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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we were parked right across the street. as the news conference was underway, someone was bashing in the window of our news vehicle. we have video of that vehicle for you. they made off with a number of valuable pieces of equipment. what the mayor and the chief were talking about was the task force is how it is going to work in real-time and target these robbers who hit up a number of people in rapid succession. this is what the mayor had to say. mayor bowser: these people often go on robbery sprees, targeting several victims in a short period of time. that's why the work of the robbery intervention task force is so important. stephen: just to underscore how difficult it is to combat these type of crimes, the theft from auto that we experienced, a number of police officers were here at the news conference. they responded in seconds of
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our return to the car but the thief or thieves were long gone. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: wow! thank you very much. now we have more breaking news today. this time out of baltimore where a judge ruled officer william porter must testify in the next officer's trial for the death of freddie gray. now porter was the first of those six officers to go on trial. his case ended in a hung jury. he originally planned to plead the fifth so he wouldn't have to take the stand. next week is officer caesar goodson's trial. he was the one driving the transport van that gray suffered the injuries that ultimately killed him. the judge today ruled there will not be a change of venue for that trial. jonathan: we are also following breaking news to the south of us in alabama. the chief justice of the state supreme court issued today an order blocking same-sex marriages. judge roy moore says the order he issued in march is still in effect, despite a u.s. supreme court ruling last june essentially legalizing the
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unions. justice moore says the supreme court decision just causes, "confusion and uncertainty among probate judges" and does not necessarily apply to alabama law. the u.s. supreme court case focused on bans in mississippi, kentucky, ohio, tennessee. family at the preschool where a woman hit and killed by a bus worked are remembering the grand mother. yesterday she was hit and killed. police are trying to piece together the chain of events leading up to the accident at old georgetown road and battery lane yesterday. was she in the crosswalk or was she not? maryland bureau chief brad bell has the latest on what is happening there. brad? brad: you are right. a lot of sadness here and a lot of those questions. you mentioned a few of them. police investigation underway. we also heard today from a national buses union and -- bus drivers union and they have a theory. they talk about the column on the bus, the side view mirror blocking pedestrians.
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you can't see me anymore and i'm just right here. bus drivers union say it's a common problem. they don't know if it happened here or not but it's a theory. the police investigation underway. the accident happening yesterday morning at 8:00 am. 67-year-old woman was crossing old georgetown road right at battery lane when the bus was turning from battery lane onto old georgetown road. she was hit. very near or in the crosswalk. that is the suspect of the police investigation. we can show you some pictures of this woman. she worked at a daycare center just about a half a block or so away from the accident scene. she had been there for about three years working with 2-year-olds because they reminded her of her granddaughter in sri lanka. her coworkers tonight are absolutely devastated. >> i think all of us, we are
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so hurt by the circumstances of her death. such a wonderful caring, kind, giving person. brad: one of the saddest thing we heard from the daycare center. the little children, 2 years old, too early to understand what happened here asking where is miss davika today? we'll be back at 5 says with much more on the story -- at 5:00 with much on the story and what happened on the roadway and what is going on inside the daycare center. in bethesda, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: very sad. thank you. injured construction worker had to be lifted out of a 50-foot hole in northwest d.c. this afternoon. it happened 2:00 on champlain and adams morgan. we saw a video as he was lifted by firefighters and put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. teenagers are non-life threatening. that is good news.
