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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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first, mythmaking inside of a federal lab, triggering an explosion. now, spending three years in prison. alison: christopher bartley pled guilty to the incident in gaithersburg. tom roussey is live with the top story. alison, tonight,
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christopher bartley through t ears said he was a good man who had made a mistake. the judge compared him unfavorably with the character walter white on the tv show " breaking bad." tonight, 41-year-old christopher bartley walked out of a federal courthouse a free man, but in march you will begin a nearly 3.5 year prison sentence. >> last chance before what? tom: before prison. if you want to say anything to the public. saturday night last july, his atempt to make meth on federal campus in gaithersburg literally blew up in his face. he admits that he lied at first. tonight, the judge said he is still lying. the officer still insists he was doing a secret police training exercise. >> there was no indication he had ever used the options.
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he was seeking to make it to try it for the first time or it was a legitimate training program. >> the judge said the story was doubtful. attorney said the 41-month sentence is just. he exposed others to harm and today lied, and today was the day of reckoning. tom: there was some argument about whether bartley had put others in harms way. the judge said that he clearly knew making meth was dangerous, otherwise why did he have gloves like these and a gas mask like this to protect himself. the judge pointed out the firefighters responded did not have these things. live in greenbelt, tom roussey, abc 7 news. new at 11:00 tonight -- >> thank you, obama! leon: the president speaking to
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the nation in a town hall meeting about guns, just days after he announced executive action to expand background checks and increase mental health funding. since the announcement, the president has faced a tough battle. roz plater is live at george mason university tonight. president got more than an hour tonight to make his case to the nation, but in northern virginia we found lots of people who apparently had already made up their minds. >> ♪ god bless america roz: outside the town hall meeting, protesters lined up on both sides of the gun control issue. guns save lives! cnn inside, before a invitation-only audience, president obama defended his call to curb gun violence using executive orders. gun safety with
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sensible background checks and other steps, we will not eliminate gun violence, but we will lessen it. crime will always be with us. so i think it's really important that if weto suggest cannot solve every crime we should not try to solve any crimes. but it is the president acting on his own that galvanized gun rights activists. basically, the whole idea of him going around congress again with another executive order, which i believe is unconstitutional. >> making a law like that and saying this is how it's going to be is i think disrespectful. roz: there was little meeting of the minds between the protesters , and it times the protests got heated. it finally fizzled outcome each side standing its ground. nra not participating in the
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town hall meeting. continues to hope that organization will help him curb gun violence. roz plater, abc 7 news. foundtonight, a new poll 67% of americans responding favor the gun-control measures announced tuesday. however, less than half say the changes will be effective at reducing gun-related deaths. most say they oppose the way the changes were made. the white house insists the actions were legal. cloudy" today, but there is warmer weather ahead this weekend. steve rudin is here with the outlook. steve: changes are on the way, big changes in terms of the temperatures, and rain back in the forecast. outside the belfort furniture weather center, cloudy skies right now keeping temperatures up. 40 falls church and springfield, anacostia 41. montgomery county, potomac and aspen hill reporting in at 38.
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forecast overnight, middle 20's in the suburbs, 32 to 33 inside the beltway. the wind out of the northeast earlyally turning calm tomorrow morning. the daytime highs eventually into the middle 40's. more chances of rain this weekend, plus the redskins foot all forecast in a few minutes. d.c. police are hoping that home security video will help track down a tire slashing suspect in at street northwest. shows a woman watching as a man punctures a tire on one car, than does the same thing on a second and steals items from a third car. if you know anything about this, the police want to hear from you. alison: metro on alert after riders were attacked three times and only a few weeks. they are hoping for help to identify the person in these pictures. metro police say it is part of
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an investigation into a robbery that happened tuesday at the u street station. if you have information about this, you are asked to call the police right away. park police in takoma warning about a surge in carjackings happening along the borders of takoma park and prince george's county and washington, d.c. the chief said they are seeing people getting carjacked, and then the cars are being rented to another criminal and used in other crimes. he is warning people to be aware of their surroundings and report all suspicious behavior. alison: demanding the best education for their children, a rally in fairfax county focused on the school's budget plans. the district is still trying to balance the budget, which could include cuts. richard reeve is live with where we stand on this. a really big turnout of parents tonight. richard: it was a big turnout, alison, and this could be the start of a brewing budget battle full stop that we are talking about a $2.7 billion budget.
