achingina, they amazing art thanks to the cold weather they are getting. of sculptures made from ice and snow. the castle right there is more
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than 160 feet tall. 16 stories. the castle could set a record for the world's tallest and largestsure -- the world's tallest and largest snow sculpture.
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steve: it is cold tonight, not nearly as cold as last night with the windchill factor. daytime highs tomorrow when the low 40's. middle 40's thursday, showers friday. someday may have sprinkles, but sunday, the redskins game, 50 degrees, kickoff time dodging raindrops. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a great night.
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jon favreau, from "the forest," natalie dormer, and music from pvris, with cleto and the cletones. . and now at long last, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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