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alison: we are covering metro. bizarre incident on the green line. two cars on a six-car train uncoupled. this was near the navy guard station at 8:15 this morning. the cars were 18 inches apart and the train stopped. no one was hurt but the cars were reattached so the train could get to the station and then it was taken out of service. metro is investigating how it all happened. gallows road is back open in falls church after an ambulance slammed in a utility pole that happened this morning in front of inova fairfax hospital. there was a patient in the back at the time. the ambulance's driver and three occupants all suffered non-life threatening injuries. no word on what caused the accident. no one was hurt but plenty of damage after a car slammed slamd into a strip mall this morning. this happened after midnight along southern maryland boulevard and owings mills. the doug kirk fire department says the driver was arrested from d.u.i. after building
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caught fire. coming up in 20 minutes, today, you will hear from the hear from the owner of a business destroyed. jonathan: we're tracking a developing story out of north korea where the government claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb. white house is not so sure. marci gonzalez has reaction. marci: today's north korea alarming claims that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time sparking condemnation from around the world. the-up security council holding a meeting following the claims that there was a test of a hydrogen bomb. a weapon that can be 10,000 more powerful than those dropped in world war ii.
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the u.s. launched the nuclear sniffer planes to determine if the claims are true. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb. >> if it is later confirmed it would be north korea fourth time testing a nuclear weapon since 2006, but the first time to test a thermo nuclear weapon. but experts are doubtful saying the results were too small to be even from a failed test. >> they are puffing themselves up. they don't have the capability to obliterate the korean peninsula. the bad news is they are trying. >> and the u.s. security counsel vows to take further significant measures to yet to specify what those will be. the u.n. headquarters in new york, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: by the way, the dow dropped at the opening bell after north korea made the
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claims. it wasn't able to recover. the market closed six minutes ago and the dow was down significantly. jonathan: if you invest in the market it can take skill, concentration, focus. playing the lottery is throwing a dark at the board. just luck. alison: absolutely. tonight plenty of people dreaming about cashing in on half a billion jackpot. with a b. tom roussey is out where people are playing powerball today. >> hey, alison. we are inside a 7-eleven. this side averages the firewood. on the other side it averages that the powerball jackpot is $500 million. are you playing the lottery, sir? >> yeah. toms how many tickets are you buying? >> four. toms think you will win? >> i hope so. toms share it with me if you win. this machine down here has been busy today.
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the odds are 1 in 322 million. one person in the country is probably going to win. now compare it to the odds of being attacked by a shark. one in 11.5 million. you're more likely to be attacked by a shark. the odds of hit by lightning are one in 960,000. which is scary that the odds are that high. more likely to be hit by lightning. to be killed by asteroid are 1 in 600,000.
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bottom line, a lot of folks are buying the tickets for drawing. hoping to be the next multimillionaire. reporting live in fairfax county, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: the worst is to win and then be hit by the asteroid so you don't enjoy it. what would you do with the money? log on and share the answers. we'll share them later in this hour. no gamble on the weather outside today. jonathan: clear and cool. chief meteorologist doug hill, you said it would warm up. you were 100% right. doug: every now and then i get it right. third consecutive day of the cloudless sky. it's 40 at reagan national
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airport. looking live at the belle habe country -- belle haven country club. it's 47 in hagerstown. 41 in winchester and leesburg. 37 in annapolis. in the evening hours we will hang on to clear skies for a while but increasing cloudiness overnight. not as cold as the past couple of nights 20. to 30 by morning. the high pressure and the reason we have had beautiful weather push back to new england. that will allow clouds to increase. we will wind up with the day that starts out partly sunny. highs up to 41. we check out the weekend and the chances of rain coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> see you then. alison: today the search is on for a woman who likes her jewels. jonathan: plus, men in shiny suits descending on the area. find out what the air and the space museum was not part of the agenda. >> first, getting to the root of the problem. in the midst of a federal investigation. we are talking to the expert
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about how and if chipotle can bounce back.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. wegman's is recalling 1,000