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the fairfax county board of supervisors is keeping a close watch on this. the parents and teachers are vowing no dice. it was a pep rally of a different kind. >> we will not take cuts anymore. richard: a push to hold the line on karen garza's $2.7 billion budget. >> it's a shame that every year we ask to be fully funded, and in the board of supervisors says, no come here is all you get. legitd: it is the largest in the district's history, which includes raises for teachers. >> it's a lot of money. we clearly always have room to look for efficiencies and reductions. richard: it will be up to the board to decide how much the state gets. >> we hear that every year, and our school system is not always doing this. richard: the average teacher
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salary is $68,000 per year. add on insurance, retirement, and other benefits, and that number rises to $96,000, but teachers are still leaving. teachers are leaving and going to other counties because of better salaries. >> my family would be willing to pay more in taxes. richard: this mother of four says it's the extras that attracted her family to live in this district. >> my fourth grader just took up viola and for the first time ever is excited and happy to practice an instrument every day. richard: if the district it's everything that it once, it would be an additional $122 million. most of that will come from the fairfax county board of supervisors making that decision. that big vote comes in may. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: a tough day on wall street, stocks taking a nosedive , making it a rough start. this is all tied with events
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across the globe. jonathan elias with what this means for us. jonathan: it was the worst way for the dow in three months because of what's going on in china. your economy right now is not in great shape. the chinese stock market slipped 7% yesterday, halting trading, setting off a slump in asian and european stocks. as stocks dropped, so did oil prices. they are now at the lowest level in 12 years, and something in the near future looks bleak. >> we think the chinese market will resume losses the next time trading resumes. that will probably translate into further problems in the u.s. market. jonathan: it is not now all bad news. for the small investor, analyst say do not panic because it is only july. for those with 401 k's, just give it some time. we will keep an i on the market for you. jonathan elias. back to you. leon: this weekend it is possible that some group of
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people have to worry about the stock market because we are talking powerball jackpot. get this, nearly $700 million. alison: would not have to worry about anything. rush is on for tickets. that's $700 million winning ticket will be drawn saturday night. it is because nobody matched all the numbers and the powerball last night. here are the odds -- you probably do not want to hear them but we will tell you anyway 292 million. 70% of past winners used the quick picks to automatically choose numbers. so there you go. keep that in mind. leon: we'll be here, we will be watching. dietaryead -- guidelines coming from the federal government. you may want to avoid the second cup of joe in the morning. alison: a powerful storm batters the coast of california. and 100 thousand people
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signed a petition. now the white house is responding. ♪
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♪ leon: a massive mudslide in
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and a rocklifornia, slide in yosemite, all fueled by el niño in the past week. southern california has also been slammed by floodwaters. alison: the netflix series captivated many, and now the white house is responding to the case that featured in "making a murder." the show tells the story of steven avery, once exonerated of sexual assault and then convicted of murder. departmenthe justice had improper actions in wisconsin. signed a petition to get the pardon, forcing the white house to respond to this. saidht the white house that a pardon in the case would have to come at the state level, but says the president is committed to restoring fairness
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in the justice system. wisconsin governor scott walker said he will not issue a pardon. leon: the mother of the teenager isfluenza back in texas. tonia couch faces a charge of hindering the apprehension of a felon. mexican authorities detain her and her son last month in mexico . her son, ethan, was wanted for violating probation. couch remains in mexico as he contests his deportation. recommendations from the federal government about your diet. the big focus this time -- sugar. the dietary guidelines recommends limiting the amount of added sugars in your diet to know more than 10% of your dearly calories -- daily calories. it also recommends that you eat more fruit and vegetables. the guidelines suggest cutting salt and saturated fat, but
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stop short of telling people to eat less processed meat, despite evidence that it can cause cancer. and for the first time, there that moderateg coffee consumption can be part of a healthy diet. you cannot see it, but steve rudin is dancing right now. redskins fans are dancing at fedex field they will be taking on the packers. metro crews will stop work on the orange, blue, and silver lines just in time for the game. normal we can service will resume at noon sunday. trains will run every 15 minutes during the daytime hours sunday. if you don't have tickets, we still have a pair to give away. tune into "good morning washington" starting at 4:25 and you may be able to score some seats to watch the redskins beat the packers. alison: every time you tell us,