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pound of chicken saying it was not properly inspected. it has production date of january 3 and product p7567. that you will find inside the usda seal. no reports of anyone getting sick from eating the chicken but if you washington it return it to the store for refund or exchange. alison: well, subpoenas were served in california today as the federal government is investigating customers getting sick at chipotle. they are asked to provide documents about the norovirus outbreak last summer followed by e. coli outbreak and then another norovirus outbreak. chipotle say the sales fell 30% just in december. joining me now to talk about how a business can bounce back from this is rebecca ratner. a marketing expert. thank you for being here. chipotle is one of the most
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popular chains out there. how does it bounce back from this? >> rebecca: i think what consumers are looking for in a situation like this is to understand what the cause is of the problem. and to understand that the causes are not going to continue to be in place. it will be really important for consumers to understand what the company is doing. to make sure the problems don't keep happening. alison: the ceo says they are cooperating fully in whatever the investigation asks of them. that is step one. rebecca: yeah. i think being transparent about the steps you are taking. i think a criminal investigation in a food safety context is unusual. so i think consumers probably don't know what to make of that. what i think will matter to consumers is the safety going forward. understanding what the steps are for the company is taking. alison: what examples have we
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seen in the past that we can relate it to them and whether or not the businesses continue to be successful? rebecca: taco bell is a good example. in 2006, you may recall there was an e. coli outbreak in taco bell in new england, the northeast. they were able to respond quickly and isolate the source. at first they thought it was green onions and then they determined it was lettuce and they traced it back to the source and able to not go back to that source. so that problem was different from the current one because it was resolved fast. the consumers now are wondering what is causing the problem with the chipotle. this is happening longer. fortunately the founder and the ceo of chipotle says we may never know what caused these particular problems at chipotle. so they need a good set of
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practices to make sure that the problems don't happen again. alison: we are talking about different problems, too. norovirus on one end and e. coli on the other. so it's hard to target one issue. rebecca: it is. alison: we'll be watching closely. we appreciate your expertise. rebecca: thank you for having me. alison: thank you. jonathan: an ammonia leak caused headaches for folks in southeast d.c. this morning. it happened at the ice skating rink on m street near navy yard. an alarm under the rink went off this morning. the problem could have been caused by broken valve but the cause is still being investigated. nobody was hurt. all right. only thing hurt on the roads are the people's feelings because look at the mess. get check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye on it. you don't have to look hard to see that it is moving slow. jamie: the flashing lights, 270 southbound. we have an issue.
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we had more lanes blocked off. currently, everything is moving to the right-hand side. parts of the right lane and the top of the rach. access 270. you can see once everyone is past this. we are clear and smooth sailing heading south. bumper to bumper in the teens. this is a three-mile stretch of traffic. if you continue south, we are okay. if you have to get to inner loop of the beltway a crash coming in after connecticut avenue. you don't have lanes blocked but it's slow to georgetown to the single digits. connecticut avenue. and the fuel spill reported with lanes blocked. so montgomery county is seeing the most issues right now. in virginia, just the normal congestion. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. still need a heavy jacket but
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not as heavy. doug: a year ago today we had the first snow of the season for last winter. 2.4 inches. go back 20 years ago today this is the first day of the blizzard of 1996. alison: whoa! doug: back then we had three separate snow events in a four-day period. by the time it ended we had 20 to 30 inches of snow widespread in areas in excess of 40 inches of snow from the blizzard of 1996. it ranked up there with the top blizzard of all time with the area. even though we are at a strong el nino pattern and we had the warmest december ever, this is still not out of the question we could get a very juicy coastal storm sometime january or february when we are in one of the cold patches. and have a lot of snow. it's not out of the question. that's what makes weather so much fun to do every day. you never know what is coming next. we know that the sunset will
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happen in alexandria. clear skies and a nice orange glow for 45 to 50 minutes after the sunset. the clouds will start to return to the area later tonight and tomorrow. 41 in leesburg and winchester. 40 in baltimore. across the midatlantic. huge area that is parked overhead. by tomorrow morning we will be in the 20's. it won't be as cold as this morning or yesterday morning. clouds moving in. temperatures are 40 to 41 tomorrow. more clouds in the afternoon. friday, a slight chance of showers and 46.
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saturday is the late day. high of 53. close to 60 on sunday. with the showers in the morning. the good news about this is it looks like for the game time temperatures fedex field should be dropping to 50's. dry and gusty winds. temperatures turn colder next week. the winds could be a factor. alison: well, coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a slippery situation. after a sign of the season. we'll explain. jonathan: first, a fiery crash and a suspect on the run. hear from the owner of a flower shop in business for decades. what he has to say about what he will do next. alison: a reminder, if you see news. share it with us. see it and send it to we may share some of your photos or video on air or on caring for someone with alzheimer's means
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certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body and may increase side effects. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. he's always been my everything. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at alison: several cars were destroyed after a car crashed. john gonzalez spent to speak to owings mills to speak to the owner about what is next. john: we just got an update from the sheriff's off here.
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they confirmed that driver involved in the accident has been arrest and thanked for d.u.i. he went off the road in calvert county and slammed in this van. then the s.u.v. ended up inside this building. a massive damage. he ruined two businesses that have been around for 30 years. you said earlier this turned your life upside down. >> this is amazing how fast life can change. where is the income coming from? john: the second alarge was called and then a may day
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called because the roof collapsed to trap the firefighters inside. they got out. they were able to run in the scene but they got them a short time later. back to you inside. alison: okay. thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- airline fares getting higher. but did you know about the new hidden fees? >> a question about a d.c. government employee who was stealing identities. i'm sam ford.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: teenagers arrested probably have enough on their plate to deal with. the last thing they are worried about the identity thief stolen. in the district, there is an employee accused of stealing identities while the teens were behind bars. sam ford is joining us to explain this to us. this is a little crazy, sam. sam: it is crazy, jonathan. behind me is the juvenile jail for d.c. what happens, i guess you get the idea that if you are a young person, say you are arrested and you are locked up for say theft. they take down the information. and then there is an employee who went through the computer to get that information.
4:31 pm
and use it in a tax fraud scheme. that is what happened. the court papers say that former program manager for d.y.r.s., the d.c. youth services agency, mark bell admits he did that. says 646 times. he stole the names and the social security numbers of juveniles in the justice system. and used them in a scheme where they filed false income tax returns and actually received $2 million before the f.b.i. shut it all down. muriel bowser today. >> we are concerned about any identity theft. anybody that has their information in their care, we expect the highest integrity from the employees. sam: are you surprised about them stealing identity? >> i'm not surprised about nothing these days in life. sam: we have with us the
4:32 pm
director clinton lacy. i guess this must be a blow to you all. >> this is extremely disappointing. anytime there is a bretch of trust like that on the part of somebody put in a position to help young people, some of the most vulnerable young people. i'm very disappointed. sam: anything change after what has happened? >> we are always looking to make sure we have the proper procedures in place to monitor what the folks are doing. this is a program manger who had access to information. this is often used to help young people. sam: how do we prevent it in the future? >> prevention is monitoring, oversight. sam: okay. thank you so much. that is director clinton lacy.
4:33 pm
marc bell turns out is the 15th person to plead guilty in the conspiracy. we will have more on the story coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting live, i'm sam ford. back to you. alison: thank you. federal manhunt is underway for a possibly arm and dangerous jewel thief wanted in multiple states now. the f.b.i. in fact is looking for a woman. accused of robbing six jewelry stores. all across the south. the recent robbery took place in outlet mall in north korea. a woman pulled out a gun, tied up two employees and left with several pieces of jewelry. now she might also be working alongside a man. a jeweler trade group is offering a $10,000 reward. alison: look at the weather now. today was beautiful winter. jonathan: if you like winter. doug hill a look at the
4:34 pm
forecast. a little warmer today. doug: we started off mentioning a few minutes ago a year ago we had 2.4 inches of snow, the first snow of last winter. here we have a list of the last five years. back in 2011-2012, january 79 79 -- january 9 before we had the first measurable snowfall. when we will get it this year? i have no idea. baltimore is at 40. reagan national at 40. 41 in winchester. lease at 37. cool spot. we have one more morning in the zone. the metro area will do better. in the 20's when we wake up. the coolest, the coldest air is moving out tonight. the forecast for tonight will be clouds overnight. the lows 27. cloudy on friday, 46 degrees.