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it seems like the weather is getting better sunday. steve: we had the two days of cold weather and everybody was complaining yesterday, i was complaining. today it felt a lot better. we are at 40 degrees right now at reagan national airport. thanks to the cloud, we stay mild overnight. have only high, so we dropped three degrees because of the clouds. so far this month, almost a split in terms of above average days, in yellow, and the below average days. other than that, we are in good shape the next couple days. that if you like the cold weather it's coming back again. 37 degrees frederick, 29 hagerstown. cumberland 27 degrees. southern maryland holding into the low 40's. the temperatures drop just a little more, but if you are taking the dog out for a walk, last night was chilly, the temperatures are about five to 15 degrees warmer to the north
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and west. a big swing of temperatures the past 24 hours. mostly cloudy skies right now, difficult to see on the map, but i promised the clouds are there. not a lot of sunshine tomorrow. nighttime lows in the middle to upper 20's. 32, 33 downtown d.c. mostly cloudy skies, the wind eventually turning calm early tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning you will want to bundle up, 35 degrees fairfax,d.c., 30 montgomery county, aspen hill in germantown, 20 9, 30, ashburn 27. the futurecast looks like this, scattered showers early tomorrow. i don't take it will amount to a lot. the late afternoon come into the evening, look what happens off to the north and west -- warrent winchester,k, moderate rain, moving off towards the north and east. it is gone by about midnight tomorrow night. another round of showers saturday.
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saturday afternoon come saturday evening. by sunday morning, everything should clear out nicely. don't expect a lot of sunshine in the morning, low 30's friday morning. to 45in the afternoon 38 degrees, depending on your location. the neck seven days, 53 the high saturday. near 60., looks good, fast-forward, wednesday, see that closely? flurries. have not seen that in a long time, the first time this year. i don't think it will amount to a whole lot. fun to talk about. alison: fun? steve: fun to talk about, flores. robert: the caps are the best team in hockey right now. something you did not know about kirk cousins, coming up.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. 10 of: the caps have won their last 12 before tonight. the islanders had their goalie back tonight. braden holtby, though, may as well be a brick wall. in the last 20. no question why he is an all-star. ,he caps take care of business nate schmidt comes through with the one-timer. the caps win 4-1. they are the best team in the league right now at 30-7-3. joe jacoby has been selected as a finalist for the nfl hall of fame. he is been a semifinalist the last few years. in this might make it to the hall of fame -- of weirdness. kirk cousins plans his life and
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15-minute increments. in the cold 15 minutes. eating dinner, 15 minutes. spending time with my wife 15 minutes. life is minutes of his scheduled unaccounted for. he is never wondering what is next. is that the trait of a good quarterback? don't know ifi that's normal, but most quarterbacks have some unique qualities. he is just very detailed, and it shows with his work-study and note taking, all that stuff. every quarterback on every player has their own quirks, and he is no different. or he is different. 30 minutes with why. eighth-ranked maryland in action tonight. terps.led the this was a bounceback win for the terps. they improved to 13-2 on the
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season. introduced anats new piece of their roster, daniel murphy coming over from the mets. he was mr. october last season, setting a major league record with a home run in six straight playoff games. he signed a three-year, $36.5 million contract. and the san francisco giants have agreed to terms with former nats center fielder denard span on a three-year deal. i don't know what to make of that kirk cousins thing. robert: 45 minutes? leon: i have never seen that look on your face. alison: how does that work? we are going to have dinner for 15 minutes? robert: i think there are exceptions when it comes to the family. leon: you were raising your eyebrows. alison: that is a wrinkle. leon: here is something for you to see -- these guys were trying
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impales one of the fishermen. luckily he is able to get out of the way. talk about a matter of seconds changing your life. leon: and i bet that he went back out and got another. alison: unreal. leon: if that happens to a brother one time, that's over.
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steve: they warm up on the way, in time for the weekend. 46 degrees tomorrow, showers move in late tomorrow night. night intoaturday early sunday morning, rainy. that will be out of here before the redskins game. robert will not be cold. hope that you like it but the packers don' ♪
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, cate blanchett! dominic monaghan! "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from vance joy! plus cleto and the cletones. and now, you know what? here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ chrs


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