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maybe a few showers developing. a warm front coming to town. 60% chance of rain on saturday afternoon and evening. sunday morning the showers could linger. the good news is we will hit 60 degrees in the afternoon. it looks like the weather will dry out in time for the kickoff for the redskins-packers at 4:40. monday, tuesday, wednesday, chilly again but bright sunshine. that is it for now. alison: okay. doug, thank you. get some more now on the breaking news from waldorf today where a man was shot and killed outside a town home on rooks head place. richard reeve just arrived on the scene. what happened? richard: the detectives are investigating what happened here. we are told at 2:05 p.m. a man got in an argument outside a townhouse here. another man pulled out a gun and shot him. that man survived briefly but
4:36 pm
was then transported to the hospital and died. they are doing forensic testing. i appears that the front door -- it appears that the front door has been shot out. i will tell you there is a lot of blood on that front sidewalk there. right now, we don't know exactly how many people they are looking for. they think maybe one or possibly two suspects right now who may or may not be armed at this point. so they continue to investigate. we'll bring you any new information as it comes in. reporting live from waldorf, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: coming up at 4:00 -- >> i felt uncomfortable. i felt like screaming. alison: a 10-year-old patted down by t.s.a. what the agency is saying about the airport incident. jonathan: but first, diamonds may be a girl's best friend. but don't tell that to this little girl. see her favorite f
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alison: well, sometimes with the cold weather comes some beautiful art. these pictures from china where the annual harbin international festival opened today. i features ice and snow sculptors including a 15-foot
4:40 pm
tall castle that is expected to be the highest and largers snow festival. the festival attracts tourists every winter. so if you are in china check it out. jonathan: that is cool. mardi gras season kicks off tomorrow. fresh king cakes all over louisiana. a baker is known by the customers for having the most amazing cakes. the family no stranger to the hardwork. neither are the kids. in fact, the children used to sleep in the aisle's of the family owned store while the family worked all night to keep the family alive. >> a lot o love goes into it. if you love to cook, it tastes better. jonathan: they start out by rolling one dough and then baking it. then they fill it and decorate it with the beautiful mardi gras colors. they're all made from scratch. of course. including the icing and the filling. yum. alison: sounds delicious.
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man's best friend has a different meaning for a little girl at her pet in maine. that is 5-year-old kylie brown and her pet duck named snowflake. her mother says she had never seen an animal love somebody as much as snowflake loves kylie. the duck follows her everywhere. and really this all started day one. >> it's on a whim we brought them home. i thought it was a farm animal. you see it, maybe get eggs from it. i don't know. i was not expecting this at all. alison: so over the past six months they have done it all. they have been inseparable. they play at the beach, swing on the swing set. there is halloween. look at the duck. [laughter] the duck snowflake helped round out the frozen costumes by dressing as olof the snowman. jonathan: that is so cute.
4:42 pm
alison: cute story. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- protecting kids when they go online. alison: few first, fares and fees. what you knead to know so you don't waste your money the next ti
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. airline hiked fares and said it would raise one-way flight fares. southwest and virgin america followed suit. the changes have taken aeeffect for delta, southwest and jet blue. but it's unclear when it will take effect for the other airlines. expect to pay more. alison: if fares don't get you the fees will. consumer reporter john matarese warns about new ones this year so you don't waste your money. john: with christmas travel in rear-view mirror, many people trying to make 2016 travel plans. before you book a spring vacation flight a warning about the fees that could make it more expensive. you found a great price on a flight? don't celebrate. new report in "usa today" say
4:46 pm
all the new fees can add 50 to $100 to the fare. for the ticket and the carry-on bag can cost you a discount airline allee gent frontier. among the biggest fees is checked bags. $25 in most airlines now except for southwest and jet blue. booking by phone, $15 at most airlines. changing economy ticket. now up to $200 at delta, united and american. in-flight wi-fi is $5 to $10. doesn't that stk file, the hated of the new fee is a fee for your carry-on bag. frontier, alegient and spirit are charging between $10 and $75 for a bag in overhead bin. many travelers say doesn't that stink? the major airlines are not charging that fee yet but it is probably giving them ideas.
4:47 pm
check the bag when you book the ticket not when you arrive at the airport. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. alison: well, an outraged father captures on video a t.s.a. patdown of his young daughter and he claims it went too far. this happened at raleigh durham, north carolina, airport. his 10-year-old daughter was suspected to a two-minute patdown by a female t.s.a. agent. it came after the agents found capris sun drink in her bag. that violated the liquid restrictions. and a cell phone. those things raised an alarm. >> i felt it was inappropriate and invaseive and it violated my daughter. >> she kept doing it over and over. i felt uncomfortable. i felt like screaming. alison: in a statement the t.s.a. person said screening procedures allow for patdown of a child under certain circumstances. the process by which she was patted down followed approved
4:48 pm
procedures. jonathan: hmm. virginia drivers can give the d.m.v. the name of two people to contact if there is an emergency. the service gives the police a way to notify loved ones in case a crash left someone unable to communicate. open to anyone with a current virginia driver's license, i.d. card or learner's permit. you can sign up on the d.m.v. website or by mail. alison: do you wish your tweets could be longer? they may expand the number of characters allowed in a tweet. the twitter founder jack dorsey today neither confirmed nor denied the report but the rumor has it the 140-character limit could be lifted by the end of this quarter. jonathan: d.c. attorney general started his day meeting with a group of middle school students. he visited alice deal middle school in northwest to discuss importance of being safe online.
4:49 pm
joined by the head of safety at facebook. >> it can bring us together and connect us but it can disect us if we share things that aren't nice. >> want to use the internet in a positive way and be mindful of how it may hurt us. jonathan: part of the presentation, they created account for the attorney general office on facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube. alison: up again, the down again temperatures can take a toll on the water mains, of course. when they break it takes a toll on the road. sam sweeney shows us where they are feeling the chill this morning. sam: good afternoon. where it looks more like an ice skating drink this morning. water main rupture around 4:00 this morning. it was a sight like we rarely see. off the street as the water rushed down the road. thousands of gallons per minute fills front yards and covered the roads. by 6:30, wsse slowed the flow of water to control the
4:50 pm
problem but didn't fix the issue until late this morning. by 7:00 a.m., salt truck took to the roads to break up the thick sheet of ice. if you feel like there have been a lot of water main breaks in the last year, you are right. they fixed nearly 2,000 broken pipes in 2015 alone. reporting in montgomery county, sam sweeney, abc7 news. alison: washington suburban sanitary commission says it is ready to respond to whatever problems that 2016 brings. so 2015 was the second busiest year for breaks. then 2011, they had 1918 repairs. the agency responded to 1943 the year before. but 2010 set the record. 2,125 repairs. jonathan: it makes you wonder at some point are we going to run out of all the old pipes and just have new ones? steve: some of them are so old they go back to the early
4:51 pm
1900's. alison: i know. what do we have ahead of us? steve: changes for the weekend. we talked about the cooler temperatures but now it's better. brighter skies and warmer temperatures. look at the beautiful daylight. here we are at 4:51. the sun will set past 5:00. daylight hours getting longer. it's 40 at reagan national airport. now we focus on the sunday for projected daytime highs around 60 degrees. 4:40 for the kickoff for the redskins, we will see a few showers in the early morning hours. partly sunny. a bit on the breezy side. 60 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. take a look at the seven-day outlook. back track a little bit. friday is 46. lower 50's on saturday. better chance for rain late in
4:52 pm
the day. back to reality come monday and tuesday. upper 30's to the lower 40's with the partly sunny skies. get a check on the rush hour commute. jamie? jamie: it's heavy. begin on the inner loop. that's where we will stay. five-mile backup. college park. route 50. a live look outside to connecticut avenue. this is not a picture. this is the annual traffic. we are not moving -- this is the actual traffic. we are not moving. 11-mile backup. just past the point of the crash in montgomery county. just past connecticut avenue on the inner loop. we have all the lanes blocked. let's talk about how slow we are.
4:53 pm
9-mile-per-hour. the 11-mile backup we mix it in with the normal congestion that you have from tysons to 270. you are on the brakes to get to chevy chase and bethesda. that's where they have the lanes blocked. the inner loop, if you see the delays call home. you're going to be late for dinner. back to you. alison: you are all choked up. all right. coming up next at 4:00 -- kellye: i'm kellye lynn. in tonight's spotlight on education, i'll introduce you to a student at this school who was just named prince george's county first youth poet laureate. that's coming up. jonathan: tune in for good morning washington for a chance to win tickets to the redskins game. giving away tickets for the pl you've upgraded all your old technology...
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jonathan: this is an honor that no young person in prince county ever received. in the spotlight on education, kellye lynn takes us to oxon hill high school to meet the inaugural youth poet laureate. >> under her tongue. kellye: frustration that once went unexpressed now have a place to call home. >> she walked into a room. her presence become a candle. >> she put herself on a page. there is nobody else there. she just filled out her soul. >> the difference between staying down -- >> e will take competitions and metaphorically bring it to life. >> fade in the dark. >> she does it in a way that is different and new and makes you think about it more. kellye: 17-year-old dominic has societal, is, goals related to black culture or her own personal experiences.
4:58 pm
>> you have to be vuller inable in poetry. you have to be like your most naked self. kellye: that has helped set her apart in the poetry world. she recently named prescription george's county inaugural youth poet laureate in a contest sponsored by a local arts educator. >> it's shocking. mind blowing. and overwhelming. kellye: with that comes a book publishing offer and opportunity for the senior to perform her poems throughout the county. >> i'm really an advocate to spread the beauty of poetry. kellye: one word at a time. >> the door is open -- kellye: in oxon hill, kellye lynn, abc7 news. leon: tonight. >> she doesn't deserve it. leon: the investigation continues, the local daycare struggles with the loss of a coworker killed in a crosswalk. >> it had been discovered. that is the word he used.
4:59 pm
leon: a man loses his job at a local church after a parishioner sees him with his husband. from the no good deed goes unpunished file -- >> why not? get a tax break. leon: a man that donated a car and ended up on the hook for thsands. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: a community is mourning the death of a beloved preschool assistant who was a mother and grand mother. 57-year-old devika gunasekere died last night after a ride-on bus hit her as she was crossing a bethesda road. maryland pure row chief is live at the scene tonight -- maryland bureau chief brad bell is live at the scene. this has to be heartbreaking to everyone there. brad: this is heartbreaking to the community. people have been approaching us out here on the street corner to talk about the woman and some issues they have. this is where it happenedv= yesterday. they have modern crossing
5:00 pm
signals. but one thing we notice and people show us when you get the walk sign here the vehicles like the bus also have a green light to turn. that is part of the investigation. but as you said at the daycare center that is over here, the focus is on the victim. there is sadness at star child development center tonight. and confusion. devika gunasekere was a beloved teacher here, working with 2-year-olds because they reminded her of her grand daughter in sri lanka. she was killed yesterday morning as she walked to work. hit by a ride-on bus leaving behind a husband of more than 40 years and the devastating coworkers. >> my heart is broken. >> she didn't deserve it. she didn't deserve that. i can't i


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